A Low Blow I wish to comment on the Dec. 12 Montgomery Notebook column in Montgomery Extra by staff writer Matthew Mosk, "Annapolis Colleagues Behind Political Ads Targeting Dembrow."

As a lifelong registered Democrat and a 31-year resident in a majority- Democratic-voting state and county (Montgomery), it is disappointing to learn that our Democratic leaders(?), holding the high ground, have chosen to resort to such sordid behavior, carried out with a seemingly low level of civility, in pursuing the attack on then-Del. Dana Dembrow in his bid for reelection in the recent campaign primary.

Regardless of one's opinion of Mr. Dembrow's actions, the judicial system in this democratic republic absolves him of any guilt until proven guilty, as did the administrative proceedings involving Sen. Ida Ruben absolve her of improprieties relating to ex parte communication (a simple rule of law) with judges involved with the past round of redistricting.

For his action, Mr. Gareth E. Murray, an assistant minister, will have to look to his God for ethical guidance.

Assuming The Post has applied its usual standards with regard to verification of information, it appears that delegates [Peter] Franchot, [Sheila Ellis] Hixson and Sen. Ruben owe Mr. Dembrow, as well as the public, an apology, for what defies a long-standing record in Montgomery County for applying the highest level of ethical standards and civility in our dealings with each other. These are standards befitting a highly educated and involved Montgomery County populace.

Sammie R. Young

Silver Spring