St. Mary's County The following home sales were recently recorded in St. Mary's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


OAKLEY RD., 21200-Thomas H. Colton Sr. to Carolyn J. Huffman and John M. Greer, $77,500.


BEECHWOOD CT., 44706, No. 3C-Lucretia F. Wathen to Alan V. Cecil, $82,900.

BLACK OAK CT., 23374-Ricardo J. Haddock to Sharon A. Lawrence, $104,000.

JOAN DR., 22555-Alaska Seaboard Partners to Janet and William Phifer, $95,000.

KINGSTON CREEK RD., 23686-Allen M. Settle to Kathy E. Gordon, $180,700.

SPLIT OAK PL., 22966-Frank C. Booker III to Linda J. and John J. Dicola Jr., $164,900.

WHITE BIRCH CT., 23243, No. 11A-Scott A. Dorsey to Bertha Lorrie Garner, $82,000.


INDIAN CREEK DR., 38026-Donna and James F. Price to Julio L. Matta, $192,500.


LEVITAN WAY, 46172-Curtis Homes Corp. to Shirletha S. and Bernard McKay, $100,000.

LONGFIELDS VILLAGE DR., 45625-John J. Miller III to Peggy J. Tani, $106,500.

MEATH RD., 22486-Hickory Hills III B to Ruviola G. and John D. Amsden, $193,500.

ST. LEONARD'S CIR., 22141-Peter A. Madrigal to Jennifer M. and Robert W. Lewandowski, $113,650.

SAYRE DR., 45778-Israel Z. Swarey to Beth A. and Dennis James Goss, $154,900.


MORGAN RD., 24675-John A. Shanklin to Christopher J. McGouey, $144,900.

RIVA RIDGE DR., 42324-Joseph Craig Jarboe to Richard Otis Wood, $162,500.


BRETON VIEW DR., 40405-Ann T. Kalmus to Gregory G. Russell, $200,000.

TIMBERLINE CT., 22235-Todd Nelson Newell Sr. to Jane and Edward W. Shenk, $195,000.

YOKE CT., 41590-William F. Cryer to Elaine M. and John C. Deems, $230,000.


FLOWER DR., 46833-William Thomas McGough to David O. Charley, $55,000.

HAMLET CT., 19128-Delmarva Properties to Michael S. Ryan, $276,900.

JENNA CT., 21094-Jose M. Barreto to Elisa D. and Paul S. Miller, $101,000.

KINGFISHER CT., 45838-Robin Courtney Good to Amy M. and Patrick R. Perusse, $229,519.

MIRFIELD LANE, 23177-Dillow Group to Tricia M. and Robert F. Aud, $265,840.

ROGERS DR., 46832-Jo Ellen Moore to Julius L. Camp, $60,000.

SANDALWOOD ST., 46710-Party Walls Inc. to Joyce O. and Andrew W. McClary, $196,800.

SCARBOROUGH DR., 21298-Gordon Dean Peters to M. Heather and Troy R. Wallace, $161,900.

SUNBURST DR., 48367-Select Homes to Frank S. Strazzulla, $163,150.

WOLFTRAP ST., 20728-Kent W. Bartels to Valerie J. and Richard Sanchez, $175,900.

WOODLAWN DR., 45427-James J. Sabo to Rory F. Feicht, $90,000.


TRADESMAN LANE, 26175-Martin Allen Siebert to George William Bowles Jr., $35,000.


CROSS WOODS DR., 30045-Preston R. Cook to John H. Norris, $99,850.

HIAWATHA CIR., 39580-Allen J. Chester Sr. to Matthew N. Kearns, $156,500.

LEON WAY, 25462-Edith Marie Gue to Barbara J. and David W. Robinson, $189,900.

PROSPECT HILL RD., 26055-Michael Patrick Kelly to Joan White and Darren Wagoner, $165,000.

SANDGATES RD. N., 26788-Garnet G. and Minnie R. Wyrick to Mary L. and Frank R. Rusticus, $155,000.

WALNUT CIR., 39612-Irwin Rickey Walters to Sandra Wade, $156,000.

WINSTON DR. W., 37010-Henry L. Ferrell to Eric S. Urlocker, $185,900.


POTOMAC RIVER DR., 49662-Robert G. Kirkley to Lee Har Ngai Lau and Tack P. Lau, $340,000.