Charles County The following home sales were recently recorded in Charles County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.



ROBEY DR., 14185-Katherine L. and Dennis J. Janek to Ronald J. Andrasko, $148,000.

SIESTA FIELDS PL., 6250-Andrew V. Havrilla II to Kimberly K. Kitts, $149,900.


JOANNE CT., 2-James E. Sr. and Ann Marie Ruby to Becky S. and William L. Dickey, $162,800.

OAKSIDE LANE, 6-Maurice C. Herzberg to Belinda A. Washington, $106,000.


BUCKINGHAM CT., 14810-Christopher K. and Christina Dickens to Wendlelin B. and Walter J. O'Brien, $23,000.

LORD BALTIMORE DR., 11295-Steven J. Anlian to Old Branch Builders, $28,405.

TILBURY PL., 15126-Phillip S. and Sun H. Yi Han to Anna M. and Louis H. Tominack II, $287,000.


HAWTHORNE RD., 6090-James R. Cleary to Jodi L. and Mark C. Fields, $186,000.

THORNTON PL., 8255-John and Joan M. Kost to Dana L. and Jeffrey S. Moon, $230,000.


BRENT RD., 221-Janis M. and Francis M. Depuy to Mark R. Proctor, $149,900.

FAWN CT., 2177-Peggy G. and Charles E. Paras to Deborah B. Garrison, $140,000.

GATWICK CT., 3190-James M. Hilson to Delanisha C. and Anthony S. Gray Jr., $177,000.

GILL CT., 2766-Roger D. Risner to Normand E. Brunelle III, $116,500.

GREBE PL., 4635-Rhonda Lee Barbour to Enrique L. Caboga, $118,000.

GREENWICH CT., 3278-Leroy and Elaine Foster to Anna Liza J. and Alejandre A. Tengo, $180,000.

IVY LANE, 1003-Carolyn L. and John W. Hudson to Teresa Alexander, $162,000.

RED LION PL., 2761-Anthony S. Gray Jr. to Thaddeus K. Powell, $95,294.


BASS CT., 5041-Kathryn M. McWilliams to Angela F. and John J. Minturn, $198,000.

BEL AIRE CT., 11159-FJ Bel Aire Corp. to Tonia L. and Thomas M. Winston, $189,000.

BREAKWATER CT., 2495-Arthur W. and Lynn M. Herbert to Teri K. and Robert J. Shannon, $167,000.

CARIBOU CT., 6915-David J. Clark to Dwayne A. White, $135,900.

COTTONGRASS ST., 8949-Bob and Ran H. Nguyen to Tammy D. and Collin C. Drennen, $379,900.

EUTAW FOREST DR., 3092-John Y. and Jill G. Beklik to Beth I. and Gregory P. Holmes, $225,000.

FRANKLIN CT., 3143-John F. IV and Carol A. McMakin to Darlene M. and Lawrence Maher, $178,000.

FUR SEAL CT., 6304-Frederick and Patricia A. Minasian to Steven T. and Lisa P. Rogers, $189,900.

GREENMONT DR., 1324-Douglas W. and Paula R. Juhl to Rita L. and James J. Baker, $249,900.

HAMLIN LANE, 1103-Brenda R. and Richard L. Ford to Godfrey G. Warren, $136,000.

HAWKS LANDING CT., 2310-Gisela Enzweiler to Stacy and Jaesen Van Yerger, $255,000.

HAZELWOOD CT., 2348-Margit and Charles E. Wiggen to Tara T. Mundy, $127,000.

HUMPBACK WHALE CT., 6162-Gregory J. and Neicea L. Mallon to Patricia A. and David E. Potter, $208,000.

KNOTWEED CT., 2314-Mercedita and Zacarias D. Avillanoza to Dumar G. Stanley, $280,000.

LELAND PL., 11528-Oakridge Associates to Sandra L. Greenwell, $197,733.

LOGTEAL DR., 4161-Dale S. and Otis E. Greever to Carie R. Walkup, $131,000.

LOGTEAL DR., 4188-Edna E. Turner to Paul H. Wright Jr., $119,900.

NOBILITY CT., 3216-Evelyn F. Johnson to Orlando Witherspoon, $384,999.

PIN OAK DR., 1616-Hope A. and Mary T. and Derek F. Johann to John Seekford, $93,000.

RED SQUIRREL PL., 6113-Crystal L. Gehrt to Bonnie J. Jones, $134,950.

SAGEWOOD CT., 2469-Shannon and Joseph G. Tippett Jr. to Nina G. Davis, $128,000.

SHAFER ST., 2405-CSS Realty to Susan Baker James and Francis James, $209,700.

SHERMAN DR., 115-Michael G. Jones to Shirley L. Gray, $132,300.

SNOW OWL PL., 11323-Steven P. Wheat to Erica L. and Ronald D. Latham, $145,000.

STAVORS RD., 2870-Robert H. and Christine S. Whiteford to Tina M. and David C. Meyers, $169,550.

SWORDFISH CT., 5004-Elizabeth A. Goodman to Barbara M. Walker, $180,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3333-Mark E. Brandenberg to James A. Ward Jr., $127,500.


HEATHERLEIGH PL., 7925-Jeffrey A. and Ili E. Wathen to Stephanie Snyder and Robert Kiesel, $169,900.