The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


BROAD MEADOW LANE SW, 12049-William T. Spencer to Stephen H. and Elizabeth L. Watson, $665,000.


ALLVIEW DR., 6414-Sharon Lachman Kinsley to Peter Y. and H.K. Clara Lee, $295,000.

APRIL JOURNEY, 5544-Virginia C. Boyle to Allan L. and Karen G. Ames, $225,000.

BARE BUSH PATH, 12261-Robert Kent Laraway to Viktor and Tamara Zubko, $243,000.

BEECHWOOD DR., 6341-Robert R. Howerton Jr. to Lisa and Paul Pellegrino, $312,000.

BLACK STAR CIR., 8534-Richard James Hollenhorst to Brian R. and Kerry Elizabeth Fuller, $171,500.

BRONZE BELL CIR., 9126-Rudi Donschikowski to Julie A. Lockwood, $130,000.

CAMELDRIVER CT., 9477-Robert Eliot Blitz to Ted M. Russell, $194,900.

CEDAR LANE, 5476-Tricia L. Losavio to James C. McNaboe, $78,000.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9527-Daniel J. Tracy to Michael P. Schmeckpeper and Anna B. Amoroso, $184,900.

DARK HAWK CIR., 8597-Joseph L. Loiacono to Michelle L. and Everett E. Corum, $300,000.

DARK HAWK CIR. NE, 8585-David Mathew Diluigi to Walter Cullum Jr., $266,500.

DASHER FARM CT. NW, 7028-Charter One Credit Corp. to Thomas J. Trimble, $205,000.

DAYSTAR CT. N., 10296-Gope D. Hariani to Pauline M. and Selina J. Fernandes, $100,000.

DEEP EARTH LANE W., 6214-Andrew G.M. Blysak to Matthew S. and Mary J. Zentner, $220,000.

DOCKSIDE LANE SE, 7243-David J. Thomas to Eric A. and Robin N. Benfer, $205,000.

DURHAM RD. W., 5066-Jay A. Newton to David Andrew and Mary Margaret Fritz, $325,900.

EARLY RED CT. E., 6324-John L. Moore Jr. to Jose A. Elguera and Cecilia Duquela, $186,000.

EDEN BROOK DR., 7391-Charles J. Huh to John P. and Lauren C. Cochran, $192,500.

EMERSONS REACH NE, 9164-Devin A. Zucconi to Barbara J. Sherry, $182,000.

FLAPJACK LANE, 6756-Sy Chien Lau to Ruiming Tian and Yi Zhou, $223,000.

GRAND BANKS RD., 5939-James Terry Edmonds to Ofelia Salgado, $125,000.

GRAY MOUSE WAY, 9506-Linnea L. Fransen to Robert Patrick Deming and Thomas E. Beegle, $244,900.

KILIMANJARO RD., 9432-Michelle J. Herrick to Kellee W. and David W. Conrad, $125,720.

LONG SKY CT., 5321-Robert D. Jones to David I. and Joan M. Lok, $312,000.

MORNING TIME LANE NE, 6305-Son Hui Salyers to John M. and Stacie D. Loving, $370,000.

MOVING WATER LANE W., 9011-Gary G. Spitalsky Jr. to Anita W. Frelich, $206,500.

SETTING SUN WAY, 7433-Christopher A. Lambros to Randall G. and Yonta Lyness, $205,000.

SHELL FLOWER LANE, 11511-Lisa L. Laird to Lorri D. Morrison, $200,000.

SILVER ARROWS WAY, 6162-Mitchell A. Hardenbrook to Manoj Kumar and Kiran Oberoi, $220,000.

SILVER ARROWS WAY E., 6130-David C. Vormack to Richard K. Wright Jr., $239,900.

SILVER ARROWS WAY W., 6119-John H. Thompson III to Shawn R. and Katherine J. McDonald, $229,900.

SILVER TRUMPET DR. E., 8362-William Robert Tardell to Anne M. Diehl, $167,400.

STONEGATE LANE, 11750-Sally McFarland to Brent M. Guyton, $180,000.

SUNNY SPRING, 6056-Peter W. Bodde to Carolyn Odocha, $275,000.

TAMAR DR. SW, 8382-Harjit Singh to Dale L. Dixon, $165,000.

TIDES EBB CT., 8846-Joe Fondell to Dragos Dascalu and Kristin E. Farrar, $237,500.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 6704-Herbert G. Granger to Kevin Doyle and Sharon Green Hennessy, $316,100.

WINTER ROSE PATH, 7120-Donald M. Knight to Donald Schindhelm, $209,900.


ROUTE 97, 1150-Christopher C. Gillette to William R. and Jennifer L. Tardell, $415,000.


TRIADELPHIA MILL RD., 14045-Michael A. Branstner to William F. Fagan, $428,391.


BAYBERRY CT. NE, 6350-John C. Jacobs to Laura Elaine and Christopher J. You, $125,000.

BLUE SKY E., 5827-Ellen M. Allen to Jose Pacheco, $225,000.

BLUE SKY NW, 5836-Yelena Tumansky to Byung Wook Ham, $246,500.

DUCKETTS LANE, 6484-Stephen Williams to Michael J. and Nina A.L. Stepniak, $135,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6686-Darryl L. Dillard to Deborah R. Wilson and Sharon L. Ford, $136,900.

ROWANBERRY DR. E., 5701-Steven V. Albano to Jeremy Pendleton, $95,700.

SEDGWICK ST., 6467-Richard R. Radzville to Gwendolyn J. Cameron, $210,000.

WOODLAND FOREST DR. SW, 6474-Ann Walters Cool to Anil and Ritu Mathur, $170,500.


BLUEBERRY HILL LANE, 7784-John R. Marsh Jr. to Rick D. and Joann Slaugh, $227,000.

BORDEAUX COVE SW, 5220-Robert Dean Corley to Jonathan M. and Lorraine M. Holda, $425,000.

BRIGHTWIND CT., 7912-John L. Talbott to Faye Malitz, $205,900.

BRITTANY DR., 4125-Victor A. Loun to Bilal A. Alam and Aniqa Alam, $369,900.

COACHLIGHT LANE, 7646-Ryan A. Miller to Barbara A. Exler, $150,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. N., 4982-Janet L. Stewart to Vita Zandmanis, $129,900.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4728-Michael McDonald to Jared and Amie Sorber, $119,900.

FOXHOUND RD., 2809-Thomas E. Stewart to Kenton W. Davis and Susan J. Wallis, $340,000.

FURROW AVE., 9044-Gary L. Turner to William L. Preisinger, $417,500.

GREEN FOREST CT., 3226-Dennis B. Clark to Denis S. Ahearn Jr. and Tierney A. Ahearn, $270,000.

HORNED OWL CT., 3600-Yoo I. Peal to Karl R. and Linda J. Stumpff, $350,000.

HUNTERS VIEW RD., 11000-Paul J. Roop to Arun Ananthakrishnan and Anuradha Arun, $570,000.

ILCHESTER RD., 4678-Edward A. Popka to John Y. and Jill G. Beklik, $419,000.

ILCHESTER RD. NW, 5060-Richard J. Murphy to Steve and Tammy Calderwood, $475,000.

LEARNED SAGE, 4610-Tyson S. Byrne to John C. Sozio, $216,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SW, 7832-Ronald L. Evans to Loryn and Leonard J. and Carol Keating, $112,500.

MILLBROOK RD., 9310-William V. Fischbach to Kurt A. and Danielle C. Walraven, $227,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8371-Francine E. Pesek to Wei Lie and Dong Xia Luo, $106,000.

ST. CHARLES PL., 3161-Donald Brian Toulan to Michael P. and Angela H. O'Brien, $435,000.

WETHERBURN RD., 10337-Harry B. Siegel to Li Zhiyu and Rong Lu, $349,900.

WHITE ROSE WAY NE, 3923-Chung Kyu Park to Jonathan C. and Kristi Draughn Harris, $415,000.

WOOD STREAM CT., 2433-Robert T. Kelly to John and Cynthia R. Rice Alam, $585,000.


PINDELL SCHOOL RD., 7116-Richard G. Allison to Scott A. and Sabrina K. Thomas, $375,000.


PLEASANT VIEW DR. W., 12339-William S. Rhodes to Frederick J. and Deborah W. Towner, $550,000.


ROSEWOOD WAY, 8921-David Allen Jones to Lori Ann Tony, $156,900.


LADY CAMERON CT., 16008-Charles B. Plumley to Brian and Sandy Frambes, $410,000.

LONG CORNER RD. E., 1915-Kellie Siegfried to Christine A. Taylor, $399,900.


CASTLEROCK CT., 8724-Evan H. Bernstein to Li Ruhui, $176,000.

CRESTHILL CT., 8720-John F. Schulze Jr. to Neysan M. Sturdivant and Gillian W. Sturdivant, $180,000.

DALY CT., 9308-Musa S.C. Asad to Kamran Khalid, $193,000.

DALY CT., 9314-Thomas E. Kindrock to Alfiero G. Bernardi and Michelle P. Bernardi, $221,500.

DELFIELD CT., 10627-John T. Simpson to Anne Lucille Acampora, $131,500.

GLEN HANNAH DR., 10759-Wendy Adams to Cheryl D. Nolte, $130,000.

LAPPING BROOK CT. W., 8212-Sally Mae Biggerstaff to Richard Pitts, $385,000.

TERESA LANE, 8772-Michael C. Petry to William P. and Stephanie Seiger, $325,500.

WHISKEY RUN, 9813-Laurine L. Maske to Eutace D. Clinton, $117,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9917-Barbara P. Willis to Marc and Valerie Lewis Alston, $115,000.


HOWARD LODGE DR., 12364-Ralph W. Tompkins to Charles K. and Karen E. Lape, $325,500.


RIVER VALLEY CHASE, 3164-James Frances Neidert to Matthew Thomas Smith and Catherine Elizabeth Collins, $590,000.


FOLKESTONE WAY, 10772-Fred R. Spurlock to Steven M. Bowers, $338,900.