Oct. 22 A daughter, Elisa Shea, was born to Colleen and Christopher Greer of Potomac.

Oct. 25 A daughter, Rei Sarah, was born to Maiko and Takatsune Ito of Rockville.

Nov. 4 A son, Zakariah Ali, was born to Kahlil and Stanley Bryant of Potomac.

Nov. 12 A daughter, Jasmine Mira, was born to Theresa and Ravinder Bhatia of Gaithersburg.

A son, Felix Albert Ulbig-Barbieri, was born to Gabriele Ulbig and William Barbieri Jr. of Takoma Park.


Oct. 1 A daughter, Jhames Lillian Lorton Stewart, was born to Dawn Jones and James Stewart of Gaithersburg.

Oct. 22 A son, Jacob Thomas Lannon, was born to Meredith Zimmerman and John Lannon of Silver Spring.

Nov. 2 A son, Michael Patrick, was born to Jessica and Gerald Corrigan of Potomac.

A daughter, Kaitlyn Marie, was born to Kelley and Christopher Osmond of Silver Spring.

A daughter, Arianna Reagan Krizer, was born to Heidi and William Daroff of Potomac.

Nov. 4 A daughter, Nada, was born to Sabiha and Boualem Chebihi of Chevy Chase.

A son, Michael Brauer Fellman, was born to Christine Brauer and Mark Fellman of Rockville.

Nov. 5 A son, Kyle Jerell Wingate Jr., was born to Michelle Brown and Kyle J. Wingate Sr. of Gaithersburg.

Nov. 6 A daughter, Adelaide Beatrix Zinn, was born to Betsy Fielding and Roger Zinn of Silver Spring.

Nov. 7 A son, Benjamin Robert, was born to Alanna and Jonathan Nichols of Germantown.

A son, Joshua Richard, was born to Karen and Richard L. Shimp Jr. of Silver Spring.

A son, Jacob Lee Hotakainen, was born to Laurie Fink and Rob Hotakainen of Bethesda.

Nov. 9 A daughter, Ekaterina Boba, was born to Rebecca and James Griffin of Silver Spring.

A daughter, Paige Hope, was born to Courtney and John Malloy of Bethesda.

Nov. 11 A son, Hank Wilker Breen, was born to Dona Love and Joseph Breen of Rockville.

A son, Jared Allen Krauss, was born to Katrina Keil and Daniel Krauss of Bethesda.

A son, Ian Alexander, was born to Becky and Anthony Tu-Sekine of Silver Spring.

Nov. 13 A son, Logan Bartlett, was born to Suzanne and Christopher Ritter of Bethesda.

Nov. 14 A son, Oliver Cardoso, was born to Soza and Decio de Andrade of Germantown.

Compiled by Timothy Wilson. For more information, call 202-334-7251.