To donate, here's a selection of Web sites to get you started:

* Has charity news and information for donating online.

* Profiles more than 300 local and national charities that meet standards for inclusion in the Combined Federal Campaign. Online donating offered.

* Allows donations in honor of friends, families or causes. Also offers a gift registry for contributions.

* Has information on thousands of charities nationally. In addition, lets people set up a "charity wish list" and figure out how donations will affect their taxes.

* Gives information on charities included in the Combined Federal Campaign.

* Offers information on volunteering and access to thousands of volunteer centers around the country that match people with charities.

* Has information about 25,700 charities in the Washington area. Volunteers can sign up as well.

* Offers information on local nonprofits and online giving.

* Allows donations of new and used items, which are then sold online to benefit charity.

To check out a charity before writing that check:

* Evaluates the finances of more than 1,700 large charities by examining their tax filings.

* Has in-depth reports on hundreds of charitable organizations that solicit nationally. Also has tips on how to donate wisely.

* Has financial records for more than 850,000 nonprofits.