A Wake-Up Call

Brigid Schulte's recent analysis of the Board of Education election did not sufficiently explain the central dynamic behind the growing political involvement of Montgomery County's parents ["On Schools, Voters Send a Mixed Message," Montgomery Extra, Nov. 21].

Far from being differing groups with specialized concerns, or "odd bedfellows," as Ms. Schulte characterizes us, we are all first and foremost the parents of our children, facing the same institutional disregard, unresponsive bureaucracy and lowered expectations from Montgomery County public schools.

That Robyn Traywick, running as an underfunded mother of three in her first political campaign, was almost able to defeat the organizational juggernaut behind the professional lobbyist who is president of the Board of Education, demonstrates the intense dissatisfaction that parents have with the inadequate status quo.

The narrowness of Mr. [Reginald] Felton's political survival, by less votes than is generally attributed to his preferred ballot position, should be taken by the board as a wake-up call to support children in reaching their potential, and to make success for every student a reality rather than a hollow slogan.

Eric Marx

Chevy Chase

Marx is a member of the Gifted and Talented Association of Montgomery County.