Smith Honored

To Serve Charles County

Nov. 5, 2002, will forever be a very special day for me and my family. On that day, the majority of voting citizens from all of Charles County elected me as one of their county commissioners.

Their collective actions validated my words, deeds and basic philosophy over the past 17 months as an appointed county commissioner and acknowledged that they appreciated my leadership, integrity and passion for excellence. Their votes proved an acceptance of the person they knew me to be and for the positions that I strongly and clearly espoused on myriad issues.

I am deeply honored and most privileged to represent the people of Charles County. The quest for this position was arduous but most rewarding. I know all too well the rigors of campaigning and its significant sacrifices of time, money, self, business and family. Therefore, I applaud the fine efforts of both my opponents, Mr. Ronnie Bennett and Mr. Reginald I. Kearney, and wish the very best for them and their families.

Politics is a funny game -- it has many players and many rules. Some play fair, some don't. Some abide by rules, some don't. Politics truly does bring out the best and the worst in people.

The political campaign also brings out introspection of one's own motives, loyalties, trust, integrity, principles and character, and more importantly gives one an invaluable insight into the same about other people as well. It's a genuine life-altering and learning experience.

I've always felt that being a "statesman" is far better than being a "politician," and I will always strive to maintain that distinction by living the philosophy that requires a true leader to be a disinterested yet passionate promoter for the greater public good. I feel deep passion and strong principles are absolutely necessary to stand up for what one believes is the right thing to do.

Every citizen has a right to be heard and deserves to be treated with compassion, courtesy, civility and respect while doing so. Timely responses to their concerns are also imperative. Such expectations are no less than I expect as a citizen, and as county commissioner my actions will be accordingly so governed.

The character and values instilled in me through my childhood Scouting experience have always tempered my judgments, actions and decisions in everything I do -- words and deeds based "on my honor," "to do my best to do my duty," "to revere my God and country," "to help other people at all times," "to be prepared," and "to never betray honor, trust and loyalty to yourself or others."

I firmly believe these are wonderful principles for a county commissioner to live by and follow as a leader. As a proud and duly elected Charles County commissioner, you can count on me. As a proud Eagle Scout, my word is always my bond, and you can count on it.

Thank you once again for your vote of trust and confidence. I am eager to work with my fellow commissioners to continue enhancing the quality of life of all citizens throughout all Charles County.

Al Smith


Republican Thanks Voters

In Charles, Across U.S.

Thank you to all those in Charles County who expressed their confidence by voting for me and who supported my campaign for state delegate.

I said during the campaign that Charles County's motto seems to be, "Planning for yesterday, hoping tomorrow never comes." We've again elected the status quo to represent us in the State House, and I sincerely hope this term they keep their promises and we finally see some real progress in transportation, education and the like. (Remember this every time you're stuck in traffic.)

With the passage of code home rule (which I supported), we made local legislation easier for the commissioners and less burdensome for our delegates. That's a win-win.

Electing commissioners by district was also thoroughly considered by the same committee that unanimously recommended code home rule and on which I served as a member. We felt strongly that election by district would soon polarize the elected commissioners to the detriment of the lesser-populated areas of the county.

Although little changed in Charles County, I'm grateful America as a whole chose to end the gridlock in Washington and give President Bush the tools of leadership he needs.

Statewide, with the election of Bob Ehrlich and Michael Steele, we finally have the potential to correct the Glendening-Townsend mess and check the corruption we've seen from the monopolistic, one-party, Democrat rule.

Jim Crawford


Calvert 5K a Success

Thanks to Sponsors

On Nov. 2, the Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse Inc. (CAASA) sponsored the second annual "Step by Step" 5K run/walk. The event, held in memory of Michael Blackwell, a jogger who was killed while running on Broomes Island Road, benefited Mutual Elementary School, where Mr. Blackwell was a mentor.

More than 100 people, ranging in age from 6 to 78, participated in this year's race on a very cold and blustery day. Refreshments and door prizes were provided and trophies were awarded to the youngest participant, oldest participant, overall walker, fastest runner and in various other running age categories.

CAASA would like to thank the sponsors of this year's event: C.P. Sheridan Title Co., Arby's, Sheriff John A. "Rodney" Bartlett Jr. and Sheriff-elect Mike Evans. Special thanks go to our host, Calvert Marine Museum, for the use of their facilities, and to Spyrro's Bagels for donating delicious bagels.

Also, we are appreciative of the help provided by members of the Chesapeake Running Club. Their expertise with the race registration and race results moved the day along more efficiently. Thanks are also extended to the Maryland State Police and sheriff's department for providing officers for traffic control.

CAASA will continue to hold this event as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle free of alcohol and other drug abuse, and we hope you will join us. Mark your calendars for Nov. 1, 2003, for the third annual "Step by Step" race.


Prince Frederick