The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


BERWICK DR., 912-Daniel E. Milligan to Deborah E. Lynch, $301,500.

CEDAR LANE, 324-Daniel P. Santin to Michael J. and Kim M. Drucis, $250,000.

HIGHLAND AVE., 858-David W. Speight to Jana Kokkonen and Patrick Reed, $363,500.

HILLSMERE DR., 502-Trevor N. Christie to James F. and Joyce I. Gomoljak, $210,000.

PRESIDENT ST., 1200-Robert S. Jack to Rosemary J. Freitas, $120,000.

RIDING RIDGE RD., 324-Eric D. Hansen to Carol Jabin, $420,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 18, No. 11-Mary C. Gentile to Richard Remele, $99,900.

TAYMAN DR., 529-Robert P. Long to Gilbert L. Gardner Jr., $349,900.

TUCKAHOE CREEK CT., 615-Orlando D. Powell to Sebrant D. Smith, $130,000.



CARROLLTON RD., 1900-Michael J. Fox to Richard and Mary Gay, $1,900,000.

CONDUIT ST., 110-Marcia S. Kupferberg to Michael J. and Sherry R. Gately, $655,700.

DEAN ST., 43-Carroll H. Hynson Sr. to Classic Home Builders Corp., $174,500.

GLENWOOD ST., 705, No. 53-Darlene Logan to Clyde E. and Susan Brady, $45,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2014, No. 201-Robert J. Foley Jr. to John H. Clotworthy, $169,900.

HAZEL NUT CT., 1361-Andrea E. Gentilcore to Carol A. Itter, $140,000.

MERRYMAN RD., 402-Kermit J. Mosley to Barbara J. Coates, $215,000.

MILLWOOD CT., 1421-Charlotte A. Spencer to Tiffany R. Spencer, $120,000.

NEPTUNE PL., 1195-Robert A. Tanner to Dale A. and A. Nicholle Winger, $250,000.

PHILLIPS TER., 2003, No. 6-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Kevi J. Salyers, $155,900.

RIVERBOAT CT., 1158-Mary E. Derby to Jeffrey W. Vincent, $145,500.

RUDDER WAY, 868-Charles Dayhoff, trustee, to Glenn R. and Martha Hollenbeck, $310,000.

SCOTT DR., 201-Elliot Abhau to Gary P. Grinstead and N.E. Dean, $639,000.

SHIPMASTER WAY, 2900, No. 105-Carl E. Halbig Sr., trustee, to Charles M. and Juanita T. Swicegood, $149,900.

TREEHOUSE CT., 1706-Charles W. Burl to Ronald J. and Roberta Santoriello, $525,000.


ALAMEDA PKWY., 319-Sandra L. Fox to Belinda L. and Andrew B. Lake, $170,000.

BLACKFOOT DR., 114-John B. Marino Jr. to Jeffrey D. and Christine B. Cornelius, $400,000.

CARRONADE WAY, 388-Carroll B. Sansing, trustee, to Michael R. Sansing, $90,000.

CLUB RD., 130-Melanie Rosen to John G. and Dorothy D. Adams, $200,000.

RIVER RD., 343-James C. Yarnell to Frank A. and Doris L. Ruff, $106,600.

ROE LANE, 16-Stephanie W. Parrish to William J. and Barbara J. Stevenson, $260,000.

SILVERLEAF DR., 1109-Stephen J. Pimpo to Frank Davis and Christopher Brunner, $225,000.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 762, No. 7K-Kathleen M. McGuire to Alison Delaney, $117,500.

VOLLEY CT., 356-Kevin Morrison to Jana L. Brown, $135,000.


BALLMAN CT., 21-Sharon A. Corcoran to Ira and Molly A. Winkler, $65,000.

DISNEY AVE., 5314-Everlyn M. Spiker to Hunter M. Brown, $125,900.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5215-Michael J. Ponder to David Lewis and Patricia French, $78,900.

WASENA AVE., 5324-Ruth A. Blottenberger to Miller L. Smith, $72,500.

FOURTH ST., 5107-Jeffrey S. Schultz to Anthony W. Jones, $95,000.


BAY BREEZE CT., 5606-Martin Andersen to Joseph Shields and Daisy Alzosa, $181,200.

CARROL ST., 5615-Robert L. Weatherly to Julie and Robert Williams, $170,000.

WILDWOOD LANE, 1101-James P. O'Connor to Judy K. Pharris, $180,150.


AMBLING CIR., 2514, No. 16-Elizabeth A. Brennan to Leslie J. Zimmerman, $199,500.

CROFTON PKWY., 1756-Jeffrey R. Denman to Mark A. and Debra L. Funk, $281,000.

DANEWOOD CT., 1512-T. Wade Johnson to Raellen Weiler, $145,000.

DRYDEN WAY, 1748, No. 7-Anne Marie Wilson to Sarah Gudsnuk, $165,000.

ELSA CT., 2806-Frank C. Wilson to David J. and Jennifer Murray, $369,900.

FOXDALE CT., 1707, No. 174-Jennifer N. Hammett to Christopher M. and Deanna J. Sala, $145,000.

LOWER CT., 2087-William J. Larrimer Jr. to Jon S.H. and Jennifer K. Schoenberg, $289,900.

MARA VISTA CT., 1434, No. 122XB-Dana Snoots to Darlene Sturtz and Florence Colmus, $129,000.

MARLBOROUGH CT., 1553, No. 33-Joann M. Greig to Bryan L. and Savannah L. Lambert, $112,900.

NEUMANN WAY, 1861-Wayne B. Fridley Jr. to Michael D. and Joy E. Sweat, $359,900.

NEW WINDSOR CT., 1663, No. 82-Robert E. Leizear to Margaret M. Ambrogio, $168,500.

NOTELY LANE, 2225, No. 35-Paul C. Lombardo to Kerrie M. Reisz, $110,000.

REIDEL RD., 1621, No. 8-Robert S. Bartosh to Ryan F. Laddbush, $116,900.

TOPANGA PL., 1901, No. A-Robert D. Ferry to Grant F. Turner, $108,000.

VINEYARD LANE, 2414-Regina A. Hayden to Eric Harris, $150,000.

VINEYARD LANE, 2522-Richard L. Dimitch to Christopher M. Spitaleri, $170,000.

WALLEYE DR., 1672, No. 210-Connie S. Bramlett to Linda L. Boyce, $139,000.

WICKHAM WAY, 1722-Anthony J. Agresta to Robert D. Kramer, $425,000.

WORRELL CT., 2660-Jeffrey S. Zahringer to Ernest E. Quintin and Cynthia L. Agard, $229,900.


CARVEL BEACH RD., 430-George H. Lutsche to James R. and Linda F. Bookhamer, $100,400.

HILLTOP RD., 688-Robert W. Needy to Paul and Kimerlee D. Manning, $168,900.


LAVALL CT., 2546-Harold P. Matters Jr. to William C. Jackson, $325,000.


BEACHVILLE PL., 604-Ralph M. Hopper to Stephanie J. Schooley, $205,000.

CARDAMON DR., 216-Michael P. Bigelow to Thomas Hennessy, trustee, $415,000.

COLONY POINT PL., 331-Lyle Spatz, trustee, to Barbara T. Burkholder, $349,900.

FONTRON DR., 3635-Domenico F. Cicala to Judith Gooding, $168,500.

LAMBROS LANE, 1265-William S. Cox to James P. Dolan Jr., $298,500.

POPLAR POINT RD., 16-R. Winfield Vining to Richard H. and Carolyn J. Holsclaw, $400,000.

SHORE DR., 2205-Angela F. Kight to Diane M. Teets, $159,900.

SHORE DR., 903-Daniel J. Peake to Sarah Trees and William G. Pitser, $350,000.


ARABIAN CT., 204-Jack M. Standish to Michael L. and Zoe L. Johnston, $315,000.

AUTUMNWOOD DR., 941-Rick L. Hardy to Issa Carmi, $187,000.

HUNTFIELD CT., 2202-Jerry P. Shearer to William C. and Dawn M. Dixon, $469,900.


ASTER DR., 1222-Mark D. Rogers to Jason D. and Shannon M. Brehm, $169,900.

BOSLEY CT., 8040-Jorgen T. Lazo to Ian and Amy Elkins, $134,000.

BRIGHTON PL., 846-Samuel J. White to Clyde R. and Debra A. King, $183,000.

BROADWAY AVE., 106-Eugene F. Hannon to Eugene F. and Paula E. Hannon, $160,000.

COVINGTON AVE., 7894-Joseph Schoeberlein to Richard W. and Kelly J. Eldred, $209,000.

DELMAR AVE., 728-Billie Erouches to Charles J. and Deborah Malinowski, $130,000.

FAIRWAY AVE., 1013-Viemie N. Grayson to Richard C. Schaffle Jr. and Melissa A. Zerance, $129,900.

GLENVILLA DR., 1009-Herman F. Lubbert to Jeannie L. and Gregory J. Hall, $156,900.

MARY CT., 210-Jeffrey B. Willett to Glenn Watkins, $150,000.

SCOTTS MANOR DR., 217-James C. Alsup to Edgar Koch Jr., $145,000.

SPRITE WAY, 613-John S. Hartlaub to Ronald K. Gamble, $145,150.

TWIN RIDGE DR., 7874-Randy L. Long to Susan E. Johnson, $190,000.

WILSON BLVD., 216-Michael E. Hammond to David W. Brewster Jr., $152,000.

SECOND AVE. SW, 111-Kenton M. Walker to Raymond W. Downs, $185,000.


BALTIMORE-ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7525-Shane R. Brooks to Sean Coleman and Lisa Shackett, $143,900.

DUBLIN DR., 392-Allen J. Turek Jr. to Flora L. and Jason C. Wilson, $210,000.

KENT RD., 207-Jeffery D. Glase to Jason Smith and Michelle Gialloreto, $150,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 114, No. 2D-Rosita Tayrani Y. Abadi to Clifford F. and Jennifer M. Wellford, $79,900.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6605, No. 101-Patricia A. Schachnuk to Ella L. Laird, $88,900.

WATER FOUNTAIN CT., 208, No. 204-Christina M. Sinchak to David A. Ruiz Jr., $92,000.


AUTUMN END PL., 126-Veronica A. Smith to Todd M. and Rebecca M. Boyer, $203,500.

BROCK BRIDGE RD., 337-Kenneth B. Kundin to Amado Avalos, $182,900.

FINCHLEIGH ST., 8354-Pamela L. Everett to Aimee N. Johnson and Jason J. Metrick, $227,500.

FROSTWOOD DR., 8364-Scott J. St. Clair to Erma C. Lee, $215,000.

MARSH CROSSING DR., 3007-Wilhelmina W. Perrow to Robert W. and Jasmine S. Neihouse, $284,900.

RIVER BRIDGE WAY, 3505-Lee Nguyen to Hanh N. and David Lam, $175,000.

SPADDERDOCK WAY, 8307-Jo Anne Duggan to Jessica L. Duggan, $155,000.


CLEVELAND RD., 524-Michael W. Sasser to Wayne Gillo and Cheri Timko, $185,000.

HIGHVIEW RD., 608-Gail E. Norman to Nho Hgoc Tran and Ha Thi Dinh, $339,900.

SCHULAMAR RD., 350-Karl L. Groves to Chien Song Lin and Chen Hua Tu, $219,900.


BOUNTYS VIEW LANE, 5601-Thomas E. Flaharty to William R. and Angela R. Dawson, $469,900.


CACTUS CT., 756-Dwaine E. Getz to Miky Y. Fontenot, $305,000.

CHALET WEST, 509-Sandra L. Johnson to Anthony and Donna Rafaeli, $185,000.

MILLSHIRE DR., 536-Frederick J. Quarantillo to Timothy and Sarah Shine, $113,900.

PASADENA RD. W., 146-Thomas P. Henry to Donald W. and Cynthia A. Anderson, $335,000.

RUPERT RD. S., 8251-Paul M. Esker to Daniel M. and Jayme K. Cutting, $151,000.


BLUE PLUM CT., 2303-Wilson D. Lannon Jr. to John G. and Patricia L. Pareja, $285,000.

KINGDOM CT., 529, No. 6-Charles D. Roseboro Jr. to Gary Kinsey and Brigid Stump, $138,000.

PINECROFT CT., 2030, No. 82-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Rocky L. and Kum L. Montoya, $181,100.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 604, No. 4-101-Peter J. Arapis to Erik R. Saar, $114,000.

STREAMVIEW DR., 2670-Kenneth J. Rempher to Wayne and Erica Menzie, $239,900.


BEDFORD RD., 8458-C.W. Hobbs to George and Frances Hastings, $170,000.

CRYSTAL PALACE LANE, 2934-Ann E. Burgee to Joseph W. Rihel, $142,000.

DIANA DR., 204-Steven J. Naylor to Michael P. and Cynthia E. Owings, $295,000.

EAST RD., 7825-H. Richard Wolf to Jeffrey B. and Anna M. Zimmerman, $475,000.

EAST SHORE RD., 7802-Richard A. Pumplin to Michael E. and Alicia D. Davis, $173,500.

ELEVENTH ST., 178-James P. Shelkett to Christopher and Dawn M. Royston, $186,000.

FANFAIR LANE, 8104-Charles E. Conner III to Gregory L. and Lisa D. Phillips, $327,000.

FORT SMALLWOOD RD., 9166-James E. Bezold to Anthony A. and Susan H. Giunta, $230,800.

GEORGE WILLING AVE., 8010-Gary C. Witt Jr. to Tony L. Hayes, $165,000.

LITTLE MARVEL CT., 403-William T. Sims to Stephen P. Graham and Amy B. Healey, $396,000.

PARK RD., 150-William G. Heisch to Danny S. Gray and Claudia Bowlin, $263,000.

PATAPSCO RD., 8302-Edward Litchfield to David M. and Elizabeth M. Jackson, $280,000.

PEBBLESTONE RD., 982-James P. McKenzie to John P. Brennan and J.L. Maxwell, $174,000.

PINE KNOB RD., 7682-Robert B. Williams to Brett Laferrara, $445,000.

QUEEN ANNE RD., 329-Bruce P. Haegerich to Henry H.E. and Dolores L. George, $184,300.

RIDGE DR., 1177-George V. Bankey to Robert C. Bankey, $122,000.

SHADY LANE, 439-Virginia H. Kelly to Edward P. and Nancy B. Taubman, $415,000.

SHADY NOOK CT., 8224-Ellen L. Lavonis to Janice B. Limburg, $137,500.

SKIP JACK PL., 8565-Robert W. Lucas to Kevin W. and Dawn V. Martin, $163,000.

VENETIAN DR., 1930-Howard T. Sachs to Steven H. and Lynda A. Sachs, $277,000.

WHARF DR., 1159-James T. Brewster to David W. and Lisa M. Ashby, $160,000.

WHITE ROCKS CT., 330-David W. Schurman to Rosita Tayrani Y. Abadi, $155,000.


BARNWOOD CT., 1713-Danny R. Cox to Lea C. Overby, $174,500.

OTIS DR., 129-John D. Sumpter Jr. to Margaret Moore, $153,000.

REDBRIDGE DR., 1300-Joseph A. Toriskie Jr. to Joel E. and Teresa L. Bennett, $308,000.


ADMIRAL RD., 1-Kathryne V. Mollman to Robert A. and Susan B. Knisely, $211,500.

BALTIMORE-ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 771-Robert L. Miller Jr. to Raymond M. and Teresa A. Crowe, $225,400.

CHARINGTON CT., 513-Marc D. Levy to Jay and Marilyn Magner, $320,000.

PARK RD., 620-Bernard J. Walsh to Michele L. Phelps, $195,900.

SHAKESPEARE DR., 285-Hubert M. Younger Jr. to Celine M. Wachter, $252,000.

SUNSET DR., 33-Mary L. Sipe to Richard W. and Heather S. Burns, $265,000.

WILETT CT., 382-Thomas M. Boss to Melbourne Smith, $250,000.


BONNIEWOOD DR., 4907-Shane C. Hammett to Harold E. James, $161,500.

ELM ST., 4947-Stephen P. Lopitz to Geraldine C. Hall, $190,000.

MAPLE AVE., 1185-Donald P. Holmes to John S. Powelson Jr. and Kristen J. Meade, $115,500.