St. Mary's County The following home sales were recently recorded in St. Mary's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.

CALIFORNIA AREA ALDER LANE, 23141-Michael C. Metz to Kathleen and Joseph W. Rixey, $248,000.

ASPEN LANE, 44575-Emerson Melville Chesser to Sharon Smith Hayes and Robert Durward Hayes, $195,000.

BIRCH WAY, 44595-Guritno Roesijadi to Christina A. Lee and Jerry Low, $204,900.

GREY SQUIRREL LANE, 23153-Jean Marcel Leblanc to Xiaowei Yang, $215,000.

PINE CREEK LANE, 44236-Wayne W. and Cheryl M. Reine to Joyce E. and Floyd E. Case, $202,900.

WOODLAKE CT., 44759, No. 3C-Rebecca A. Wood to Susan B. and Robert S. Dudley III, $82,500.

CALLAWAY AREA HARLEQUIN LANE, 20845-Pamela F. and William N. Soffos to Samuel D. Sheppard, $105,000.

GREAT MILLS AREA CLIPPER DR., 22160-Yong W. and Pil S. Ahn to Kyu J. Shim, $150,000.

DEERPATH CT., 22401-Ethel M. and Robert I. Garner to Karen L. Boone, $200,000.

FORE EDWARDS CT., 45554-Hickory Hills North Limited to Amalia M. and Jeffrey J. Carty, $203,712.

GREENS REST DR. N., 46095-Curtis Homes Corp. to Janet and William Rosado, $90,000.

HIBISCUS LANE, 45578-Meadow Lake Corp. to Stacie L. and Anthony E. Huntington, $212,000.

SHANNON ST., 45549-Clarence D. Rohrer to Jennifer N. and Armando M. Magpayo, $215,000.

HOLLYWOOD AREA RICKY DR., 25647-John Bernard Stober to Doris Anne and Martin L. Bradburn, $63,000.

LEONARDTOWN AREA CHARLES ST., 41420-Christopher L. Blundell to Bailey Properties, $115,000.

HOLLYWOOD RD., 22935-George E. Emig to William B. Icenhower, $229,000.

LADY BALTIMORE AVE., 39870-William M. and Kerry P. Fastnaught to Amy C. and Joseph T. Hartel, $133,485.

LEXINGTON PARK AREA COLUMBIA ST., 21625-Scott P. and Anita G. Oberg to Carole C. and Harvey W. Ortmyer, $123,000.

COLUMBUS DR., 46351-Joseph Sr. and Nicole A. Bentz to William D.S. Lee, $69,000.

ENDEAVOR ST., 21685-Cecil Edward Barton to Karolyn Bonewitz, $133,000.

KINGFISHER CT., 45842-Robin Courtney Good to Carla J. and Christopher E. Cosner, $206,408.

LEGERTON LANE, 45623-Albert Fischer to Margaret Ann and Gerard Dipreta, $112,000.

PICKETTS HARBOR CT., 48213-Steven Chucala II to Janice K. and Russell A. Garner, $118,500.

RED OAK RD., 45765-Scott D. Lawrence to Lynn and Richard May, $185,000.

RISON RD., 23100-James Antonio to Sharon R. and Matthew A. Cook, $155,000.

SCHWARTZKOPF DR., 47190-James L. Howell to Patricia A. and Peter A. Madrigal, $187,000.

SHEERAN DR., 45775-Clayton D. Gurwell to Joan L. Williams and Anthony R. Hogeback, $194,900.

TRED AVON CT., 21472-Laurence Millison to St. Maries Builders Corp., $35,020.

WILLIS WHARF CT., 21520-Robert K. Williams to Steven D. Hagen and Nancy Lee Vandenberg, $225,000.

MECHANICSVILLE AREA ARLINGTON DR., 38496-Michael W. Norcia to Mark A. Patterson, $167,900.

GOLF COURSE DR., 35740-Dorothy V. Toffolo to Alyssa C. Zimmerman, $153,000.

JONES RD., 24830-Amos Ripple to Thomas W. Hitt, $145,000.

MOUNT STERLING CT., 25188-Charles E. Ellis to Mark A. Demarr, $209,900.

NEWLANDS ST., 37370-Louis M. Borno III to Michele J. and Kevin W. Hughes, $209,500.

SHAW CT., 30100-Albert L. Chasse to Jeffrey M. Miller, $187,500.

TALL TIMBERS AREA RIVER RD., 18313-Richard Carlton Day to Robin and James Marshall, $170,000.

VALLEY LEE AREA CHERRYFIELD RD., 17608-Ernest J. Turnbaugh Jr. to Cheryl C. and John S. Blazer, $325,000.

MALLARD CREEK CT., 19060-Edwin B. Coyl III to Donald J. Thornley, $240,000.