The end of another year means the unleashing of another Virginia News Quiz. Here are 25 questions relating to the events of the past 12 months. Answers can be found on Page 12. Score one point for each correct answer.

1. A 50-year-old Tidewater man made local history by becoming the first person to survive:

a) falling into a heap of peanuts

b) downing 25 deep-fried pickles at the state fair

c) actually eating the shad at Wakefield's annual planking

2. To spice up its monthly meetings, the Clifton Lions Club stocked the Town Hall vending machine with:

a) bonbons

b) burritos

c) brewski

d) Bob Dole's Viagra

3. What type of business did Linda Tripp open in Middleburg?

a) a Mary Kay distributorship

b) a tattoo parlor

c) a Christmas knickknack shop

d) a dry cleaner

4. In the middle of reporting from a crime scene in Fredericksburg, Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera disappeared for several hours to:

a) do research at the local library

b) find the killer

c) get a mustache trim

d) play hootchy-kootchy at Hooters

5. Smithfield residents celebrated their town's 250th birthday by:

a) filling all the vending machines with Schlitz

b) making a peanut pile 12 feet tall

c) crowning a local teenager Miss Pork Products 2002

d) baking an eight-foot-wide biscuit packed with 500 pounds of ham

6. What did Alexandria bank regulators find in the dusty vault of Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Co.?

a) Confederate $100 bills

b) Lee family relics

c) the world's biggest ham biscuit

d) Burke & Herbert

7. What famous Virginian's DNA has spawned offspring from Vermont to Venezuela?

a) Fuji the Ferret

b) Elevation the Bull

c) Vienna fertility doc Cecil Jacobson

d) President Thomas Jefferson

8. A state trooper patrolling a restricted road near the Pentagon demonstrated how the new, beefed-up security works when he pulled over:

a) Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

b) Virginia Gov. Mark Warner

c) Redskins Coach Steve Spurrier

d) the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

9. In lieu of a pay raise, faculty at Mary Washington College received:

a) cafeteria discounts

b) Hecht's gift certificates

c) a lump-sum payment of $1,350

d) lovely parting gifts

10. An 11-page document distributed in Fairfax County, which included such inscrutable phrases as "pre-early emergent," was:

a) a pamphlet on bioterrorism preparedness

b) revisions to the flood plain ordinance

c) tips on snakehead eradication

d) the new kindergarten report card

11. The St. Petersburg Philharmonic was kicked off a plane at Dulles International Airport for:

a) being drunk

b) throwing things

c) sassing the crew

d) playing violins in flight

12. Arlington became one of the first suburbs in the nation to achieve the ratio of:

a) one PhD for every 1,000 people

b) one computer per household

c) one rat per resident

d) one Republican for every 25.8 square miles

13. A sign of Prince William County's new cachet:

a) BMW dealership opened in Dumfries

b) Wal-Mart opposed by neighbors

c) Slurpee sales declining

d) like Martha's Vineyard, it has its own bumper sticker

14. Virginia's Republican attorney general, Jerry Kilgore, said Fairfax schools may not include which group in its anti-discrimination policy?

a) gays

b) the chess team

c) the chorale society

d) the Young Democrats club

15. A highlight of the Fauquier County Fair was the racing of the:

a) thoroughbreds

b) foxhounds

c) skunks

d) slow-growthers

16. Now that Fairfax has 1 million residents, officials debated whether the county should become:

a) a city

b) a nation-state

c) a gated community named Til-Hazelwood

d) the world's largest auto mall

17. In a Fauquier court case, executors of Jack Kent Cooke's estate said they needed $36 million to:

a) pay themselves

b) pay Steve Spurrier

c) bring back Joe Gibbs

d) bring back Jack

18. Female House members in Richmond made history in January when they:

a) took office in record numbers

b) claimed five leadership posts

c) got their own spittoons

d) got their own potty

19. Arlington County Board members anguished over whether their meetings should include:

a) a dress code

b) the Pledge of Allegiance

c) reminders of "the Arlington Way"

d) Budweiser breaks

20. What did Virginia marine scientists discover in the rusted turret of the Civil War ironclad Monitor?

a) fried dill pickles

b) Lee family relics

c) the skeletons of two sailors

d) the skeletons of Burke & Herbert

21. A power outage at Reagan National Airport and the Pentagon City mall was blamed on:

a) too many holiday shoppers

b) a plane clipping a power line

c) a narcoleptic VEPCO supervisor

d) a squirrel in a substation

22. Virginia Sen. John Warner helped Amtrak improve its on-time record when he:

a) secured $10 million for faster locomotives

b) streamlined the ticketing process

c) eliminated overlapping routes

d) jumped off a moving passenger train

23. A Loudoun 13-year-old showed off his computer wizardry by:

a) getting an internship at America Online

b) hacking into his school's mainframe and giving himself all A's

c) printing bogus $100 bills

24. A distraught Arlington mother called animal control when her 6-year-old:

a) found a snakehead in Four Mile Run

b) claimed his goldfish bit him

c) refused to be Spider-Man for Halloween

d) hid their lobster dinner in his bedroom

25. After dropping off their car for repairs by Osbourn High School students 13 years ago, a couple was surprised to learn:

a) their car isn't ready yet

b) the parts are on back order

c) they still teach auto mechanics at Osbourn

d) some of the same students are still there

-- Compiled by Michael D. Shear, Leef Smith and Marylou Tousignant