Oct. 22 A daughter, Rebekah Anastasia, was born to Angela and Thomas Ericson of Columbia.

A daughter, Maura Grace, was born to Heather and Richard Kilcoyne of Columbia.

Oct. 27 A daughter, Rebeca Colette, was born to Carol and Patrick Bianchini of Ellicott City.

Oct. 29 A son, Stephen Lucas, was born to Lori and Gregg Holtzman of Ellicott City.

A daughter, Julia Pindell, was born to Vicki and Craig Moyer of Columbia.

Oct. 31 A daughter, Emily Nicole, was born to Teri and Eric Miller of Laurel.

Nov. 3 A daughter, Holly Nicole, was born to Jill and Thomas Merchant of Ellicott City.

Nov. 10 A son, Jonah Gold, was born to Deborah and Gary Richardson of Clarksville.

Nov. 11 A daughter, Alyssa Carole, was born to Vicky and Joseph Cutroneo of Woodbine.

Nov. 13 A daughter, Elizabeth Anna, was born to Anna and Jeffrey Banyas of Columbia.

Nov. 15 A daughter, Makayla Nicole, was born to Heather and J. Peter Crosby Jr. of Marriottsville.


Oct. 23 A son, Nolan William, was born to Jennifer and Brian Dame of Mount Airy.

Compiled by Timothy Wilson. For more information, call 202-334-7251.