St. Mary's County

The following home sales were recently recorded in St. Mary's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.

CALIFORNIA AREA BARINGER DR., 45380-Francis M. Regnier to Holly Ann Colobro and David A. Fleury, $137,000.

HALSEY CT., 45927-Thomas M. Leadingham to Kelly and Paul D. Cronin, $96,900.

PARKVIEW DR., 22685-Neil P. Garner to Jill D. Thompson and Steven A. Wood, $137,500.

PINEY WOOD CIR., 22875-Sandra G. Teears to Colleen G. Coombs, $105,000.

WHITE ELM CT., 23290-Ian A. Halley to Lynn and Daniel C. Gordon, $169,900.

WHITE PINE CT., 44541-Peter S. Grymkoski to Karen R. Aud, $145,000.

CALLAWAY AREA CANVASBACK DR., 44899-Dennis B. Kovac to Tammy M. Fowkes, $98,000.

GREAT MILLS AREA BELVOIR RD., 45760-Fred L. Bradshaw to Megan E. and Jayme E. Block, $148,900.

ROSE LANE, 45808-Michael D. Liberman to Sandra M. Nerem, $134,900.

STONEY RUN DR., 45715-Arthur Kish to Linda A. and Michael R. Kerr, $284,900.

HOLLYWOOD AREA BUGBEE LANE, 26296-Samuel W. Branham to Lisa L. and Francis A. Tennyson, $150,000.

LEONARDTOWN AREA BIRD HAVEN DR., 42253-Kingston Development Partnership to Kimberly S. and Robert D. Crandall, $242,976.

COOPER DR., 40901-Frederick A. Tepel III to Cynthia Breck Hammett and Michael Keith Hammett, $125,000.

LAKE CECIL LANE, 39926-St. Clements Woods Partnership to Dana L. Mattingly, $35,500.

MEADOW DR., 40883-Frank Rudolph Rusticus to Kay C. and Delano R. Hall, $205,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 22405-John F. Sobola to Rebecca A. and Don A. Litten Jr., $155,000.

ROSE BANK RD., 21671-Virginia H. Russell to Neoma O. and Edward Monahan, $290,000.

WOODMERE DR., 21046-DNA Companies to Mary M. and Christopher D. Junge, $233,000.

LEXINGTON PARK AREA BAY FOREST RD., 48725-Ida Louise and Elmer John Lechlider to Charlene Mischelle Gerek and Charles M. and Sandra Gerek, $40,000.

CALLAS WAY, 46073-Select Homes to Dale Z.O. and Terri Ann Rizzo Potts, $96,990.

ESPERANZA DR., 23038-Kenneth Seo Kim to Maria J. and Thomas R. Rivenburgh, $199,900.

MILLSTONE LANDING RD., 46140-Sondra A. Even to Karen K. and Kenneth E. Correale, $266,000.

RENAISSANCE CT., 20494-Dean and Joann Beck to Jennifer G. and William E. Pilcher, $210,750.

WOLFTRAP ST., 20732-Oscar Gutierrez to Dorothy W.R. and Stephen J. Messenger, $183,900.

MECHANICSVILLE AREA ARMY NAVY DR., 35945-Steven Wayne Raley to Catherine A. and Robert L. Novak, $171,000.

HARPERS CT., 39363-Kristin M. Fields to Patricia J. and Richard Copsey, $110,000.

KAVANAGH RD., 40570-Thomas L. and Ann M. Kaiser Jr. to Bonnie J. and Larry D. Glaubitz, $105,000.

MANOR DR., 42312-Linda L. Sapienza to Alma Long, $128,000.

RICHARD CIR., 29980-Susan A. and Thomas P. Wynn to Barbara J. Delano, $165,000.

PINEY POINT AREA PINEY POINT RD., 17555-Anthony L. Unkle to Joann Stauffer, $89,900.