During a recent scrimmage, Glen Burnie senior Chris Newton looked at his little brother, Mike, and shook his head in frustration. Chris was wide open on an inbounds pass, but Mike didn't see him.

"Mike!" he yelled, looking to Coach Mike Rudd on the sidelines for backup. "Mike!"

With family on the court, a little bickering is bound to happen now and then, but for the most part Mike and Chris Newton share a brotherly love. Although probably the shortest player on the roster, Chris Newton is referred to as "Big Newt," and Mike is "Little Newt." The brothers, who led this year's football team in passing and receiving, are two of Glen Burnie's top athletes, and their contributions to this year's basketball team will be essential.

"I try to teach him, but we're two different people with two different styles," Chris said. "He's learning now and I'm trying to teach him, but I was open. He didn't look at me. We're not like a unit yet, but once we get there, I think we can do something as brothers. I want him to learn things on his own, but I'm there when I'm needed."

Mike, a sophomore, was promoted from the junior varsity team and will come off the bench this season to substitute for his brother. The two have been playing together since Mike was 6, and both are three-sport athletes, with baseball their favorite.

"He tells me what I'm doing right and wrong," Mike said. "We know where each other is going to be at; we're in each other's heads, basically."

The Newtons are quick, strong and defensive players. Despite their individual talents, both players often pass the ball to junior Mitch Guest, the team's leading returning scorer with an average of 13.3 points per game. Guest scored 32 points in the Gophers' first scrimmage, which consisted of six eight-minute periods. Glen Burnie won five of the six periods.

"I'm trying to become a leader; that's my most important role," Guest said. "We're one, that's it. There aren't any individuals. If somebody does something wrong, we all did it wrong."

Guest and senior Montae Lawson are the only returning starters from last season's 15-8 team. Lawson got a late start, suffering a turf toe injury during football season. Senior Brandon Albert, a 6-foot-7, 320-pound transfer from New York, gives the Gophers a sturdy inside presence.

"He moves well," Rudd said. "He's something we have never had, and that's a big body."

Girls Coach Dan Mangum Sr. recently tested his players with a 7 a.m. Saturday practice. They passed.

"They were all ready to go about 15 minutes early," Mangum said. "You can't ask for anything more than that. We're really pushing the kids hard, and they're responding."

All Mangum wants this year is their best effort, as the bulk of the offense graduated. The Gophers will look to senior forward Natasha Payton and senior center Desiree Scardina to lead from the inside. Payton was the team's third-leading rebounder last season with an average of seven per game.

Senior Jackie Wineke will run the point and junior guard Sarah Schmidt is expected to contribute more points.

Boys' Schedule

Dec. 13 vs. Broadneck, 7:15

Dec. 19 at Chesapeake, 7:15

Dec. 26-27 at James T. Bogle Tournament, TBA

Jan. 7 at Broadneck, TBA

Jan. 10 vs. Northeast, 5:15

Jan. 14 vs. Severna Park, 7:15

Jan. 17 at Old Mill, 7:15

Jan 21 vs. Meade, 7:15

Jan. 24 vs. Arundel, 7:15

Jan. 29 at Southern. 7:15

Jan. 31 at South River, 5:15

Feb. 2 vs. Annapolis, 7:15

Feb. 4 vs. North County, 7:15

Feb. 7 vs. Chesapeake, 7:15

Feb. 11 at Meade, 7:15

Feb. 14 at Northeast, 7:15

Feb. 18 vs. Old Mill, 7:15

Feb. 21 at North County, 7:15

Girls' Schedule

Dec. 19 at Chesapeake, 5:15

Dec. 26-27 at Capital City Classic, TBA

Jan. 7 at Broadneck, 3:30

Jan. 10 vs. Northeast, 7:15

Jan. 14 vs. Severna Park, 5:15

Jan. 17 at Old Mill, 5:15

Jan 21 vs. Meade, 5:15

Jan. 24 vs. Arundel, 5:15

Jan. 29 at Southern, 5:15

Jan. 31 at South River, 7:15

Feb. 2 vs. Annapolis, 5:15

Feb. 4 vs. North County, 5:15

Feb. 7 vs. Chesapeake, 5:15

Feb. 11 at Meade, 5:15

Feb. 14 at Northeast, 5:15

Feb. 18 vs. Old Mill, 5:15

Feb. 21 at North County, 5:15

When Chris Newton, left, needs a rest, his brother, Mike, will substitute. Desiree Scardina, right, is a senior center.