Prince William

The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


CHAPELWOOD CT., 13510-Joyce P. and Lawrence T. Cavener to Kathryn R. and Robert J. Hope, $334,700.

COLESMIRE GATE WAY, 13518-Samantha, Robert, Arlyce and Troy Duffield to Tonya L. Cubbage, $201,500.

DRUM SALUTE PL., 12143-June and Jason A. Demott to Margaret Daniels and Matthew A. Michel, $218,000.

DUNSTABLE LOOP, 8843-Thomas J. Shepardson to Simplice and Jeanne Allou, $199,900.

HAYFIELD CT., 12154-Patricia J. and Thomas R. Stewart to Maria T. and Thomas D. Trochan Jr., $300,000.

JARROW LANE, 12302-Washington Homes to Rizwana and Tariq Butt, $208,799.

JARROW LANE, 12327-Washington Homes to Diep Minh Pham and Quang N. Dang, $264,139.

SANDOWN CT., 12124-Richmond American Homes to Christina M. and David B. Harris, $302,040.

SELKIRK CIR., 12430-Richard J. Cesarini Jr. to Kelly J.L. Bryson, $187,000.

SPINDLE FOOT CT., 10021-Colleen A. and James D. Baker to Janet and Ronald Rudder, $299,000.


ROBIN DR., 12014-Mary Joan Kersh and Daniel E. Sassi to Erin F. and Robert J. Cope, $575,000.


BUCK LANE, 15721-Nancy R. and Jay R. Rollins to Deborah A.R. and Olen L. Dorney, $280,000.

CAMELLIA LANE, 15049-Kenneth P. Rodgers to Mary E. and Oskar L. Seikel, $239,900.

CAPRI LANE, 17050, No. 304-Diana L. Staneszewski to Maame Esi Ansaba Hayford, $82,000.

DRYDEN WAY, 15589-Joanna M. and Steven D. Stewart to Stuart Colman Andrews, $384,900.

FORT FISHER CT., 1608-Ali Imran to Mobeen A. Khan, $95,000.

LAUREL RIDGE RD., 15502-Linda M. and Louis M. Marfuggi Jr. to Genevieve P. and Larry Earl Nay II, $340,000.

MCDOWELL CT., 3624-William H. Elliott to Kelly A. Brayton, $123,000.

NUGENT LANE, 17257-Vincent Jay Tucker Jr. to Jean L. and Shannon M. Deristel, $175,000.

POINT PLEASANT LANE, 16933-Marina P. and Donald J. Marshall to Jason C. and Towanna J. Burthey, $149,950.

POINT PLEASANT LANE, 17027-Veronica and Joseph G. Bryant to Carolyn L. Hurst, $159,950.

POSSUM POINT RD., 18089-Sandy L. and William M. Payne to Nathaniel D. Breeding, $250,000.

SINGLETREE LANE, 15712-Robina and Ramon C. Olivas Jr. to Jeffrey Davis, $275,000.

TACONIC CIR., 16156-Pamela S. Sneed to Mavis and Dorcas Yeboah and Patrick Owusu, $162,000.

TRIPOLI CT., 3643-Roger D. Clark Jr. to Luz C. Rios, $115,000.

TUCKAHOE CT., 3410-Central Virginia Housing Coalition to Beverly Kathy Victor, $160,000.

VIEWPOINT CIR., 15692-Grace E. Flores to Russel J. and Beth A. Schomp, $169,000.

WHISPERWOOD CT., 14498-Trygve B. Trosper to Cathy A. Statham, $172,000.

WILLOW OAK PL., 5111-Kim Ellen Wolfe Greaves to Stacy L. and Vance C. McMurry, $310,000.


DUCKTAN LOOP, 14704-NVR Inc. to Dana A. and Thomas B. Reid Sr., $181,052.

EMMANUEL CT., 6704-Richmond American Homes to Gerald A. Bombardier, $221,115.

EMMANUEL CT., 6712-Richmond American Homes to Mark S. Shriver, $200,015.

FILLY CT., 13575-Lorie J. Mitchell and Patrick T. Nash to Hyun Su Lee, $206,100.

GELDING PL., 13567-Vickie Ann Harris Dahmer to Carlos Villafranca and Erick Zelada, $199,500.

HEREDITY LANE, 5472-NVR Inc. to Debbie A. and Riley J. Gladden, $448,314.

SADDLE RUN WAY, 6888-Linda A. and Glenn R. Colucci to Marie and John Yancey, $320,000.


ASHBY OAK CT., 14823-Dayna L. and Brian R. Oscherwitz to Lucille S. and Michael D. Ellerbe, $400,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 15113-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Steven Mahorney and Carol Usher, $370,954.

HUNTING PATH RD., 6658-Terry T. Hargreaves to Bonnie J. Sung, $161,035.


BELLE GRAE DR., 7526, No. 2-Keith Wallace Jeter to Sagrario O. and Yurwin C. Juarez, $129,900.

COACHCREST CT., 7973-Taye T. Wubeshet to Jennifer and Christopher Jedlicka, $150,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8153-William Santos and Oscar Fabian to Rey Aguilar, $117,000.

COUNTRY ROADS LANE, 9521-Theresa L. and Stanford D. Stone to P. Ramirez and Blanca and Joel P. Cabrera, $295,000.

DELANO CT., 7800-Dorothy H. and Daryl W. Mellott to Silvy and Paul J. Karageorge, $257,000.

DUNEIDEN LANE, 7668-Campbell's Trace Corp. to Travis E. Neal, $185,750.

DUNEIDEN LANE, 7688-Campbell's Trace Corp. to Linda Y. and Jin Sung You, $193,100.

ESTATES VIEW LANE, 11331-Betty A. Olund to Constance E. Stake, $430,000.

FINCASTLE DR., 5805-Wendy L. and Randall C. Turner to Mollie K. and James J. McArdle, $325,000.

GHOLSON BRIDGE CT., 6043-NVR Inc. to Haifa Sawwan and Nabil Asad, $521,982.

HONEYSUCKLE RD., 8249-Carolyn S. and Ingolfur O. Bloendal to John P. Malich, $385,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 10091-Jose L. Benitez to Gerardo Martinez, $95,000.

KING GEORGE DR., 9623-Shoshanna A. and Joseph M. King to Jose V. Escobar Cruz, $180,000.

LANGHOLM WAY, 7419-Campbell's Trace Corp. to Samra Ali and Farhan Alam, $189,100.

NORFOLK ST., 9646-Cynthia A. and Scott R. Brown to Ester and Ghayur Chauhan, $194,900.

POSTERN CT., 10917-Karen Jeanette Meadows Riley to Jennifer E. Clarke, $130,000.

STATESBORO CT., 10114-Ginny M. and James R. Simmons to Jose S. Gutierrez, $133,500.

TRENTON CHAPEL WAY, 8654-U S Home Corp. to Jose V. and Maria R. Bahia, $288,328.

TREYWOOD LANE, 6235-Kara L. and Paul L. Wade to Amy E. and Sean P. Boyle, $415,000.

WESTMORELAND AVE., 9414-Nancy and Gary G. Beebe to Mario and Oscar Escobar, $225,000.

YOLANDA LANE, 14904-Jackie D. and James B. Harris to Frances A. Lockhart, $246,000.


ALLEGHANY RD., 7547-Harold E. Lowery to Nora L. and Bobby E. Boykin, $199,900.

CABOT CT., 8569-Henrietta M. Boyd to Fatima and Edgar A. Morales, $169,900.

CENTERTON LANE, 8667-Ryan D. Jones to Sarwah H. and Palawan M. Zamyar, $180,945.

FOLKSTONE RD., 8012-Rhonda J. and John M. Bowers to Rebecca A. and Eric Raymond Kosten, $300,000.

WALCOTT CT., 8612-Robert H. Irvin to Charlotte and Emmanuel Koomson, $184,900.

WHITEHALL DR., 7539-Jessica L. and Jestine A. Pendergrass to Judith Santacruz and Pedro Huby, $144,000.


ALLSPICE CT., 12240-John Lawrence Harris to John W. Van Huizen, $135,000.

BALD EAGLE LANE, 15413-NVR Inc. to Sherrie A. and Blake D. Richardson, $433,390.

BAXTER ST., 13312-Joe L. Green Jr. to Alba Reyes, $179,000.

BELFRY LANE, 3483-Benjamin I. Thomas II to Meghann L. Bortel, $130,000.

BIRCHDALE AVE., 14405-Barbara Cherrill Glebus to Oeneus Harris and Ceres Snorton, $165,000.

CAPON TREE LANE, 16804-Jerri L. Webb to Kofi B. Appiah and Lord Duah, $177,000.

CASTILE CT., 12655-Vanderplaats Corp. to Judy A. and James E. Best, $118,000.

CHAUCER LANE, 12211-Judy M. and Alfred A. Schroeder to Mary Elizabeth Schroeder, $55,000.

CHETHAM WAY, 4032, No. 193-Christina L. Glenn to Christopher B. Slack, $145,000.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15114-Margaret Engle to Juana Gomez and Isabel E. Gomez Diaz, $166,000.

COLONIAL DR., 1531, No. 101-Anne K. and Joseph P. Elliott to Herbert H. Rose, $85,000.

COTTON MILL DR., 11931-Barbara L. and Richard Frank Natonski to Beth E. and Brian L. Riggs, $299,900.

CREST CT., 16208-Laura L. and David M. Randolph to Acevedo Filiberto A., $152,000.

CRITTON CIR., 11842-Timothy J. Marshall to Joy Barber and Edmund Warburton, $181,200.

DALE BLVD., 4501-Cynthia M. and Gregory L. Alexander to Donna L. and Thomas A. McCoy, $215,000.

DALEY LANE, 14816-Ramona and Alfred Ashby to Orfa O. and Anthony J. Delia, $197,500.

DARA DR., 12652, No. 103-Brandon Thomas Caesar to Lisa B. Fox, $71,000.

DARA DR., 12652, No. 204-Robert Christopher Rhyne to Joyce B. and George W. Kendall, $56,000.

DARBYDALE AVE., 14733-Mary Martha and Phillip John Whited to Shonda C. and Richard R. Mylod, $214,900.

DIAMONDBACK RD., 15127-Hovnanian Corp. to Josephine B. and Byron L. Cherry, $337,543.

DILLON AVE., 14732-Leona J. and Jackie D. Watts to Alba Doran and Jorge Sandoval, $195,000.

DREXEL ST., 2409-Paul A. Southard and Kathleen M. Marsh to Bessy J. and Hernan Rodriguez, $225,000.

ESKEW CT., 3548-Janet S. and Kenneth L. Jacklin to Shinae and John B. Alumbaugh Jr., $349,400.

EVEREST PEAK LANE, 12445-Hovnanian Corp. to Karen and Lenzy Kelley, $238,372.

F ST., 1407-Mary H. McGee to Jose R. and Macario Belmonte, $200,000.

FERNDALE RD., 14204-Aisha Arif to Tahir Ahmed, $151,000.

FITCHBURG CT., 3408-Rebecca A. and John R. Coughlin to Connie S. Carico, $175,000.

FRANCES DR., 1616-Sharon L. and Jon D. Beauchamp to Lidia Berrocal and Virgilio Hidalgo, $197,500.

FRUIT TREE CT., 14911-Pulte Home Corp. to Alfred Quiroz, $292,390.

FULLERTON RD., 14501-Angelika and Michael A. Guido to Gayle V. Goral and Scott J. Bresler, $155,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 13826-Helen G. and Frank Polink, trustees, to Antonia Mata, $176,000.

HAYES LANE, 16496-NVR Inc. to Khanh D. Ho and Hao T. Bui, $362,890.

HERSAND CT., 4711-Gary L. Clay and Karen E. Collins to Denise E. Synan and Karen E. Collins, $107,500.

HETTEN LANE, 3688-Susan M. and Leland C. Horn to Holly J. and David S. Merrifield, $296,000.

JEANS CT., 15226-Susan L. and Jeffrey D. Kindley to C.A. Bailey and Francis X. Jacquette III, $295,000.

KENILWORTH CT., 16002-Florence A. and Jerome A. Sickle to Serena Yevette and Leon M. Wilson, $380,000.

KENTWOOD LANE, 4609-Allan R. Ladd to Margaret A. and Clyde E. Hale, $192,000.

KLEIN CT., 4950-Laura and Carl Richard Thomas to Pearl K. and Julia A. Scoleri, $219,950.

LACROSSE CT., 3445-Jenny A. and Edison B. Carlos to Nana Yirrah and Derek C. Apedoe, $259,900.

LEXINGTON CT., 2919-Jaime Perez to Zaida and Julio Delgado, $135,000.

LOCK LOOP, 13499-Angela and Paul C. Kincheloe III to Robert C. Meyerson, $181,000.

MACEDONIA DR., 16007-Hanna Antonie and Thomas R. Corbitt to Phyllis A. and James M. Foster, $230,000.

MADEIRA CT., 2909-Clipper Investments Corp. to Abderrahman and Khireddine Filali, $152,500.

MADRIGAL DR., 14044-Annajeannette and John W. Minnick Jr. to Shannon Holder, $215,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 14254-Angel M. and Shasl R. Aschelmen to Cate H. Partain, $240,000.

MAPLEDALE AVE., 13912-Patricia Dean Nelson to Ana G. Rivera De Montiel and Hervin G. Montiel, $180,000.

MARINER LANE, 1940-Judith A. Rodriguez and Antonio Trinidad to Yolanda Vargas, $127,000.

MARQUIS PL., 3877-Lisa M. Brackens to Yusra Elfaki and Imad I. Elgizouli, $169,990.

MELLOWDEW CT., 13725-Debra and Jeffrey V. Madorma to Neftali Cortez, $165,700.

MINNIEVILLE RD., 12793-Claudette Braxton to Aurora and Thomas McNear, $200,000.

MONTGOMERY AVE., 2220-Rose Anne and Franklyn Heong Yin Lee to Jose C. Carrillo, $205,000.

OAKLAWN LANE, 6107-Gloria A. and Charles L. Thomas to Rosie and Will Scott, $249,000.

OAKLAWN LANE, 6151-Vickye and Ira J. Wade to Sara Zewdu and Semunegus Hailmariam, $269,900.

OLD POST TER., 1810-L. Glen Townsend to Lynn A. Locher, $133,797.

PACKARD DR., 13316-Maria E. and James R. Helmly to Anita L. and Jeffrey W. Lanning, $292,500.

PINETREE DR., 13432-Barbara A. and James L. Hoyt to Ronald and Jose Cordova, $167,900.

PLYMOUTH CT., 12555-Beatriz Moore to Jillian R. and Christopher S. Wiggins, $90,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 13579-Sue and Fredrick D. Sluss to Jose M. Quintanilla, $195,000.

PUTNAM CIR., 13185-Sharon L. and Thomas W. Steele to Jacqueline J. Gandy, $175,000.

RAHILL CT., 14159-Catherine Bailey and Francis X. Jacquette III to Paul G. and Lori B. Nicholson, $200,000.

REDBUD CT., 1341-Ferlynn V. and Steven E. Wade to Mandi L. Davis and Larry Burkes, $72,000.

RHODE ISLAND DR., 5761-James C. Albritton Jr. to Dawn M. and Nelson E. Hall, $259,900.

ROUNDTREE DR., 5687-Rubina and Mohammad Khalid Mirza to Abu B. Jalloh, $215,000.

ROUNDTREE DR., 5719-Jeanne M. and Marc C. Waldrop to Sherry L. Ruch, $190,000.

SAILSTONE LANE, 5699-Piedad and William C. Dietz to Melinda F. and Edward D. Smith, $189,900.

SEMINOLE RD., 2895-Teresa A. and Gregory A. Yancoskie to Guery M. and Donna J. Guzman, $179,000.

SHERBROOKE CIR., 3580, No. 8-301-Kristie A. Sholar to Robin M. Jones, $109,000.

SHERBROOKE CIR., 3580, No. 8-303-Thomas Alan Kawasaki to Rhonda and Robert W. Mabry, $111,000.

SHERWOOD PL., 16560-Donald R. Galyean, trustee, to Deborah Gorham and Joseph Blanks, $61,000.

SMOKETOWN RD., 13021-Jo Ann and James L. Gillis to Deborah A. and Kirk E. Yeager, $330,000.

SWALLOW CT., 14861-Nasim A. and Muhammad Aslam Asim to Cecilia and Michael Suemith, $165,000.

TAXI DR., 13035-Ridgedale Inc. to Aisha H. Shareef and Ahmed M. Fahmi, $202,011.

TELFAIR CT., 4616-Florentina D. Ramirez to Benito Villalpando, $140,000.

TERMINAL WAY, 13010-Ridgedale Inc. to Tigist T. Tilahun and Ermias Berhane, $198,905.

TERMINAL WAY, 13038-Ridgedale Inc. to Mark I. Sandefur, $202,440.

TRENTDALE DR., 13031-Ridgedale Inc. to Lisa M. White and Guy F. Bowsher, $282,524.

VISTA FOREST DR., 13319-David A. Lopez to Janet H. and Robert F. Dukes, $309,900.

WADE LANE, 5370-Patricia K. and Anthony Lagree Hodge to Anthony L. and Lisa M. Hodge, $285,000.

WERTZ DR., 3884-Leticia M. and Timothy E. Meyers to Katina A. and John P. Doulis, $259,950.

WESTWIND DR., 4074-Michelle and Daniel J. Burkhart to Robert W. Erickson, $267,000.

WHITTIER LOOP, 14941-Jennifer M. Phillips and Rocky B. Hearn to Patricia L. and Russell C. Smith, $112,400.

WYNDALE CT., 3329-Susan L. and John R. Peters to Gloria P. and Carlos Scull, $129,000.