Charles County The following home sales were recently recorded in Charles County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.

BRYANS ROAD AREA HEATHER DR., 6982-Marcie N. Priepke to Ellen J. and Kenneth L. Lont, $142,900.

WOOSTER DR., 3090-Leslie E. and Gloria M. Davies to Glenda A. and Barry L. King, $119,000.

HUGHESVILLE AREA FORESTAL CT., 17340-William Koenig to Heather S. and Mark D. Mudd, $214,234.

INDIAN HEAD AREA MEADOWSIDE CT., 17-Rachel K. Fellows and Thomas S. Wood to Kristy M. Pettaway, $95,700.

ISSUE AREA DEVON CT., 11330-Mary M. and Donald J. Roberts to Sonya B. Robey, $58,500.

LA PLATA AREA BRIERWOOD RD., 4625-Jennifer L. and Arthur G. Kennedy to Cedric Welch, $250,000.

KALMIA CT., 144-Lisa M. Quill and James C. Roberts Jr. to William R. Stafford, $86,000.

PHILLIPS RD., 4665-Gunga L. Dean II to Gilbert F. Cook Sr., $140,000.

TIP HILL CT., 10784-Anna M. Tominack to Doreen A. and Richard K. Wallace, $165,000.

WOOD DUCK CIR., 104-Tracy J. and Erik C. Stone to Debra L. Knott, $127,500.

PORT TOBACCO AREA ANN HARBOR DR., 7761-Hedy M.A. and Frank Decampo to Irene C. Posey, $230,000.

HARWOOD LANE, 7970-Richard B. and Katherine I. Hicks to Pamela Speake and Darrin Krivitsky, $177,247.

POOR HOUSE RD., 8770-Bobby R. Pickle to Susan and Charles R. Aughinbaugh Jr., $95,000.

ST. CHARLES AREA COPLEY AVE., 1014-Gilbert L. Bauserman to Jennifer M. Hill and Wayne M. Palmer, $130,000.

KING JAMES PL., 14-Linda M. and Matthew B. Volland to Davina A. Harley, $95,000.

KINGS WHARF PL., 15-Dana R. and Mark H. Dehetre to Billie H. Parker, $100,000.

LIGHT ARMS PL., 3802-Jack S. and Cynthia M. Booth to Sylvia Betz, $99,000.

PRIMROSE CT., 3779-Christopher L. and Lisa W. Arnold to Wendy S. and James E. Varhegyi, $197,000.

WILLOW VIEW PL., 12605-Erik W. Goepner and Nancy E. O'Rourke to Marlene L. Robinson, $147,000.

WALDORF AREA BIGHORN CT., 6219-Dorrinda A. and Gregory M. Bourgault to Ronald T. Eggert, $179,900.

CASSIDY CT., 10351-M. Johnson and Brian M. Bickerton to Caridad A. Vicente, $225,000.

CHARTER OAK DR., 2526-George D. Haizlip Jr. to Kenton W. Wingfield, $192,500.

COUNTRY LANE, 12788-Maria M. Johnson to Fe and Jose Inaldo, $135,000.

DRAKE CT., 4239-Vicki L. Parrish and Ralph M. Vanni to Glenn Proctor, $124,000.

FISHER CT., 6406-Jeffrey A. Wagner to Carolyn A. Wojcik, $167,500.

GARNER AVE., 509-Robert S. and Tamala D. Souder to Debra M. and Lewis L. Knotts, $158,950.

GARNER AVE., 64-Rita M. and Raymond C. Hawes to Clyde E. Griffin III, $159,950.

GOLDEN EAGLE CT., 11302-Rosalba E. and Teodoro R. McNutt to Angie M. Sidney, $153,800.

HICKORY VALLEY DR., 2971-Dolores E. Welch to Laurie J. and Mark E. Banky, $192,000.

KIPLING DR., 11625-Carter Family Corp. to Kristina L. and Michael A. Hamilton, $140,000.

KOALA CT., 6109-Kimberly K. and Darrin T. Turpin to Katherine M. Kline, $175,000.

LONDON PLANE CT., 2701-Edward J. and Carmen Arrison to Lisa R. and Michael E. Corsey, $299,000.

MONROE CT., 2516-John P. and Susan K. Horsman Jr. to Crystalyn I. and Donald W. Sheets Jr., $284,500.

MOUNTAIN ASH CT., 3612-Joseph and Peggy Moore to Melanie D. and James A. Orton, $170,000.

POE PL., 2720-Oakridge Associates to Rhoda L. Green, $177,310.

POE PL., 2724-Oakridge Associates to Marlon Williams and Lanitra Bryant, $174,725.

RED WOLF PL., 6020-Donna L. and Donald R. Reckner Jr. to Nancy S. Beall, $128,500.

ROXBURY CT., 814-Daisy M. and Anthony M. Joseph to Anita McCray, $144,097.

RUSTON PL., 4504, No. 41-K-Thomas C. Bryant to Theresa M. Thompson, $95,000.

SHAFER ST., 2413-CSS Realty to Brenda M. Dubose, $231,400.

TATTLER CT., 5204-Tracey A. and Darryl A. Britt to Theresta M. Lanier, $192,000.

TIMBERBROOK DR., 11524-Richard L. and Debra A. Moore to Andrea L. and Darryl G. Burks, $195,000.

WEDDING CT., 5408-Patricia G. and John C. Woodburn to Natalie R. Carrington, $163,000.

WHITE PLAINS AREA MARSHALL CORNER RD., 9580-Zoie B. Spitzer, trustee, to Tara D. and William M. Thompson, $70,000.

SIR MICHAEL'S PL., 8225-Kristy M. and Brian A. Bramell to Bradley K. Johnson, $159,900.

TAHOE PL., 4058-Travis and Stacy R. Howard to Melissa A. Marquette, $160,000.