The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


MAIN ST. W., 314-James Michael Gabriel to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $84,069.


ALGONQUIN RD., 1755-Robert C. and Cindi L. Plauger to Christine V. and Robert T. Ullmann, $270,000.

ANDOVER LANE, 1654-Mark T. and Patricia A. Rimel to Loren R. and John J. Villa, $157,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2547-John F. Jr. and Elizabeth A. Wett to Diane E. and Robert E. Weaver, $274,900.

BELLHAVEN CT., 9534-Roger L. Jr. and Jennifer L. Boothe to Melinda A. and Gregory S. Schultz, $188,000.

BERRY ROSE CT., 1602, No. 2-3C-Lisa D. Nelms to Terri E. Liebegott, $103,000.

BRISTOL DR., 2156, No. 8-Olgo and Grigory Shtilman to Robin Carr, $127,900.

CLIPPER CT., 7992-Ramon D. Anasagasti Jr. to Leanna D. Hubbard, $120,300.

COOPERS WAY, 1607-William S. and Sandra K. Isemann to Kimberly S. Kramer and Christopher N. Mores, $180,000.

DENTON CT., 5641-Troy Martez Weedon to Marylou Gjernes, $149,900.

DOMINION DR., 2402, No. 2D-Craig S. Coleman to Kathryn A. and David R. Belcher, $95,000.

DOUBLEBRAND CT., 6908-Jessica E. Heflin to Tina Maria Russell and Milan L. Brown, $128,000.

ELLINGTON WAY, 6558-Stewart W. Cummings to Lynn S. and Dennis E. Silvestri, $185,000.

FLEMING AVE., 505-Peter D. and Christine E. Madeo to Barbara and Jamie Bogley, $349,555.

GOOSEANDER CT., 6605-Richard A. Gillespie to Melinda D. Aiello, $233,000.

GROUSE CT., 1416-Robert B. and Debra D. Wagner to Jill A. and Gary D. Leith, $235,000.

HARPERS CT., 1919-Jerrolyn S. McCauley to Gregory Lee Fromm, $192,000.

HARPERS CT., 1943-James C. Raysinger to Zoia B. and Yurii I. Levashov, $193,500.

KNOLLWOOD DR., 6336-Kenneth I. and Cynthia A. Spencer to Donna M. and Craig E. Johnson, $348,000.

LONG ACRE CT., 108-Rita Anne Dorsey Hunter to Gautam C. Patel, $145,000.

MAGNOLIA AVE., 407-Jeffrey C. MacDonald to Carl L. and Tom R. Messick, $293,900.

NOBLEWOOD CT., 1801-Steve P. Igoe to Justin S. Shafer, $175,000.

PRINCETOWN DR., 102, No. 5-D-Thomas and Dawn Scully to Helene and Arnold Shavel, $132,000.

PRINCETOWN DR., 105-C-Mia and Vernell Cherry to Panagiotis V. Kokolakis, $125,500.

REGAL CT., 5336-Kathy M. and Richard F. Hulfish to Dongyun Zhou, $179,900.

RIPPLING BROOK RD., 2436-Lacy A. and Melanie A. Kiser to Nancy and Stephen Turner, $279,900.

ROCKY SPRINGS RD., 8315-Gary Wolff to Leigh E. Hogan and Myles Burgess, $305,650.

SANDPIPER CT., 6733-Scott W. Rice to Craig A. Belldina, $145,000.

SEA GULL CT., 6654-Margaret M. Pusey to Trinh Pham, $149,500.

SEA GULL CT., 6670-Patricia C. and Paul R. Brisson to Meria Rae Matheny, $145,000.

SLATE HILL PL., 5846-Grace I. Vick to Soraya and Richard Gillespie, $365,900.

SLATE HILL PL., 5849-Don S. and Jodie S. West to Maria C. and David J. Sloan, $364,900.

SWEETWATER CT., 6017-Denise A. and C. Merediethe Adams to Lori K. and Andrew C. Bonheyo, $412,000.

TERRY CT., 427-Kevin D. Law to Hilda M. and E. Michael Tetter, $55,000.

UPSHUR SQ., 5530-Isla R. Linger to Gregory Edmondson, $212,200.

UPSHUR SQ., 5538-Nicole C. and Philip C. Maggio to Jennifer N. Lonas, $181,000.

UTOPIA PL., 8800-Richard T. Barski to Nancy L. and Daniel A. Hayes, $105,100.

WESTCOTT CIR., 5508-Tammy M. Hottinger to Catherine A. and Alandus C. Hilliard, $195,000.


JEFFERSON PIKE, 3898-Charles E. Streams to Marshall R. and Zona E. Burford, $215,000.

PICNIC WOODS RD., 5943-Robert Glenn Lohr to Elizabeth A. and Derek Kent Root, $314,900.


BIDLE RD., 3260-Brian C. and Roxanne B. Sheffler to Grayson W. Ramsburg and Lyle K. Furr, $379,900.

WASHINGTON ST., 14-Harold M. and Pansy D. Grossnickle to Thomas A. Grannas, $142,500.


DEBORAH CT., 4280-George A. and Mary Cardany to Joan T. and Francis M. Devine, $399,000.

LICHENBARK CIR., 5761-F. Mark and Kerri L. Balls to Janice S. and Robert C. Felter, $260,000.

MEADOW LAWN CIR., 6715-Michael Circo to Norma E. Araniva and Saul N. Pachero, $210,000.

SAMHILL DR., 4273-Quenton T. and Chris C. Murray to Kelly Gleeson and Steven J. Smith, $375,000.



TESSIE CT., 5657-Curtis Lester Saylor to Jeri L. and Noel P. Hull, $170,000.


JIMTOWN RD., 13717-Harold A. and Kathryn E. Shorb to Jennie Ramsburg and Nelson Gray, $148,900.

MINERS CT., 5-Hector E. and Jennifer A. Arroyo to Stephanie L. and Troy D. Kiessling, $205,000.


ROSEWOOD CT., 11, No. 312-RWC Development Corp. to D. Joann and Raymond R. Houck, $145,500.