A Rush of Re{acute}sume{acute}s

Republicans Smell Perks in Annapolis With the election of Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. as Maryland governor, a new party is coming to power in Annapolis for the first time in more than 30 years, and Republicans are eager to exploit the spoils system of political patronage.

Ehrlich's advisers have received more than 1,000 unsolicited re{acute}sume{acute}s. It's been so long since Republicans controlled the executive branch that no one seems to know how many patronage jobs are at stake -- estimates range from 500 to 5,000. There are also about 5,000 appointments opening on a long list of boards and commissions.

Transfer Idea Angers Bowie Parents

Pr. George's Board to Discuss New Boundaries The Prince George's County school board is ready to examine a proposed high school boundary change that has riled parents and students at Bowie High School.

The proposal from schools chief Iris T. Metts would move many students across the county to ease crowding, including shifting 238 students from Bowie High to DuVal High School in Lanham. That move would take the students out of the county's No. 2 SAT-performer (948 average) to its No. 11 (832 average). Several Bowie families are fighting the transfer plan, which the school board will take up Dec. 12.

Hand Recount Finalizes Calvert Race

Republican Wins Commissioner Post The election is over in Calvert County. A hand recount of more than 26,000 ballots cast in county commissioner races confirmed that Republican Jerry Clark defeated Democrat Grace Mary Brady. The final margin of victory was 16 votes. County election officials said they could not recall another recount taking place in modern times.

Weast Puts Academic Growth First

Budget Is Going to Hurt, Schools Chief Says In an unusual memo sent recently to school officials, Montgomery County Superintendent Jerry D. Weast said that if academic performance is to remain high in these economic crunch times, the budget is going to hurt. Weast said the changing demographics of the school system, where the fastest-growing group of children entering the schools speak little English or come from poor families, is increasing pressure to keep standards high. The budget will be released Dec. 11.

Landon School Punishes SAT Cheaters

8 Seniors Suspended; 2 Others Withdraw The Landon School in Bethesda suspended eight seniors who admitted that they cheated while taking the SAT. The students will be required to perform substantial community service on campus and report the fraudulent activity to colleges to which they have applied.

Two other seniors were allowed to withdraw immediately from the all-boys private school instead of being expelled.

The cheating occurred Oct. 12 at Holton-Arms, a private girls' school in Bethesda. The Educational Testing Service said all scores from that day are being reviewed.

Sniper-Tip Rewards Put on Hold

Moose Wants No Interference With Trial The $500,000 in the sniper case reward fund likely will not be distributed until after the trials of John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo, according to Montgomery County Police Chief Charles A. Moose. About 60,000 tips were received during the October investigation, and the money will go to people whose information led to the arrest and indictment of the suspects.

Moose said he was worried that if any reward recipients are called as witnesses in the trials, defense attorneys could try to make it appear that they were being paid for their testimony.

Drag-racing death: An impromptu drag race in Rockville claimed the life of Ricardo Medrano, 18, who was a passenger in a friend's car.