The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


BANK ST., 904-Thomas Treakle III to Joann Loos, $175,000.

BERWICK DR., 918-Gary J. Gottfried to James J. Sullivanm and Cara L. Sabolcik, $325,000.

BLACKWALNUT DR., 3232-Christian C. Miller to Paul E. and Jeanne L. Bellis, $270,000.

BLACKWELL RD., 1022-Stanley R. Jaicks to Richard S. Altman Jr. and Rebecca A. Dempsey, $289,900.

BOUCHER AVE., 819-Donald W. Collett to Xavier M. Touze and Tricia E. Muneses, $284,900.

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 101-David B. Kao to Craig A. and Katharine Winn, $782,900.

CLINTON CT., 7044, No. 8B-William M. Jackman to Michael G. Powers and Wendy K. Sorensen, $480,000.

EDGEWOOD GREEN CT., 10-Susan R. Parnell to Catherine J. Kirk, $179,900.

HIDDEN RIVER VIEW RD., 3449-Thomas R. Bagley to Martin J. Carter, $749,900.

SANDSTONE CT., 60, No. K-Kristin Rhoads to Pablo Willstatter and Teresa Bermudez, $132,250.

THOMAS POINT CT., 1207-John F. Carmody to Edward P. and Colleen D. Brickley, $720,000.

TYLER AVE., 1197-Wilson L. Hignutt to Yiannes Kocoyianni, $86,000.

VICTOR PKWY., 204, No. G-Lynn A. Glascock to Craig T. Distelhorst, $85,000.

WINDWHISPER LANE, 32-Jeanne L. Bracken to Michele D. Lynch, $314,900.

YACHTSMAN WAY, 933-Joseph W. Hartman to Jo Ann Metcalfe, $177,900.

THIRD ST., 407-James Kneen to Diane Archangeli, $385,000.



ALMOND DR., 1390-Enrique T. Delavega to Craig S. Alig, $145,000.

ANNE CT., 1694-Justin S. Lehner to Nelson and Sue Goodman, $449,750.

COXSWAIN PL., 2712-Gerald W. Ball to Edith D. Hustvedt, trustee, $290,000.

CUNNINGHAM HOLE RD., 2675-Ellsworth B. Nowell to Jean W. Groo, $275,000.

EPPING WAY, 325-Joan M. Vinson to Matthew A. and Christine M. Schaaf, $725,000.

EPPING WAY, 421-Matthew A. Schaaf to Jeffrey D. and Debra L. Lawrence, $430,000.

FRIENDS RD., 3027-Richard S. Howison to Clark Q. Kline and Patricia J. Gray, $562,500.

GOODRICH RD., 31-Pamela A. Sutor to Robin R. Harting, $325,000.

HERITAGE CT., 35, No. 108-Laura Clempner, trustee, to Peter S. McChesney Jr., $80,000.

ISLAND VIEW DR., 152-Donald N. Carpenter to William M. and France Hertel, $168,000.

MARENGO ST., 878-Karen B. Knowles to Robin L. Rice, $169,900.

MASTER DERBY CT., 423-Donald A. Fournier to Abby J. Aaronson and Aaron Peterson, $137,500.

MIDSHIP CT., 814-James G. Mason to Ann Grizzel, $219,000.

MOUNTAIN TOP DR., 1031-Lee J. Patrick to Joanne F. Cabrera, $227,900.

PHILLIPS TER., 2003, No. 10-John C. Sims Jr. to James V. Finlayson, $170,000.

PINEDALE DR., 595-Debora Smith Fajer to Mark S. Lore, $500,000.

SEVERN GROVE RD., 1806-Thomas W. Glynn to Kenneth H. and Patricia Gentry, $1.3 million.

SHADY SIDE CT., 1014-John W. Jacobs to Shawn F. and Kelli A. Grimes, $175,000.

SHIPMASTER WAY, 2900, No. 119-Annie Ferruzza to William F. Gould, $145,500.

SHIPMASTER WAY, 2900, No. 220-Denis Hayley to Ida A. Batson, $155,000.

SONNE DR., 776-Lee F. Klopp to Roy and Susan Carson, $360,000.

SOUTHGATE AVE., 62-Erich J. Rose to Deborah Proctor, $575,000.

STAR PINE DR., 1585-Victoria B. Webster to Gale L. Mann and Donald L. Brown Sr., $126,900.

SUMNER RD., 214-Stephen J. Nathan to Melody J. Lorenz, $181,000.

TOPMAST CT., 2778-Ethel F. Taylor to Norman M. and Betty L.B. Nagel, $165,000.

WOOD TREE CIR., 1700-Jason Ball to James A. Fowler, $140,900.

WOODLAWN AVE. N., 15-R. Edward Ritenour to Jan Esielonis, $223,000.



LITTLE JOHN HILL, 513-Robert Q. Macleay Jr. to Daniel S. and Leslie A. Baird, $475,000.


BAY GREEN DR., 627-Thomas B. Guild to William J. Lynch, $255,500.

BELLE DORA CT., 606, No. 11D-Michael K. Sutphin to Clay W. Farris, $102,900.

BRASSIE CT., 1116, No. 70-Mark G. Sanderlin to Cynthia L. Simms, $230,000.

CARRONADE WAY, 372-Eric D. Ruffo to Cameron L. Brookes, $112,000.

CHURCH RD., 61-Donald R. Bunker to Donald R. and E. Louise Bunker, $205,000.

COLLEGE DR., 968-Alexander Jasko Jr. to William K. Kelly and Catherine M. Burnett, $255,954.

COLONIAL RIDGE LANE, 426, No. 14-Matthew S. Kelley to Joseph and Lisa Okes, $198,000.

FOX RUN WAY, 32-James P. O'Neill to Shawn R. Kastle, $209,900.

HARMONY AVE., 911-Andrew J. Bowden to Christopher R. and Amt H. Zwilling, $434,000.

RUSACK CT., 724, No. 50-Gerard J. Manning to Deidre A.C. Gould, trustee, $390,000.

SEMINOLE DR., 1270, No. 23-Michele L. Jacobs to Traci R. Marelli, $165,000.

SHORE ACRES RD., 950-Scott N. Kelly to John C. Hannon, $240,000.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 816, No. 10A-Peter Silverberg to Lois A. Parker, $94,500.

TALON CT., 638, No. 18-Peter E. Robey to Gracie R. Miller, $199,900.

TAMARACK TRAIL, 1241-William C. Jackson to Michael A. Sallustio, $208,000.

TASKER LANE, 1020-Erik M. Bollt to Michael E. and Denise L. Walsh, $2,949,000.


CRESSWELL RD., 637-Lisa L. Koppleman to Matthew D. Hovatter, $129,900.

EDISON ST., 208-B.D. Clayton Sr. to Laura E. Richards, $174,900.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5333-Jason Powers to Joe Robertson, $54,086.

SUNNYFIELD LANE, 733-Joseph T. Patton to Steven Propert, $208,000.

SUNNYFIELD LANE, 824-Edna M. Crosby to John N. and Charlene A. Frasco, $192,000.


ABERDEEN CIR., 1745, No. 8D-Lance S. Tokunaga to Jeremy S. and Kathleen M. McAllister, $118,900.

ABERDEEN CIR., 1834, No. 45-Gabriel Nurmi to Julie Germane, $143,000.

BANCROFT LANE E., 1700, No. 283-Sally A. Smith to Julie C. Ilett, $92,500.

BANDURY CT., 1562, No. 140-Michael G. Scully to William L. Hawthorne, $184,000.

CARRY PLACE, 1761, No. 261-Agnes A. Whitmer to Michelle N. Desrosiers, $141,070.

CHATHAM CT., 1467, No. 49-Daniel P. Boone to Brendan F. and Heather D. Carroll, $135,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1455-Robert J. Beirn to Thomas D. and Vivian V. Keith, $147,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1675, No. 14-Amy E. Kearns to Crystal L. Fadely, $138,000.

FALLSWAY DR., 1676-David D. Hayden to Adam J. and Deborah A. Nucci, $211,000.

LONG DRIVE CT., 1514-Dawn M. Vitko to Brian Liberatore and Cathleen McClellan, $215,900.

MARA VISTA CT., 1416, No. 129-John P. Long to Jennifer A. Benevicz, $86,475.

MARLBOROUGH CT., 1530, No. 36-Brenda G. King to Amy L. Covell, $105,000.

NESTLEWOOD CT., 1458, No. 14585-Matthew J. Kratz to Kristen P. Abplanalp, $140,000.

PATRICE CIR., 1659-Frank E. Washington to John D. and Terry Y. Zacker, $369,000.

PAWLET DR., 1970, No. 22E4-Bryan M. Hyre to Nick A. McCabe, $138,500.

PRICE RD., 2757-Ruby J. Weber, trustee, to John C. and Kelly A. Kotwicki, $375,000.

REMINGTON DR., 1709-Rodney M. Weidner to Michael Carlson and Traci Koenig, $256,000.

TARRYTOWN AVE., 1707-John D. Zacker to Larry and Robyn Crum, $297,000.

TILGHMAN DR., 1924-Larry A. Walters to Lisa A. St. Louis and Justin G. Couture, $155,000.

VINEYARD LANE, 2537-Gregory K. Davidson to Jennifer L. Munton, $170,000.

WALLEYE DR., 1666, No. 213-Vito S. Ascosi Jr. to Thomas K. Kloster, $127,000.

WESTPORT LANE, 2346-Kelly A. Kotwicki to Naim Rahman, $211,500.

WINDY OAK CT., 2542-Richard S. Goldstein to Sharon Sego, $233,900.

WINDY OAK CT., 2568-Gary T. Toth to Jamieson R. Wu, $240,000.


CEDARWOOD LANE, 627-Oliver E. Weikert Jr. to Elaine F. Scherer, $160,000.

ECHO COVE DR., 606-Martin J. Radtka to Gregory A. and Jacqueline Merkel, $475,000.

GENERALS HWY., 1191-David W. Hare to Thomas F. and Nancy S. Carney, $390,000.

TOPLAND DR., 608-Theodore R. Herrell Jr. to Cheryl E. Taylor, $315,000.


CARVEL BEACH RD., 148-Shirley J. McMillan to Robert W. Craft and Gretchen A. Nelson, $145,000.

STONEY BEACH WAY, 1548, No. 103-Nicole L. Plum to Gregory A. Cullison Jr., $165,000.

SWANHILL CT., 1208, No. 291-James L. Penna to Jeremy Brower and Amy Goldsmith, $147,500.


BLACKBERRY LANE, 3320-Thomas H. Schiffgens to Barry E. and Tanya S. Asman, $425,000.

CHEVAL DR., 2525-John Carros to Richard A. and Kae N. Newman, $429,900.

MERRIMAC RD., 3466-Thorkild V. Jensen to Douglas P. and Barbara J. McLendon, $442,500.

WHISPERING OAKS LANE, 301-David R. Ratliff to Bronwyn B. Emmet and Robert J. David, $470,000.


CHARLES AVE., 624-Brian D. Clark to Michael T. Gill, $150,000.

MARSHALL AVE. E., 625-Steven J. Gallagher to Michele Hagan, $93,000.


GREENRIDGE DR., 276-Donald J. O'Connor to Michael S. Dorsey and Michele L. Hiller, $274,000.


BAY DR., 3728-Eugene B. Lee Jr. to Robert L. and Michele N. Flynn, $713,500.

BURGH LANE, 3408-James D. Stump to Bruce A. and Jean C. McCutcheon, $869,000.

FAIRHILL DR., 1716-Kathryn E. Lightbown to Patricia L. Hrubiak, $97,000.

FAIRVIEW RD., 941-Kenneth S. Cutlip to Taren K. Parrilla, $195,000.

MARLBORO RD., 1630-Kimberly Y. Santini to Wayne G. and Janet M. Proud, $189,900.

MIDLAND RD., 1630-Barbara A. Burton to John D. Elliott and Thomas D. Henshaw, $95,000.

MIDLAND RD., 1701-Allison Hill to Gregory M. Bokor and Margaret E. Hickman, $195,000.

MONARCH DR., 3514-Primary Closing Corp. to Jack E. and Pamela L. Tootson, $685,000.

OLDTOWN RD., 1646-William P. Schaper Jr. to Tracey L. Reed, $107,500.

PONDER DR., 3832-Mary G. McCarthy to Jason M. Steele and Jennifer L. Quick, $267,500.

RIDGELY RD., 1733-Nicholas T. Collison to Daniel P. Bender, $145,900.

SHADY SIDE DR., 1631-Willard R. Davis to Jason and Shelley Sellars, $106,500.

WATERSIDE CT., 108-Teresa R. Dauth, trustee, to Charles and Linda Stubbs, $382,500.


SNOW HILL CT., 2402-William A. Hawkins to Theresa Arteche, $205,000.

SPRINGHILL WAY, 999-Bobby C. Ward to Michael V. and Sharon S. Fox, $184,500.

WINTERHAVEN DR., 894-Harold E. Christian to Richard L. and Simone Z. Hasson, $186,000.


ASTER DR., 1204-D.B. Bollinger to Cheryl Burdinski, $159,900.

DARTON CT., 459, No. 5-Elvaton Towne Associates to Joanne Burgess and Catherine Vest, $107,000.

HERITAGE HILL DR., 6489-Maryl L. Bruwer to Jessie R. Valdiviez, $81,000.

HOME WATER CT., 6502, No. 303-Gordon W. March Sr. to Douglas R. and Lori A. Turner, $127,000.

MCHENRY DR., 1148-John A. Wheeler to James I. and Shawn D. Hyson, $155,000.

PLEASANTVILLE DR., 1456-Chae P. Yi to Drake Yi, $170,000.

QUAIL DR., 668-Kimberly W. Harris to Laura J. Grimm, $128,000.

RIDGELY RD., 1-Robert L. Wilson Jr. to Manuel Vazquez, $165,000.

SPRITE WAY, 662-Lolita Y. Levrone to Enes and Zamina Beslagic, $140,000.

WEST CT., 478, No. 18A-Donna M. Capizzi to Daniele Ard, $96,000.

THIRD AVE. SE, 210-Mathilda B. Warner to Darren M. and Mindy A. Death, $149,900.

FIFTH AVE. SE, 113-William C. Conrad to Alfred T. Kaiser, $139,900.


FURNACE AVE., 1524-Eugene H. Grail to Jack M. Anderson Jr., $182,000.

NABBS CREEK RD., 1014-Edward F. Borkmann Jr. to Sherrie and William Byrum, $5,000.

POLYNESIAN LANE, 6601-Larry M. Bloom to Gabriel L. Amoss, $180,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6602, No. 304-Shari A. Chenoweth to Matthew E. Martino, $101,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6608, No. 202-Linda M. Fryer to Donald W. Griggs Jr., $87,500.

SOUTH MEADOW DR., 119-Roy G. Anderson to Josephine Anderson, $122,000.

SPENCER RD., 7717-Mark C. Countryman to Aristene William, $155,000.

SPRING MAIDEN CT., 202, No. 203-Giles C. Hoback III to Shannon and Jeremiah Davis, $88,500.

SUNNYBROOK DR., 1117-Shawn M. Bilheimer to Raymond B. Hamilton, $139,000.


FAIRBANKS DR., 1455-Donald L. Rogers to David V. and Joan M. Haas, $152,000.


BAYFIELD RD., 4794-F. Carroll Smith to Rebecca R. and Mark L. Plaster, $1.2 million.

RICHARDSON CT., 401-John F. Birch to James M. Schaefer and Cathy L. Lanier, $600,000.


MONTEVIDEO RD., 2099-Grayson A. Price to Carol L. Monroe, $145,000.


BEAVER CREEK RD., 3010-Andrew J. Bouie to Eliot M. Malumuth, $205,000.

CLAYMONT ST., 3718-Felix A. Cortes to Anna Kim, $210,000.

FALLING RUN RD., 3511-Brian S. Bray to Ha Tuan Pham and Phuon M. Ngo, $220,000.

FEDERALSBURG S., 236-Theresa F. Moran to Theresa Felicitas Moran, $121,302.

FORESTS EDGE PL., 124-Sharon R. Kidwell to Andre Cherisca Jr. and Marie J. Lamothe, $174,000.

OLD LINE AVE., 344-Shirley A. Paull, trustee, to Charles R. and Kara P. Ellis, $91,333.

RIVER BEND CT., 3103, No. A-Linda K. Taylor to Melvin J. Coates, $119,000.

SPRING GAP S., 245-Richard S. Chabot to Saroj Chowdhury, $162,500.


CORONET DR., 14-Gary L. George to Ryan P. and Grace A. Coyne, $166,200.

LYNVUE RD., 903-Michael J. Lewis to Gary K. Irvin, $139,050.

SHIPLEY RD., 419-John K. Swann to Patricia A. Collins and Allen C. Fisher, $164,900.

WILBEN RD., 6427-Edward L. Garey to Kevin P. Hughes, $256,000.


BIGGS PURCHASE LANE, 245-John A. Day to Jeffrey L. and Joyce L. Ferguson, $460,000.


GLENDA CT., 260-Patricia G. Edwards to Paul D. Ehemann, $124,900.

HAMELLA CT., 578-George E. Gilde to John C. and Dayle J. Carpenter, $300,000.

LIVE OAK DR., 773-Emile J. Henault III to Mike and Karen Boyle, $400,000.

OBRECHT RD., 231-Obrecht Road Family Trust to Carlos X. and Zenobia A. Williams, $185,000.

OLD ORCHARD CIR., 476-Martin G. Bean to Fredrick C.G. Scheer and Diane N. Cary, $725,000.

VALLEYWOOD RD., 540-David A. Wright to Julie Debaugh, $100,000.


ARCADIA SHORES CIR., 232-Carolyn P. Britton to Gregory and Amanda C. Carbone, $168,000.

ARCADIA SHORES CIR., 256-Omar Lopez to Wayne and Seyward Loschen, $173,500.

BRAGG BLVD., 157-Richard J. Bass to Ronald H. Smith, $270,000.

BRIGHTWATER CT., 8704-Dewey G. Jordan to Robert J. Sager and Jennifer L. Golub, $216,900.

BUNKER HILL LANE, 107-Donald C. Shaw to Dustin M. and Cynthia R. Wiggins, $290,000.

CANNON BALL CT., 1900-Connie S. Carico to Theodore W. Heazlit Jr., $239,900.

CHESTNUT TERRACE CT., 2406, No. 303-Patricia R. Wiseman to Robert E. and Sandra L. Smith, $185,000.

DARWIN ST., 1304-Joshua B. Jones to Deborah J. and Steven R. Bates, $152,000.

EISENHOWER CT. E., 208-Tisha M. Masi to Charles D. Spenceley and Jennifer C. Speceley, $208,900.

FORM CT., 1212-Amy L. Sales to John A. and Lilian C. Dewald, $188,600.

GOLDSBOROUGH LANE, 1824, No. 14-Lorri D. Morrison to Claudia N. Jefferson, $167,700.

ICY RUN TER., 506, No. 1-Kevin W. Strange to Gloria L. Weber, $163,000.

LANGDON FARM CIR., 165, No. 76-David S. Smith to Yesenia E. and Aaron R. Cory, $164,900.

MILITIA PL., 114, No. 115-Robert L. Phillips to James B. and Jessica J. Guzior, $169,000.

MORNING BREEZE CT., 8705-Samuel M. Furlow to Patricia Dresser, $170,000.

ORCHARD GREEN CT., 8731-Philip W. Casamento to Angela Cockrell and Mark Poinsett, $178,500.

PINE MEADOWS DR., 8722-James M. Zois to Marie L. Mentor, $194,500.

RESTY LANE, 600, No. 104-Gary E. Morgan to Jennifer K. Libby, $105,000.

RITA DR., 470-Christopher J. Wall to Timothy R. Sabin and Teena M. Foringer, $207,000.

SANDY WALK WAY, 2300-Thomas E. Burgess to David P. Bell, $227,500.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 283, No. 67-Hugh T. Smith to Shaun R. and Kristene R. McCullough, $176,000.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2712-Harley J. Degraw to Robert H. Myers Jr., $199,900.

VACATION DR., 808-Eric C. Newton to Mark Dyer, $237,000.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8654, No. 8654-James M. Riggs to Jennifer I. Lambert, $159,500.


BILTMORE AVE., 1013-Patricia D. Kueber to June E. and Ossama A. Sallam, $194,000.


ALTONA AVE., 100-Glenn A. Miller to Martin and Mary C. Karopchinsky, $138,500.

BAYSIDE BEACH RD., 1715-Steven C. Reusing to Kimberly M. Buckman, $224,900.

BLACK ROCK HARBOUR, 8628-Michael S. McNerney to Daniel W. Barnhart, $127,000.

DEERING RD., 835, No. 8F-Timothy R. Ashworth to Susan M. Zabka, $94,000.

EDGEWATER RD., 441-Theodore A. Tepper to Wayne S. and Amy D. Bartholomee, $600,000.

FALLON DR., 6-Richard E. Torney to Norman R. and Victoria L. Lichtman, $166,900.

HICKORY NUT CT., 343-Holly P. Dadds to Steven A. Mazan Jr. and Shannon M. Matthews, $135,000.

HOLMESPUN DR., 1246-Marcus O. Wallace to Melissa L. O'Connor, $122,616.

HOLMESPUN DR., 1268-Michael A. Powers to Stuart Wetherington and Virginia Wehterington, $127,900.

KENTUCKY AVE., 308-Daniel M. Hutchison to Dannis J. and Denise M. Ledford, $186,000.

LIBERTY CIR., 7909-David A. Martin to Harrison V. and Joann R. Price, $94,000.

MALLARD DR., 243-Joseph T. Shanefelter Jr. to Joseph R. and Lori J. Heston, $174,900.

MANSION HOUSE CROSSING, 7903-Donald R. Pearson to Jeffrey J. and Natalie L. Herndon, $206,500.

MARBLE ARCH DR., 3438-H. Thomas Gresham Jr. to Warren G. and Brenda L. Martin, $174,000.

MARYLAND RD., 8427-Robert E. Carpenter to Janet L. Owens Brown and James U. Brown Jr., $205,000.

NOTLEY RD., 7770-Richard E. Shortridge Jr. to Elizabeth W. Hornsby, $133,000.

OAK HOLLOW CT., 236-Charles V. Queen to Thomas E. and Theresa D. Ray, $263,000.

PINK LILY CT., 8005-Gregory A. Kothe to Arnold J. Stadlin, $187,500.

POTOMAC RD., 1873-Leslie O. Miller to Paul and Dorothy Reitz, $263,000.

POWHATAN BEACH RD., 640-Darrel M. Jones to Chad E. Kulawiak and Penny L. Dimattei, $250,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 844-Robert P. Mooney Jr. to Richard J. Lewis, $425,000.

SAGAMORE WAY, 8119-Alfred H. Dejan to Jon N. Leonard Jr., $269,900.

SHARON DR., 102-George L. Smigovsky III to Gabriel P. Nurmi, $182,000.

SOUTHWOOD RD., 175-Craig D. Lazzaro to Richard and Rubecca Fuller, $226,000.

TOWER BRIDGE DR., 8105, No. 235-Beth R. Gavin to Hee S. Kim, $118,000.

WALDO RD., 172-Frank H. Boeckmann to Harry I. and Stephanie R. Beckner, $200,000.

WINSTON RD., 301-Joseph D. Beagel to Robert and Carolyn Couchenour, $185,000.

WOODLAWN AVE., 7787-John I. Brothers to Daniel J. Moe and Heather D. Quinn, $187,900.

208TH ST., 709-William E. Rosek to Ricardo A. and Veronica E. Borrero, $173,900.

209TH ST., 716-Patricia Willis to Shawn E. and Virginia Askew, $139,000.


ESCAPADE CIR., 3237, No. 1854-Pablo Willstatter to Josephine A. Sergi, $274,900.

LAUREL RD., 572-Marvin B. Apter to Kathleen C. Little and William D. Allen, $1.5 million.


BERNI RUTH LANE, 1303-David L. Mills to Daryn P. and Debra K. May, $269,900.

BURNS CROSSING RD., 269-Michael D. McKee Sr. to Richard W. Madden and Beverley A. Smith, $185,000.

CANTER CT., 7830-Theodore Kranzler to Jeffrey S. Jensen, $194,000.

CARRIAGE LAMP CT., 1706-Cheryl V. Puryear to Robert J. and Julie A. Obie, $167,000.

CHASE HILL CT., 300-Michael P. Dillard to Timothy A. and Sharon F. McCarthy, $330,000.

CORK ELM CT., 850-Philip L. Cory to Chris A. Hill and Marlen B. Hill Marsh, $352,000.

DICUS MILL RD., 1417-Robert H. Thorpe to Mark R. Antoun, $115,000.

GALETOWN DR., 1903-Michael D. Kociemba to George L. Godfrey, $257,500.

HALEHAVEN CT., 7807-Richard H. Ledgett Jr. to Scott A. and Donna L. Stephenson, $265,000.

LOCUST RD., 7721-William N. Sarro Jr. to David M. Sarro, $95,000.

MERRIMUSIC CIR., 7409-William F. Evans to Tom N. and Heather L. Hall, $226,000.

MONTREAL RD., 1879-Kenneth A. Thaxter to Dylan M. and Sarah E. Goodrich, $205,000.

RIO GRANDE CT., 1410-Ramona R. Ranalli to Patrick W. and Cindy E. Baker, $173,000.

SCATTEREE RD., 7716, No. 44-Kelly L. Vandergrift to Carol A. Sperry, $163,500.

SEABOARD CT., 1405-Eric W. Bird to Phyllis Leona, $212,000.

SEABOARD CT., 1405-Phyllis Leona to Timothy W. and Lisa A. Slaton, $219,000.

SEVERN RD., 1706-Ronald L. West to C.J. and Jenifer K. Summers, $285,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 1450-William M. Wagner to Doanld N. and Beverly A. Blanton, $192,000.

WATERMILL CT., 1400-Prudential Residential Services to Vani and Narsima Rao, $339,900.


BERRYWOOD DR., 257-Paul M. Kaus to Edward W. and Debra K. Howard, $420,000.

BERRYWOOD DR., 285-Eric M. Kahn to Ketil Heggestad, $470,000.

DOWNING DR., 161-Edith Abuswai to Paul A. Musante and Mary A. Kingsley, $461,000.

MCKINWAY, 603-Richard F. Krug to Robert Jeter, $130,000.

PUTNEY WAY S., 344-Walter A. Kirchoff Jr. to Stephen G. and Amy L. Hubbart, $479,900.

QUINN RD., 111-Mary E. Brunst to Barbara J. Livermon, $302,000.

SONNEBORN LANE, 15-David V. Smith to Michael B. and Kimberly C. McGurk, $515,000.

ST. FRANCIS CT., 105-George T. Rinard Jr. to Matthew C. McCaughey and Emily H. Majcher, $255,000.

TICONDEROGA AVE., 758-Vincent J. McCarron Jr. to Samuel P. Medile and Amy G. McCarron, $217,000.


SHADY SIDE RD. W., 6432-Lori E. Nieman to Ellen L. Dickey, $184,900.


ELEANORE AVE., 6640-Albert R. Blackwell to Gary R. Wantz, $275,000.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 5880-Harry C. Johnson to David R. and Alice R. Anderson, $228,000.