Lincoln Road,


On Dec. 3, an animal control officer responded to a resident's call about an animal's welfare. The officer found a sheepdog tied to a tree behind a home in 28-degree weather. The officer left a notice for the owner to contact her. The next day, the owner was told to provide adequate shelter and proof of current rabies and county license. On Dec. 12, the officer determined that the dog had adequate shelter, and the owner provided proof of license and vaccination.

Thomas Mill Road,


On Dec. 12, animal control officers followed up on a case of animals in an abandoned residence after the owner had died. The officers found a friend of the owner and gained access to the home, where they found two dogs and a potbellied pig. The animals were not in immediate danger, and preparations were made to remove them. A few days later, the officers took the dogs to the shelter and the pig to a veterinarian.

Lakeside Drive,


Last Sunday, a woman said she heard two dogs barking while she was jogging. One bit her, causing minor puncture wounds and bruises. The officer told the dogs' owner about the incident. The owner provided proof of a current rabies vaccination but had no county license because she was not a resident. The officer issued a summons for the dogs running at large and reported his findings to the health department.

Keep Pets Away

From Frozen Ponds

The Loudoun County Department of Animal Care and Control receives calls each year to rescue animals that have fallen through ice on ponds. Please keep your animals away from frozen ponds.

Animal Shelter

To Close Over Holidays

The animal shelter will close from noon Tuesday to 8 a.m. Thursday for the holidays. Animal control officers will be on duty for designated emergencies only. If you have such an emergency, call the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office at 703-333-0445.