The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


BOUCHER AVE., 912-Lance Curran to Steven L. and Clare M. Cantrell, $358,000.

BREAKWATER DR., 920-Heather L. Brown to Christopher M. Raponi and Kelly Rohanna, $155,000.

BRIDLE PATH LANE, 315-Jeffrey A. Kirstein to Timothy C. and Eileen S. Berzins, $293,000.

CHESTER AVE., 6-Scott T. Davids to Thomas and Natalie Petti, $525,000.

GENTRY CT., 39-Karen L. Hepburn to Carl J. and Lorie A. Wiebrecht, $95,000.

HEARTHSTONE CT., 50, No. 50J-Jeffrey C. Stevenson to Christopher Taylor, $133,000.

HEATHFIELD LANE, 310-Kenneth J. Goncz to Matthew B. and Mary S. Cissel, $360,000.

HIDDEN RIVER VIEW RD., 3441-Lance E. Westerlund to Ian C. Menzies and L. Kathleen Stephenson, $650,000.

LANGDON CT., 906-Stephen Tackett to Marc L. Wangel, $320,000.

LITTLE HARBOR WAY, 2-Cambridge at Harbour View Corp. to Michael J. Wallace, $1,665,604.

OLD ANNAPOLIS NECK RD., 934-James B. Allen Jr. to Charles S. and Kristen L. Humphreys, $220,000.

OLD ANNAPOLIS NECK RD., 935-Craig S. Harrison to Charles Monjo, $238,000.

OLD BAY RIDGE RD., 1001-Janet C. Bolddyga to Pierre Moitrier, $235,500.

ROSECREST DR., 1-Provident Bank to Robert B. Argentieri and Mary R. Baccash, $93,000.

SEVERN AVE., 109-James A. Brophy Jr. to Bret A. Campbell and Sarah A. Bradley, $555,000.

SEVERN AVE., 207-John W. Richardson to Talley E. McIntyre, $427,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 11, No. 4-Christopher Ourand to Mary J. Clark, $99,500.

YACHTSMAN WAY, 926-Margaret L. Templeton to Bruce Cochran and Pamela G. McCain, $180,000.

YACHTSMAN WAY, 932-John A. Buonassisi to Brenda S. Benson, $205,000.

FIRST ST., 515-Harry E. Lewis to Betty A. Kriger and Kenneth B. Turner, $250,000.



ADMIRAL DR., 603, No. 105-Kenneth J. Cresswell to Alan M. Jenkins, $125,000.

ASTERN WAY, 930, No. 301-John Lampe to William K. McKenzie, $200,000.

BRIGHTWATER DR., 125-Michele A. Stich to Samuel Tatum Jr., $159,900.

BROADVIEW DR., 1100-Grant W. Zeigenfuse to Thomas B. Guild, $390,000.

BYWATER RD., 605, No. 3-James P. Quinn to Jose Guerra, $82,500.

BYWATER RD., 619, No. 2-Williard B. Saunders to Margie E. Jones, $114,000.

CONDUIT ST., 114-Peter Palaigos to Wanda Melton, trustee, $293,000.

CORNHILL ST., 34-Michael S. Drayton to Michael A. Dauth, $340,000.

COXSWAIN WAY, 834-Raymond E. O'Neill, trustee, to Carl W. and Virginia Strawberry, $355,000.

GLENFIELD RD., 2186-Richard J. Royer to Ravenswood Revocable Living Trust, $246,000.

GREEN HOLLY DR., 1160-Delores A. Williams to Mark G. Chapin, $234,900.

HAZELNUT CT., 1363-Roland D. Ward to Robbyn A. Dempsey, $151,900.

HERITAGE CT., 80, No. 51-Laura Clempner, trustee, to Richard S. Neville, $79,000.

LABROTT LANE, 1816-Kenneth J. Cresswell to Richard L. Millard and Yvonne Dempsey, $299,000.

MARCONI CIR., 1912-Robert J. Pelton to Sandra K. Luebkert, $179,900.

MOUNT PLEASANT DR., 1245-Richard P. Carlisle to Michael L. and Dana M. Kessler, $276,000.

PINEDALE DR., 596-Eric Ball to Dennis F. and Jane M. Meyer, $310,000.

POST OAK RD., 508-Charles T. Munson, trustee, to Gary J. and Margaret N. Basinski, $605,000.

RIVER BAY RD., 1239-Bryn R. Joyce to Nancy D. Crowther, $150,000.

SIMMS DR., 102-Craig B. Nurmi to Jo Ann Lund, $295,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2709, No. 8202-Linda P. Goodall to Laura J. Rugala, $165,500.

SUMMIT DR., 1146-Thomas E. Schlaepfer to Margaret A. O'Regan, $382,000.

SUMMIT DR., 1151-Charles S. Ward III to Robert O. Hamilton, $235,000.

SUN VALLEY DR., 1040-Thomas G. Stevens to Michael and Karen Robinson, $210,000.

WALLACE MANOR RD., 23-Joseph K. McNew to Kenneth M. and Ann H. Nagler, $280,000.

WINTERGULL LANE, 230-Michelle N. Cloud to Lora D. Junkin, $325,000.


BAY HILLS DR., 619-Steven R. Shuart to Jason K. and Doreen V. Rice, $312,500.

BELLE DORA CT., 638, No. 12H-John R. Maks to Robert M. Scharnus, $110,000.

BROADWATER RD., 291-Scott D. Duffield to Keith E. Boden, $169,900.

BROADWATER RD., 513-Vincent N. Valentine to James E. and Aleyamma J. Mathew, $1,702,500.

BUENA VISTA AVE., 312-Karen L. White to Sandra M. Fletcher, $106,000.

CAPSTAN CT., 433, No. 337-Keith S. Richardson to Donna B. Kinnaman, $239,900.

GREENHILL CT., 512, No. 231-John R. Lyons to Peggy G. Mickler, $127,000.

KINGS COLLEGE DR., 404-Norman F. Anna, trustee, to Joseph G. and Shannon M. Summa, $250,000.

MAGO VISTA RD., 833-Edward R. Lee Jr. to Mark R. and Winona D. Gebhart, $148,000.

MATCH POINT DR., 761-Donald L. Walter to Thomas Tremblay, $127,000.

NOMINI DR., 201-P. Dennis Lowry to James MacGregor, $940,000.

PHILLIPS DR., 973-Lynn A. Gotjen to John W. Nicklin, $495,000.

TEE CT., 405-Phyllis A. Benda to James P. and Tricia A. Fisher, $330,000.

WHITE CORAL CT., 1171, No. U103-Dorothy A. Nelson to Ann R. Danoff and Melissa G. Dustin, $131,075.


BIRDSONG CT., 401-Norman T. Wilson to James D. and Amanda S. Summers, $175,000.

HOLY CROSS RD., 407-Richard E. Wrightstone to Peggie L. Hoffman, $152,000.

MAGIE ST., 5403-Ellen M. Pease to Shirley V. Grant, $85,000.

MEADOW RD. W., 111-Richard M. Becker to Todd Lounsbury, $54,900.

MOORE ST., 5511-Department of Veterans Affairs to Michael D. and Sandra L. Galford, $98,000.


WILDWOOD LANE, 1109-Deborah M. Falcon to Carol A. Emmell, $135,000.


ABERDEEN CIR., 1846, No. 51-Joseph E. Gauthier to Jeffrey S. and Crystal L. Hall, $129,900.

ALBERMARLE DR., 1760, No. 4-Jennifer Sarah Harris to Claire E. Rooney, $192,500.

AMBLING CIR., 2518, No. 18-Kamran Sadeghian to Michael A. and Barbara K. Jenkins, $215,000.

AMBLING CIR., 2599, No. 35-Robert D. Patterson to Lisa T. McCaffrey, $211,500.

CRANSTON CT., 1138, No. 18F-Michael J. Drucis to Doris Ellen Barstow, $131,900.

FARMINGTON CT., 1714, No. 174-Robert M. Backhurst Sr., trustee, to J. Catherine Denaro, $124,900.

FOXDALE CT., 1711, No. 176-Brandi Esch to Joseph R. Jackson, $139,500.

GUARE'S CT., 2702-Jeffrey D. Sweetin to Sean Mulcahy, $364,000.

HARCOURT AVE., 1911-Stephen V. Baker to Artur E. Kustusch, $249,000.

HARWELL AVE., 1474-Dennis M. Bailey to James M. and Alicia L. Zois, $299,900.

HARWICK CT., 1466, No. 89YE-Darrin B. Middleton to Lisa M. Roberts, $130,000.

HOWARD CHAPEL TURN, 2014-Walter Squillari to Melissa T. Deacon, $179,900.

JONES FALLS CT., 1736, No. 5-Roger J. Wilson to Anna M. Rubino, $155,500.

JUDICIAL WAY, 1820-Janice M. MacGill Altman to Timothy W. and Allison S. O'Brien, $301,000.

LACONIA CT., 2337-Mary Ellen Arnold to Jason Hartman and Phouketkeo Chanthongthip, $185,000.

LACONIA CT., 2385-Brian K. Stanhope to Michael R. Morris, $192,000.

LOG MILL PL., 1829, No. 3-John G. Pareja to Patrick S. and Alison R. Sparks, $163,900.

MANOMET CT., 2301-Craig R. Foss to Ama Henry, $199,950.

PAWLET DR., 1923, No. 10A-Miles E. Robinson III to Holly A. Mullen and Joseph W. O'Barr, $143,900.

PILGRIM CT., 1101-Paul L. Nenninger to E. James and Cathie D. Stutler, $360,000.

SELKIRK CT., 2524-Erik P. Janniche to Michael J. and Josey A. Hanke, $199,000.

TRENT ST., 1743-Mary W. Ballard to Joseph G. and Cheryl L. Robinson, $275,000.

VINEYARD CT., 1466, No. 107YF-John A. Bonkowski to Mary E. Root, $104,500.

WORRELL CT., 2648-Sherry S. Van Sloun to Kemper L. and Jennifer L. Holt, $235,000.

YEOMAN CT., 1854-Dennis C. Patterson to Elmer J. Phillippi, $292,000.


EDDY RD., 750-Thomas S. Berkeridge to Mark A. Graddy and Mary C. Bell, $186,900.

FURLONGS LANE, 1347-Jose A. Fuentes to William R. and Virginia O. Rubel, $825,000.

OAK VIEW DR., 1115-Richard L. Bryant to Alden Q. and Luann Davis, $150,000.

TUDOR DR., 1032-Charles T. Blank to John T. and Jennifer L. Foster, $190,000.


COX LANDING CT., 1406, No. 313-Phillip C. Stuehler to Jamie L. Zangwill and Keven Mitchell, $141,500.

DOUBLE CHESTNUT CT., 1109-Christopher Smith to Christopher Ayala, $152,000.

RIVERWOOD WAY, 1301, No. 324-Parviz Vedadi to Sally A. Smith, $172,000.


GOVERNORS BRIDGE RD., 810-Andreas Apter to Earl C. Bausum and Susan C. Hedges, $460,000.

WEATHER VANE WAY, 906-Oparaugo I. Udebiuwa to Michael J. and Sherry S. Van Sloun, $595,000.


BAY DR., 3656-Alois J. Burda III to Robert F. and Bettejane Lewis, $590,000.

BAY DR., 3734-David L. Bosse to Barbara H. Smith, $589,900.

BEACH DRIVE BLVD., 3645-Matthew G. Simms to David B. Lindenauer, $600,000.

BEACH DRIVE BLVD., 3687-Thomas I. Dillon III to Mary V. Peacock, $240,000.

BEVERLY AVE., 302-Timothy T. O'Neal to Inmaculada Aldamiz Echebarria and Finn K. Neilsen Jr., $240,000.

HILLSIDE AVE., 916-Earl A. Mayberry Jr. to Caryl L. Sipes, $214,000.

LEES LANE, 183-David R. Chisholm to Kenneth W. and Joanne M. Chisholm, $200,000.

LINDEN AVE., 301-Carla H. Cronin to Ann E. Gaines, $195,000.

PONDER DR., 3830-John Jabara to James K. Wilson, $265,000.

QUANTICO RD., 1715-Paul E. Bellis to Mary S. Podlesney, $145,900.

RIDGELY RD., 1723-Oran Elam Jr. to Thomas M. Hawley, $115,000.

SPRUCE AVE., 209-George E. Yanovich to Matthew S. and Kimberly A. Bohn, $154,900.

WATKINS ROW, 3-Robert D. Birkmaier to Zina Novak, $575,000.

SECOND ST., 3615-Joseph E. Herring to Felipe R. Pieraldi, $156,500.

SEVENTH AVE., 3671-James P. Seen to Timothy J. and Young Im Smith, $252,000.


DAIRY FARM RD., 1997-Charles E. Chester to Michael A. and Trista G. Reglein, $215,000.


BALEEN CT., 7536, No. 243-Jeong Kwan Lee to Leon P. Riley III, $120,900.

CHRISTOS CT., 214-Stephen W. McLeroy to Donna J. Marsiglia, $98,000.

COLONIAL KNOLL, 6437-Timothy J. Gray to Laura W. Williams and Sylvia M. Jones, $82,000.

CRAIN HWY. NW, 914-Todd Roach to Michael Thompson Jr., $152,300.

GATWICK RD., 1314-Jeffrey I. Langsner to Lisa L. Merwin, $110,000.

HOUGHTON RD., 1419-Anthony W. Tully to Joseph D. Sears and Crystal A. Mitchell, $105,000.

HOUGHTON RD., 1426-Marjorie D. Oppert to Daniel R. Donahue, $107,500.

HYDE PARK DR., 735-Mark Klappenberger to Marc J. Heffes and Ruth G. Dubinsky, $169,000.

KIMBERLY LANE, 1220-William C. Schemm to Leonard L. Stinnett, $164,700.

MAIN AVE. SW, 109-James E. Ries to Joseph and Alicia Soto, $157,000.

MAXO CT., 285, No. 4-Robert S. Kraft to Isaac M. Dyendelayi, $89,750.

TRUMPETER CT., 8008-Michael E. Walsh to Robert J. Corace and Colleen M. Fay, $200,000.

VALIANT CIR., 410-Lynn T. Sevick to Paul F. Vandoren, $124,000.


AMELIA AVE., 906-William B. Moore to Flora E. Evans, $125,000.

EIDERDOWN CT., 6504-Glenn Swafford to Robert M. Brooks Jr., $186,000.

FOREST RD., 112-Spiro Maschas to Casper Sorensen, $60,000.

HIGH VIEW PL., 805-David E. Fling to Marcus J. Murray and Melissa A. Murry, $186,000.

MALTRAVERS RD., 1923-William A. Kinney to Samuel Kay and Teresa Leigh Wolfe, $127,000.

MEATH CT., 7703-Maurice A. Briscoe to Sherron D. Washington, $145,000.

MONAGHAN RD., 7754-Karen L. Maben to Jose L. Velez, $211,000.

PHYLLIS DR., 8-Patrick L. Pack to Kathy L. Shaffer, $141,000.

SHORELAND DR., 1012-Philip E. Buchanan to Gary W. Shaeff, $204,900.

SOUTH SHORE DR., 883-Arthur J. White IV to Edward W. and Linda V. Turner, $420,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN CT., 206, No. 202-Michael E. Payne to Steven P. Strohminger, $84,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 116, No. 303-Hector Luis R. Medina to Carmella A. Paiani, $97,500.

WILLOW TREE DR., 707-Teresa J. Ciboroski to Mark Naumann, $269,900.


GESNA DR., 1458-Gary B. Miller to George E. Harriss III and Terry Jean Harris, $165,000.

KNOLL ACRES RD., 7504-Michael S. Malle to Helen L. Hill, $193,900.

MULBERRY RD., 7403-Harry L. Middlebrooks to Donley J. and Barbara A. Denny, $200,000.

OHIO AVE., 7197-Robert R. Welsh Jr. to Bruce Mathews, $135,000.


HARMANS FARM CT., 7608-Samuel Lyons to Anil and Priya Prasad, $287,500.


BITTERWOOD PL., 3406, No. J003-Kimberly A. Kochanski to Steve E. Butler, $122,000.

BITTERWOOD PL., 3406, No. J302-Mario Patrizio to Cynthia A. Thomas, $134,000.

CHERRY BLOSSOM CROSSING, 3512-Prudential Residential Services to Francis M. O'Neill, $283,000.

HAMMERSTONE RD., 3522-Nikolaus F. Schandlbauer to Yuantia Smith, $209,000.

MARGANZA S., 262-Mary A. Rowe to Matthew D. Montgomery and Rebecca K. Dragul, $181,000.

MAYAONE ST., 8502-Victor L. Crawford to Henning J. and Amanda M. Smith, $210,000.

OLD LINE AVE., 3353-Department of Veterans Affairs to Donald M. Edmonds Jr. and Billie R. Burton, $164,000.

SHORELINE BLVD., 3012-Glenn R. Cammarata to Karen M. and Steven M. Stokes, $295,000.


FOREST VIEW RD., 410-Kevin J. Scott to Kenneth J. and Deborah L. Thomas, $230,000.

GREENWOOD RD., 304-Gregory S. Williams to Steven B. and Nicole C. Soverns, $205,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 202-W.J. Sonnenleiter to Kenneth and Tara E. Cook, $159,650.

PATRICIA AVE., 104-Anthony D. Manno to George and Robin L. Hoelscher, $195,000.


BAYARD RD., 907-Chase Manhattan Bank to Raymond E. Gaines, $97,999.

MOUNT ZION MARLBORO RD., 1022-Michael J. Kessler to Richard B. Milne, $375,000.

TETON DR., 650-George A. Moreland to Thomas Roh, $252,000.

WRIGHTON RD., 1425-Franklin K. Greenwell to William H. Brown III, $140,000.


BELMAWR PL., 577-Jennifer E. Maurer to David M. Corak, $85,900.

BRIGHTVIEW DR., 661-Robert L. Montequin to Antonakis S. Karageorgi, $275,000.


CALIFORNIA AVE., 601-John M. Lenahan to Herrington Harbour Inc., $155,000.

LAKESHORE DR., 7122-Herrington Harbour Inc. to Patrick J. and Rosemary Lally, $150,000.


ARTILLERY CT., 309-Sandra I. Chinchilla to Jose and Marilyn Faura, $246,000.

ASPEN GROVE CT., 8604-Timothy S. Kaetzel to Scott M. and Heather R. Tallon, $169,000.

ASPEN GROVE CT., 8610-Tana L. McFatridge to Laura E. Manning, $156,000.

BRIGADIER BLVD., 2040-Mathen Chacko to Emmanuel and Stella A. Obiako, $298,000.

CHESTNUT TERRACE CT., 2406, No. 301-Marshall W. Temples to Nicole Markovich, $178,500.

GATEHOUSE LANE, 302, No. 302C-William J. Reed to Pyung Han Bae, $110,000.

GREENCREST LANE, 518, No. 8-518-Charleston Ridley Jr. to Douglas A. and Mona Mixer, $157,000.

HICKORY KNOLL CT., 2713-Dennis E. Reith to John B. and Patricia N. Gauci, $195,000.

KINGDOM CT., 517, No. 6-Darryl L. Williams to Michael K. Walter, $95,328.

KIRBYS LANDING CT., 242, No. 21-John D. Oliff to Isis Otero, $159,900.

KIRBYS LANDING CT., 245, No. 15-Dale R. Minich to Wanda A. Simms, $165,000.

LANGDON FARM CIR., 142, No. 22-Randall S. Osborne to Jasmine J. Grant, $171,000.

LIASON CT., 106-Christopher A. Smithson to John and Daphne Jaffe, $170,000.

LIONS GATE LANE, 632, No. 17-632-Andrew P. Casazza to Themistocles G. Theoharis, $161,500.

MAPLE RIDGE LANE, 527-Betty L. Hinkle to Adam S. Cannizzaro and Martha B. Masters Cannizzaro, $175,000.

PINE MEADOWS DR., 8535-Annette E. Varndell to Charles G. and Anne A. Potterton, $180,000.

SALTOUN AVE., 535-Earl F. Millett Sr., trustee, to Anthony R. and Kimberly A. Gailmard, $128,000.

TEA ISLAND CT., 2003-Matthew A. Harris to Darrian T. and Shirley L. Ward, $155,000.

THORNBROOK CT., 2736-Thomas C. Marvin to Scott Smolen, $180,000.


WEST CHALKPOINT RD., 4999-Raul A. Caceres to John C. and Patricia J. Donaldson, $810,000.


ANNIS SQUAM HARBOUR, 1184-Stacey E. Necessary to Anisia D. Smith, $128,000.

ARBUTUS RD., 8428-E. Moyes to Lenora L. Rihtaric and Cal Sawyer, $150,000.

ART HALL LANE, 3226-Michael R. Cox to Michael Lucrezio, $245,000.

ARUNDEL RD., 141-Sandra L. Locker to Deangelo Aquino, $119,500.

ARUNDEL RD., 179-Michael E. Rozalski to Timothy Rozalski, $115,000.

BELLE OF GEORGIA AVE., 3918-Mark D. Smith to Thomas P. and Kathleen M. Haines, $176,500.

CAMBRIDGE RD., 324-Thomas J. Sterling Sr. to Brent E. and Laura A. Robinson, $165,000.

CENTER ST., 535-Thomas W. Barnes to Leida Jones, $170,500.

CHADWICK CT., 3611-Robert D. Lancaster to Heidi J. Riggelman, $118,500.

DUTCH SHIP RD., 381-Rudolph W. Pfeifer to Susan A. Coburn and Todd A. Heath, $225,000.

ELIZABETH RD., 8149-Nelson P. Gray to Kenneth Moore and Mellisa McClelland, $140,000.

GAMBIER HARBOUR, 8636-Dawn E. Gerlach to Linda S. Woermbke, $133,000.

HARLEM AVE., 442-Scott Heggs to Regina M. Frank, $460,000.

LORENE DR., 1250-Steven J. Vaccaro to Lloyd O. and Glenna S. Woodland, $280,000.

LOWTIDE CT., 7902-Terrie L. Kilroy to John D. Lemay, $229,500.

MALLOW CT., 7814-Charles F. MacDonald III to Kurt J. and Elizabeth Anne Marcussen, $201,000.

MILBURN CIR., 20-Donald E. French to Timothy Born, $385,000.

OLD CROWN DR., 3493-James C. O'Leary Jr. to Renee L. Aquino, $127,900.

OLD MOUNTAIN RD., 1315-John H. McNamara Jr. to Joseph T. and Shannon C. Shanefelter, $219,900.

PINEHURST HARBOUR WAY, 8100-Clayton W. Heflebower to Dennis A. and Deamme E. Grice, $1,000,000.

POPLAR RIDGE RD., 1905-Thomas L. Harsh to Howard T. and Michelle R. Riley, $485,000.

PUFFIN CT., 1513-Daniel M. Stinson to Thomas W. and M.J. Barnes, $235,000.

SALTWOOD GLEN, 3613-John E. Schloer III to Christine Milligan, $119,000.

SKIP JACK PL., 8555-Mark A. Cascio to Michael Rudmann, $165,000.

SULTAN DR., 8407-James G. Jacobs to Anthony S. Tawney, $145,000.

SUNDANCE WAY, 322-George E. Findlay III to Sherri L. Lockwood, $216,500.

TICK NECK RD., 7790-Timothy L. McIntosh to John E. Torres, $197,000.

TRADING LANE, 208-Relocation Resources Inc. to Tracy and Daniel Zajac, $185,000.

VENTNOR RD., 8203-C. Edward Hartman III to Bohdan and Halina Denysyk, $999,999.

FIRST ST., 7618-Jacob Rosenbach to David M. and Kimberly D. Dansker, $166,000.

209TH ST., 686-Timothy L. Wolf to Clinton E. Fox, $153,000.


BRECKENRIDGE WAY, 3234-James A. Dimarzio to Jerry W. and Mary L. Fowler, $425,000.

ESCAPADE CIR., 3208, No. 1634-Raymond J. Kellish to Linda A. Chewning, $238,500.

TUDOR HALL RD., 3066-Rudolph E. Nash Jr. to Timmy D. and Karen L. Kyllonen, $212,000.


BARNWOOD CT., 1701-Harry L. Simpson to Michael J. Rooney and Christopher M. Pearce, $189,900.

CANTER CT., 7818-Jean Reddix to Patrick F. and Euthemia L. McMahon, $175,000.

CHAMPLAIN DR., 1894-Kenneth H. Duelley to Rodney J. Cruz, $177,500.

CROSSBAY DR., 7833-Jonathan Ginsburg to Cary and Andrea M. James, $255,000.

DUNFIELD CT., 8206-Rodney B. Miles Sr. to Mable E. Stevens, $62,500.

EAST WINTERWOOD CT., 7712-Robert M. Bryant to Patrick L. and Theresa A. Bast, $325,000.

GEORGIA AVE., 1451-Michael R. Edwards to Jason S. and Christy M. Costello, $249,900.

MEADOW RD., 802-James M. Peters to Milton J. and Dianna L. Harvey, $222,000.

RICKER RD., 7763-George E. Harriss Jr. to Donna J. and Stephen W. Marsh, $161,000.

SEA PINE CT., 1805, No. 202-Mary E. Koban to Darryl W. and Cleo A. Sanders, $194,900.

WATTS AVE., 1440-Albert L. Tucker III to Jae J. Park, $217,500.


BARBARA RD., 161-Jo Lynn Schull to Monte R. and Elizabeth A. Walker, $240,000.

BERRYWOOD DR., 164-Frank A. Schmidtlein to William E. and Tamara D. Grassle, $325,000.

HOLLAND RD., 214-Mary J. Halley to Stephen A. Wagner, $118,000.

JEREMY CT., 523-Andrew R. Domshick to Emanuel Hampton, $259,900.

KNOLLWOOD RD., 585-Glenn A. Rainey to William Alvarado and Caroline Varney Alvarado, $225,000.

LAGUNA CIR., 267-Shane Weber to Cheree L. and James R. Craze, $225,000.

LAGUNA CIR., 271-William S. Haney to Daniel J. White, $141,000.

LESLIE CT., 107-Amanda N. Banks to William B. and Diane F. Jones, $123,200.

ST. BRIDES CT., 475-Kenneth Burlingame to Michael A. Dressel, $420,000.

WILDERNESS RD., 292-Howard O'Dell Stevens III to Edward L. and Lisa J. Corbitt, $302,000.


BEECH ST., 4946-Brian Aikin to Therese A. Trimmer, $107,500.

WEST RIVER RD., 1220-Murray T. Greer Jr. to Thomas J. Dee, $300,000.