The following home sales were recently recorded in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office.


JOHN S. MOSBY HWY., 42128-Berry Patch Crafts Corp. to Show Me Development Group, $500,000.

LENAH RUN CIR., 40707-S. McAndrew and Ruben Garcia Jr. to Amy R. and Carl E. Minton, $500,000.


APOLLO TER., 20859-Mary S. and Robert T. Hall to James Cramp, $199,900.

ASHLEY INN TER., 22684-Pulte Home Corp. to K. Bodenhamer and Michael Miller, $305,690.

AUGUSTA VILLAGE PL., 19924-Belmont Land Partnership to Maryam and Hassan Sedaghatpour, $611,000.

BANKBARN TER., 21587-Pamela G. and Russell F. Pion Jr. to J. Leon and Susan D. Parrott, $242,500.

BEECHWOOD TER., 20311, No. 102-David W. and Vera E. Sabo, trustees, to Holly Wagner, $111,900.

BLANTYRE CT., 43397-Belmont Land Partnership to Shannon S. and Mark Failor, $628,325.

BOZMAN CT., 21170-Sharon C. and Brent V. Armand to Debra L. and Michael G. Capretti, $499,000.

BRAE TER., 45061, No. 102-Ronald G. Cottrell to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $185,000.

BROOKTON WAY, 42940-B.C.H. Partners to Nissa and Alexandre Alexandrov, $344,298.

CHOKEBERRY SQ., 43335-T. Crumbly, trustee, to Donna Donofrio, $218,900.

CLEARNIGHT TER., 43257-Regina M. McKeon to Christine and Thomas McKeon, $200,000.

CLIVEDON CT., 43533-Kari and Jason Baer to Phil and Linda T. Proffitt, $339,990.

CONKLIN RIDGE CT., 22580-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Angelina Huynh and Jeffrey Dion, $429,864.

CONKLIN RIDGE CT., 22597-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Alli and Surendhar Manicka, $432,676.

FOREST EDGE SQ., 43089-Engle Homes Virginia to Jennifer R. and James M. Rasmussen, $268,240.

GATWICK SQ., 43260-Silvia C. and Yanover F. Letona to Kendra and Gregory Wilson, $254,900.

HORNBEAM PL., 21392-Janette M. and John R. Proctor to Robin S. and Daniel Dryden Joss, $350,000.

KINGS CROSSING TER., 21728-Tracy L. Stern to Yan Hang Zhang and Zhiyong Dai, $231,000.

KINGS CROSSING TER., 21776-Michelle and Louis Oliver Jr. to Ammara Samay and Franck Housseau, $222,000.

LITCHFIELD TER., 44225-Michael H. McNeill to Mary J. and Steven D. Charlier, $213,500.

LOUISA DR., 43978-Sandra K. Smith to Michele and Anthony Lalicata, $340,000.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43540-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Jeong and Alex Kim, $466,080.

MAISON CARREE SQ., 22470-Pulte Home Corp. to John T. Tuchscherer, $265,000.

MICHENER DR., 43814-Rhonda M. and L. Tyson Bondurant to Laurie Keefe and David M. Harrison, $463,000.

MINTHILL TER., 43957-Elizabeth R. and Oscar Villatoro to Adrian A. Adams, $195,000.

NIGHTSHADE PL., 20948-Debora A. and Michael A. Iacovacci to Sharon M.E. and Lawrence H. Corry, $615,000.

NORWICH PL., 20538-William A. Kirby to Michelle and Michael McCullion, $335,000.

OAKVILLE TER., 21795-Kristy L. and Donavon L. Kuhn to Mildred B. and Luther H. Hammond, $275,000.

ORDINARY PL., 20277-Shannon N. and Andrew H. McMillan to Daniel P. and Robin L. Matthews, $435,000.

OVERLAND PARK DR., 21438-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Jayanthi and Arun K. Swamy, $364,072.

PLANTATION TER., 43533-Melissa A. and Victor R. DeAnthony to Barry Fields, $215,000.

PLANTATION TER., 43605-Susan Marie Buckley to Amy Terhaar, $205,000.

PLYMOUTH PL., 21510-Elaine S. and Joaquim M. Rodrigues to Andrea L. and George B. Cooper Jr., $365,000.

POMEROY CT., 20687-Patricia and Derek S. Maltz to Sherry L. and Christian J. Knoster, $419,000.

PREDDY CT., 43610-Christine and Kent J. Hyatt to Robin P. and Kenneth S. Yew, $410,000.

RIDERS SQ., 43177-Elizabeth A. Lewis to Timothy M. Scarangella, $255,000.

ROAMING SHORES TER., 21059-Jennifer and John M. Garrett to L.E. Rosen and Theodore Strickland, $329,990.

SARATOGA SPRINGS PL., 19627-Belmont Land Partnership to Festus I. Okolo, $726,656.

SPYGLASS HILL CT., 19750-Belmont Land Partnership to Delores R. and George H. Moore Jr., $563,859.

SUNSET TER., 43782-Jennifer L. Gaito to Staci B. Blaser, $131,553.

TILBERG ST., 20387-Belmont Greene Residential Corp. to Denise and Scott Price, $430,140.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20957, No. 202-William H. Lai to Louis Cascianom II, $83,400.

TYLER TOO TER., 21076-Chu Chung and Fu Chen to Krishna and Jignesh H. Shah, $239,900.

UNIVERSITY DR., 45092-Amir H. Fadaghi to Mariana and John M. Van Der Riet, $236,000.

WALSHEID TER., 20460-Christine L. Goshorn to Sharon L. Adrian, $250,000.

WAXPOOL RD., 42800-Claudia A. and Julian E. Fouche to R. and D. 2001 Corp., $230,000.

WESTDALE CT., 21848-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Linda Ngo, $392,605.

WESTDALE CT., 21856-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Elizabeth and Jaime E. Guerra, $331,078.


WEST VIRGINIA AVE., 313-Claude Jenkins and Janet Jenkins to Carlos Echeverria, $225,000.


ARTILLERY TER., 1524-Brookfield Edwards Landing Corp. to Tamir Ayush and Zamilan Amgalan, $291,490.

BEAR CREEK TER., 18548-Michael Harris Homes Corp. to Doris S. Vernon, $364,164.

BONNIE RIDGE DR., 702-Engle Homes Virginia to Marie M. and Bobby G. Jones Sr., $455,776.

BONNIE RIDGE DR., 725-Joseph Yechong Chen to Theresa and Robert E. Wickham, $397,000.

BUTLER PL., 43495-River Creek Corp. to Karin Silver and Gary E. Kirschner, $861,560.

COOL BREEZE SQ., 42718-Washington Homes to Homaira and Wali A. Zahedi, $230,195.

COTON COMMONS DR., 43386-NVR Inc. to Laura J. and John D. Pendleton, $471,095.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19385, No. 605-Jacqueline and Leonard S. Kay to Stephen L. Bradford, $177,000.

DEERPATH AVE., 402-Rita E. and Thomas C. Dunham to Heather J. and David A. Ketron, $255,000.

DESERT INN CT., 43230-MB River Creek 4 Corp. to Dorothy Johnson and Leonard Ward, $676,334.

EMMET CT., 725-Jennifer and Robert Lowe to F. Pourmohammadi and Reza Mohseni, $399,000.

FALLS VIEW SQ., 42741-Beazer Homes to Christian Martin, $313,940.

FORT EVANS RD., 109-B-Lisa I. Piercy to Charles W. Frank Jr., $94,800.

GATEWAY DR., 678, No. 909-April E. and Edward G. Catterton to Jonathan E. Ireland, $123,600.

HANCOCK PL., 116-Mirsad Gusinac to Sandra Yaneth Panameno Canas, $95,000.

HAVERSACK CT., 107-Jean A.M. and Todd W. Overstreet to Michelle R. Flynn and John F. Tabor Jr., $375,000.

HAWLING PL., 1206-Michele A. and Jeffrey W. Taylor to Mahnez H. and Darlush M. Behrooz, $474,000.

MACALISTER DR., 823-Deborah and Mark Fitchett to Kimberly and Fred E. Wright, $396,500.

MEADOWS LANE, 157-Donald Shawn Hernley to Mayda Quisbert and Jose Cruz, $160,000.

MILL SITE PL., 19227-Van Metre at Lansdowne Corp. to Susan Lynham and Margaret Morgan, $552,700.

NEWINGTON PL., 613-Washington Homes to Edward P. Jr. and Rosemary A. Staudt, $323,871.

PADDINGTON WAY, 119-Leah D. and Timothy A. Daffron to Jenny and Brian Santiestevan, $150,000.

PEARLBUSH SQ., 427-C. Goodall and John W. Smith Jr. to K.M. Justice and Joseph C. Hoffman, $185,750.

PERDIDO BAY TER., 18513-NVR Inc. to Adam Freimanis and Susan Pollard, $327,125.

PRIMROSE CT., 207-Mary T. and Joseph N. Pisko Jr. to Susan J. and J. Jay Oakley, $399,900.

REVELSTORE TER., 824-Engle Homes Virginia to Junja Javed and Sadia Javed, $323,560.

RIVERPOINT DR., 43417-Van Metre at Lansdowne Corp. to Celeste A. and Edward T. Lipford, $614,615.

ROANOKE DR., 238-Shannie and Thomas Alan Hickok Jr. to Florence J. Meyers, $150,000.

SALEM CT., 106-H.L. Clements and Brian R. Vincent to Cyndi L. and Christopher M. Bauer, $170,000.

SHIRLEY SQ., 176-Douglas Bradley Hudson to Robert Mainhart, $218,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18557-Beazer Homes to Sheila R. and Shaun T. Riley, $133,822.

SPARKLEBERRY TER., 506-Shawna L. and Larry R. Carr Jr. to Juanita Ellison, $223,000.

STONE CT., 103-Lisa M. and William W. Hackett II to Hilda Dickens and Harry Tyson Jr., $356,000.

STREAM CROSSING CT., 19131-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Sharon C. and Brent V. Armand, $635,119.

STRIBLING CT., 602-Lisa C. and Burton J. Kunz to Relocation Resources International, $427,000.

TALL OAKS SQ., 896-Richard D. Hall to Jeffrey C. Mueller, $222,100.

TAMMY TER., 606-Patricia Doyle and Philip Jones to Cheryl J. Flowers, $209,000.

TURNBERRY ISLE CT., 43427-Susan T. and Robert A. Donnelly Sr. to J. Brooke and Benjamin R. Hurley, $548,000.

VERMILLION DR., 720-The Drees Co. to Maryon J. and Gene F. Augustine, $471,832.

VERMILLION DR., 723-The Drees Co. to Mo and Boonkham Kiyo Phonseya, $429,647.

VISTA RIDGE DR., 711-Washington Homes to Daphne J. and James L. Williams, $429,810.

VISTA RIDGE DR., 712-Washington Homes to Mi Yeon Kim and Seung Woon Baek, $401,924.

VISTA RIDGE DR., 714-Washington Homes to Raja N. and Anthony S. Burlbaugh, $375,623.


CANTERFIELD CT., 39880-Kristin and William R. Mungovan Jr. to Myrno C. and Murlin H. Coffey Jr., $495,000.

MILLTOWN RD., 13342-P.R.T. Corp. to M.B. Waterford View Corp., $4.8 million.

MORNINGSTAR PL., 12011-NVR Inc. to Jayne W. and Warren W. Gross, $503,190.

SEDGEWAY LANE, 12274-Burke Homes to Cynthia J. and Peter D. Voronin, $376,200.

TRILLIUM GLEN LANE, 12606-Linden Construction Corp. to Tena M. and Grady Orear, $300,000.


WASHINGTON ST. E., 110-Minnie P. Leonard to P.H.A. Corp., $387,500.


COUNTRY CLUB DR. W., 610-Linda C. Hickey to Michelle A. and Richard L. Herwig, $315,000.

DRESDEN CT., 407-Linda Q. Cavazos to Judith H. and Daniel E. Shaughnessy, $362,000.

HUGHESVILLE RD., 38077-Priscilla V. and John R. Honkanen to Harriet J. Robinson, $500,000.

MCDANIEL DR., 402-Karen U. and David P. Moorcones to Carrie L. and Daniel J. Greco, $182,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 13829-Grace Morgan and Brian T. Borders to Karan A. and David D. Duncan, $298,000.


MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17197-Round Hill Investors to Susan E. and Christopher J. Gowin, $359,408.

NEW CUT RD., 9-Carin O. and Stephen A. Sears to N. Susan Lee, $279,900.

SASSAFRAS DR., 35470-Virginia Lynn and John J. Leone to Wendy S. and Paul A. Dennis, $318,000.

TURNBERRY DR., 18290-Janet M. Olsen to Irene and Richard T. Thompson, $715,000.


EDGARTOWN ST., 43208-Margaret M. and Thomas P. Monaghan to Erendira and Angel R. Diaz, $500,000.

EVANS SQ., 25548-Michele L. and David S. Sbitan to Dawn A. and Gregory J. Smith, $275,000.

GIMBEL DR., 25454-South Riding Partnership to Debra G. and John J. Schleith, $408,947.

GIMBEL DR., 25455-South Riding Partnership to Aneet and Ashit Kumar, $432,218.

HARRIS ST., 42614-South Riding Partnership to Maria Oliva and Rafael M. Datoc, $336,141.

HARRIS ST., 42630-South Riding Partnership to Penelope Larsen and Jason W. Fatz, $307,279.

HARRIS ST., 42634-South Riding Partnership to Syed Khalid Ahmed, $287,748.

INDIAN HILL CIR., 25434-Sheila M. and Gerald C. Adams to Jennifer L. and Matthew D. Gibson, $249,900.

JUBILEE ST., 43525-Barbara L. Bieger to Keiko Chigira and Cheol Shin, $269,900.

MINK MEADOWS ST., 43595-Charlie H. Boyd to Julie M. and Terry L. McElyea, $359,990.

MINK MEADOWS ST., 43683-Rebecca F. and Barry K. Coln to S. Seyedbagheri and A. Akhoundi, $500,000.

SARAZEN DR., 26090-Sandra J. Lowe and Dorsey R. Parks to Manal Hanna and Reda M. Said, $419,000.

STADLER LANE, 42745-Miller and Smith at South Riding to Stephanie L. and Troy V. Tortorella, $274,250.

WATERCREST SQ., 43134, No. 301-Michael S. Rogers to Christopher E. Welch, $175,000.


ANDREW PL., 107-David Cribbs and Kristina A. Handy to Omer C. Ponce and Tesly L. Buezo, $170,000.

ARGONNE AVE. N., 1101-Mary D. and David Rives Marlowe to Pedro R. Quijada, $232,000.

ARGUS PL., 108-Ruth J. Everly to Rosa Miriam Romero, $150,000.

ASTER TER., 46756-Carolyn M. Craig to Dierdre L. Reid, $167,000.

BICKEL CT., 79-Kristin Spencer to Edwin S. Gay, $175,000.

BLOCKHOUSE POINT PL., 47795-Susan V. and Paul T. Meed to Jeri R. and Elliot L. Hirshman, $575,000.

BOWLINE TER., 47715-Geannie and Christian P. Dickerson to Carol Khawly and Rabih E. Tannous, $315,000.

BRETHOUR CT., 1200-Nancy L. and John R. Adrain to Graciela and Mauricio Lorenzetti, $169,900.

BURNLEY SQ., 20335-Betty J. Carman to Patsy Kay Hall, $245,000.

CALAMARY CIR., 21700-Julie A. and Michael S. Bucy to Sean and Hiepson Kaysarn, $170,000.

CAMERON CT. N., 234-Padhadavane and Boonkham Phonseya to Malyna S. and Todd Sombatphibane, $308,602.

CARROLLTON RD., 38-Timothy and Catherine McCullough to Patricia S. and Andrew Paulas Jr., $380,000.

CHARLOTTE ST. E., 401-Carrie Wolfe to Manuel E. Funes and Juan F. Funes, $250,000.

CLARION TER., 46862, No. 303-Jeffrey G. Ouellette to Paula J. Garber, $166,600.

COURTYARD SQ., 46934, No. 303-Ellen S. Mellick to Douglas E. Myers, $162,000.

COURTYARD SQ., 46964-Marcus S. Mial to Laura L. Hagen, $173,000.

DRYSDALE TER., 46588, No. 101-Yusef Khatib and Rachael E. Brown to Jean F. Serone, $167,900.

FERGUSON CT., 1-Sylvia Sloan to Michell D. White, $245,500.

FERGUSON CT., 10-Anne E. and Thomas G. Frederick to Carlo Verdino and Andrea J. Kelty, $270,000.

GREAT TRAIL TER., 22230-Karen M. and Kurt M. Hallex to Wendy S. and John E. Laurento, $230,000.

GREENTREE TER., 21954-Helen and George G. Pattakos to Susan M. and Anthony J. Marx, $179,000.

HAMPSHIRE STATION DR., 46621-A. Buser and Stephen Alexander to Michelle E. and Jeffrey T. Schwartz, $390,000.

HOBBLEBUSH TER., 46743-Jennifer L. Lepardo to Shawn C. and Brenda J. Stewart, $211,100.

HUNTLEY CT., 21-Margaret Ann Strobach to Geydy G. Espejo, $180,000.

IMAGE CT., 400-Rhonda C. and Maurice G. Roberts to Friba and Taimor Bakhtary, $240,000.

ITHACA RD. N., 133-Nathalie T. and Darryl L. Edwards to John A. Goode, $235,000.

JOHNSON RD. N., 109-Dawn L. Vandergroef to Bernis C. Hays, $229,900.

KALE AVE., 137-Nancy W. and Michael S. Williams to Mala Lewis and Joseph J. Brennig, $350,000.

KINGSCHASE CT., 46587-Cecilia Tran and Hung Sun Oh to Michael A. Brown, $425,000.

LEATHERLEAF CIR., 21772-Frank C. Bale to Lilly and Mohamed Benalja, $177,500.

LISA GAYE DR., 1703-Wilhemina W. and Wayne Lewis to Laurie and James Cook and Thomas Logan, $270,214.

LYNDHURST CT., 29-Nhung D. and Paul E. Stets to Steven Leonard Krauss, $204,000.

MARIAN CT., 17-Carol L. Pufnock to Kathryn T. Drake, $145,900.

MARIAN CT., 20-Jessica R. and Patrick J. Morocco to Diane and D. Althoff and Edward Althoff, $185,000.

MARKWOOD DR., 221-Karen and Richard P. Mason to Paul C. Lewis, $379,500.

MEADOWLAND LANE E., 130-Holly H. and William Bryan Honn to Flor M. and Robert D. Nasser, $285,000.

MORNINGSIDE TER., 20534-Preston Peterson to Omar Santis and Karin Y. Heredia, $250,000.

OAK SHADE RD., 12-Carol L. and Ronald Nick Cafrelli to Kevin Phillips and Russell Samuelson, $250,000.

PALMER CT., 32-Marie C. Severin to Randolf Delapena, $135,000.

PEBBLEBROOK PL., 46550-Lisa J. and Allan J. Delorme to M. Crabtree and Thomas Wlodkowski, $373,500.

PEPPERIDGE PL., 126-Clara H. and Aman U. Khan to Catherine A. and John K. Ruffing, $295,000.

RABBITRUN TER., 46915-Vilmarie M. Rodil to Sang T. To, $235,000.

RABBITRUN TER., 46931-Zainab and Amin Naqvi to E. Zangeneh and Pari Vaziritabar, $225,000.

RIVER MEADOWS TER., 46538-Detroy Hyche Jr. to Amy R. and Philip C. Ziegler, $261,000.

SCOTSBOROUGH SQ., 47783-U S Home Corp. to R. Kierstein and John T. Childs III, $340,228.

SOLOMONS CT., 20904-Christine and Rennie M. Sullivan to Lu H. and James C. Richards, $435,000.

ST. JOHNS SQ., 220-Balvir K. and Jagjit S. Grewal to Fereshteh Emamian, $127,000.

STILLHOUSE BRANCH PL., 20365-Vicky A. and John D. Buhl Jr. to Kerry F. and Thomas J. Anderson, $660,000.

SUGARLAND OAKS SQ., 21957-Newberry Partnership to Gurinder K. Brar, $257,500.

TWINRIDGE SQ., 21120-Laura A. and Robert W. West to Robert J. Konosky, $290,000.

VIEW GLASS TER., 21054-Dorothy B. Tees and Joseph M. Gilmore to Ngone A. and Olivier D. Boissy, $289,900.

WESTRIDGE DR., 46159-Robert J. Borella to Colette and Daniel E. Johnson, $412,000.

WOODSTONE TER., 46849-Jason Staufenberg to Roberto Sisido Echevarria, $233,500.


NINA CT., 14700-Elizabeth D. and Brian L. Chodrow to Jacqueline A. and Paul A. Clark, $465,000.

THICKET CT., 15037-Kay C. and William R. Hertel to Lorie J. and Robert B. Barbour, $589,900.