Give yourself one point for each correct answer. Here's how to interpret your results:

22-25 points: Apply for the job of Washington Post Virginia editor.

16-21 points: Apply for the job of Washington Post deputy Virginia editor.

6-15 points: Apply for a job as a Washington Post Virginia reporter.

0-5 points: You probably already ARE a Washington Post Virginia reporter.

1. a. After being buried under 12 feet of legumes for an hour, Golden Peanut Co. employee Floyd Goodman may never order a PB&J sandwich again.

2. c. The hooch was a setup: The mayor accused his political enemies of planting Budweiser where sodas should have been.

3. c. Deck the halls with . . . tape recorders.

4. d. One day you're a war correspondent in Afghanistan, the next day you're autographing waitresses' hot pants.

5. d. Plans to feature the 1 1/2-ton biscuit in a future ham museum proved unworkable, sadly. It was turned into fertilizer instead.

6. b. Mary Custis Lee's treasure trove included strands of hair from European royalty.

7. b. With more than 80,000 daughters, this Ferdinand was doing more than smelling the flowers.

8. d. "Sir, get out of the vehicle slowly and put your hands on top of the Wiener."

9. b. After next year's budget cuts, everyone gets a Chia pet.

10. d. Page 10: Sandbox manners. Page 11: Crayon sharing.

11. a., b. and c. After a rowdy flight, no one shouted "Encore!"

12. c. Next stop: Falls Church.

13. b. and d. They {heart} PW but they don't {heart} W-M, apparently.

14. a. Chess team, watch out.

15. c. Everyone knows slow-growthers don't race; they saunter.

16. a. Why not the People's Republic of Fairfax?

17. a. If there's any money left, they can try to bring back Jack, too.

18. d. Can spittoons be far off?

19. b. To pledge or not to pledge, that was the question.

20. c. And their Timexes were still ticking.

21. d. Hope he was wearing a hard hat.

22. d. Old Marine parachutists never die; they just get hit by the caboose.

23. c. He earned his money the new-fashioned way: He downloaded it.

24. d. Mom was advised to explain the facts of the food chain.

25. a. Osbourn High: Now offering next-decade service.

The year was full of newsmakers, including, from left: protesters opposed to a new Wal-Mart in Prince William County, top; entrepreneur Linda Tripp, formerly of Monica Lewinsky fame; global breeding phenomenon and Bull of the Century, Elevation; rats in Arlington; drag-racing skunks in Fauquier County; the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile; train-jumping Sen. John W. Warner (R); a vending machine in Clifton filled with something other than soda; relics from Gen. Robert E. Lee's family; and a man trapped under a mountain of peanuts.