The following home sales were recently recorded in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office.


APOLLO TER., 20783-Anne M. and Jaime G. Antezana to Etta E. Shahan, $232,000.

APOLLO TER., 20796-Joann and Scott Conrad to Thomas P. Wojciechowski, $220,900.

BLANTYRE CT., 43413-Belmont Land Partnership to Alison and Scott Hess, $609,054.

CHANNING CT., 21695-Nancy Chung and Andrew Tsai to Tara Denise and Detroy Hyche Jr., $405,000.

COG HILL TER., 43763-Belmont Land Partnership to Purvagna N. Amin, $357,225.

COLUMBUS ST., 43322-Broadlands Associates to Renee and Micklos S. Zahora III, $316,785.

COLUMBUS ST., 43326-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Michael Caudill and Eric Lane, $306,057.

CORNERPOST SQ., 21094-D. Leann and Shawn M. Gorman to Cindy R. and Aaron B. Case, $225,000.

CRIPPLE CREEK SQ., 21068-Kelwyn O. Pender to Brian Damico, $219,900.

FAWNGROVE CT., 44284-Karen M. and Bradley G. Wahl to Jennifer L. and Peter J. Haggerty, $431,000.

FERNCLIFF TER., 44069-Faith Baran and Martin H. Shoup to Merry Sturm and Daniel F. O'Connor, $185,000.

FOXGROVE CT., 43481-Belmont Land Partnership to Kelly A. and Jerry M. Laurienti, $528,726.

GALA CIR., 44046-Jeanie B. Kim to Jennifer Dyak, $257,900.

HEDGEAPPLE CT., 42997-Kim Anne and Paris Guy Lynn to S. Santella and Sammy Steen Jr., $429,900.

LAMOREAUX LANDING SQ., 22688-Pulte Home Corp. to Rosa V. and Alfredo M. Delarroyo, $102,178.

LAPORTE TER., 21030-Ashburn Corp. to Christine G. and Douglas A. Feit, $304,927.

MIDDLEBURY ST., 20579-NVR Inc. to Laura D. and Edward T. Dibuono, $431,545.

MOSSY BROOK SQ., 44172-E.H. Mattingly to Viviani and Bruce McLean, $205,700.

OVERLAND PARK DR., 21431-Washington Homes to Ronald W. and Barbara H. Swan, $299,972.

PALMER CLASSIC PKWY., 20010-Belmont Land Partnership to Theresa P. and Marcus S. Mial, $210,331.

PLANTATION TER., 43493-Donna Lee Plante to Jane A. and Clarence L. Jefferson, $211,900.

PLANTATION TER., 43551-Laura and John D. Pendleton to Danielle and John Armbruster, $204,000.

PLANTATION TER., 43599-Ronalyn M. Clark Wentz to Mohammad Akhtar, $215,000.

ROBINDALE CT., 43833-Janet J. and Anthony V. Healy to John Raiello and Marie Miranda, $387,000.

ROSETTA PL., 21229-Mary Ann N. and S. Kelly Phillips to Csilla E. and David A. Korrie, $400,000.

RUFFSDALE CT., 20734-Deborah A. and Steven A. Noel to Angela and Robert Morris, $401,000.

RYDER CUP SQ., 43618-Belmont Land Partnership to Gary Renick, $337,240.

SCARA PL., 21352-Cynthia J. and Peter D. Voronin to Marcia A. and Richard A. Adams, $575,000.

SHADY GLEN TER., 44210-Cheri Denise and David J. Roeder to Tasmia Qasuria and Narjis B. Ali, $210,000.

SILKWORTH TER., 44345-Washington Homes to Jennifer A. and Kevin B. Kendrick, $385,274.

SILVERTHISTLE CT., 20763-Evelyn M. and Robert W. Rolin Jr. to Kristin K. and William M. Gibson, $429,000.

SUSCON SQ., 44257-Washington Homes to Lucy A. Yore, $249,382.

SUSCON SQ., 44287-Washington Homes to Christopher E. Baugh, $262,753.

SUSCON SQ., 44289-Washington Homes to Pritpaul S. Brar, $232,916.

SUSCON SQ., 44291-Washington Homes to Maria and John M. Moore Jr., $257,693.

SWEETGRASS WAY, 21207-Lynda B. and Kenneth B. Gubin to Betty and William Belanger, $233,500.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20958, No. 301-Cheryl M. Wargo to Alison L. Maurhoff, $144,000.

TRAJANS COLUMN TER., 43811-Nighat A. and Arif G. Malik to Wilson Vasquez and Monica Sanchez, $283,999.

VICTORIAS CROSS TER., 21300-Elizabeth S. and Jeffrey J. Scudder to Jessica and William Smallwood III, $339,000.

WATERSHED CT., 43267-John F. O'Connor to Robin L. and Frank T. Sossi, $449,500.

WELBY TER., 21491-Debra and Christopher P. Entriken to Christina Frey and Jeffrey A. Cohn, $226,000.

WESTDALE CT., 21852-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Patricia M. Kunkel, $417,455.

WILDROSE CT., 43370-David J. Staudt to Jacinta C. and Kurtis J. Marx, $412,000.

WINOLA TER., 20952-Washington Homes to Najat Chemlali and Chaudhry Abbas, $396,434.

WOODWORTH CT., 43753-Prudential Residential Service Partnership to Jami and George Edwards, $494,900.


CHARLES TOWN PIKE, 40214-Barron Homes Inc. to Sherri and Jonathan English, $429,900.


ANTHONY CT., 824-Richmond American Homes to Arva D. and Martin A. Estep Jr., $378,265.

BATTERY TER., 606-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Teresa and George S. Karas, $303,000.

BEAR CREEK TER., 18550-Michael Harris Homes Corp. to Phyllis E. and Edward R. Green III, $315,770.

BEECHNUT RD., 40890-Toll Land IX Partnership to Michelle and Hugo Garcia, $699,743.

BOW LAKE PL., 810-Barbara and John Damato to Heather J. and Mark R. Little, $385,000.

BRECKINRIDGE SQ., 517-Tammy L. and Julius O. Lynch III to Lori D. Buie, $210,000.

CANDLEWICK SQ., 43059-Jeanna and J. Mattia and Charles Mattia to Gretchen and Joshua Goodwin, $229,000.

CONNERY TER., 128-John A. Kerner to Jeffery A. Groves, $211,600.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 635-L-Vickie and Richard L. Brink to Lisa M. Presley and Vickie Brink, $135,000.

COOL BREEZE SQ., 42706-Washington Homes to Kevin J. Smith, $250,651.

CRANWELL PL., 604-Bonnie D. and Ronald W. Nay to Marjorie A. and Thomas G. Blassey, $449,900.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 522-I.D.I. Cortese Blue Ridge Corp. to Jane C. Burns, $204,345.

DAVIS AVE., 301-Kathleen and Albert W. Schuster to Allyson C. and Patrick E. White, $189,900.

DEERPATH AVE., 394-Edwina S. and Edward J. Musante to Eloise W. and John D. Rorke, $270,000.

DESERT INN CT., 43226-Michael Harris Homes Corp. to Janice C. and Dean P. Findley, $653,591.

FALLS VIEW SQ., 42743-Beazer Homes to Azam Salem, $227,290.

FORT EVANS RD., 121-A-Heather and Brian Russell to Melanie A. Myers, $115,000.

GATEWAY DR., 672, No. 610-Diane J. Lafreniere to Jeffrey Mills, $103,000.

GATEWAY DR., 678, No. 912-Jennifer L. Kronstain to Karen D. Andrews, $105,000.

GINKGO TER., 515-Jo Ann McNall to Juanita Ellison, $229,000.

HAMPSHIRE SQ., 136-Pamela M. and Kevin D. Sullivan to Fred Pickering Jr., $205,000.

HARMONY CHURCH RD., 19437-Colleen A. Lambert to Adrienne G. and Gregory W. Dooman, $440,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1105, No. 201-Terri E. Liebegott to Jouffroy Lee and Siukeung Lee, $110,000.

LANIER ISLAND SQ., 18464-River Creek Loudoun Corp. to Cathy P. and B. Lawson Holland, $576,811.

LAWFORD DR., 303-Debra A. and William F. Terral to Linda C. and Kenneth L. Franklin, $390,000.

LEWIS CT., 40917-Doris E. Campbell, trustee, to William Forrest Terral, $469,000.

MARLOW ST., 134-Orlando Frederico Zepeda to Gloria Barker and Erlinda Vilca, $149,900.

MARSHALL DR., 613-Gina L. and Wayne D. Waddoups to Debra A. and Michael B. Howe, $339,000.

MCLEARY SQ., 663-Arcadia Tavistock Corp. to Rhonda J. and Richard J. MacKinnon, $249,956.

MCLEARY SQ., 673-Arcadia Tavistock Corp. to Michele L. and C.W. Neidlinger, $233,501.

MEADOWS LANE, 164-Mary M. and Von D. Pelot to Jessica and Edix A. Quijadas, $158,500.

MEADOWS LANE, 257-Anjuman Ara Alam to Luis Orlando Carabantes, $162,980.

MILL RUN CT., 18420-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Susan and Glen Rizzo, $514,868.

NATHAN PL., 615-Helen B. and John B. Dyer to Debie and Kurt Schadewald, $277,900.

NOTTOWAY ST., 222-Paula A. and Dana J. Lupino to Lydia L. and Charles A. Lupino Sr., $169,500.

OAK VIEW DR., 123-Barry D. Patience to B. and D. Dayhoffjt and Kevin H. Cudd, $148,000.

OATLANDS CHASE PL., 20492-Jean R. and Melvin G. Balbo to Aid to the Church in Russia, $525,000.

PATHWAY CT., 206-Heather H. and Scott B. Walters to Carolyn Walsh and Timothy Brown, $420,000.

PHILLIPS DR., 3-Veda J. Adams and Daniel R. Wolfe to Keith and Eowyn S. Currivean, $259,900.

REVELSTORE TER., 814-Engle Homes Virginia to Pamela A. and David O. Johnson, $319,320.

RIVANNA TER., 103-Elizabeth and Bradley Shee to Lynna Ann and Kevin J. Trask, $245,000.

ROCKBRIDGE DR., 607-Irma Y. and Tony G. McCubbins to Carmen Pena and Miguel Maldonado, $199,500.

SHADETREE WAY, 102-Millicent C. and James V. Allen to Christine L. and Ryan J. Graham, $362,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18553-Beazer Homes to Angela Rosemarie Cameron, $232,690.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18555-Beazer Homes to Carrie and Jason T. Shearin, $239,160.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18563-Beazer Homes to L. Atchison and William Benetti, $274,190.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18565-Lyuda and Vladimir Shamenko to Wendy S. Clark, $139,966.

SMARTTS LANE, 604-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Karamjit and Baldev Chauhan, $369,698.

SMARTTS LANE, 855-Ruth H. and Patrick M. Little to Cynthia L. Oloughlin, $192,900.

SPENCER TER., 128-Joanne F. Donahue to Rebecca L. and James E. Daily, $212,000.

SPRINGHOUSE SQ., 645-Nancy F. and James D. Hish Sr. to Robert E. Welch, $255,000.

TALMADGE CT., 607-Ruth L. and Edmund D. Morford to Lynn Anne M. and Kenneth D. Reid, $412,500.

TAMMY TER., 663-Lise and Ralph Klerekoper to Karen F. and Daniel T. Parsons, $190,000.

TEABERRY DR., 43143-Karla V. and Arthur M. Graham to Rosalyn E. and Arthur R. Taylor, $449,900.

TECUMSEH TER., 1512-U S Home Corp. to Lisa G. and Jonathan A. Williams, $275,376.

VALLEY VIEW AVE., 305-Jacqueline M. Willan to Monica and Jose Raul Rodriguez, $210,000.


BERLIN TPK. S., 24-Helen D. Stephenson to M.R. Koch and Christopher M. Zierk, $199,000.

FOXGLOVE CT., 39810-NVR Inc. to Jennifer E. and Geoffrey S. Alvarez, $409,640.

LUTHERAN CHURCH RD., 13164-Yasmin and Ghufran Khan to Nicolas A. Santoli, $273,500.


CREAMER LANE, 36175-Hazel Hummer and James C. Hummer to Valerie A. Hubanks, $323,000.

HILLSBORO RD., 16679-Rosemarie and William M. Alley to Isabel Whiston and Jason P. Tuell, $570,000.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 304-Washington Homes to Julia W. and Matthew J. Richards, $383,198.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 341-Washington Homes to Kathleen M. and Mark R. Hallissey, $343,165.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 349-Washington Homes to Kathy and Adam Gaertner, $337,781.

MAIN ST. W., 250-B. Andrews and David L. Andrews to M. Elizabeth Judy, $355,000.

OLIVER CT., 100-Larry W. Purtell to Donald R. Van Steelant, $182,200.


MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17172-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Lisa K. and Paul N. Kealamakia, $260,000.

SCOTLAND HEIGHTS RD., 35350-Tina M. Tees and James G. Schweikart to Regina Widhalm, $334,999.


ANABELL LANE, 42608-South Riding Partnership to Jer Chang Tsai and Li Juen Melton, $351,535.

CROSSFIELD DR., 25468-South Riding Partnership to Kelly M. and Philip C. Sessoms Jr., $304,236.

DONEGAL DR., 25543-Miller and Smith at South Riding to Monica M. and Stuart J. McCutchan, $278,000.

ELK PL., 43046-NVR Inc. to Jyotika and Harishchandra I. Desai, $615,000.

GAZELLE CT., 25065-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Yang and Matt Ko, $611,590.

GAZELLE CT., 25073-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Renee M. and Bryant J. Hatcher, $574,340.

HARRIS ST., 42647-South Riding Partnership to Trang N. Nguyen and Trung V. Ve, $381,270.

INTREPID ST., 43656-Robin J. and Peter K. Brannon to Deborah A. Jones, $440,000.

KENMORE LANE, 43705-Cheryl D. and Wayne D. Wyatt to Walid Wahezi, $585,000.

KIPLINGTON SQ., 43575-Yazmin O. and James Keith Shelton to Ali Sedghi, $227,000.

LATROBE ST., 42715-Beazer Homes to Paymon Gaznavi, $291,250.

LEAFLET LANE, 42667-South Riding Partnership to Sierra Cavender and David Ditt, $507,704.

MAPLE CROSS ST., 43191-Tiffany M. and John J. McKenna to Stephanie S. and Pietro F. Togni, $435,000.

POLAND RD., 25505-Elsie C. and Jerry A. Orr to Drees Co., $398,100.

QUENTIN ST., 43484-Avanti and Upen Patel to Karen M. and Paul Noel Chretien, $342,250.

RACHEL HILL DR., 26021-Janet S. and Harry C. Wilson to Michelle R. and Michael A. Ward, $369,990.

ROLLING ROCK SQ., 42681-Beazer Homes to James M. Wilson, $379,990.


AMY CT., 210-Valerie A. and Stephen B. Mawyer to Tina L. and Paul T. Mulgrew, $309,900.

BRIGHTON CT. N., 510-Sybil B. and Paul R. Glascock to James D. Cooper, $229,900.

BUCKINGHAM RD. S., 1000-Richard M. Callahan to Catherine I. Princiotto, $245,000.

BURNLEY SQ., 20356-Richard T. Cichanowicz to Marta Renee Long, $172,000.

BURNLEY SQ., 20364-Kyle Walker and Kimberly Sullivan to Myra L. and Thomas J. Pappalardo, $251,500.

BUTTERWOOD FALLS TER., 20858-Michele L. and Paul G. Clemm to M.V. Leonido and Rossel Advincula, $254,000.

CAMERON ST. N., 110-Ulrike and Matthias C. Reinhold to Margaret A. and Danny L. Davis, $298,000.

CAROUSEL CT., 20-Hae Sung Ferguson to Hannah Thi Ngo Whitcomb, $165,000.

CHIPPOAKS FOREST CIR., 20911-Alejandro C. Luna and Ronald Luna to Kristy H. and Richard S. Persons, $368,000.

DERRYDALE SQ., 20890-Catherine A. Poston to Amy A. Prudente, $257,500.

DICKENSON AVE. S., 125-Linden L. and Andrea Lynne Webber to Betty and Robert Underwood, $265,000.

DRURY CIR., 121-L. Portillo and Reyna Velasquez to Yolanda and Julio A. Maravilla, $157,000.

ETHAN CT., 21062-Tracey K. and John S. Griffin to Ruben Flores and Ema Balderrama, $302,000.

EVENING WAY, 45821-Nancye Kathryn and David A. Cooke to Shannon W. and Raymond L. Austin, $296,500.

GABLE SQ., 45268-Alexis A. Cullum to Jung Hee Kim, $2.03 million.

GLENAIRE CT., 47092-Lianne S. and Jeffrey S. Evans to Deborah D. and Charles M. McGhee, $555,000.

GLENMERE SQ., 20633-Kristen M. and Bryan D. Wood to Alan J. Stiffler, $320,000.

GREENTREE TER., 21952-Carol A. and Joseph P. Menavich to Gita Gupta, $220,000.

HARRISON RD. N., 113-Catherine M. and Todd A. Jones to Truc Lan Nguyen and Vinh Hung, $227,000.

HOBBLEBUSH TER., 46761-Maryon J. Klamans to Carolyn Vos, $220,000.

HOLLYMEAD PL., 46532-Alice F. and Eli M. Sherman to Mehran Mojarrad, $290,000.

HUNTLEY CT., 8-Peter L. Culotti and Monte Parsell to N. Almaguer and Llanco Talamantes, $172,100.

LACROYS POINT TER., 46850-C. Robinette and Daniel E. Johnson to Elizabeth and Christopher M. Bollerer, $251,100.