Prince William

The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


DAIRY CT., 13400-Tammy L. and Anthony Singh to Louis R. Brand, $324,000.

FALCON GLEN CT., 9022-Suzanne Cinnamon to Vincent M. Scianna, $189,900.

FALCON GLEN CT., 9070-Angela R. and Timothy W. Cook to Susan M. Carter, $192,500.

GLEN MEADOW LANE, 9299-Birchwood at Bridlewood Manor Corp. to Tracey L. and Dominick D. Dinofrio, $330,830.

GRIMSBY LANE, 12312-Kelly and James Bryson to Judy and Gary Kloepfer, $350,000.

MOXLEYS FORD LANE, 10031-Tonya L. and Timothy C. King to Tiffany M. and Bryan W. Webb, $165,000.

PALE ROSE LOOP, 10132-Kevin M. Hewitt to Kimberly R. Kales and Bill W. Crisp, $199,900.

RUNNER STONE PL., 9745-Juanita D. and Roger D. Geer to Jane M. Gomez, $310,000.

TELFORD CT., 8904-Richmond American Homes to Shirley J. Thomasy and Thomas R. Baggerly Sr., $338,865.


ANTRIM CIR., 3152-Annie Mae and Rotimi R. Omotosho to Naseem A. Khan, $161,900.

HICKORY NUT PL., 4739-Martha A. Carroll to Stanley J. Patch and Nathaniel E. Spencer, $250,000.

MARSHLAKE LANE, 4994-David R. and Phyllis A. Bawarjerabek to Romie B. Bawar, $120,000.

MORGAN CT., 3648-Lisa A. and Michael Leon Avery to Huberta L. and Luis E. Ramirez, $133,000.

NORTHGATE DR., 15636-Sherry D. and Reginald Jones to Lori H. and Michael J. Cannon, $241,000.

NUGENT LANE, 17320-Danielle N. Hodge and Kenneth L. Hodge to Kwadwo B. Kwayke, $180,000.

RENTON CT., 15717-Patricia A. and Dennis C. Thompson to Janis L. and Robert E. Johnson, $318,000.

ROCKY MOUNT LANE, 17348-Curtis Terry Jr. to Karen J. Lamar, $165,000.

TUCKAHOE CT., 3422-Gwendolyn B. and Tracey L. Bell to Frederick L. Fleming, $159,950.

VISTA DR., 15716-Olive C. and Robert J. Wells to Jennifer M. and Erik M. Engstrom, $285,000.

WATERS EDGE CT., 15330-Wendy A. Holtzman to E. Katherine Ercolano, $209,900.


ANGUS DR., 4600-Komalam and Ben S. Moss to Kimberly A. Carl Cologne and David D. Cologne, $305,000.

CHELMSFORD DR., 13905-U S Home Corp. to Mary Ann and Yolanda Ghadban, $280,000.

EMMANUEL CT., 6708-Richmond American Homes to Janette W. and Raymond T. Nash, $211,665.

EMMANUEL CT., 6714-Richmond American Homes to Jennifer E. Jones Reed and Bryan A. Reed, $220,615.

EVERBREEZE LANE, 6618-U S Home Corp. to Agnes M. and Harry C. Gordon, $401,749.

HERITAGE FARMS DR., 13568-Mid-Atlantic Builders to Elizabeth M. and David V. Finnan, $449,231.

HOLLOW GLEN CT., 6784-Cassandra H. Dixon to Amanda C. and Richard E. Tibbs, $250,000.

MONTOUR HEIGHTS DR., 8057-Rebecca L. Miller and Thelma L.C. Hill to A.K. Brown and Bradley Frederick Smith, $242,500.

TIMOTHY DR., 14053-Peter C. Kolosky to Susan and Michael Donovan, $269,900.


CELESTE CT., 14643-Beazer Homes Corp. to Trina and Samuel Genovese, $277,000.

HUNTON LANE, 15750-Barbara A. and Jeffrey L. Guhl to Debra and Michael Dunlap, $450,000.

PIEDMONT VISTA DR., 13370-Van Metre at Piedmont Corp. to Isabel S. and Michael E. Maples, $472,500.

RIDGE RD., 1804-Kimberly A. Carl and David Cologne to George Heflin Jr., $227,000.


BLACK HORSE CT., 7785-Maria and James Procter to Carina Guevara and Edwin Ramirez Giron, $200,000.

BLAND DR., 7514-Danielle L. and Kevin J. Nelson to James Robert Johnston Jr., $160,000.

BROOKVIEW CT., 7818-Kim Chieu to Rosenna M. Davis, $181,000.

CASTLE RD., 7500-Leland and Gary C. Mitchell, trustees, to Denise M. and Todd E. Mills, $250,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8168-Libbye Hays and Jack Ray Crosswhite to Norma Ramos Flores and Teresa Larios, $115,000.

COPPERFIELD WAY, 7980, No. 109-Kimberly L. and John A. Sherry to Malinda Khachi, $137,500.

FAIRWEATHER CT., 10511-Deloris Strother James to Kerry and Michael Angell, $266,000.

FOLKSIE CT., 11021, No. 90-Elizabeth A. Burgess to Phyllis J. Watson, $130,000.

HONEYSUCKLE RD., 8241-Mary R. and Gregory L. Stanley to Karen and Peter M. Dolan, $369,900.

IRONGATE WAY, 8331-Phyllis J. and Donald R. O'Roark to Liliana and Pablo Caballero, $94,000.

KESSLER PL., 11273-Wanda D. Merkle and Tyrone E. Gibson to Brenda Clavijo and Marcos Leon, $193,500.

LEROUX LANE, 7872-Cynthia O. and Charles L. Devers to Laura Masis and Matthew W. Pifer, $350,000.

MEADOWGATE DR., 7858-Donna M. and Calvin R. Edwards to Rhea J. and Harry D. Slawter, $444,900.

PILGRIMS INN DR., 13078-Beazer Homes Corp. to Abu B. Sankoh and Isatu Bangura, $304,000.

RIVER FOREST DR., 6071-Catherine and David J. Fant to Christopher D. Fant, $26,000.

SABIN DR., 7423-Phyllis A. and James L. Kerr to Maria and Edgar Sempertegui, $170,000.

SANTA ROSA CT., 13736-Ronald W. Mulach to Edyta J. and Jonathan S. Hilyard, $275,500.

STONINGTON LANE, 10523-Elaine A. Tenn and Cedric A. Tenn to Ernest V. Malato III, $124,000.

SUMMIT RIDGE CT., 11545-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Belayneh Workie and Tigist Wondyfraw, $569,000.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15591-Caroline M. Amin and Waleed Amin to Bonita M. Coats, $178,000.

THREE OTTERS PL., 15644-Tyrone Nathan Studevent to Katherine A. and Everett C. Nelson, $136,281.

TRENTON CHAPEL WAY, 8660-U S Home Corp. to Viola L. and Terrance Ewell, $361,433.

TRUNDLE PL., 10320-Melissa R. and William Garrett Ward to Erin Kelly, $144,000.

VICTORIA ST., 9345-Denise M. and Todd E. Mills to Victor Rojas, $184,500.

WINFIELD LOOP, 10668-Lee Ann R. Vojtas to Teresa Oxendine, $174,200.


LAKE OCCOQUAN DR., 10022-Dale E. and David H. Quarterman to Ruth D. and Alessandro C. Squadrini, $545,000.


ADEN RD., 11704-Lila K. Kerlin to Vicki and Robert James Bednarczyk, $144,000.


LOCUST ST. W., 103-Imogene P. Lee, trustee, to Mark G. Wirth, $213,000.


CHESTNUT DR., 18320-Lawrence E. Miller to Jeffrey G. Compton, $131,500.

OLDE PORT LANE, 18032-Katherine M. and John Kevin Aylor to Charles W. Gaumer, $98,900.


ANDERSON ST., 14603-Craig W. Sincock to Michael and Marlin J. Allison, $235,000.

BALSAM ST., 14654-Teresa A. and John S. Crowe to Ruth Y. and Luis A. Sorto, $117,000.

BEALE CT., 3467-M. Sarah Moore and David W. Moore to Philip E. Rosenthal, $72,300.

BEECHNUT CT., 12313-Thelma R. and Patrick A. Durnan to Victoria K. and Daniel C. Gammon, $300,000.

BIRCHDALE SQ., 3206-Josianne and Charles Flemming to Ernest O. and Terry L. Carey, $113,000.

BRANDY MOOR LOOP, 16861-Oak Ridge Inc. to Jacqueline C. Schloer, $190,012.

BRAZIL CIR., 15275-Liesl M. Whitaker to Tina M. Montgomery, $189,517.

BRUSSELS WAY, 3981-K. Hovnanian at the Glen Inc. to Sengmany and Viraxay Somchanmavong, $242,500.

BURROUGH HILL LANE, 2794-Beazer Homes Corp. to Amy Beth Glushakow and Steven B. Lyon, $331,545.

CHATSFORD CT., 13397-Robert F. McCullough to Sharon B. Nash and Louis Nash, $330,000.

CHERBORG PL., 11753-Kevin H. Wild to Kimberly A. and Ronald J. Alvarado, $240,000.

CONDOR LANE, 3476-Jamie L. and Arsenio T. Gumahad II to Gwen A. and Betty Robinson, $182,000.

COURTLAND HEIGHTS RD., 14801-Marianne F. and Mark A. Blume to David Nolan, $113,300.

CRITTON CIR., 11852-Ruthie M. and Kevin J. Saskowski to Kevin Smith, $172,500.

CUDDY LOOP, 14196, No. 301-Deborah L. Turco to Barbara A. Champion, $120,500.

DALEY LANE, 14812-Evan Remele to Maria A. and Obdulio A. Rivas, $230,000.

DELANEY RD., 13524-Valerie K. Callaway to Jorge and Abraham Santos, $235,000.

DENSMORE CT., 12207-David A. Muxo to Abel Aquino, $190,000.

DEVILS REACH RD., 1929-NVR Inc. to Farzana Amin, $366,890.

DODSON DR., 14752-Arlene V. and Norman D. Bailey to Deborah L. and Darrin J. Costello, $205,000.

ELLIOT CT., 4313-David J. White to Rene Membreno, $127,000.

ENTERPRISE LANE, 14900-Rola O. Atallah and Imad S. Tawil to Mindy and Jamie M. Yurkonis, $156,000.

FOOTHILL ST., 3217-Christina Marie Arensdorf to Ro Byn C. Ames and Paris R. Davis, $162,000.

GRANADA WAY, 12276-Fauzia M. Luster to Kevin S. Haller, $139,500.

GREENACRE DR., 13449-Barbara A. Hatt and Joao P. Saleiro to Chang Ki Kim, $237,000.

GUM LANE, 13900-Lee L. Stone and Billy J. Stone to Judy G. and Johnnie M. Smith, $172,500.

GUNWALE PL., 2407-Sarah L. and Byron D. Hinson to Crystal and Dirk Helder, $250,000.

HAYES LANE, 16069-Jennifer and Ronald L. Bailey to Judith A. and David B. Page, $325,000.

KEMPAIR DR., 4827-Vicky E. and William S. Garrett to Steven Loberg, $206,000.

LINDENDALE RD., 14221-Roy E. Verderber and Lois A. Verderber to Sara Isabel and Jorge H. Guillen, $215,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 1310-Susan C. Baker and Kara D. Stafford to Ana and Andres Berrios, $189,990.

LONGVIEW DR., 2394-Tanel Beeren to Maria Serrano and Casimiro Serrano, $208,000.

LYNWOOD DR., 5015-Theodora L. and Robert Williams to Vickie L. and Fredrick D. Robertson, $234,950.

MADRIGAL DR., 14210-Aissa L. Dirawatun and Gerard K. Hogue to Peter J. Lackey, $236,000.

MAPLE LEAF LANE, 13317-Roberta S. and Warren A. Sanasac to Andres Escobar, $179,000.

MEAD TER., 1313-Pamela M. and Bobby L. Grimmett to Carolyn V. Joyner, $167,000.

MECKON CT., 5242-Karen A. and Jerry R. Goodwin to Christopher J. Palmer, $190,000.

MERIDIAN DR., 14428-Lore K. White and David D. White to Pedro Ramirez, $215,500.

MILLWOOD DR., 13451-Phyllis I. and Robert F. Flanagan to Pamela M. and Bobby L. Grimmett, $250,000.

MIRANDA LANE, 16812-Shannon M. and Matthew R. Yonkers to Victoria L. McGraw, $173,000.

MISTY LANE, 12822-Glenn W. Russell Jr. to Aaron R. Tomblin, $185,950.

MOONBEAM DR., 5879-Pulte Home Corp. to Michael Karras, $258,890.

MORRISON CT., 14104-Lesa P. Truitt to Elmer I. Trejo, $129,000.

MOUNT BURNSIDE WAY, 3464-Patricia A. and Robert E. Roberts to Patricia L. and Glenn S. Davis, $300,000.

NETTLECREEK PL., 12713-Jamie and Howard D. Quillen to Tammy L. and George M. Clarke, $143,266.

NETTLECREEK PL., 12721-Janet E. and Michael D. Riccio to Connie A. and Robert A. Beard, $170,000.

NEXUS CT., 3505-Frank Kim to Stephanie and Alphonzo Jones Jr., $175,000.

OCCOQUAN CLUB DR., 4746-Delores R. and Maurice E. Lepera to Francisco and Maria Barros, $365,000.

ORCHARD DR., 13411-Donald M. McCracken and Deborah L. Rogers to Alexander Del Cid Quintanilla, $120,000.

OUST LANE, 6089-Judy M. and James E. Weyer to Ashleigh T. and Christopher B. Burnette, $239,900.

PACKARD DR., 13303-Geraldine Reed and D.B. Reed to Judith A. and John F. Solomon, $344,000.

PEARSON DR., 4784-Nichole L. Mohlenhoff and Robert C.S. Embree to Robert A. Smith, $285,000.

REHFIELD CT., 14340-Amber R. and Kevin J. Christensen to Samantha A. Quellette and Brian Keith Cassedy, $197,000.

RENATE DR., 1550-Joe T. and Susan Swain to Cynthia G. Jonas, $70,000.

RENATE DR., 1600-Shahin S. Sharifi to Parra Diego, $72,500.

RIZDON CT., 14175-Eleanor H. and Thomas F. Miller to Marie K. and Ronald G. Mench, $190,000.

ROCKSBURY LANE, 5737-Jeanette F. Calvert to Rene A. Gaitan, $227,950.

SEMINOLE RD., 3036-Anthony Balciunas to Kenneth R. Oedemann, $164,995.

SPOONBILL CT., 1503-NVR Inc. to Flacelia Cesula and Carlos A. Guerrero, $425,140.

TIGER LILY CIR., 1859, No. 40-Gregg A. Cummins to A. Molina Lebron and Ramon Fuentes Bird, $136,950.

TONBRIDGE PL., 3784-Abulghassem Amiri to Tonya L. and Glenn C. Kohorst, $230,000.

TORY LOOP, 13050-Bernice Sloan and Ronald Sloan to Leslie Williams, $165,000.

WENTWOOD LANE, 15154-Roger C. Lewis and Robin Lewis Harris to Jennifer Black, $149,000.

WESTWIND DR., 4050-Nedal Khatib and Frank R. Ellison to Nazreth Derboghossian, $295,000.

WILLOW LANE, 1903-Hilda M. and Harold S. Friend to Marleny Fernandez and Carlos H. Burgos, $201,000.

WINDING LOOP, 14834-Michael P. Johnson to Esther Ntiamoa, $172,000.

WINSTON CT., 2728-Ronald J. Walker to Grace Opoku, $195,000.