Charles County The following home sales were recently recorded in Charles County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.

BRANDYWINE AREA BEECHNUT DR., 16041-Kevin A. and Joan C. Dorrance to Christine D. and Michael S. Burns, $295,000.

BRYANS ROAD AREA CAPTAIN JOHN'S CT., 6601-Francis C. Datcher to Laurie A. Mills, $136,000.

WATERS EDGE CT., 2865-Jack Scott and Wanda J. Barzdo to Chanel V. King, $159,950.

WOLSEY CT., 5859-Tracey N. Witherspoon to Brian M. Evanczik, $147,900.

BRYANTOWN AREA HUCKLEBERRY CT., 14025-Abdul H. and Salwa J. Diwani Fadul to Michael Jenkins Sr. and Rose M. David, $269,900.

COBB ISLAND AREA POTOMAC RIVER DR., 15069-Charles W. and Edith M. Howe to Jenette L. and Francis J. Maggio, $240,000.

INDIAN HEAD AREA CHINABERRY LANE, 21-Elizabeth A. Arndt to Stacy Stringer and Kevin Washington, $96,000.

GREEN MEADOWS DR., 3195-Stephney A. Clodfelter to Dana M. Potter, $169,900.

SUSAN DR., 207-Vicki L.R. and Michael E. Hogston to Syrentha M. Armstrong, $96,900.

ISSUE AREA HONEYSUCKLE WAY, 14610-Robert C. Caldwell to Andrew L. Tippett Jr., $16,000.

IVANHOE CT., 14855-Rodney G. Lindstrom to James P. Kelleher, $23,000.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11317-Beverly A. and Larry E. Baker to James P. Kelleher, $19,500.

WOLLASTON CIR., 11342-Mary F. Jackson to Betty S. and Ronald King, $260,000.

LA PLATA AREA CHARLESTON CT., 209-Thomas J. and Kathleen M. Kelly to Joseph R. Howard Jr., $129,900.

HIBISCUS CT., 108-Robert E. and Donald P. McGuire to Jonna G. Climie, $127,900.

NORFOLK DR., 1066-Harold R. and Jana D. Ball III to Nilda T. and Gary Walker, $459,999.

PRINCE CHARLES DR., 10550-Carol L. and John M. Lewin III to Patricia A. and Anthony F. Kummerer, $282,500.

QUAIL CT., 104-James A. and Lynne K. Clark to Sharon D. and Blake J. Altman, $267,000.

SPRING OAK CT., 10012-Steven T. and Mary T. Willingham to Patricia J. and Kenneth R. Sanders, $209,900.

WILTSHIRE CT. S., 112-Judith G. and Harry M. Campbell Jr. to Sunny and Robert L. High II, $320,000.

WOOD DUCK CIR., 100-Sherry Williams to Judith M. Bockstoce, $129,000.

WORCESTER ST., 706-Richard K. and Doreen A. Wallace to Rosemary and Joseph D'Alessandro, $81,800.

MARBURY AREA CREEDS MILL RD., 5050-Robert V. Davis to Lynsi and Clyde Pfleegor, $154,000.

NANJEMOY AREA TAYLOES NECK RD., 9180-Robert L. and Louise S. Akers to Beverly and Donald F. Zimmermann, $399,900.

NEWBURG AREA CHANNELVIEW DR., 12407-Jon Eugene Gausman to Michael W. Icenhower, $137,500.

MEADOWVIEW DR., 9808-Mary J. and Paul G. Bowman to Jeff L. Dixon, $118,000.

POMFRET AREA PRESTON LANE, 4977-Clifford N. Smith Sr. to Michael and Gayle Johnson, $156,650.

ST. CHARLES AREA KEARNYS INN PL., 3871-Beth A. Lord and Louis H. Nemec to Timothy L. Bobo, $87,500.

KELLY GREEN PL., 3828-John M. Grimes and Victoria L. Nadeau to Jennifer C. Papageorge, $89,900.

KINGS WHARF PL., 35-William J. Dotson to George H. Huff, $72,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 3605-Theresa and Mary Tilch Padgett to Rosalie C. and James B. Hooper, $178,000.

RED LION PL., 2729-Joseph K. and Tavonya S. Savoy to George Birdsong, $95,250.

REEVES PL., 4533, No. 47K-Arlene A. and Frederick R. Benson, trustees, to Michael S. Singleton, $94,000.

SWEETBRIAR PL., 12342-Cheryl R. Bell to Lagreta A. Barmore, $169,000.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 12419-James S. Howell to Angela and Eric Tomlinson, $147,500.

WAKEFIELD CIR., 2341-Gail K. Baird to Shalonda G. and Alpha O. Barry, $158,000.

WILLOW VIEW PL., 12610-Craig and Tina Barrett to Tara S. and Sherman M. Dryden, $124,863.

WALDORF AREA ARRON CT., 10607-Peter R. and Rene K. Depuy to Parichat and Joseph F. Huibsch, $246,500.

AUGUSTA ST., 4247-Angela M.D. Williams to Betty J. Scott, $290,000.

BIGHORN CT., 6220-Sean A. Kirtley to Jeffrey D. Barnes, $165,000.

BLACK BEAR CT., 6002-Lisa M. and Robert G. Rosasco to Jeffrey A. Wagner, $202,500.

BLUE ANCHOR CT., 2041-Gary M. and Jennifer L. Perdue to Tiffany A. and John W. King, $179,900.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4186-Marcus Williams and Alisha L. Warren to Ramiro Montoya, $105,000.

BUENA VISTA CT., 10903-Roarke L. Wright to Penelope E. Lawson, $239,900.

BURREED CT., 5325-Mallard's Pond Corp. to Anna M. Jordan and Brian K. Hinton, $80,150.

DOCTORFISH CT., 5010-James T. and Stephanie C. Washington to Kimberly D. and Richard D. Ralich, $173,000.

EAGLE CT., 4434-Joseph A. Lusk to Peter D. Craig, $95,000.

ELSA AVE., 3100-SBR Joint Venture to Sandra L. and Ronald T. Brown, $427,097.

EUTAW FOREST DR., 2956-James I. Jr. and Cathy Gordon Cutler to Denise and Michael Grimm, $200,000.

GRAY WOLF CT., 6130-Lashly T. Speights to Thomas J. and Joey R. Fellner, $189,900.

HARVEST FISH PL., 5402-Walter E. Dorsey to Paddy A. Lynn, $159,000.

HARVEST FISH PL., 5417-Jerry Judson Bailey Jr. to Casey B. and Daniel Rodriguez, $154,950.

HARWICH CIR., 1410-Gary D. and Linda A. Goodman to Megan M. and Samuel Lima, $187,000.

HOLM OAK DR., 12221-Teresa A. and Michael F. Bosch to Kristin M. Leclair, $199,900.

IRISH LORD PL., 5503-Julio L. and Lisette L. Matta to Alicia I. and Thomas B. Bowles, $162,400.

KELSO CT., 10468-Bernard L. and Marsha R. Vanpelt to Karen S. and Mitchell J. Thompson, $255,000.

LANCASTER CIR., 4119-Cynthia C. and Michael J. Camero to Alice Revel, $154,900.

LEONARDTOWN RD., 4855-David T. and Melinda S. Sayle to Lisa N. and Jeffrey S. Malone, $180,500.

LOVE PL., 2334-Jamerson P. and Deirdre A. Pender to Darlene M. Kee, $144,500.

NICHOLAS RD., 5005-Raymond D. Gaines to Janet E. and Thomas R. Wieser Sr., $157,000.

NORTHGATE PL., 3892-Mary J. Fuchs to Loretta E. and Howard L. Wood, $101,250.

PAGNELL CIR., 20-Dionna M. Hills to Yvette Bishop, $145,000.

PINEFIELD RD., 2236-Elmer E. and Rosa E. Morris to Stephanie F. and Alfonso L. Nuzzo, $160,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2811-Bambi J. and Almon L. Porter to John W. Jones, $213,000.

POE PL., 2712-Oakridge Associates to Allen W. Sanders, $180,665.

POE PL., 2716-Oakridge Associates to Ramon I. Buenaventura, $170,485.

PORTOBELLO CT., 2837-Christopher and Nicole Dyer to Jennifer A. and Richard D. Legacy Jr., $245,000.

POUNDBERRY CAMP PL., 11104-Leann M. Windsor to Billye J. and Steven Wilkins, $172,900.

SNOW OWL PL., 11331-Linda L. Goelling to Barbara C. Lansdowne, $147,000.

SORREL RIDGE LANE, 15425-Victoria M.B. and William F. Walters to Howard Leonhard Jr., $208,000.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5722-Patricia J. and Kenneth R. Sanders to James P. Hettinger, $138,500.

SPRINGFISH PL., 5778-Kyong Sun Driver to Michael M. Lee, $126,000.

STILLWATER LANE, 4310-James A. Jenners to John P. Wood, $239,900.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2038-Zadil I. Ansari to Cynthia J. Davis, $106,500.

TANGLEWOOD DR., 2049-Henry E. Lancaster to Christopher R. Greene, $99,900.

UNIVERSITY DR., 742-John C. and Eileen M. Loftus to Kari A. and Allan C. Harris II, $187,600.

VENTURE DR., 8332-Dennis C. and Maria V. Moore to Eileen M. and Kenneth L. Zuiderhof, $243,500.

WESTDALE CT., 3321-Stanley W. Jameson Jr. to Channise L. and Barry A. Smith, $127,300.

WHISTLERS PL., 6290-Bruce W. and Cindy C. Clodfelter to Hilda D. and James Brown, $127,500.

WHITE FIR CT., 3403-James E. and Jean L. O'Neill to Michelle Stover and Vincent Mandley, $90,000.

WOODCHUCK PL., 6263-June N. Sanders to Andykins O. Alawode, $126,000.

WOODSIDE PL., 326-Diana Y. and William D. Monroe IV to Angela D. Artis, $101,000.


PRINCE EDWARD DR., 3420-Alice F. and Chris J. Carey Sr. to Margaret D. and Lewis E. Twine Jr., $244,900.

TELLURIDE PL., 10510-Danielle M. Tangorre to Christina M. and Derek T. Bethay, $154,900.

WEST CT., 9250-Paul T. and Jeanne T. Burke to Valerie J. and Paul W. Shipton, $249,000.

WEST POINT PL., 10903-Southwinds Corp. to Gwendolyn A. and Frank H. Truman, $174,500.

WEST POINT PL., 10909-Southwinds Corp. to Henry W. Rogers, $192,650.