Applications Accepted (Site, Subdivision, Rezoning, Special Exception)

Projects Proposed

1. Woodmar Farm, one mile southwest of Purcellville, fronting Routes 782 and 690. Record subdivision plat for 64 single-family detached hamlet lots, three conservancy lots and 14 open lots on 210.91 acres zoned A-3 (agricultural three units per acre).

2. Belmont Country Club, south of Route 7, north of W&OD trail between Routes 659 and 641. Filing to rezone 10.22 acres from CR-1 and R-8 to PDH-4 to allow additional land to be incorporated into Belmont development.

3. Ashbrook Village, Section 1B, about 2,400 feet east of intersection of Ashburn Village Boulevard and Russell Branch Parkway, record subdivision plat filed for 57 single-family attached units on property zoned PDH-6. Section 2B, same location, record subdivision plat filed for 62 single-family attached units on property zoned PDH-6. Section 3, same location, record subdivision plat filed for 20 single-family detached units on property zoned PDH-6 (six units per acre).

4. River Creek, Land Bay B, Phase 1, Section 1B, intersection of Mid Ocean Place and Olympic Boulevard. Record subdivision plat filed to subdivide 5.42 acres zoned PDH-3 into 25 single-family detached lots and two open parcels.

5. Waterfield Hamlet, south side of Householder Road, east of Picnic Woods Road and north of Bolington Road. Record subdivision plat filed by Land Management and Design for 14 hamlet and six conservancy lots and an open parcel on property zoned A-3.

6. Cedar Hunt, Section 1, Lots 1-73, north side of Braddock Road, west of Elk Lick Road. Record subdivision plat filed for development of 73 single-family detached lots on property zoned CR-1 (countryside residential, one unit per acre).

7. Waxpool Village, Lots 1-21, south of intersection of Truro Parish Drive and Waxpool Road. Record subdivision plat for 21 residential lots and two open parcels on 7.08 acres zoned R-4 (4 units per acre).

8. Brambleton, Land Bay 2, Section 11, Phase 1, southwest corner of Legacy Park Drive and Belmont Ridge Road. Record subdivision plat filed to subdivide 28.72 acres zoned PDH-4 into 24 single-family detached lots.

9. Loudoun Valley Estates III, west side of Old Ox Road, about 4 1/2 miles southwest of Route 28 and 3 1/2 miles north of Route 50. Record subdivision plat filed for 202 residential lots and five open parcels on 266.48 acres zoned CR-1.

10. Tall Cedar Estates, Phase 2, west of Poland Road, east of Planting Fields Drive and south of Tall Cedars Parkway. Record subdivision plat filed for 35 single-family detached lots on 59.57 acres zoned CR-1.

11. Broad Run High School, north of Shellhorn Road and northwest of Waxpool Road. Site plan filed for building expansion on 39.96 acres zoned CR-1.

12. South Riding, Section 77, northwest corner of intersection of Tall Cedars and Loudoun County parkways. Record subdivision plat filed for 116 single-family detached lots on property zoned PDH-4 (4 units per acre).

13. Park Royal, Section 1, west side of Watson Road, about one-half mile south of Red Hill Road. Record subdivision plat filed for 42 single-family detached lots on 197.75 acres zoned A-3.

14. Dulles Town Crossing, Land Bay B1, Candlewood Suites, corner of Atlantic Boulevard and Severn Way. Site plan filed for construction of 121-room Candlewood Suites and 132-room Suburban Lodge on 4.64 acres zoned PDCC-RC (planned development regional center).

15. Woodland Road Industrial Park, about 300 feet southeast of Elmwood Court and Greenoak Way. Site plan filed for 2,200 square feet of office space and 59,400 square feet of industrial space and associated parking on 4.89 acres zoned PD-GI (planned development general industry).

16. Woodland Road Industrial Park, Section 2, Lot 16A, northeast side of Woodland Road, about 550 feet southwest of intersection of Greenoak Way and Cedar Lane. Site plan filed for a one-story body shop and mechanical repair facility with 20 parking spaces on 1.67 acres zoned PD-GI.

17. Providence Addition to Mirror Ridge, east side of Route 637, about one-half mile north of Route 7. Record subdivision plat filed for 16 residential lots on 3.04 acres zoned PDH-6.

18. Potomac Baptist Church, corner of Algonkian Parkway and Lowes Island Boulevard. Site plan filed for construction of a place of worship, accessory buildings and associated parking on 10.77 acres zoned PDH-4.

Applications Approved

19. Courtland Farm Rural Village, Gleedsville Road, about 3,000 feet south of Gap Road. Amend board concept plan for the village to address concerns about transportation, waste disposal and protection of Goose Creek and Banshee Reeks Park, to modify layout of village core, expand perimeter buffers and relocate sewage disposal system on 200 acres zoned PD-RV (planned development rural village).

20. Chantilly Presbyterian Church, east side of Poland Road at Savoy Woods Court. Special exception for construction of a church and related facilities on 6.7 acres zoned CR-1.

21. Crown Castle Valley Vista, south of Route 50 between Old Ox and Elk Lick roads. Allow installation of 130-foot monopole with lightning rods and associated equipment shelters on 15,625 square feet.

Building Permits

22. Brambleton, Land Bay 2, Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc., 12 townhouses at Regal Wood Drive.

23. Landsdowne on the Potomac, Landsdowne Community Development, Beazer Homes, 11 townhouses on Lees Mill Square and seven on Eagle Mine Terrace.

24. Silver Creek Terrace, Ashbrook, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Milwaukee, 22 apartments.

25. Brambleton Community of Dulles, swimming pool at 42645 Regal Wood Dr.

26. 19 Market St. West, Leesburg, Acorn Property Development, Tally-Ho LLC of Ashburn, coffee shop.

27. 143 Catoctin Cir. SE, Leesburg, Loudoun County Rescue Squad, renovation and addition.

28. 44071 Ashburn Shopping Plaza, Ashburn Village, Saul Holdings L.P. of Chevy Chase, restaurant.

29. 45210 Towlern Pl., Car CMX L.P. of Glen Allen, addition at Dulles 28 Center.

30. 800 N. King St., Leesburg, Loudoun County School Board, new middle school and elementary school.