The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington metropolitan area, visit The Post's Internet site at


BLOOMFIELD DR., 5614, No. 103-Shahid M. Gill to Malik M. Hanif, $130,000.

DOWNING ST., 4201-Matthew P. and Michelle E. Crotty to Catherine J. Lewis, $395,000.

JUPITER HILLS CIR., 6601, No. I-Douglas S. Warren to Kimberly A. Nesci, $171,250.

LINCOLNIA RD., 6371-G.W. and Judith A. Hosheit and Hosheit Living Trust to Elizabeth Anturiano, $250,500.

MEDINAH LANE, 6532-Robert D. Specht to Suzanne M. Lewis, $243,000.


BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1100, No. B1-Paige E. Harris to Mary J. Amann and Matthew K. Allen, $187,000.

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1215, No. A2-Jenifer Stern to John W. Shumann, $165,750.

BURTONWOOD CT., 1213-Christos and Grace H. Orestis to Ruth L. Hinton, $768,841.

DUKE DR., 6929-Mark W. and Dorothy E. Gates to Sean and Larisa Kirgan, $226,000.

MARY BALDWIN DR., 2233-Jose A. and Hugo C. Hernandez to Bruce K. Graham and Mary Fesq, $177,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6631, No. 709-William R. McElveen and Pamela J. Hannon to Richard J. and S.F. Whalen, $153,000.


ALDERMAN DR., 6364-Kenneth C. and Patricia M. Bach to Bob F. and Melanie G. Thoens, $465,000.

BROOKLAND RD., 6102-Herbert N. and Jacquelin Carter to Gary Alvarado Revollo and Roxanna Alvarado, $245,000.

CANNES CT., 5215-Rai C. and Suman Nayyar to Assefach G. Araya, $235,000.

CHINA GROVE CT., 6545-David D. and Sarah W. Johansen to Ronald Vandulek, $230,000.

CHURCHMAN CT., 4402-Scott A. and Rebecca S. Ritchey to Marchida Vanichsombat and Lloyd B. Rivers, $266,175.

CLIFTON KNOLL CT., 7013-Remko I. Vanhoek to Roberto and Virginia Catacora, $530,000.

CREEK POINT WAY, 6633-Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services Corp. to Keith D. and Carmen L. Elder, $357,500.

DONIVAL SQ., 6121-John C. and Michele A. Matthews to Scott A. and Janet J. Sprenger, $292,000.

DUNGENESS LANE, 5903-Michael A. and Shelby Kirillin to Tom Loo, $229,000.

DUNWICH WAY, 6642-Rolf Preisendorfer and Dominic Russoli to Donald J. Peck and Michelle Miller Peck, $336,700.

DUVAWN ST., 4114-Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services Corp. to Todd and Magda L. Ungerecht, $279,000.

EATON PL., 4511-Cheryl R. and James W. Ellsmore to William A. and Judith W. Glavin, $279,850.

ELK PARK CT., 6631-Craig T. and J.L. Smith to Katherine A. Barnoski, $180,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5924, No. 302-Kathleen A. Blank to Stephanie Estes, $239,000.

GADSBY SQ., 7405-Darrell K. Boyd and Felicia A. Wilson to Elroy G. and Bernadette O. Rowe, $259,000.

HABERSHAM WAY, 5719-Deborah J. and Melvyn E. Merchant to Charles E. Shepard, $259,900.

HARBOR COURT DR., 5217-Anthony M. and Odette K. Perkins to Darrell Johnson, $225,000.

HILLARY CT., 6296-William R. Fagg to Rex M.O. and Maria I. Delima, $216,900.

KIERNAN CT., 6584-Gino E. and Yvette I. Piaggio to Allen W. Hausman and Sandra M. Eizenman, $395,000.

LITTLETHORPE LANE, 6209-Jay S. and Mary H. Fitzgerald to Mustafa and Iram Ali, $335,000.

LIVERPOOL LANE, 6121-Cynthia J. Manning to Karl R. Verell, $218,000.

MAPLEFIELD PL., 5528-Thomas W. Fincham and North W. Wheelock Jr. to Matthew A. and Elena A. Anderson, $248,000.

MORNING MEADOW DR., 6544-Michael B. Wilson to Georgiann M. Wilson, $250,000.

MORNING VIEW CT., 6620-Adora L. and Andrew L. Simonson and Teresa L. Julao to Louie Moore III, $169,500.

NETTIES LANE, 6607, No. 1607-Sarah J. Conway to Terrence L. Pickron, $189,000.

OREGANO LANE, 6813-Lawrence E. and Pamela L. Pitts to Rafael D. and Roselyn G. Palompo, $338,000.

OUSLEY PL., 7704-Kevin S. and Robin J. Clark to Meskerem Kifle, $315,000.

PARISH GLEBE LANE, 6536-Christopher J. Mitchem to Lori S. and Steven M. Brodsky, $258,000.

ROCKSHIRE ST., 6411-Donna Vo to Susanne M. Schulz, $209,900.

TALIAFERRO WAY, 6266-Ellen A. Bailey to James A. and Colette E. Skeen, $336,000.

THE PARKWAY, 6620-Mary F. Audet, trustee, to Grover and Laura S. Rodriguez, $337,500.

VICTORIA DR., 6907-Edward M. and Elizabeth C. Shipley to Keith A. Molchany, $150,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6913-Alicia E. Foley to Malcolm F. and Forristine L. Porter, $175,000.

VIRGINIA HILL AVE., 6307-Linda D. Macasa to Robert and Molly Strande, $265,000.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 5816-Ophelia M. Dames to Isabel M. Fernandez and Jay N. Vizgaitis, $229,000.

WIGMORE LANE, 6111, No. J-Erin L. Batey to Manuel C. Cuan, $190,000.

YORK RD., 5214-John F. and Sandra K. Moro to Juan Castaneda, $340,000.


BEVERLY ST., 7225-Frederick and Polly Davidson to Hoa B. Trinh and Justin King, $330,000.

BRAEBURN DR., 8702-Anne O. and George N. Watson to Anne E. and Jon R. Beckenhauer, $410,000.

BRIARWOOD CT., 4410, No. 25-Hana Chu to Hyun T. Kim, $120,000.

BRISTOW DR., 4903-Richard L. and Solveig E. Branche to Yongping Hu and Qin Wan, $365,000.

BROMLEY CT., 8502-Beth I. and Fabian P. Rivelis to Frank J. Pergolizzi, $415,000.

BUTTERFIELD LANE, 7812-Glenn H. and Tessa S. Fuchs to Kyung S. Chang, $276,500.

CONTESSA CT., 3351-John J. and Joetta Kreck to Lutfunnessa and Nazmul Huda, $246,200.

DODSON DR., 5021-Patricia L. and Philip J. Janik to Richard and Andrea M. Brandt, $425,000.

ELIZABETH LANE, 4165-Alfred R. and Christine H. Schuler to Michael R. Holloman and Rosa P. Hollomon, $475,000.

HILL DR., 7338-Evelyn M. Tambor to Barry E. Seymour, $375,000.

LIPSNER CT., 5133-Matthew T. and Susan H. Sweet to Ramaswamy and Pramila Parthasarathy, $357,000.

LITTLE RIVER TNPK., 7471, No. 108-Barbara E. and David H. Tighe to Russell A. Box, $81,000.

MARVIN ST., 3538-Eleanor E. and Eugene J. Laky to Saul Reyes, $275,000.

PRUDENCE DR., 8705-Duarte A. and Wendy C. Lopes to Robert B. and Janette B. Smith, $347,000.

REBEL DR., 7815-Helen J. Stever to Hendrika Vandekemp, $339,900.

STONE GATE DR., 8417-Nancy Y. and Richard P. Cronin to Joanne Rehm, trustee, $373,000.

WALTON LANE, 7415-Robert D. and Marsha Cozart to George Smith and Randall Drennan, $605,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3376, No. 34-Robert A. Camp to Patricia A. Duncan, $113,950.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3308, No. 14-Jack N. Lucas to Jose Romero and Maria Espinoza, $125,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3334, No. 33-Jose and Marinela Flores to Edwin V. Miranda, $133,000.


ARDLEY CT., 3369-James R. Newell to Stephen J. and Kay S. Akard, $255,000.

LACY BLVD., 3826-Ronald D. and Joann Schneider to John R. Miller and Maxine W. McLeod, $590,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6141, No. 410-Richard A. Pedersen to Dung T. Cao, $69,500.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6147, No. 503-Randall W. Nutter to Amy A. Sheppard, $94,000.

MADISON POINT CT., 6101-Alan L. Nguyen to Anna L.S. Marie, $315,000.

POWELL LANE, 3800, No. 315-A. Maurice and Patricia C. Jones to Amy L. Staubs, $105,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 709S-Marianne L. and Patrick J. O'Neill to Todd T. White, $159,950.

SEMINARY RD., 5573, No. 312-Joel C. and Brigitte A. Custer to Lorena O., Alfredo, Sofia and Marcelo Escobar, $225,000.


BANNING PL., 5841-Parr Family Trust and Harry L. Parr, trustee, and Patricia A. Parr, trustee, to Thomas M. Buckley, $195,000.

BROKEN OAK PL., 9168, No. 66C-Cynthia C. and Stephen D. Hay and Emilia K. Moran and Otis A. Moran to Emad G. Ibrahim, $165,000.

BURKE TOWNE CT., 5709-Edward R. and Phyllis E. Green to Riley J. and James R. Gladden, $226,100.

CAPELLA AVE., 6217-Evelyn H. Ward to William W. and Cristina Yeager, $410,000.

CARTERS OAK WAY, 10903-David J. and Sally A. Frost to Robert W. and Leslie A. Brockman, $415,135.

CONISTONE CT., 5512-Roger H. Florence to Luis Camacho and Maria Zurita, $239,900.

COVE LANDING RD., 5821, No. 203-Barbara L. Uhly to Kristin M. Hjelm, $125,000.

FENESTRA CT., 6399, No. 111A-Brad M. Yost to Gregory C. Markley, $143,000.

FOX LAIR DR., 9023-Denise Cratsenberg to Hye Sook Nam, $290,000.

HEATHWICK CT., 6012-Lesley L. Young to Martin J. and Joyce M. Ward, $257,000.

HEMLOCK WOODS LANE, 9941-Donald J. and Christine E. Schoen to Josephine A. and Robert D. Harbert, $245,000.

HUMPHRIES DR., 9316-Hugo A. and Mila A. Delfin to Doanh K. and Oanh T. Vu, $182,000.

JACKSONS OAK CT., 5813-Kelly and Mark Presgrave to Ginny S. and Don D. Kim, $241,500.

OAKLAND PARK DR., 5803-George S. and Jo A. Carter to Anthony R. and Gaye G. Pauroso, $390,000.

OAKLAND PARK DR., 5910-Joanne A. and Robert C. Richards to Harry F. and Leslie S. McDavid, $406,000.

PIERRPONT ST., 9628-Kyong C. Chu to Mi J. and In H. Kang, $239,000.

QUIET POND TER., 10213-Audie L. Bradford to Elizabeth A. Malan, $217,000.

SASSAFRAS WOOD CT., 10131-Robert J. Blanco to Soon M. Ham, $220,000.

SASSAFRAS WOOD CT., 10190-Alfred R.V. and Jill L. Turner to James C. and Karen A. Bell, $227,125.


ANTONIA FORD CT., 13932-Ronnie A. Sexton to Kyung H. Kim, $225,000.

ANTONIA FORD CT., 13978-Diana Marie Ahlers to Keith A. Berman and Carla B. Scarlett, $225,000.

AUTUMN CIR., 14143-John R. Hughes to Richard H. Lanzner, $191,500.

BETSY ROSS LANE, 14139-Caroline Rowe to Kyung S. Kim and Inrok H. Koo, $234,900.

BRASS BUTTON CT., 6407-James A. Woods Jr. to Naiem S. and Lynn M. Ahmad, $223,000.

BROOKMERE DR., 14340-Donna L. and John W. Casey to Mary E. and Milan D. Coleman, $420,000.

CHAPEL RUN CT., 5692-Karl J.A. Garcia to Manuel G. and Greta D. Pegarido, $194,500.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14322, No. 206-Alfredo V. and Teofila S. Centeno to Tracy L. Trynock, $142,000.

CREEK BRANCH CT., 14542-Paul R. Edwards Jr. to Julie L. Hersey, $225,000.

CRENSHAW DR., 14626-Andrew Shooman to Christopher F. and Jennie P. Joiner, $312,000.

DEER LAKE CT., 14710-Richard J. and Marguerite M. Wendt to Herbert L. Carney III, $265,000.

DEER LAKE CT., 14712-Matthew and Kimberly Morris to Brent A. and Kristen L. Peacock, $253,500.

DEER LAKE LANE, 5800-Anthony C. and Mary A.T. Garcia to Gerlinde S. Kleman, $250,000.

EARLY AUTUMN DR., 6165-Thuy Nguyen and Viet Tran and Chuong Duong and Eric Tran to Daniel H. Park, $268,000.

GOLDEN OAK RD., 14455-John P. Crossin to Amanda L. Hayden, $116,900.

GUNNERS PL., 13948-Fidelina and Jose A. Campos to Lester A. Zuckerman, $199,900.

GUNNERS PL., 13978-Robert N. and Beth R. Greenaway to Derege Tadesse and Mizan A. Zewldi, $199,000.

JOVET WAY, 5914-Matthew D. and Andrea E. Girard to Janet L. Tootle, $250,000.

LAURA RATCLIFF CT., 13901-Donna L. Thompson to Jennifer A. Jannace, $199,900.

LEICESTER CT., 14861-Vilma M. Medrano to Omar Duran and Lorenzo Saquic, $195,000.

MAIDSTONE CT., 14819-Gino Rossi to Josefa Arguello, $195,000.

MARTINS HUNDRED DR., 15406-Sandra J. and Jeffrey L. Jones to James E. and Michelle Plymyer, $396,000.

NEW BRADDOCK RD., 13976-Antonio and Pelegrina Silva to Michael D. Powell, $140,000.

RED RIVER DR., 14071-Paula S. and Randall A. Duncan to Penelope Lewis, $250,000.

ROSY LANE, 14301, No. 101-Isabella M. Agustin to Daniel Souza II, $138,500.

ROSY LANE, 14301, No. 203-Patrick M. O'Carroll to So H. Chung, $140,000.

ROUND LICK LANE, 14366-Colin J. and Gina M. Drager to Gregory A. and Nicolle L. Moritz, $389,900.

SECRET HOLLOW LANE, 6227-Paul B. and Claire L.S. Seifert to James E. Tillman, $290,000.

SHARPSBURG DR., 6895-Deborah H. and John T. Weigel to Mary E. and Carvel R. O'Bryant, $368,000.

SNOWHILL CT., 6184-Patricia A. and P. Mordhorst to Donald J. and Christine E. Schoen, $465,000.

STONE CHASE WAY, 14261-Deborah H. and Kenneth J. Perry to Jennifer A. and Scott A. Johnson, $438,900.

STONE CROSS CT., 14650-John R. and Myrna B. Temple to Mohammad M. Chaudhry, $205,500.

SULLY LAKE DR., 5503-Kathleen E. and Randall C. Boxall to Ryan T. Kelly and Jennifer M. Riccio, $239,999.

WATERY MOUNTAIN CT., 14349-James S. and Kathleen D. Mikkelsen to Jose A. Miranda, $190,000.

WHARTON LANE, 5618-Donald D. Smith to Neighborhoods Corp., $309,400.

WILDFLOWER LANE, 13683-Wendie J. Whalen to Ralph C. and Janice C. Bowles, $225,000.

WILLIAM CARR LANE, 14404-Caren H. and David B. Keegan to Shinyae and Nakwon Ryou, $289,000.

WILLIAM CARR LANE, 14422-Beom Y. Lee and Hee Y. Shin to Andrew J. and Elizabeth A. Armstrong, $302,000.

WILLOUGHBY NE DR., 5616, No. 12-Jim M. Rahai to Zenaida G. Zoleta, $160,000.

WOODLAND RIDGE CT., 6363-Karen J. and Randy B. Newman to Kenneth E. and Esperanza R. Gilbert, $332,000.


FLATLICK BRAN DR., 4692-Melissa A. and Brett R. Golden to John N. Ranivand, $258,000.

PLACID LAKE CT., 4145-Gordon E. and Liliane A. Ray to Daniel and Janet Hennessy, $169,900.

PLEASANT MEAD CT., 4186, No. 103F-Joi L. Baumgardner to Rajeev D. Shah, $114,000.

SUMMER HOLLOW CT., 4025, No. 160B-Leonard A. Whitcraft to Soon Wen Yu, $155,000.


CLIFTON HUNT CT., 7917-Bradford S. and Kathy A. Tempchin to Stephen M. and Arlene D. Bowes, $725,000.

COLT DR., 12930-Barbara W. and Samuel D. Blesi to Daniel E. Sassi and Mary J. Kersh, $620,000.

ORCHARD HILL CT., 5852-Patricia M. and Allan E. Sitterson to Jaime L. Brooks, $148,500.

WHITE DOVE LANE, 5661-Kristen A. Ogivie to Youn H. Lee, $206,000.


ALDER WOODS DR., 12543-Joseph and Kimberly Pence to Anubrata and Indrani Chowdhury, $249,900.

ASHLEIGH RD., 5381-Doris S. and Raul A. Deleon to Craig R. and Belinda L. Stevens, $569,900.

BUCCANEER CT., 3109-Joseph J. and Phuong M. Fay to Dongqi Fan, $142,000.

BURNING BUSH CT., 3955-Jeffrey A. and Tina M. Bailey to Paul N. Langevin, $282,000.

BUTLER DR., 4507-Florida E. and Franklin L. Combs to Fair Chase Developement Corp., $460,000.

CHARLESTON WOOD DR., 5408-Benjamin S. Sherman to Daniel and Diane M. Rajnik, $260,000.

CHESHIRE MEAD WAY, 5451-Mary J. Lawton to Margaret H. Lindquist, $167,000.

CLARIDGE CT., 5210-Augusto and Monica K. Sanchez to Kirk B. and Melanie A. Knowlton, $330,000.

COLTON ST., 10816-Claude P. and Tamra P. Destree to Bruce G. and Karen L. Andrews, $340,000.

CUSTOM HOUSE CT., 13248-Patty L. Saint Clair to Shoukat Qureshi and Shadid N. Mufti, $223,000.

DIXIE HILL RD., 4604-Gregory D. Oliver to Fair Chase Development Corp., $345,000.

DIXIE HILL RD., 4609-Bonnie M. Spencer to Fair Chase Development Corp., $425,000.

DIXIE HILL RD., 4613-Joan E. and W. Kevin McDonald to Fair Chase Development Corp., $430,000.

ELAND CT., 4914-Anthony M. and Mary A. Stearman to Valerie F. Phail, $375,000.

ELLENWOOD DR., 2961-Claus K.L. and Helga V. Helbing to Norman D. Richards, $173,000.

ELSMORE ST., 2813-Margarita W. and Maurice E. Moylan to Sylvia T. and Joseph W. Clements, $381,000.

FAIRFIELD HOUSE DR., 12221-Scott and Alyson Madsen to Jill Shannon and Karl Ruehle, $185,500.

FIRESIDE CT., 5507-Daniel C. Horsey and Deborah Slade Horsey to Steven F. and Hien N. Dearborn, $375,000.

FRIENDSHIP CT., 10299-M.W. Douglas to Sally T. and William S. Murray, $266,000.

GADSEN DR., 5012-Cleo K.O. and Richard H. Appleton to John W. Kuzin and Bernadette T. Mahon, $400,000.

GAINSBOROUGH DR., 4739-Jorge A. and Tamera R. Velasquez to Djordeje Djukanovic, $227,750.

GARLAND TREE CT., 12570-Wanda B. Ruffin to Richard Jushchuk and Jennifer S. King, $255,000.

GREEN LOOK CT., 3910-Blanche M. Hunnewell to Sumia Abdallteef, $329,900.

HEADLY CT., 10414-Barbara and Richard J. Barringer to Belinda I. Nelms and Nadeem S. Choudhry, $325,000.

JOHN BARNES LANE, 3701-Charles W. and Christine D. Parrott to Eric B. and Brenda C. Gass, $368,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9921-Robert G. Miserentino and Barbara M. Penkava to Leena Chitre, $251,500.

LATNEY RD., 10278-Terry E. Siemen to Nathalie and Ralph Shirley, $214,250.

LEGATO RD., 4507-Betty L. and Frank Mozingo to Fair Chase Development Corp., $400,000.

LEGATO RD., 4542-James P. Donovan to Fair Chase Development Corp., $250,000.

LEGATO RD., 4613-Fernand L. and Marceline C. Plante to Fair Chase Development Corp., $250,000.

LENOX DR., 4211-Martha L. Harrison to Darin and Sandra Orr, $389,900.

MATTHEWS CT., 11918-Robert D. and Connie T. Harvey to Geraldine Pizzi, $318,000.

MILLBRANCH PL., 9325-Robert A. Feitel to Eileen M. and Philip J. Thomas, $295,000.

MONUMENT CT., 4120, No. E-Julia F. McCullough to James D. Bradley, $185,000.

MOZART BRIGADE LANE, 4210, No. O-Levorn D. Turner to Myong S. Kim, $209,000.

PHEASANT BROOK LANE, 4816-Kelly J. Cross to Jeff Song, $260,000.

QUALITY ST., 4539-Ann K. and Frank E. Burdell to Fair Chase Development Corp., $512,500.

QUALITY ST., 4559-Mary A. and Paul L. Rinaldo to Fair Chase Development Corp., $450,000.

RED SPRUCE RD., 10136-Catherine W. and W. Stephen Bernhardt to David C. and Teri S. Fede, $459,900.

RIDGE KNOLL DR., 12010, No. 601B-Timothy J. Cauley to Hugo Cruz and Consuelo Anaya, $185,000.

SARANAC CT., 9119-Charles M. Russo to Catherine G. and Wiliam H. Haight, $400,000.

SLEEPY LAKE DR., 4263-Amy L. and Timothy W. Albrecht to Jin H. and Moon J. Choi, $264,000.

SPODE CT., 9503-Ellen P. and Keith H. Ellis to Michael P. and Lucy H. Baird, $400,000.

SWEET LEAF TER., 12474-Jo D. and John R. Grierson to Nasreen F. Mohammed, $250,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 4628-Myung H. and Nam J. Kang to Keun H. Uh, $310,000.

VERNOY HILLS RD., 4177-Young J. Cho to William O. Asante and Fanny Nyarko Brentuo, $360,000.

WERTHERS CT., 4029-Michele A.R. Fowler to Guillermo Fonseca and Maria F. Alva, $359,000.

WESTBROOK MIL LANE, 11318, No. 303-Nancy Rodriguez and Juan C. Freire to Patricia L. Armstrong, $228,000.

WINTERBERRY LANE, 9428-Joseph W. and Rose M. Schiesl to Young and William Hwang, $334,000.


ARGENT CIR., 8347-Jane I. and Lowell L. Merrill to Adolf D. and Mizan K. Berhane, $525,000.

CROOKED CREEK CT., 10103-Grady E. and Valerie A. Mars to Joseph A. and Karen M. Horvath, $675,000.

DAYSAILER DR., 10504-Charlotte L. and John Collins to Rodger H. and Peggy A. Flagg, $435,000.

FAIRFAX STATION RD., 12010-Michela D. and Daniel B. Gorham to Kerttu H. and Phillip N. Arnold, $715,000.

FAIRVIEW WOOD DR., 5924-Elba M. and Raymond L. Eastman to Richard Weyrick and Marie R. Acebedo, $582,500.

HALLSTON CT., 9314-Jean E. and Peter S. Buttecali to Charles N. and Jacqueline T. Tangires, $500,000.

HAMPTON RD., 11009-Kenwin Benn to Son H. Nguyen and Tam Do, $615,000.

HOOES RD., 9124-Lawrence D. and Tobey H. Clark to Brookfield Harris Corp., $155,042.

LILTING LANE, 11411-Dorothy A. and Harry H. Williamson to Chad A. and Teresa Maclin, $510,000.

ROLLING RIDGE DR., 9710-E. William and Kay R. Gent to Bruce J. Thom and Susan Morrow, $608,000.


ANNANDALE RD., 2840-Dan Quach to Michael and Son Tran, $85,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6810-Bosbeli Monterrozo, Reyna Gonzales and Jessy Guzman to Alejandro Obando, $290,000.

DOVER LANE, 2842, No. 101-Darnellena C. Burnett to Jose and Marinela Flores, $130,000.

GREAT FALLS ST., 2330-Lee L. Houston to Micheline C. Toussaint, $411,000.

INVERSHAM DR., 7747-Pamela K. Lattimore to Tuncer Karadag, $150,000.

INVERSHAM DR., 7749, No. 215-Siamak Chamanara to Avinash M. and Namita A. Tembulkar, $168,000.

JOHNSON RD., 2916-Oscar and Rosario Sahonero to An Hoang, Binh D. Nguyen, Anh Tran and Thu Tran, $360,000.

KAISER PL., 7107-Chinarat and Neiyana Chotikul to Joyce A. Johnson and Brian Margolis, $340,000.

KENNEY DR., 3155-Robert G. Moorefield and Garth Living Trust and Kathleen K. Moorefield, trustee, to Teresa A. and Stephen J. Carlson, $213,700.

KINGS CHAPEL RD., 2910, No. 7-Hussien H. Assaad to Jeffrey C. Baron and Wendy M. Baca, $117,000.

LEE HWY., 7350, No. T1-Jose L. and Lila M. Linares to Hector A. Linares, $98,000.

LEE HWY., 7352, No. 203-Scott M. Lauritsen to Tuan M. and Suong L. Tran, $102,000.

PINEWOOD ST., 7302-Donna L. Scalzo to Maria A. Douglass and Valeri M. Usov, $300,700.

SLEEPY HOLLOW RD., 3055-Carrie A.D. and T. Clayton Barrow to Donna M. and Tom A. Young, $365,000.

WAYNE RD., 3115-Christopher R. and Nancy A. Mendoza to Susan I. Stark, $250,000.

WESTMORELAND RD., 6902-Hisako and Norman G. Desmarais to Ruth A. Ortiz and Renan Merida, $240,000.

WILLOW POINT DR., 7702-Cassandra T. Rowand to Laura K. Waldschmidt, $180,500.


GILLEN LANE, 2086-Judith V. Helein to Alesya Semukha Greenberg and Marc A. Greenberg, $385,000.

KINGS GARDEN WAY, 2107-Hon Kuen and Fung Tze Lau to Justin M. Mascari, $375,600.

LEELAND DR., 2211-Catherine and Charles Bailey to Muhammad Bashir and Aziz Fatima, $405,000.

MARSHALL HEIGHTS CT., 7701-Michael J. and Shirley P. Sulick to Virginia T. Nagy, $286,000.

NOTTINGHAM DR., 2411-Charles E. Nash to Frank S. Murray Jr., $388,000.

PIMMIT DR., 1731-Sharon Marie Jewell Campbell to Parag Sheth, $200,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2311, No. 1015-Ernest H. and Mary A.S. Forman to Majid Khalilian, $160,000.


DARE CT., 1504-Beth L. and John M. Hall to William E. and Nancy L. Baker, $349,900.

JAMESTOWN RD., 1706-Christina H. and John L. Meyering to Roger A. and Sarah E. Anderson, $250,000.

OLD STAGE RD., 1805-Grant E. and Heidi R. Seiffert to Carl W. and Bonnie S. Nicholson, $410,000.

STIRRUP LANE, 2501-Dorothy B. and Milton H. Berry to Marsha W. Douglas, $415,000.

WESTFIELD ST., 1901-Allison K. and Richard S. Campbell to Rodolfo T. and Leonardo Cox and Shelly Cox and Maria Cox, $365,000.

WITTINGTON BLVD., 2403-Linda L. Lawrence to Gail and Justin Swift, $285,000.


AARON CT., 811-Thomas J. and Patricia A. McCarron to Mark R. Fitzgerald and April S. Fitzgerald, $600,000.

CREWS RD., 804-Coe M. and Denise J. Magruder to Robert B. and Annmarie S. McPherson, $1,295,000.

ELLSWORTH AVE., 747-John J. and Louise N. Sikora to Reza Jalali Bidgoli and Bita Motesharrei, $477,500.

HOLLY KNOLL CIR., 12100-Anna M. and Richard C. Deconti and Deconti Family Trust to Ramesh Gadiraju and Uma Rudraraju, $475,000.

NORTHFALLS CT., 1054-Hsueh Tien and Pi Yun W. Hung to Narinder S. and Sandip R. Chauhan, $910,000.

VAN DUSEN CT., 894-Alan Shams to David M. and Andrea S. Spira, $540,000.

WYNKOOP DR., 10714-Betty S. and Christopher J. Drake to Thomas G. and Jacqueline N. Roueche, $615,000.


ATTORNEY CT., 1603-Ashraf A. Ismail and Auroba R. Latief to Allan E. and Patricia M. Sitterson, $275,000.

DAKOTA DR., 512-Johnny M. Bell to Behrouz Jamali, $219,500.

DEW MEADOW CT., 2425-Catherine E. and Joseph M. Borowski to Krishnakumar Ramamurthy and Ananthi Nagarajan, $235,000.

DOGWOOD CT., 862-Najat Chemlali to Jose E. and Cristian G. Chinchilla, $199,000.

EMERALD CHASE DR., 2976-Wendy C. and Mark M. Washo to Alexander Kulakov and Marina Kulakova, $319,000.

FLINTWOOD PL., 13615-Betty J. and Glenn A. Stroup to Kumaravel Thirunavukarasu and Seethalakshmi Kumaravel, $332,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 547, No. T2-Farideh Joneydi and Panthea Mohtasham to Ali M. Gharagozloo and Chiharu Kinoshita, $100,000.

FORTY OAKS CT., 12503-David C. and Sheryl A. Aurand to Robert F. and Thomas J. McLaughlin, $325,000.

FORTY OAKS DR., 1311-Shawn H. and Susan Broughton to Jorge Hidalgo and Paulina Carvajal, $325,000.

GIBSON OAKS DR., 2804-Lan C.T. Guill to Donnie R. Marshall and Catherine L. Pressler, $590,000.

JEFF RYAN DR., 1036-Thomas Mitchell to John A. Poulson, $301,000.

KIDWELL FIELD RD., 13152-Robert T. Bass to Ravikumar V. Kota and Vishalaxmi Chemudupati, $279,900.

KINSHIP DR., 12756-Carolynn B. and William S. Lowry to Erik A. and Jennifer M. Walker, $337,500.

LAWYERS RD., 12345-William R. Howell to Paul E. and Janet Hormann and Duane Hormann and Cynthia C.H. Hormann, $450,000.

MAPLE CT., 410-Roy F. and Susan M. Cleveland to Christopher A. Montalvo, $175,000.

NEW CONCORDE CT., 2604-Karen A. and Thomas F. McLaughlin to Timothy C. and Melissa A.C. Faben, $449,500.

NEW PARKLAND DR., 13029-Beverly H. and Richard C. Simons to Kindra L. and Joseph E. Rusz, $440,000.

PALMER DR., 733-James L. and Mary B. Swanson to Catherine E. and Joseph M. Borowski, $274,900.

PARAPET WAY, 12832-Margaret C. and William B. Stratton to Linda J. and Keith R. Hall, $945,000.

PARK CRESCENT CIR., 13103-Susan and Charles Henyon to Hardeep S. and Neeti Matharoo, $255,000.

PARK CRESCENT CIR., 13108-Jennifer F. and Michael H. Oakley to Srinivas Guduru and Sandhya Kasaraneni, $300,000.

PINE OAKS WAY, 3109-Gale F. Scott to Geraldine J. and Robert D. Koenen, $1,052,500.

RED SQUIRREL WAY, 13607-Bruce A. and Susan F. McGregor to Kambooz and Shohreh Salehi, $315,000.

SABER LANE, 1009-Abel C. Banegas and Luis A. Cruz to Barry C. Hopkins, $169,900.

SPRING KNOLL DR., 834-Peter C. and Miriam W. Giotta to Ananda K. and Renukadevi Bojji, $399,000.

TAUSTIN LANE, 12714-R. Scott and Teresa F. Davis to James A. and Andrea M. Yerovi, $303,900.

WHITEWOOD LANE, 1704-Nelson U. and Dawn M. Garabito to Kevin T. and Teresa Z. Trissell, $330,000.

YELLOW TAVERN RD., 12400-Allison D. and Karen Roberts to Sean L. and Carrie A. Chavis, $300,000.


BYRD LANE, 2424-Keith J. and Stephanie F. Avellino to Frank L. Vella, $215,000.

EDGEHILL DR., 5839-Thomas G. Rickert III to Joshua J. Delmonico, $200,000.

ELMWOOD DR., 3211-Agnes G. and George W. Spicer to Mirsad and Alisa Obradovac, $220,000.

FARNSWORTH DR., 2728-Jack D. Legge to William A. Luther IV, $110,000.

JANELLE ST., 5522-Elma V. Boyce and Lottie M. Kerns to Gina F. Sanjines and Dolores N. Becerra, $179,900.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5902, No. 1209-Philip Larocca to Cheryl S. Jobe, $210,000.


ARDGLASS DR., 7310-Jeffery L. Woolsey to Matthew P. Hans and Sara R. Smith, $225,000.

ARDGLASS DR., 7358-Ronald Kaufman and Eva Laikaufman to Carol Dockham, $279,000.

ASHMEADOW CT., 9112-Phillip E. and Wanda L. Lynah to Robert E. Burnette Jr. and Erica A. Littlejohn, $320,000.

ASPENPARK RD., 7412-Betty A. and Donald J. Dahlquist to William A. Gonzalez Sosa, $163,000.

BELLWETHER CT., 7812-Daria M. and Walter F. Clair to Jonathan C. Vorhis, $212,000.

BELLWETHER CT., 7824-Carole A. and Charles R. Buebe to Victoria Darkwah, $210,000.

CALVERT CLIFF CT., 8720-Sean J. Walsh to Omar and Mirian Andrade and Minta I. Tejada Ramos, $205,000.

CARDINAL FORE LANE, 9224, No. P-Connie and James Hagood to Gabriel G. Gordon and Vernalyn N. Fouts Gordon, $152,500.

CARDINAL FORE LANE, 9238, No. 201-Jintana and Wolfgang Schatto to Michael L. Conway, $134,000.

GOLDEN RIDGE CT., 8519-Carlotta S. and Gil N. Osorio to Stephanie Erb and Jacob P. Green, $175,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9578, No. A-Marlene K. Thompson to Gordon L. Trowbridge, $88,000.

KOOPMAN CT., 7803-Mack A. and Velma M. Parham to Jennifer L. Schwartzman and Gregory S. Edge, $213,000.

LONE STAR CT., 9022-Myong S. Cho and Myong S. Kim to Emily C. Chodkowski, $188,000.

LONE STAR RD., 7489-Mary K. Tompa to Darrell Burk, $125,000.

PLASKETT LANE, 9209-Claude K. and Nellie M. Frye to S. and R. Property Management Corp., $475,000.

PORTERS HILL LANE, 7737-Arthur D. Chutuape to Alexander and Carmel C. Hodge, $425,000.

SHEPHERD HILL CT., 7811-Hang T. Tran and Lang D. Luu to Assegid C. Gossa and Rachel F. Yohannes, $227,000.

SHEPHERD HILL CT., 7839-Sandra K. Anderson and Barry D. Goodwin and Sandra K. Goodwin to Jaime Cedeno, $206,000.

STATIONHOUSE CT., 8201-Jaime E. and Mariana Herrera to Stamie J. Perryman, $208,000.


BIRNAM WOOD DR., 7816-John C. and Halsey A. Dean to Chwan S.W. and Huey L.H. Wang, $600,000.

BROOK RD., 8504-Alan L. and Shirley M. Tyson to Paul A. and Marilyn J. Dommel, $830,000.

BUENA VISTA AVE., 1516-Yasuhiko Matsuda and Jacqueline Rivero to Curtin Winsor Jr. and Joan H. Beard, $375,000.

FARVER RD., 6135-Margaret Feinstein and David A. Sattler to John B. and Nancy G. Trainer, $672,500.

FLEETWOOD RD., 6800, No. 819-Eileen F. Flynn to Donald S. Case, $165,000.

HITT AVE., 6533-Deborah Chase and Leeann McNerney to Betsy A. Whitaker, $450,000.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1641, No. 312-Mary E. Bueter to Aghdas H. Hoorazar, $370,000.

KENNEDY DR., 1942, No. 103-James S. Rixse to Paul E. Teixeira, $155,000.

KENNEDY DR., 1969-Ronald C. McHenry to Layla Makiya and Hussain Allawi, $195,500.

KIRBY RD., 1831-Barbara B. and Jonathan B. Phipard and Esther F. Phipard and Jean P. Rutherford to Buchanan Price Corp., $605,000.

LAWTON ST., 737-Mai P. and Michael E. Marriott to Vishaal V. Railan, $750,000.

OBERON WAY, 1323-Jack W. and Jane W. Osburn to John N. and Anna A. Barrer, $566,500.

OLD CHESTERBROOK RD., 6438-Mary E. Tanner and Clarkson R. Sherwood, trustee, to Hansborough Corp., $414,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1800, No. 1121-Virginia L. Hovde and John R. Clark III to Antonia S. and Peter P. Kriependorf, $277,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1800, No. 611-Richard K. Allen to Andrew A. and Nohad R. Bradick, $160,000.

RANDOLPH RD., 1149-Deran V. Pashayan and Sylvia E. Vela to Gerlinde S. Kleman, $444,000.

STONEHAM LANE, 6309-Robert R. and Frances A. Green to Mary C.G. and Richard S. Craighill, $655,000.

STRINE DR., 1711-Anne S. and Kari J. Nyman to Hyun J. Lee, $450,000.

STUART ROBESON DR., 1201-Paul T. Sterbutzel to Christopher and Rosalia M. Kallivokas, $1,400,000.

WOODLAND TER., 6012-Nelson B. and Kent M. Wilson to Great Jones Properties Corp., $427,500.


BEDFORD TER., 5388, No. C-James W. and Vanessa R. Engle to Kristin N. Sparks, $69,500.

BEEKMAN PL., 8618, No. A-David Broadwell Jr. to Amarillo Investments Limited, $99,000.

BUCKMAN RD., 4221-Ophelia M. Dames to Susan and Joseph Stearman, $203,000.

CLAREMONT WOOD DR., 8228-Gillom and Jacqueline D. Smith to Jose Cruz and Arabela Velasquez, $172,000.

JINETES CT., 8420, No. 202-Lewis I. Flores to Misael Alfaro and Romeo Romero, $94,000.

MINA LOMA CT., 8422, No. 233-Philip C. McGann to Waltraud McClenney, $75,000.

SAN LEANDRO PL., 3939, No. C-Isaac O. Lanquaye to Eric R. Grijalva and Ludi G. Rivera, $96,200.

SHADWELL CT., 5703, No. 13-Huda Abdalati to Jeffrey A. Jaxel, $83,000.

SHADWELL CT., 5703, No. 18-David D. Smith to Mary C. Rice, $82,000.

W. MARCIA CT., 4603-Caroline S. Miller to Matthew and Melinda Kristoff, $311,000.


DERBY CT., 8422-Janine M. and Steven J. Beatty to Pamela M. and Walter E. Seale, $333,500.

DUNSTON ST., 7316-Kenneth D. and Jan M. Craiker to T. Dung, $305,000.

ELLET RD., 7929-Roy M. Wnek to Crisanto T. and Joanne G.S. Guillermo, $316,700.

GARNER ST., 5216-Kesti C. Suggs to William W. and Shanna L. Morris, $243,000.

LEESTONE ST., 7085-Kelly O. and Roger M. Leboeuf to John D. and Judith A. Davenport, $270,750.

LEEWOOD FOREST DR., 7075-Sayuri K. and Terry A. Thompson to Edward J. Lee, $247,000.

PERTH CT., 5227-Lawrence M. and Holly E. Miller to Carol Wagner and Kevin Harner, $326,075.

UXBRIDGE CT., 8346-John R. and Rochelle H. Thornock to Dante F. and Sonia M. Salvatierra, $258,500.

VICTORIA RD., 8939-Dell W. and Janet K. Epperson to Felix Soto and Balbina Ferrufino, $298,000.


BERRYLAND DR., 2820-James H. and Stewart C. Herbert to Carolyn D. and Donald G. Wesley, $576,000.

CAPPERTON DR., 9943-John J. Feeney to Floyd R. and Arline Blair, $235,000.

EMERALD ROCK DR., 10415-John J. Barnes to Kevin A. Nearpass, $314,500.

FITZPATRICK LANE, 10353-Mehdi and Niloofar A. Adili to Hye J. Kim, $524,900.

GRANITE CREEK LANE, 10332-Sherry K. Marsteller to Lars H. Genieser and Yuan Nie, $250,000.

LANGTON ARMS CT., 11007-David E. Schwab and Carla J. Cantor to Yi Wang and Mantian Zhu, $485,000.

LATIGO LANE, 11806-Prudential Residential Services Partnership to John S. and Lorraine Sheffield, $555,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10040-Cap H. and Helene S. Oliver to Sophia M. Woodroof, $116,000.

WILLOW MIST CT., 10209, No. A-Joshua G. Barker to Sai M.T. Wan, $167,000.

YONDER HILLS WAY, 2555-Renaissance at the Bridges of Oakton Corp. to Derryl C. and Patricia P. Harris, $1,438,062.


AUTUMNWOOD DR., 1631-Zohra M. Benyoucef and Ossama A. Hazim to Laura and Allyn Johnson, $532,000.

BRETON CT., 11801, No. 2C-Hilda M. Kreps to Alexander Halac, $125,000.

BROWN FOX WAY, 12350-Bhuvaneswar and Deepika Boojala to Purnachandra Nimmagadda and Babitha Sukhavasi, $389,900.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2235, No. 22C-Kevin Knope and Eyup Kucukcakmak to Ogun Yilmazer and Eyup Kucukcakmak, $122,500.

CHIMNEY HOUSE RD., 1644, No. A-Teresa A. Wilson to Rebecca S. Flynn, $112,000.

CRESCENT PARK DR., 1880-Ronald D. and Patricia I. Konersmann and Jerry Huckaby to Dennis P. Standiford, $440,000.

DOUBLE EAGLE CT., 2247-Ronald S. and Sonya Kulik and Jasper F. Napoli to Jon C. and Denise M. Tighe, $284,000.

ESCALANTE CT., 11931-Gloria Torres to Maria L. and Robert P. Colenso, $230,000.

GLADE DR., 11144-Michael O. and Heather K. Swann to John K. Bringman, $295,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 11562-Frances R. and Gary E. Wade to Deborah Gill, $639,900.

INLET CT., 1518-Gloria Seeger to Yan Liao and Xiao H. Xu, $828,000.

LINKS DR., 11420-Paul and Violetta B. Puchta to Stanley and Greta C. Matus and Jason E. Matus, $250,000.

LOFTY HEIGHTS PL., 2211-Stephen M. Poole to Maria J. Castro and Concepcion Jovel and Dora Cortez, $182,900.

NEWBRIDGE CT., 11716-John Cortez to Heather M. Wagner and Robert J. Carey II, $310,000.

PARK GARDEN LANE, 1303-Habibullah and Shahma K. Ismati to Scott B. Warder, $355,000.

PARKCREST CIR., 1670-Elisabeth L. Rowan to Christopher G. Butkus, $140,844.

POPLAR GROVE DR., 1535-Douglas B. Sumner to Dariush Khadjenouri, $215,000.

PURPLE SAGE DR., 1623-Heebun and Sang D. Kim to Armando Martinez, $184,900.

SARAZEN PL., 2021-Shelli L. and Andy Fenstermacher to Michael R. Hawk, $270,000.

SIERRA WOODS DR., 1663-Basel A. Bushnaq and Raghad Kubaissi to C. Edwin and Kristina D. Young and Chester E. Young, $206,450.

SILENTWOOD LANE, 11242-Roberta K. Redfern and Marc B. Bergoffen to Michele J. Gralak, $194,950.

SILENTWOOD LANE, 11253-Peter R. Lynn to Dana M. Hartley, $174,500.

SPRINGHOUSE PL., 11620-David O. Williams III to Joann Pfundstein, $495,000.

STRATFORD HOUSE PL., 11776, No. 1006-Galia and Michael J. Harte to Carroll C. Markley, $475,000.

STRATFORD HOUSE PL., 11776, No. 1208-Raymond A. and Alice A. McKeighan to Bernard J. and Meera S. Mansheim, $480,000.

STRATFORD PARK PL., 1860, No. 312-Merwan and Natalie M. Bachiri to David E. and Patricia D. Sherrill, $245,000.

THUNDER CHASE DR., 12618-Sonia C. and Michael Jonczyk to William C. and Sheri Ruffle, $367,500.

TOURNAMENT DR., 12822-Karin Heller and Douglas Rippey to John B. Feda, $415,000.

WATERVIEW CLUSTER, 11485-Darwin Lindgren to Marilyn L. Peterson, $350,000.

WHISPERWOOD GLEN LANE, 2172-Andrew G. Greenfield and Yen P. Tran to Robert W. Ragsdale, $183,000.

WOODBROOK LANE, 11309-Elaine A. and James C. Booth to Steven Fox and Suzanne Groah, $625,000.

WOODBROOK LANE, 11328-Richard N. Walsh to James R. and Mildred C. Elder, $722,500.


MEETING ST., 3015-Daniel J. and Mavis J. McAllister to Stephen D. Gould, $319,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3053, No. 102-Tap N. and Ly M. Nguyen to Lucio Torrico, $105,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3068, No. 102-Ana L. Cornejo to Trang D. Nguyen, $90,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3101, No. 126-Charles G. and Sharon A. Knight to Mohammed Rashed, $125,000.

WOOTEN DR., 6114-Harrison D. and Sue T. Hutson to Joslyn Bergmann and Gregory Goldner, $456,000.


BEACHWAY LANE, 9213-Parr Family Trust and Patricia A. Parr, trustee, to Scott M. Parr, $325,000.

CRAIG ST., 5807-Audrey A. and Winfield S. Nevins to Segundo C. and Norma B. Mayta, $254,900.

EAGLE ROCK LANE, 8804-Audra E. and Kenneth D. Curtis and Graciela L. Prindle to John and Deborah Horn, $270,000.

GODOLPHIN DR., 7834-Robert M. and Joyce E. Gates to Virginia L. and Stephen E. Wereszynski, $345,000.

HEMING AVE., 5767-James E. and Sharon K. McLaughlin to Tri D. Nguyen, $295,000.

HIDDEN BRIDGE DR., 7952-Lorraine D. and Troy V. Caver to Michael C. and Susan D. Dorohovich, $253,500.

JENNA RD., 7424-Johnson Family Trust and Jay H. Johnson, trustee, and Neva J. Johnson, trustee, to Michael D. and Louise A. Yaffe, $401,000.

MATISSE WAY, 7735-Berta and Nelson Moreno and Vidali Sarmiento to Martha L. Tabares, $129,000.

MATISSE WAY, 7744-Maihan T. Huynh and Tuan M. Nguyen to Eun S. Kim, $157,500.

MIDDLE RUN DR., 8479-George and Kathleen Berry to Sandra Morris, $335,000.

NEUMAN ST., 7117-Peter W. Richter to Ibrahim and Munevver Andican, $225,000.

NORTHERN OAKS CT., 7687-Gordon C. Vivace to Ruth A. Kinney, $240,000.

ORANGE PLANK RD., 7934-Heung S. and Yun O. Chu to Marco A. and Maria T. Zurita, $279,500.

PARK HUNT CT., 9421-Gordon A. and June E. Lancaster to Bruce and Rebecca L. Wynn, $270,000.

PARKLANE CT., 8005-John E. Leonard and Barbara J. Andrews to Widzer Dubuisson and Marie C. Monnay Dubuisson, $339,000.

QUINCY HALL CT., 7446-Barry A. and Lindsey V. Bender to Ming Jen Pan and Yuan Y. Tseng, $266,500.

ROLLING OAK LANE, 7330-Joseph S. and Marie M. McDonnell to Jason and Heidi L. Kellum, $224,000.

SOUTHWATER CT., 8203-Peter B. and Pamela V. Merkle to Zekria Mirza and Ali R. Faizi, $259,900.

STEEPLECHASE CT., 8036-Brigida E. and Jorge T. Alvial to Victor M. Del Canto, $165,000.

SUGAR CREEK LANE, 8454-Christopher and Nadine Sanchez to Cynthia S. Bear, $167,500.

SUNSET TER., 6313-Myrtis Gant to Rick G. Peterson, $167,000.

TOPSAILS LANE, 6481-Tam T. and Xe V. Nguyen to Delores R. Lynch and Deborah L. Rogers, $335,000.

WOODSTOWN CT., 8230-Frederick and Hui S. Hacker to Mary E. Upton, $340,000.


ADAHI RD. SE, 313-Kim Anh to Quang and Jacqueline Bach, $295,000.

BELLFOREST CT., 2700, No. 302-Christina A. Cott to Richard H. and Shannon C. Honaker, $284,900.

BEULAH RD. NE, 527-Mary A. Madden to Charles A. and Elaine S. Lockard, $482,000.

BUCKNELL DR., 8220, No. T3-Eric D. Peterson to Steve and Ly Lan Bergeron, $337,500.

CARMICHAEL DR., 2222-Bruce U. and Diane E. Roett to Nicholas R. and Stephanie E. Bollini, $455,000.

CHAIN BRIDGE RD., 2155-Mary I. and Horace D. Payne and Doris M. Thompson and Sherman A. Story to Akram Rastegari, $435,000.

COTTAGE ST., 8111-Jane S. and John K. Moseley to Brookfield Washington Inc., $306,835.

DELLWAY LANE, 8555-Robert E. and Ruth A. Benker to Paul Soucy and Tracy Lucht, $274,000.

HORSEBACK TRAIL, 1824-Norma V. Martin and Marie L. Sterne to Eric E.S. and Sara S.S. Buell, $430,000.

JOHNSON ST. S., 400-Somaieh Emamjomeh to Mohammad H. Ellini, $395,000.

LAURA GAE CIR., 2830-Andrew K. and Jennifer Hubacker to Deepak and Sharon S. Singh, $400,000.

RIVIERA DR., 2439-Carl D. and Wills H. Shores to Deborah C. and Donald B. Laird, $504,000.

ROSEWOOD HILL CIR., 9913-Charles D. and Patricia E. Vollmer to Samuel M. and Christina S. Dhanaraj, $647,800.

ST. CROIX DR., 2822-Michael F. and Molly M. Haase to Lawrence K. Burgoyne and Renee D.B. Miller, $413,500.

SHEPHERDSON LANE, 104-Douglas W. and Suzanne B. Lee to Christopher E. and Jody B. Keating, $409,900.

SUTTON OAKS LANE, 2896-Paul M. and Cynthia M. Gugg to Teoman and Ciler Ozdener, $315,000.

VILLAGE SPRING LANE, 2910-Alison S. Adams to Robert E. MacAlino, $305,000.


JOURNET DR., 2244-Michael D. Dechaine and Andrea C. Kushchke Dechaine to Sameer and Monica Bhide, $116,500.


BAYSHIRE RD., 5939, No. 121-Frank D. Morello to Christine L. Adamski and Henry L. Fiske Jr., $199,000.

BRENTFORD DR., 6431-John P. and Mildred K. Bartley to Peter O. and Fumio M. Evans, $336,500.

BURLINGTON PL., 6607-Deborah A. Daigler and Guy R. Joubert to Carole Kay Myers, $194,000.

BURTON HILL CT., 7208-Boris and Elda G. Milef to Jessica M. and Allen T. Rose, $276,000.

CARRLEIGH PKWY., 8302-Keith A. Seiwell to James L. and Susan I. Boling, $370,000.

FOX GRAPE LANE, 9014-Michael A. Brown to Karen P. Morris, $240,000.

HARWOOD PL., 6708-Mark E. and Melissa S. Hendrickson to Young O. Jun, $322,000.

HUNTSMAN BLVD., 6602-Michael R. and Tuenjai Bradley to Bok H. Orndorff, $285,000.

JOSHUA TREE LANE, 7206-Ramnath and Sangeeta Prasad to Stephanie and James E. Dickens, $378,000.

LEXTON PL., 7707-Gloria B. and Patrick C. Diehl to Karin M. Lynch, $145,500.

PRINCE JAMES DR., 5913, No. K-Kathleen K. Lippincott to Karen F. English, $90,000.

QUEENSTON ST., 5970-Laura J. Gill and Rosemary C. Lurey to Robert S. and Elizabeth L. Frost, $297,000.

REGAL OAK CT., 8351-Seung K. and Soon Y. Min to Brian I. Burisek, $345,000.

SMITHFIELD AVE., 8222-Joseph Mobayed, trustee, Mobayed Family Trust and Vivian A. Mobayed, trustee, to Ralph O. and Eileen E. Yates, $349,900.