The following home sales were recently recorded in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office.


ASHLEY INN TER., 22685-Pulte Home Corp. to Stephen and Ann Y. Chong, $272,290.

ASHLEY INN TER., 22686-Pulte Home Corp. to Tien D. Nguyen, $100,668.

BLANTYRE CT., 43396-Belmont Land Partnership to Terese and John Conklin, $688,732.

BONLEE SQ., 43974-Timothy Scott Wolfe to John F. Budzynski, $224,990.

BRONTE PL., 21642-Farmwell Hunt Partnership to Wayne Williams and Jennifer Espiritu, $475,952.

BROOKLINE TER., 43796-Michelle R. Flynn to Melodie and Mark Dronka, $284,900.

CENTER POST TER., 43178-Jamie A. Miley and Sharon Lehnhard to Tiffany E. and William G. Lippy Jr., $255,000.

CITATION DR., 20678-Sherri A. and Robert S. Mitchell to Anthony L. and Louise C. Nembhard, $365,000.

COBHAM CT., 44002-Kathleen M. and James T. Kelly to Jeanne L. and William J. Weber, $675,000.

CROSSBEAM SQ., 21671-K.D. Peppers and Russell D. Ayres to Dionne and Mark J. Galbreith, $264,990.

DEEPSPRING CT., 43372-Amy F. and Thomas J. Leonard Jr. to Regina and David M. Diluigi, $481,500.

DRAY TER., 21136-Wendy W. and Patrick E. Hinnershitz to Jacqueline Tech and Mitchell Ward, $262,000.

FERNRIDGE WAY, 20983-C.K. Collier and Daniel R. Lesando to Ana and Charles Elliot, $385,000.

FITZGERALD DR., 21365-Farmwell Hunt Partnership to Eui Jea and Soon K. Lee, $512,500.

FITZGERALD DR., 21373-Farmwell Hunt Partnership to Ritu Gehani and Amit Walia, $462,146.

FOREST EDGE SQ., 43121-Engle Homes Virginia to Muna Ahmed and Hassan Ibrahim, $252,687.

FOREST MANOR DR., 22511-Winchester Homes to Donna L. and John F. Chin, $572,050.

HEDGEROW TER., 21160-Thomas Moran and Kathleen McMinn to M.A. Yigezu and Mengistu Teffera, $230,000.

HIDDEN CREEK CT., 20214-Belmont Land Partnership to Dianne Ennella, $507,601.

HIGHCREST CIR., 22749-Brambleton Associates to Patty A. and James D. Vos, $431,765.

HOWARDSVILLE WOODS CT., 22552-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Claudia F. and Sergio P. Quiroga, $481,306.

IVYMOUNT TER., 20884-Gretchen S. and Robert M. Lord to Rina and Alex Arita, $275,000.

IVYMOUNT TER., 20897-Susan E. and Ronald J. Tillman to Susan and Shahed Hejazi, $273,000.

KINGS ARMS SQ., 44027-Donna L. and Peter A. Hutchinson to Maryann McNey, $255,000.

KINGS CROSSING TER., 21645-Heather and Tyson Hess to A. Bejarano Nieto and Daniel Pena, $255,000.

LADIESBURG PL., 44355-Lori Anna and Louigi Ilardi to Janet S. and Richard R. Gantt, $380,000.

LORD NELSON TER., 21313-Melanie H. and Mark C. Blevins to Kimberly R. Clarkson, $309,900.

LORD NELSON TER., 21316-Carol A. Kuba to Deborah A. and Danny E. Ray, $327,500.

MINTHILL TER., 43961-Sheikh M. Imran to Sonia and Jatinder Sharma, $214,900.

MOSSY BROOK SQ., 44192-Suhyeon Kim and John S. Moh to Svetlana A. and Kenneth R. Tucker, $212,000.

MOSSY GLEN TER., 21096-Kismet Calderon and George A. May to Jose A. Sanchez, $243,000.

NEEDMORE CT., 43997-Patrick W. Mallett to Russell Nunberg and Helene Ivey, $434,900.

ORDINARY PL., 20261-Diana H. and Jeffrey A. Huber to Karen S. and Paul L. Vickers, $389,990.

PRESIDENTS CUP TER., 19997-Maryellen and John D. Ryan to Richard C. Fausey, $345,000.

ROBINDALE CT., 43828-Teresa M. and Gerald F. Johnson to Marsha C. and Jeffrey D. Frank, $398,000.

ST. HELENA TER., 43666-Laura M. and Chakib Rifae to Sarbjit and Nisha Bains, $265,000.

SHADY GLEN TER., 44198-Bridget Dalsey and Glenn T. Mayer to Lisa E. Stephanian, $169,000.

SILVERTHISTLE CT., 20767-Amy E. and Michael L. McGrath to Regina V. and Larry C. Denayer, $420,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20979, No. 101-Robert Sudol to Nitin Tikku, $145,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 21023, No. 302-Victoria A. Kambic to Baha Atari, $145,000.

TWELVE OAKS WAY, 20585-Jyoti and Shivaprasad Kuncham to Tracey S. and Robert C. McDonnell, $332,000.

UPLAND TER., 19950-Laura J. and Jeffrey C. Vanleliveld to Nancy T. and David J. Riley, $225,000.

VESTALS GAP DR., 42856-Lori G. and Albert L. Guglielmini to Philip A. Harlow, $535,000.

WINGFOOT CT., 21804-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands to Thomasina A. and John C. Young, $420,052.

WINGFOOT CT., 21816-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands to Emily A. and Timothy A. Kemp, $441,112.


BALCH SPRINGS CIR., 133-Richmond American Homes to Joseph H. Nameth, $418,700.

BATTERY TER., 604-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Teresa and George Karas, $350,000.

BIRCH ST., 112-Robin A. and Thomas W. Aylesworth to Chris Attinella, $309,900.

BROWNS FARM LANE, 41659-Lucia and Warren L. Robst Jr. to Erin L. and William A. Roark, $394,000.

CANDLEWOOD PL., 1620-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Jennifer and George L. Jenkins III, $337,671.

CARNABY WAY, 109-Kimberly I. and Brian K. Robey to Elsy Prudencio and Adam D. Morejon, $162,000.

CHADFIELD WAY, 704-Raquel P. and Carlos A. Dasilva to Melanie L. and Stephen E. Pearson, $312,500.

CHICKASAW PL., 1613-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Lawrence D. and Cheryl Black, $394,490.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125-K, No. 1-M. Porterfield Tees and K.J. Pulman to Marie C. and Harry E. Householder, $62,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 653D-Deanna Ludwick to Mary D. Donohoe, $118,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 665F-Laura E. Burgess to Gertrude A. Slaughter, $117,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 119-IDI Cortese Blue Ridge Corp. to John and Karolina E. Kabal, $176,365.

DAVIS AVE., 327-Denise P. Burcham to Hallie and Christopher Rainwater, $192,000.

DEERPATH AVE., 366-Jeanne L. and Gerald M. Bonifate to Barbara Snow and Donald G. Osburn, $255,000.

FORT EVANS RD., 116-A-M. Christine Lucas to John E. Tipton, $110,880.

GATEWAY DR., 660, No. 110-Nancy J. and Randall Eugene Kostoff to Anglea J. Fleming, $125,000.

GATEWAY DR., 672, No. 609-Jacqueline B. Ryland to Catherine A. Streightiff, $122,000.

GATEWAY DR., 674, No. 708-Gregory James McNally to Jose M. Noda, $114,900.

HARDY CT., 758-The Drees Co. to Steve and Caroline Chung, $449,455.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1107, No. 202-John T. Stanton to Aaron S. Kesselring, $96,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1110, No. 201-Wendy S. Tees and Edward M. Reinsel to David Collins, $115,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1124, No. 301-Kevin B. Fornshill to Sherrell Lewis, $110,500.

JAMES RIFLE CT., 1212-Christopher Courtney Dolan to April A. Lahoud, $298,500.

KALMIA SQ., 510-Jacqueline and Ricardo Grandison to Ysabel and Manuel Guerrero, $209,900.

KENNETH PL., 823-Valerie M. and Gregory J. Rupert to Karen L. and Lawrence W. Hinkin, $429,900.

LASSWELL CT., 601-Joye E. and Stephen Cholet to Kim M. and Kenneth A. Pratt, $437,000.

LINDEN HILL WAY, 35-Pamela J. and John P. Risque to Patricia A. and Harmannus Vandermolen, $376,000.

LONGFELLOW DR., 735-Kara L. and Brian Richard Fugere to Karen L. and Paul Richard Westray, $294,500.

MAYFAIR DR., 104-Teresa A. Coakley to Lisa D. Lapane, $175,000.

MCLEARY SQ., 649-Arcadia Tavistock Corp. to Lori A. and Paul T. Brooks, $247,765.

MCLEARY SQ., 651-Arcadia Tavistock Corp. to Karen J. and Gregory T. Snidow, $227,239.

MCLEARY SQ., 653-Arcadia Tavistock Corp. to L. Ahmadabadi and Hamid R. Zarkesh, $256,075.

MEADOWS LANE, 205-Thomas Soderholm to Oscar Saenz, $135,000.

MILL RACE TER., 42991-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Michele Williams and Leslie Smith, $381,350.

MORVEN PARK RD., 137-V. Srinivasan and Sreekanth Rajan to Deborah S. and Thomas C. Ottoson, $255,000.

MOUNT HOLLY PL., 705-Washington Homes to William N. Jr. and Angela P. Fritz, $456,074.

MOUNT HOLLY PL., 713-Washington Homes to Rupinder and Manmohan S. Malhi, $397,583.

NATHAN PL., 618-Darlene and Robert E. White Jr. to Tasha A. and Theodore R. Marvin, $284,000.

NEWINGTON PL., 604-Washington Homes to Sumeet S. and Davinder S. Gill, $362,172.

NEWINGTON PL., 609-Washington Homes to Albert Blume, $343,270.

NEWINGTON PL., 621-Washington Homes to Mary and James Swanson, $369,881.

PARKERS RIDGE DR., 43151-Pamela B. and James M. Lamb to Carolyn M. and James A. Hassert, $448,000.

PATHWAY PL., 309-Jodie W. and John A. Musgrove to Laura J. and Jeffrey A. Bolyard, $350,000.

PHILLIPS CT., 106-Shannon and Raymond L. Austin Jr. to Kelly and Ryan Zimmerman, $381,000.

PROSPERITY AVE., 112-A-Vickie Lee to Marianella Carpio, $95,000.

QUEEN ST., 118-Margaret Frye Marr estate to Sarah P. and Peter M. Wimer, $235,000.

REVELSTORE TER., 808-Engle Homes Virginia to Stephanie L. and Derek A. Bower, $283,945.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18561-Beazer Homes to Danielle I. Bordeaux, $258,815.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18571-Beazer Homes to Nicole and Paul Kordon, $290,620.

SMARTTS LANE, 1053-Christine Nocella and Kevin Barr to Virginia L. Stigers, $206,900.

SMARTTS LANE, 851-Steven A. Dimler to Judy Weiser, $188,000.

STREAM CROSSING CT., 19155-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne to Valeri L. and Randy L. Copperman, $603,889.

TECUMSEH TER., 1506-U S Home Corp. to Galina A. and Vladimir A. Repin, $262,277.

TECUMSEH TER., 1508-U S Home Corp. to Rachel M. and Joshua W. Darr, $300,506.

TOBERMORY PL., 17760-Toll Land IX Partnership to Sallie Deuso, $723,488.

TOBERMORY PL., 17794-Toll Land IX Partnership to Euda H. and Howard F. Chambers, $844,542.

WESTCHESTER SQ., 43424-Jennifer S. Langdon to Amy J. and Riad A. Barraj, $515,000.

WOODCREST LANE, 41857-Karen Viva Tees and Jose Ayala II to Linda M. and Frank E. Sher Jr., $399,550.


MOUNTAIN RD., 12680-Walter E. and Laura A. Moxley to Travis B. Bridges, $315,000.

MULLEN HILL RD., 13103-Lynne P. Ashburn to Ingrid M. and Anthony L. Gelinas, $275,000.


BLACK OAK RD., 18912-Stacey S. and James A. Gavin Jr. to Andrea M. and Michael G. Thomas, $407,000.

COLCHESTER RD., 19829-Marguerite A. and Paul R. Trahey to Barbara L. and Tripp W. Curtis III, $590,000.

HILLSBORO RD., 16758-Joseph P. Sarsfield to Melissa and Faisal Hallaj, $399,000.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 328-Washington Homes to Angela B. and Ronald J. Brown, $375,353.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 357-Washington Homes to Andrea R. and Thomas P. Cuddy, $428,231.

WORDSWORTH CIR., 489-Meadows Development Corp. to Naomi B. Maglioto, $230,880.


SOURWOOD PL., 35452-Donna S. and Bruce Charles Werner to Nancy L. and Jeffrey Kimmer, $300,000.


BERESFORD DR., 25477-South Riding Partnership to Karen and Richard Tossavainen, $343,847.

CARRINGTON DR., 25456-South Riding Partnership to Alexandra and Keith Coe, $482,127.

CARRINGTON DR., 25489-Arthur Gattsek to Nancy E. and Michael Witt, $437,500.

CHORLEY WOOD ST., 43377-Kathleen R. Olson to Kristi K. and Steven A. Byrd, $345,000.

DEMERRIT ST., 42990-Amy S. and Justin D. Weist to Jessica Chiles and Adam Holloway, $279,900.

DUNVEGAN SQ., 25226-Kristin R. and Matthew J. Chabak to Courtney Hart and Samuel Cottrell, $320,000.

DUNVEGAN SQ., 25231-John Gilbert Flack to Cynthia Bradford, $345,000.

DUNVEGAN SQ., 25241-William K. Johnson to John W. Roland, $279,950.

GABRIEL SQ., 43518-Marsha Ann and Mark C. Smith to Gary Hewitt, $335,000.

HUDDLESTON LANE, 43321-Deborah A. and Danny E. Ray to Carolyn L. and Dale R. Kress, $525,000.

LANDS END DR., 26204-Tricia A. and David E. Snow to Lynette and Thomas Bickley, $359,900.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25342-South Riding Partnership to Dennis R. Will and Richard E. Johns, $313,176.

OTIS LANE, 42706-Marqui S. and Stephen C. Simmons to Kathleen P. and Dale R. Urbanek, $490,000.

QUITS POND CT., 25605-Patricia Scott and Kevin M. Libby to Elizabeth and Scott A. Mingione, $425,000.


ALLEGHENY CIR., 47728-Denise H. and Todd M. Miller to Sara K. and Donald C. Ruschaupt Sr., $422,900.

ANTIOCH PL., 46878-Anjuan Tian and Xiaoxiong Zhong to Lata Ravi and Venkata R. Kunapuli, $385,000.

ARGONNE AVE. N., 813-Theodore R. Marvin to Garen V. Khoranian, $207,000.

BANBURY SQ., 20597-Starling C. Newsome Jr. to Jennifer and Dwayne Edward Greene, $262,900.

BENTON CT., 30-Karen B. Gordey to Amanda L. and Shaunn W. Rosenberg, $169,900.

BICKEL CT., 11-Amanda and Howard M. Hanks to Maria E. Sanchez and Julio Meyer, $172,000.

BRANCHWOOD WAY, 21051-Michael G. and Anita L. Buddie to Thera T. and Clifford Miller, $399,900.

BRANDON AVE. N., 1202-Robin P. and Timothy W. Cortwright to S. Hernandez and Boris Hernandez, $228,900.

BRAWNER PL., 47759-Betty and Raymond V. McMillan to Linda J. and Nigel K. Lawson, $550,000.

BURNLEY SQ., 20302-Tracy D. and Carl R. Soderberg to Gail A. and Larry C. Pueschel, $269,900.

CAMERON ST. S., 101-Theresa J. and Michael F. Dowd to Deborah J. Scahill, $290,000.

CANFIELD TER., 21783-John E. and Jaimie A. Buresh to Benjamin W. Cawood, $240,000.

CAROLINA CT., 14-David Paul Webster to Mahrokh Yamini, $185,000.

CAROLINA CT., 4-F. Munguia and D. Reyes and Olga Mejia to Lourdes and Fernando T. Montano, $167,300.

CAROUSEL CT., 4-Veena Railan to Ada and Eliseo Alvarado, $161,000.

CAVENDISH SQ., 46677-Susan D. and Matthew P. Howell to Trinh N. Dao and Stephen Seelinger, $267,900.

CEDARHURST DR., 46546-Polly S. Kniska to Joanne M. Manson, $379,900.

CEDARHURST DR., 46554-Wayne L. Williams to Victor O. Mayaki, $325,000.

CHURCH RD. W., 915-Dorothy E. and Harvey Lawson to Kim Lam and Quan Ly, $219,000.

COFFEE TREE CT., 103-Helen and Michael A. Lake to Heidi Oliver and Michael S. Moe, $263,000.

COLONIAL AVE., 723-Paulino Martinez to Angelica Maria and Julio Luna, $135,000.

COMER SQ., 47576-Louise C. and Anthony L. Nembhard to Annette and Robert J. Pizzimenti, $242,900.

CONCORD CT. E., 111-Diane Z. Rhodes to Darryl L. Edwards, $135,000.

CORKWOOD DR., 20711-Nancy J. and Brett J. Knutson to Prudential Relocation Partnership, $450,000.

CUTWATER PL., 20643-Annette and Robert J. Pizzimenti to J. Walker and Spencer K. Gordon, $480,000.

EASTLAKE CT., 20765-Jacquelyn L. and Bernard Szachara to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $549,900.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 141, No. 12-Dellarease and James V. Butts Sr. to Telesforo Vazquez, $92,900.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 402-Stafano G. Sarullo to Debbie B. and Richard J. Sulkovsky, $195,500.

FOREST OVERLOOK CT., 20667-Toll Virginia Partnership to Teresa F. and Galen A. Bettac, $515,108.

GABLE SQ., 45435-L. and G. Lardy and Jerome Lardy to Paula and Robert W. Andrews, $180,000.

GARY CT., 405-Linda C. and Harold Roger Zurn Jr. to Suzanne S. and Mark Eugene Belt, $350,000.

GRIFFITH PL., 47540-Lindlee Jenner to Danielle Franco and Nigel Wilkinson, $610,000.

HUNTLEY CT., 48-Gerald Lawton to Julia G. Fambro, $159,900.

IRONSTONE TER., 46818-Donna Lee Barry to Sharon and Brenton McCallum, $223,000.

MAGNOLIA CT., 201-Jane C. and Robert I. Barger to Edward M. Ferrari, $275,000.

MCPHERSON CIR., 18-Karen A. and Eric D. Beans to Mark L. Mejia, $282,900.

MILLWOOD SQ., 21226-Jennifer L.J. and Michael P. Mullen to Julie L. and Harold R. Aguilera, $285,000.

MOSBEY CT., 1-Sarah E. and Allen Guy Wilson to Richard Cole Parke, $169,900.

NEWBURY PL., 114-Andrew T. Wallo to Ann Henderson and Mark Harris, $245,000.

PALMER CT., 16-Deryle B. and Henry B. Smith to Diep N. To and Ti H. Thai, $175,000.

PEYTON RD., 139-Lorraine T. and John N. Fish to Sarah A. and John Azat, $350,000.

PROVIDENCE SQ., 12-Pamela A. Miles to Donna J. and Glenn R. Mosholder, $97,000.

RED WING CT., 3-Greta M. and Eric D. Hols to Majdeta and Agan Husadzinovic, $257,000.

RIVERBANK FOREST PL., 47431-Toll Virginia Partnership to Ingrid and Samuel Chang, $456,489.

ROCK FALLS TER., 47329-Amy Mangels and John M. Duellman to Brett E. Flowers, $275,000.

RUPERT ISLAND PL., 20378-D. Dearden and Robert L. Rogers Jr. to Terri L. and Dino K. Pignotti, $595,000.

SANDALWOOD SQ., 46681-Sue M. Reid to Sheila R. Johnson, $215,000.

SANDALWOOD SQ., 46695-Christiana Oberhoff to Saeko and Yasuaki Takahashi, $220,000.

SHARPSKIN ISLAND SQ., 47466-Elizabeth and W.R. Mayfield III to B. Al Saigh and Mehmood Kazmi, $280,000.

SHERWOOD CT., 942-Carlos A. Perez to Herminio Henriquez and Jose S. Rodas, $174,000.

SIMEON LANE, 26-Larry C. Pueschel to Maria and Alexander Medrano, $165,500.

SNOW HILL WAY, 46778-Myrna J. Tees and Wesley B. Sullivan to Raj and S. Basu and Amiya Banerjee, $390,000.

STAUNTON AVE. E., 211-Robert N. Rauth to Delia and M. Nery Huerta and Raul Canas, $243,000.

TAPPAHANNOCK PL., 20432-Margaret and Boyd Stephenson to Susan Sadler and Julian De Bullet, $520,000.

TERRIE DR., 268-R.S. Padgett and John S. Padgett to Lisa B. Ford, $370,000.

THOREAU CT., 21039-Aldine Harris to Alexander Perlas, $258,000.

TIDEWATER CT., 20556-Lynn C. and William S. Dawson III to Naureen and Syed Ejaz Z. Alam, $395,000.

TIMBERLAND PL., 47184-Margaret A. and Jack C. Cox to Lynn R. and William J. Jamieson Jr., $467,500.

VALERY CT. W., 319-Ellen A. and David Craig Hartinger to Phimmany Muongkhoth, $269,500.

WEDGEDALE DR., 8-Sheryl Lynn and William J. Trevarrow to Nina Sims, $150,000.

WOODLAKE PL., 46392-Wendy D. and Kenneth C. Miner to Naila L. and Liaquat Ali Abassi, $399,900.

WOODSTONE TER., 46827-Brenda A. and Dennis M. Lauder to Kaori and Thomas P. Logan, $232,900.

WORTHINGTON CT., 20-Silvia Figueroa and Omar Salas to Rodger L. and Phyllis D. Casey, $295,000.


HANNAH DR., 40671-Donna J. and Edward A. Serine to Sharon L. Brown and James S. Webb, $875,000.