Calvert County

The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.

CHESAPEAKE BEACH AREA CHESAPEAKE AVE., 3634-Patrice A. and Ronald C. Sweeney to Cerrito Management Corp., $173,000.

CHESAPEAKE LIGHTHOUSE DR., 8667-Richard A. Lippert to Patricia L. Rogers, $138,000.

NINTH ST., 6423-Donovan K. Foshay to Melanie D. Taylor, $129,000.

DUNKIRK AREA HOWES RD., 9901-Gilbert B. and Judith S. Devey to John D. and Benita Harrison Wickline, $340,000.

MORNING GLORY LANE, 2940-James E. and Audrey J. Payne to Anita R. and Gary L. Waugh, $283,500.

PRINCE ST., 1223-Paul and Sandra Marshall to Mary G. and John T. Dobson, $174,900.

STEVEN LANE, 12061-Steven L. and Geraldine M. Firosz to Jennifer S. and Simon S. Hillman, $605,000.

HUNTINGTOWN AREA DEEP LANDING RD., 2811-Morris B. and Thelma J. Bagley to Olga L. and Errol K. Booth, $285,900.

DIXON CT., 3425-Carl E. Jr. and Heather L. Martin to Jamie McAllister Smith and Brian D. Smith, $288,000.

FORTUNA CT., 3561-John A. and Leslie M. Harvey to Stephanie D. and Rodney C. Day, $265,000.

PATUXENT RD., 3540-Alexander Family Trust to Karen L. and Larry L. Hunt, $485,000.

LUSBY AREA BALD EAGLE LANE, 732-David T. and Nicole L. Wagoner to Mark R. and Ginger D. Aeschlimann, $134,900.

CHEYENNE CT., 12679-Andrea M. and Joshua C. Farley to Susan E. Laird, $122,000.

MINOT CT., 934-David Gilbert Jr. to Howard Jr. and Catherine Whitney, $120,000.

MOHAWK DR., 12973-Winona Hanley and Joseph F. Auth Jr. to Thomas Ricker Jr., $129,000.

SAGUARO CT., 12271-Brian L. Bowman to Clara L. and Chris M. Marceron, $153,700.

NORTH BEACH AREA 10TH ST., 3641-Raymond E. and Jaime N. Campbell to Dawn K. O'Connor and Jeffrey L. Bowman, $162,900.

OWINGS AREA LOWER MARLBORO LANE, 6522-Mildred C. Ward to Darla Sneade, $325,000.

OLD SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 8911-Patricia B. and Amos J. Shumate Jr. to David Felder, $245,000.

ST. LEONARD AREA BALSAM ST., 1323-Gerald D. Beardmore to Melody A. and Jack D. Nutter, $105,000.

PINE RD., 1506-Olga and Michael R. Garloch to Nancy Basham, $180,000.

TIMELESS DR., 2140-Anthony J. and Patricia A. Villari to Dolores J. and Donald E. Howerton, $173,000.

WILLIAMS WHARF RD., 4194-William E. Cutlip to Barbara E. and William H. Bayliff, $271,000.