The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


ALLEVA CT. N., 2003-Gloria J. and Michael C. Sawyers to Gary W. Rozier, $242,000.


BERKSHIRE DR., 819-Rosa R. Orellana to Jose A. Mendoza Argueta, $116,000.

CHAPMAN RD., 2207-John W. and Juanita T. Kitchen to Petrona Y. and Rafael Hernandez, $158,000.

EDWARDS WAY, 9200, No. 1212-Stanford H. James to Bob V. Dunmore, $88,000.

KNOLLBROOK DR., 6719-Linda L. and Paul A. Coverston to Brenda Chapman, $170,000.

LEWISDALE DR., 2266-Marcelino Jimenez to Jose Alvarez, $200,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1802-Ray A. Courteny to Sen and Thuy K. Nguyen, $57,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1804, No. A-3-Akinola O. George to Tolulope O. Oluseyi, $50,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1832, No. 204-Paula A. Flores to Nelson Villalta, $50,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1719-Mehran D. Azimi to Lisa D. Shaw, $56,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1923-Owusu Ansah Agyeman to Lynette Evans, $74,500.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. G-21-Louise M. and Edward L. Davis to Wanda Evans, $78,000.

RIGGS RD., 7300, No. 707-Taro G. Gehani to Gary W. Bishop, $31,000.

15TH AVE., 8308-Santos C. and Berta Canales to Jose A. and B. Isidro Molina, $170,000.

17TH AVE., 6913-Jose L. Penaranda to Shelby Jones, $118,500.

21ST AVE., 7100-Walter A. Johnson to Vernell M. and Stocton V. Black, $227,000.

23RD AVE., 6906-Zoila E. and Jose R. Velez to Adonis Villatoro, $170,000.

24TH AVE., 7408-Jeanette and Donald M. Bell Jr. to Carlos Benavides, $153,000.

24TH AVE., 7903-Paul E. and Anna L. Gardiner to Gloria M. and Eugenio C. Rivera, $131,000.

25TH AVE., 7915-Maria Urias to Jose P. Mejia Sorto, $143,500.


CALVERTON BLVD., 3103-Susan C. Riehl to Janet and Amal Gomes, $217,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11210, No. 204-Linton Floyd to Charmaine A. McKenzie, $86,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11340, No. II-F-Esther F. and Oluremi O. Olaitan to Cheryl P. Barclay, $85,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11382, No. 302-1-J-Wendy S. Baker to Angie M. Hoang, $79,500.

MYRTLE AVE., 12202-Judith A. Romack to Elizabeth J. Gind and Doo H. Jang, $164,502.

QUIMBY AVE., 4601-Margaret J. and Clyde I. Yates to Ellsworth W. Messersmith, $127,896.

ROMLON ST., 4413, No. 101-Anna H. and Albert F. Johnson to Laura Elliott, $52,000.

ROMLON ST., 4417, No. 103-Lori A. Snider to Abraham M. Myles, $76,000.

ROMLON ST., 4425-Joseph F. Jakubowski to Lynda S. and George R. Murphy, $75,500.

RUNNING BEAR CT., 11406-James P. and Maria K. Dialektakos to Jean P. Longila and Regine B. Mpoyi, $160,000.


ALDERWOOD LANE, 16309-Yvette and Lavalae Graham Tipper to Rachel E. Maalouf and Miles D. Fleming, $178,000.

ANN ARBOR LANE, 2538-Wendy E. and Charles E. Dail to Michael E. Batten, $189,900.

ARBOR HILL LANE, 1908-Barry E. and Tanya D. Schaffer Asman to Harold A. and Mabel L. Doersam, $225,000.

ARROWROOT CT., 16101-Alfons C. Marczynski to Jill M. and Anthoney B. Strinse, $299,900.

BIRCH LEAF TER., 17204-Katrina R. Grier to Pamela R. and John W. Hatala, $371,500.

CHESTNUT AVE., 8021-Gretchen Sholl and Dennis A. Stuecker to Michael S. Snoots, $212,500.

CORY DR., 8505-Norman and Jacqueline M. Sheffield to Audrey and Errol Walker, $290,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15695-Antoinette M. Green to Tawanda Spears, $98,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15736-Robert D. and Michael J. Lun Jr. to Taiwo Aikiwowo, $108,000.

ELON DR., 10909-Franca and Emanuel J. Ortiz to Loydian Mosi, $250,000.

ELYSIAN LANE, 16414-Kimberly A. Howell to Ionita Rutherford, $189,900.

EMILY CT., 15208-Howard D. Payne to Carolyn Grandson, $185,000.

ENVISION TER., 3831-Raju and Sumita Gupta to Natalie L. and Derrick J. Smith, $171,000.

EVERGLADE LANE, 15605-William H. Knight Jr. to Charlene A. Johnson, $162,000.

EVERGLADE LANE, 15613, No. G104-Michael C. Mahler to Heather S. Schneider, $145,000.

FEDERAL LANE, 2801-Kenneth R. and Candace A. Turner to Paula J. and Joseph D. Sampugnaro, $233,500.

GWINNETT LANE, 6303-Gwendolyn S. Powell to Dave B. Morgan, $210,000.

HEMING LANE, 12637-Dana M. and Michael L. Kessler to Jeanne L. McDonald, $215,000.

IDLEWILD DR., 13200-Beverly A. and John R. Engberg to Setsuko M. Hill, $215,000.

IDLEWILD DR., 13410-Andrea Vrankar and Andrew P. Kimos to Jenmaire Dewberry, $186,400.

KEMMERTON LANE, 12317-Barbara R. Wright to Stacy D. Figliozzi, $191,000.

KINDERBROOK LANE, 2602-Russell M. Cook, trustee, to Sandra L. and Fred Walford, $186,000.

KORNETT LANE, 12610-Andrew I. and Rikki M. Schneider to Kerry and Joseph A. Trahan, $207,500.

MABANK LANE, 3508-Bohdanna Prynada to Wanda Moultrie, $203,500.

MOUNT OAK RD., 15401-Donna M. and John M. Sowers Tkach to Bonnie Born and Russell W. Clark Jr., $221,695.

NEW HAVEN DR., 4110-Gisela F. and Thomas W. Godfrey to Robin M. Young, $210,500.

OVERBROOK LANE, 13449-William E. and Mary A. Snow to Lillian F. and Lesley R. Duncan, $178,900.

PATRIOT LANE, 1106-Debra F. Johnson to Adedapo A. and Michael O. Lipede, $129,900.

PENTERRA WAY, 16212-Lawan D. Locke and Rasheed J. Tahir to Linda M. Anderson, $193,500.

PLEASANT HILL LANE, 917-John M. Baker to Nia T. Mallett, $133,000.

POINTER RIDGE DR., 16004-Laura L. and Florence M. Holl Buckey to Michael A. and Kimm H. Massey, $208,000.

PRINCE OF WALES CT., 2263-Brian E. Comer and Timothy J. Donohoe to Jinny M. Zwolak, $124,000.

PRINCE OF WALES CT., 2265-David G. Grabowski to Joe E. and Joel Phillips, $121,000.

QUARTERHORSE DR., 12516-Javed A. and Firdous R. Zaidi to Mark L. Wardlaw, $274,900.

RIVER VALLEY WAY, 4759, No. 60-Tiffany Sands and Bobby Verene to Sherry P. Deskins, $141,500.

RIVER VALLEY WAY, 4787-Darlene James to Sendia A. Spradley, $150,000.

SABER LANE, 12512-Regina M. and Brian E. McClellan to Joseph F. Young, $225,000.

SEABURY LANE, 12407-Marrell Wilson to Ilene A. and E. Leslie Plummer, $211,000.

SILVER MAPLE CT., 13003-Nancy J. Enright to Susan D. Bryan, $174,900.

SMITHWICK LANE, 4922-Charles J. and Sharon A. Sorrentino to Clora and Mac A. Webb, $289,900.

ST. MICHAELS DR., 1003-Laverne Stevenson to Tope and Remi Famuyide, $144,900.

ST. MICHAELS DR., 795-Rugene A. Spruill to Alicsha J. Sharpe, $131,840.

ST. MICHAELS DR., 911-Lynette C. Rollerson to Nedra R. Hunter, $123,500.

STONEHAVEN LANE, 12416-James K. Geary to Karl W. Gunth and Kimberly A. Thompson, $185,000.

STRETTON LANE, 12408-Darrell B. and Terri L. Ingram to Barbara W. and James H. Doty, $240,000.

SUNFLOWER CIR., 3924-Willie L. and Carolyn S. Toney to Diatou and Charles Smith, $223,000.

TWIN CEDAR LANE, 12043-Patricia J. and George A. Dawki Rogers to Stephanie L. and Jason S. Palmer, $179,900.

VICTORIA HEIGHTS DR., 12916-Jennifer and Christopher Kline to Elaine V. Williamson, $185,000.

WOODHAVEN LANE, 4105-Maxine F. Goodyear to Evangelia Pippos, $175,000.

WOODROW LANE, 4101-Charlotte Hartmann to Michael Caire, $214,200.

12TH ST., 13115-Jorge A. and Israel P. Labasti Sanchez to Corey Delahay and Avareitta M. Bailey, $205,000.


KNOLLWOOD ST., 7807-Helen D. and Howard S. Bowers Francis to Rick S. and Harriet E. Berry, $209,950.


ALLISON ST., 3902-Tanisha D. Young to Maria E. Reyes and Domingo Grijalva, $163,000.

ALLISON ST., 4009-Mary V. Mitchell to William A. Potts Jr., $30,000.


CEDAR HEIGHTS DR., 805-Sharon A. and Jerold Hahn to Shelly D. Marshall, $151,130.

DUNBAR OAKS DR., 1318-Gloria R. and Walter D. Webb to Acacia J. Williams, $96,850.

FALKLAND PL., 5815-Mary E. and Robert Baisey to Valencia H. Covert, $116,500.

JANSEN AVE., 1130-Arden and Norma J. Leonard to Bettiejoe Davis, $78,900.

MENTOR AVE., 908-Rockhall Investments Inc. to Glenda A. Oliver, $89,900.

NOVA AVE., 1010-Sam Palmer to Dright K. Waring, $105,000.

NOVA AVE., 609-Olamide Afoke to Paula Jones, $130,000.

ONSLOW WAY, 5646-Dionne C. Williams to Cedric Parker and Edna Fields, $133,000.

OPUS AVE., 1520, No. 108-Eric E. Spence to Brezita Warrick, $98,500.

POSSUM CT., 330-Richard M. Gallion to Robert L. Suggs, $120,000.

QUIETVIEW DR., 1014-June Y. White to Kenneth and Gwendolyn Martin, $139,900.

VALLEY PARK RD., 7012-Rita A. and Sam O. Williams to Veronica Thompson, $159,900.

WALKER MILL RD., 5730-Gloria J. and Jephthah Milhouse to Patrick A. Bannerman, $114,700.

WILBURN DR., 6708-Susie G. Wilson, trustee, to Melissa C. Dillard, $159,900.


MEYNELL CT., 10705-Janice S. and Robert P. Howard to Ella B. Hill, $184,990.

TERRACO PL., 10206-Patty T. and Gary L. Lockett to Joseph T. Bailey, $174,500.

WESTWOOD DR., 10700-Ross E. Jr. and Jerilyn A. Spach to Antonio A. and Diane L. Jules, $264,710.


ARDWICK ARDMORE RD., 9437-Paul D. and Venita K. Roberts to Trinh Nguyen and Tam M. Duong, $145,000.

BENDING BRANCH WAY, 935-BA Mortgage Corp. to Sergio Lisboa, $105,000.

CARLYLE ST., 5812-Betty M. and Robert E. Spence to Ardine Hockaday, $160,000.

COUNTRY CLUB RD., 2717-Milton E. McIver, trustee, to Vondell and Owen Barnett, $57,639.

COUNTRYWOOD CT., 1753-Carrie L. McClurkin to Janet T. and Martin Lawson, $114,500.

HAWTHORNE ST., 5610-Juan M. Barnes to Christopher M. Darling, $190,500.

KENT VILLAGE DR., 2401-Mehdi H. Hajiyani to Lindner Management Group, $70,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9811-Pamela D. Picou to Theresa L.P. Gra and Deborah M. Valdez, $111,000.

MARKHAM LANE, 2509-Francine C. Matthews to Angela E. Rhoden, $142,600.

NALLEY TER., 1315-Jerroll F. Guins to Roberta Y. Hopkins, $110,000.

NALLEY TER., 1331-Pamala M. and William T. Hardy to Brian D. Blackwell, $135,000.


BONIWOOD TURN E., 5543-Mishaunti and Jamall Jarrett to Collis Yaw, $165,000.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5847-Betty L. and Gladstone A. Wilson Jr. to Cheryl L. Miles, $155,000.

CASTLE ROCK DR., 7705-Gwendolyn A. and Frank H. Turman to Robert A. Oladipo, $236,000.

FLORENCE CT., 6301-Edward P. Plyler to Damian Lee, $155,000.

FOX RUN DR., 9506-Michael A. Sr. and Lela C. Bijou to Mary A. and Thomas L. Dade, $206,000.

FOX RUN DR., 9516-Ronald E. Jensen to Rhonda D. and Thurlow O. Stenson, $195,000.

KIRBY MANOR CT., 7705-Gregory V. and Tanya M. Simpkin Nowlin to Timothy and Tiffany Tillery, $172,000.

LINHURST DR., 9310-Noel K. and Edward R. Simpson to Dietra M. Shepherd, $147,000.

SURRATTS MANOR DR., 9607-William W. Woods to Joyce A. Monk, $198,900.

SYLVIA CT., 5910-Telicia R. and Joseph M. Dennis to Alicia Y. and John D. Anderson, $171,900.


BERWYN RD., 5013-Balfour O. Sirk to Sheila Spruielle, $155,000.

FORDHAM RD., 4608-Beatrice Crowell to Lisa Ponton and Robert Massey, $223,500.

MARLBROUGH WAY, 3604-Hattie E. and James O. Agee to Mark Burton, $212,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 5966-Joyce J. Flora to Yi Ju Chen and Wen Hsien Chuang, $79,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 1113-Josephine M. Sgro to Sheila M. Reynolds, $106,000.

49TH AVE., 9314-Donald L. and Karen E. Creasey to Deborah K. Boy and G. Grayson Wagstaff, $229,000.


BARKLEY PL., 2331-Melanie Elliott and Don Settles to Lorraine George, $143,000.

BURGESS RD., 5806-Terrill and Tina L. Dempsey Jones to Charelle Weaver and Keith Eastman, $159,000.

HALLECK ST., 6615-Lawrence J. Davis to Janet Newkirk, $145,000.

HIL-MAR CIR. S., 6066-David J. Cephas to Mark Worley, $133,000.

HOLLY BERRY CT., 6815-Alvin L. Stewart to Erika L. and Annette G. Hudgens, $150,000.

KAREN BLVD., 1570-Daphne D. McKoy to Jorge Villalobos, $132,000.

LORRING PL., 7234-Stanley L. and Catherine E. Blue to Deborah C. and Howard Simpkins Jr., $135,000.

RITCHBORO RD., 8841-Philip W. and Michele S. Carr to Avis P. Ryan, $140,000.

WINTERGREEN AVE., 2517-Donnalee and Patrick A. Marsden to Marcella C. Stretch, $148,000.


ARROW PARK DR., 12316-Salwa J. Diwani and Abdul H. Fadul to Fitel A. Jabbar, $255,000.

BRANDYHALL CT., 6130-Keia Neal to Cathy D. Williams, $123,500.

BURGESS LANE, 7516-Rita D. Hays to Diane F. Burton, $145,000.

CAREY BRANCH PL., 8011-John Deis to Isabel and Augstin Parada, $169,000.

CHERRYFIELD RD., 6804-Linda D. and Antonio Herron to Vincent Williams, $190,000.

FLAM CT., 7606-Audrey M. Pruitt to Jacqueline R. and Robert A. Willett, $168,000.

GLEN WAY, 9608-Diane and Ridley F. Durham Jr. to Sherman S. Hunter III, $172,000.

HURTT PL., 400-Roger L. Hardie to Michelle and Edward Tyson, $146,000.

JAFFREY RD., 7712-Manuel C. and Corazon C. Espartero to Juana Gonzalez and Roberto Sanchez, $195,900.

KERBY PKWY., 511-Gladys and William A. Reed to Rafael Merced, $161,000.

L'ENFANT DR., 13229-George F. and Dorothy K. Burch to Chinwe M. and Cecil Aldridge Jr., $237,000.

LAMPTON LANE, 12502-Elizabeth C. Mandapat to Kenneth C. Deflorimonte, $190,000.

MANSFIELD MANOR DR., 4611-Willie J. and Patricia D. Edwards to Fang M. Lin, $180,000.

MURRAY HILL DR., 8160-Brenda L. and Jack R. Wilder to Milton Velasquez, $174,950.

OAKMONT DR., 3607-Donald C. and Marisol Thompson to Tanisha N. and Willie T. Wright, $162,000.

OLD DRUMMER BOY LANE, 1612-Billy L. and Angela W. Mattocks to Gary and Mary H. Stewart, $258,000.

OLD FORT RD., 10306-Richard S. Holmes to Ronald G. Slater, $94,635.

PENDALL DR., 4626-Douglas P. Dean to Bela Tayal, $137,000.

RHAME DR., 13011-Martin S. Tracton to Erica B. and Vincent H. Bridgeman, $215,000.

RIDGEVALE AVE., 8606-Edith and Orlando Witherspoon to Eloise Perry, $150,000.

RIVERVIEW RD., 12313-Minnie and Angelo Aragona to Edward A. Aragona, $187,000.

TESTWAY AVE., 2805-Larry M. Johnson to Grace A. Lovelace Townsend, $173,000.

TRAVERSE WAY, 9604-Clarence Thrower to Owen A. Alexander, $229,990.

VELTRI DR., 8109-Joan M. and J. Ronald Brooke to Marcella Barnes, $174,000.

WHITWELL CT., 6425-Consuelo C. and John D. Pace to Dawne N. Humphries, $124,000.


OLD CHAPEL RD., 12600-Sarah H. Heath to Callie M. and Lonnie C. Harrison, $230,000.

PROSPECT HILL CT., 7414-William A. and Collette P. Youngblood to Barbara A. and Donald L. Robinson, $145,000.

WORRELL PL., 10116-Carolyn A. and Alan Gibson to Dionne C. Godette, $162,000.


GREENBURY DR., 8021-Marcia Y. and Okenwa R. Nwosu to Adama N. Wurie, $288,000.

LAKE PARK DR., 6710, No. 302-Ifeoma L. Udejiofor to Kristin Dement, $144,000.

LAKECREST DR., 7806-Eileen L. and Patrick F. Kelly to Barbara A. Leekins, $106,600.

MANDAN RD., 7640-Saino M. Brew to Charisse Callender Scott, $120,000.

MORRISON DR., 7434-Carol A. and Diane L. Abood to Derron A. Alves, $154,850.


GALLATIN ST., 4804-Karin I. and Douglas W. Wingo to Michael J. Lewandowski, $175,000.

HAMILTON ST., 4601-Eloise, Debbie and Charlie E. Burney to Rafael G. Barrientos, $134,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7726, No. T4-Thomas G. Johnson to Damian L. McCarthy, $71,900.

HANOVER PKWY., 7732, No. 203-Patrick J. Miller to Yolonda S. Cole, $69,303.

HANOVER PKWY., 7808, No. 204-William A. Barwick Jr. to Angela V. Desai, $98,500.

NICHOLSON ST., 4219-Themistocles G.E. Theoharis to Peggy Y. and F. Neal Moran, $214,000.

40TH PL., 5002-Talbot J. Layne to Tatiana J. Cubas and Carlos Bonilla, $165,000.

41ST AVE., 5103-Ellen M. Kays and Karrie K. Hafeman to Travis E. Gregg, $165,000.

42ND PL., 6114-Robert V. Prangley, trustee, to Frances O. Barrett, $207,000.


EXCALIBUR CT., 3710-Louise M. Blount to Cheri Peterson and Kristi Waits, $137,000.

MERRIMAC DR., 1018-Myra L. McNeal to Ana M. Martinez and Pedro D.J. Duartz, $160,000.


ACKERLY TER., 10203-Gwendolyn D. Morris to Tahesha D. and Larry Minor, $315,000.

COPERNICUS DR., 9302-Charles and Sue Walker to Derrick and Pricilla Burgess, $358,500.

CROSS ST., 7800-Sharon and Robert H. Osborne to Kenneth R. Wright, $155,500.

KIMBARK AVE., 9317-Abiodun F. Raimi to Ryan Burford, $175,000.

MARTINS LANE, 6308-Douglas L. and N. Scarborough to Michael and Arlene Christie, $229,950.

PIPER RIDGE CT., 9111-Enid E. and Victor G. Davis to Valentine McFarlane, $315,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7302-Marie F. and Gerald C. Strickler to Patricia McCollough, $202,000.

WELLINGTON PL., 9110-Josephine Keikula to Chianugonum C. Okocha, $162,000.

WILHELM DR., 7418-Maria V.R. and Jose A. Couto to Kidane Y. Misiel, $190,600.


WATER FOWL WAY, 13103-Calvin M. Missouri to Betty and Calvin Green, $254,000.


BEALL PL., 1103-Mark A. and Barbara L. Fedele to Nina and Walid Obeid, $172,500.

CHAPEL COVE CT., 14313-Shelly M.E. and Patrick W. Seburn to Christina D. Bennett Stewart, $130,500.

CHERRY LANE, 7582-Michael J. Brown to Robert L. Jackson, $92,000.

DORSET RD., 15704, No. 302-Debra B. Goodman to Sharmayne Yates, $54,900.

FOREST MILL LANE, 6401-Errol L. Harvey to Cynthia A. Aguilar, $210,000.

HARRISON DR., 1012-Josephine A. Laible to Daniel C. Hall, $130,000.

HAYNES RD., 15831-Suzette and Jeffrey Becraft to Nicole Harvey, $134,000.

JERALD RD., 16012-Maureen K. Steinecke to Stacee L. and David E. Huffer, $230,000.

LAUREL AVE., 315-Robert L. and Tammie J. Beasley to Juanita M. and Michael P. Malone, $183,500.

LAUREL AVE., 323-Jane J. Athey and Cecilia L. Janoske to John A. Lamirande, $173,900.

LONDONDERRY CT., 8139-Jonathan Simmons to Brian S. Henderson, $170,000.

MARTON ST., 1034-Fred R.D. and Sandra L. Walford to Mary L. and Charles D. Wilson, $134,000.

MONTGOMERY ST., 924-Phillip E. and Faith K. Forsythe to Jennifer A. and Thomas J. Cholis III, $215,000.

OAKPOINTE DR., 14202-Dawn M. and Kendall Baldwin to Andrea R. Grant, $180,000.

PARK AVE., 612-Donaldson Properties to Connie L. and Frank J. Moultrie III, $156,000.

ROBLYNN RD., 6210-Sarah E. and Hristo Atanasoff to Linda Youngman, $254,900.

SNOWDEN PL., 1101-Tracy L. and Kenneth B. Elazier to Edmond G. Radcliff Jr., $145,000.

ARBORY CT. S., 7610, No. 420-Ronte J. Lewis Jr. to Sonja Banks, $125,000.

SPINNAKER RD., 7804-Norma J. Ritchie to Soon W. Pak, $85,000.

VISTA DR., 14050, No. 62b-Casey M. Day to Randi Bolden, $94,000.

WINDHAM RD., 6104-MB Properties to Kristina A. and Charles K. Tuttle, $188,000.

YARDARM WAY, 14113-James B. Edwards to Tanya and Pablo Calvo, $74,417.


ASPENWOOD LANE, 12000-Ronald C. and Robyn A. Erwin to Beverly A. and Victor L. Crawford, $227,000.

BRIARCHIP ST., 9116-Mary and Barry Norbeck to David R. Ahrens, $223,000.

BRIARWOOD DR., 13305-Anthony Zaccheus to Meghann L. Abel and Michael Cefaratti, $164,900.

CRYSTAL ROCK LANE, 8703-Phyllis A. and John F. Mateer Jr. to Gretchen L. Stelger, $250,000.

IMPERIAL DR., 8457, No. III-Rosa M. and Roger D. Livingston to Oswald Gilliam, $135,000.

LAWNVIEW LANE, 9202-Richmond T.P. and Christine K. Davis to Tommi L. and Stephen S. Forrey, $234,900.

PHEASANT RUN DR., 12205-Eugenia Ordynsky to Dorothy R. Fai and David G. Borenstein, $128,900.


OTIS ST., 3304-Nidia O. Pineda and Luis Ortiz to Jose C. Moreno, $119,000.

33RD ST., 3814-Martha P. and Bergon V. Sigmon to Keith E. Peoples, $115,000.

34TH ST., 4238-Patricia A. Pearson to Kimberly M. Bright, $103,000.

36TH ST., 4017-Cynthia A. Tapscott to David L. Roeder, $90,500.

37TH ST., 3806-Susan L. and Karl R. Bailey to Merlene A. Vassall, $105,000.


FAIRBORN TER., 6428-Maria C. and Jose R. Umana to Misael Argueta, $167,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5507, No. 1027-Timothy A. Sauerwein to Christine Edwards, $54,880.

PARKWOOD ST., 7400-John R. Witherspoon to Joe A. Sepulveda and Jerry L. Kyle, $135,000.

STANWOOD ST., 8314-Annette K. Bell to Joy and Richard Leathers, $150,000.

TOPTON ST., 7503-Lynn H. Robinson to Geereish Jagarnath, $163,000.

VARNUM ST., 7010-Carol E. Summers to Sarbelio E. Manzanares, $148,000.

WEBSTER ST., 7121-Mary M. and James A. Saulter to Carroll A. Blair, $139,050.

72ND AVE., 4208-Carla M. and Richard P. Arnold to Jeffrey W. Love, $126,000.

85TH AVE., 5408, No. 102-Joan H. Patterson to Vandora A. Potter, $43,000.

85TH AVE., 5444, No. 202-Patricia O. Akinrotoye to Brendan Hypolite, $67,000.

85TH AVE., 5454, No. 201-Jerome S. Murray, trustee, to Joseph White III, $32,000.


GULLY CT., 4904-Rhoda and Roy J. Cannon to Tonja L. Peterson, $144,583.

HURON DR. N., 114-Glenda M. and Robert P. Briscoe to Gale A. Fields, $108,366.

PANORAMA DR., 240-Jewel C. and Thomas R. Andrews to Shaliga Rhodes, $213,000.

QUADE ST., 707-Lynda L. Randolph to Debra B. Jennings, $156,900.

SALISBURY DR., 604-Man Cheung to Ledetroit Baptist Church, $49,310.


APPLE ORCHARD CT., 4135, No. 6-Darlene O. Gaymon to Juanita Wright, $123,000.

BAXTER DR., 6122-Marion G. and James W. Pope to Patricia A. Hall, $154,900.

CRAB APPLE CT., 4114-Cassandra Smith to Tameshiah Murphy and Lamont Shipley, $128,500.

DEMING DR., 3713-Barbara M. Taylor trust to Juanita and Quintus Jewell, $153,000.

OFFUT DR., 4111-Robert D. and Vera M. Thorne to Nicole T. Williams, $155,000.


BRINKLEY STATION DR., 3040-Katherine S. Clarke to Joyce Smith, $125,000.

COLEBROOKE DR., 2511-Gary L. Gray to Stacie Boston, $70,000.

DAWN LANE, 2234-Fostina M. and Sherman P. McKenney to Deandra E. Fooks, $113,000.

DAWN LANE, 2235-William H. Davis III to Ambache Kindanomaria, $105,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3103, No. S-713-Sherman L. Young to Ethel Tweh, $31,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3341, No. B-1-Nelson R. Wallace Jr. to Alanna T. Floyd, $78,900.

IVERSON ST., 2520-Jacqueline Mercer to Angela M. Okolie, $70,000.

KERNAL LANE, 2802-Juanita M. Cutler to Frederick L. King, $110,000.

KIRBY DR., 2333-Ethel R. and William E. Oliver to Jack R. Wilder, $129,000.

LARWIN DR., 6306-Mildred M. Powell to Tammara Harvin, $187,000.

LUCERNE RD., 4408-Charles E. and Sandra A. Adams to Rhonda and George Hinton, $215,000.

LYONS ST., 4105-Rita G. and Alfred V. Basile to Errica R. Bembry, $126,000.

OLD BRANCH AVE., 6007-Edith D. and David W. Hill to Kimberly Archer, $179,000.

PELHAM CT., 4703-Yvette M.W. Robinson to Kevin R. Johnson, $181,000.

ST. CLAIR PL., 4102-Donell and Brenda Diggs to Carla S. Wright and Carlos W. Perkins, $169,900.

27TH AVE., 4115-Lorraine J. Britt and Lawrence J. Hill to Tawana L. Hughes, $146,000.



BRIGHTON RD., 2009-William E. and Louise A. Stanford to Carlos A. and Maria A. Centeno, $139,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4406-Wendy and David Donn to Jinlian Qi, $215,000.

FOREST HILL DR., 6705-Ann A. and William R. Daly to Jose Baires, $173,000.

MADISON ST., 1408-Cosmus A. and Stephanie M. Samuel to Marlene M. Smith and Dennison M. James, $167,000.

TOLEDO TER., 3450, No. 222-Channing S. Swan II to Assefa J. Kitil, $38,000.

37TH AVE., 6005-Margaret E. and Robert L. Anders to Pablo Vazquez Bravo, $141,400.

37TH PL., 5006-Harry G. and Marguerite N. Stuart to Marina and Rene Herrera, $159,000.


BROOKES RESERVE RD., 10620-Wayman C. Hemphill to Robert N. Jones II, $590,000.

CAPTAIN MARBURY LANE, 13727-Courtney D. and Byron M. Smith to Russell Sams, $158,000.

CLIRIEDEN LANE, 4705-Byron T. and Patricia T. Neal to Paul W. Brown III, $135,000.

DAFFNEY CT., 3606-Mack L. and Freida McCullough to Patrick and Valerie Akers, $165,000.

DEREK ST., 314-Shelly and Lloyd S. Thorpe to Denise Martin, $200,000.

DORVAL AVE., 9819-Gladys and Kenneth D. Mallory to Steven O. Austin, $195,000.

DUNKIRK DR., 12923-Ahemd T. and Mattrice L. Williamson to Alexandria L. and Vincent L. Mincey, $250,000.

FIRETHORN CT., 118, No. 16-3-John III and Kimberly L. Jackson to Carolyn Jones, $120,000.

GRAIDEN ST., 110-Darrell C. Odom to Marcia Daring, $195,000.

GREEN APPLE TURN, 9817-Kumiah N. and David L. Harrison to Louis F. Johnson, $180,000.

HANCOCK DR., 2106-Sharon R. Chisholm to Zannie L. McNeil Jr., $163,000.

JOYCETON CT., 10803-Darryl H. Bullock to D.L. Lindley, $190,000.

JOYCETON TER., 111-Karen Nelson to Angela D. Porter, $156,000.

MARLTON CENTER DR., 12708-Lenore G. Worthy to Barbara and Tanya N. Wilcox, $183,500.

MERIKERN LANE, 9510-Herldleen and Herbert J. Russell to Oba J. Harris, $168,000.

PRINCE PL., 10123, No. 203-Venita D. Proctor to Shola Balogun, $54,400.

PRINCE PL., 10245, No. 29-T-5-Tametha C. Morrow to Tarsha R. Johnson, $80,000.

RED JADE CT., 11440, No. 6-3-Linda S. Crumbacker to Harriette Worrell, $116,000.

REVEREND EVERSFIELD CT., 4310-Regina L. and Martes K. Ballard to Robert A. Lutz, $225,000.

ROBERT BOWIE DR., 2137-Caesar and Karen L. Gooden II to Darren and Nichelle Jahmani, $240,000.

SADDLEBROOK CT., 3810-George Jr. and Bertha Russell to Penda and Ebrima Barry, $163,000.

SHERBORN LANE, 4526-Vida O. and Ian R. Shuey to Andrea N. Johnson, $150,000.

STOCKPORT WAY, 4358-Brenda R. Mitchell to Alton T. Gadsden, $134,990.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12816-Lauricia Wooten to Melissa and Archie Ferguson Jr., $169,950.

WHITEHOLM DR., 13236-Robert S. and Gisele Ross to Michelle B. and Brigitte Tolbert, $213,000.

WILLOUGHBY RD., 14600-Ines B. and James L. Sweeney to Judith Artman, $239,000.


BASKERVILLE DR., 3705-Raphael O. Eke to Akinwumi Alo, $260,000.

CLEARY LANE, 10504-Dwan J.L. and Robert T. Graves to Rogelis De La Rosa, $200,000.

FAIRLAKES PL., 1607-Darryl M. and Shawn F. Grayson Jr. to John and Wanda Daughtry, $297,500.

GOLF COURSE DR., 1506-Dale K. and Cynthia W. Venters to Gloria Aboagy and Godried Adu Boahen, $269,950.

JORDON POND LANE, 411-Carlotta L. Stewa and Lonnie E. Lowe to Lamont Jordan, $305,000.

KINGS MANOR DR., 1506-Curtis L. and Rita B. Eickhoff Napper to Michelle E. and Eton A. Thomas Jr., $243,000.

MANORFIELD CT., 1803-Jeffrey A. Dowell to Gwendolyn I. Smith, $215,000.

PEARTREE DR., 15112-Suzanne M. Harrigan to Katherine A. Galos, $254,900.

POST OAK DR., 1507-Darryl K. Johnson to Emel Jenkins, $180,000.

SEA PINES DR., 10324-Angress Jr. and Ruthie M. Walker to Evelyn G. and Roger Powell, $225,000.

SYCAMORE HEIGHTS CT., 1806-Charlotte B. Wilson to Eric A. Hugh Jr., $175,000.

WOODSHADE CT., 1942-April R. Harris and Daniel T. Crosby to Yvonne Williams, $230,000.