Applications (Site, Subdivision, Rezoning, Special Exception) Submitted

Projects Proposed

1. Broadlands South, Section 76, block 1, Claiborne Parkway, 3,000 feet south of Waxpool Road. Application to record subdivision plat for 27 single-family patio homes -- homes that are detached but spaced liked townhouses -- and three open space parcels on 8.62 acres.

2. South Riding, Section 78, south of Route 50, north of Braddock Road, west of Loudoun County Parkway. Application to record subdivision plats for 58 residential detached lots and one open space parcel.

3. Brown's Nissan, Pacific Boulevard and Commercial Drive. Application for site plan to permit extension of eastern portion of the Nissan parking area to provide 132 additional parking spaces.

4. Van Metre Apartments, 0.25 miles south of Route 50 and Stone Springs Boulevard. Application for site plan for development of 206 apartments and related infrastructure.

5. Lansdowne on the Potomac, off Route 7, approximately three miles east of Route 15. Application for a Zoning Concept Plan Amendment to permit changes to approved acreage and location of recreational amenities on property zoned PDH-3 and PD-OP.

6. Winding Creek, southwest corner of Charles Town Pike and Creamer Lane. Application to record subdivision plat for 17 single-family lots.

7. Bennett Property, 13078 Crest Lane, Purcellville. Special exception to allow driveway crossing in highly sensitive mountainside land to access private residence.

8. Hamilton Elementary School, south Kerr Street south of Route 7. Site plan application to build addition to the school's gymnasium.

9. Lansdowne, Section 2B, Lot 1A1D, 0.35 miles east of the intersection of Lansdowne Boulevard and Riverside Parkway. Site plan application to build a three-story 92,000-square-foot office building, conference and training center for Prison Fellowship on 13.15 acres.

10. Brambleton, Land Bay 2, Phase 3, and Land Bay 3, Phase 1, southeast corner in the intersection of Routes 659 and 772. Preliminary subdivision plan to subdivide 1,268 acres zoned PDH-4 into 1,009 single-family detached and attached lots, one lot for future retail-office uses and three lots for future industrial uses.

11. Cedar Crest, Section 2, west side of Bull Run Post Office Road at the Fairfax-Loudoun County line. Application to record subdivision plat to subdivide residue of Parcel 9 into Section 2, with 77 lots and five open space parcels on property zoned A-3.

12. Marantha Farm, one mile east of the intersection of Routes 705 and 620, on the north side of Route 620. Application to record subdivision plat for 33 single-family detached lots and three open space parcels on property zoned CR-1.

13. Ryan Park Center, Lot 32C, northeast corner in the intersection of Ryan and Shellhorn roads. Site plan application for 49 condominium units, three of which will be affordable dwelling units, on property zoned R-16.

14. Falls at Dulles Town Center, northeast corner of the intersection of City Center and Nokes boulevards. Approval to rezone 34 acres from PD-IP to R-16 to develop 599 multifamily units.

Applications Approved

15. Brooks Property, north side of Hall Road at the intersection with Oakgrove Road and Route 824. Approval to rezone 19.97 acres from R-1 to R-3 for 46 single-family homes.

16. South Riding Public Safety Center, at the intersection of Loudoun County and Tall Cedars Pkys. Approval to allow a 4.7-acre land bay currently approved for office use to be used for a public safety center.

17. South Riding High School, south of Route 50, north of Braddock Road on the east side of the planned extension of Riding Center Drive. Approval to rezone 13.14 acres from PDH-4 (under 1972 zoning ordinance) to PDH-4 (under 1993 zoning ordinance) and to rezone 47.18 acres from PD-GI to PDH-4 to allow development of a high school.

18. CWS Point of Rocks Monopole, west of Route 15, one-half mile south of Point of Rocks Bridge. A special exception to allow a 165-foot monopole with a 7-foot lightening rod and associated equipment shelters on 10,000 square feet.

Building Permits

19. Broadlands Association Inc., 43081 Village Drive, Broadlands. Permit issued to build a pool house and swimming pool.

20. Loudoun County School Board, 98 Seneca Ridge Dr. Permit issued to build dugouts.

21. Papec Silo Creek LLC, north side of the Dulles Greenway, south side of Waxpool Road at Silo Creek Terrace. Permits issued to build 86 apartment units.

22. Edwards Landing LLC, Keokuk Terrace. Permits issued to build 12 townhouses. Montauk Court. Permits issued to build five townhouses.

23. Brambleton Group LLC, Land Bay 2, Magellan Square. Permits issued to build 12 townhouses.

24. Lansdowne Community Development, Lansdowne on the Potomac, Icehouse Terrace. Permits issued to build 10 townhouses.