Second Hospital Needed I am writing in support of HCA's Broadlands Regional Medical Center. Having raised my family in Loudoun County, I have watched the population increase and overwhelm the entire infrastructure within the community, but the need for an additional hospital has not been addressed until now.

My daughter and grandchildren live in South Riding -- a long distance from Loudoun's only hospital. My parents have both had serious health problems requiring hospitalization. I want health care available within the community, when my family needs it. I do not want to have to be dependent on a hospital that has been admitting approximately 22 patients per day more than their stated capacity, who are receiving care in a hallway or holding area. I don't want to depend on stressed out, burned out staff that are frustrated because they cannot deliver the level of care to which they are committed.

I don't understand why Loudoun Hospital Center has had the approval and the funding for more beds for all this time and still has not expanded its bed capacity. Regardless, we need a second hospital that provides more beds, more surgical suites and additional emergency care. We need additional services and more physicians. We want Broadlands Regional Medical Center and look forward to its central location.

It seems like approval is a foregone conclusion because the need for a second hospital is so compelling. Loudoun Hospital has very limited mental health services; there is no cardiac catheterization or angioplasty. Loudoun Hospital has struggled financially. And from what I read, I agree with the person who said Loudoun Hospital is a community hospital when they want money or support, and they are a private hospital when they do not want to listen to the community and/or resist accountability to local elected leadership. The recent promises LHC has made to the community appear to be a direct result of threatened competition.

The community should not suffer because of the protectionism of Loudoun insiders. This is a rare opportunity, the promise of a second hospital. It is time for the Loudoun Hospital board and management to be concerned about Loudoun residents rather than protecting turf. It is also time for the local Health Systems Agency and the state Division of Certificate of Public Need (COPN) to approve the beds and hospital services that we need within our growing community. We do not appreciate the discrimination we in Loudoun County have experienced in past COPN decisions and we want the maldistribution of hospital beds and services corrected.

Broadlands Regional Medical Center will bring with it the positive reputation of HCA Reston Hospital. We will double the charity care available in Loudoun County and millions of dollars will be added to our tax base. Now is the time, and BRMC is the answer.

Robyn Tebo


A Satisfied Patient I am writing to you because there is so much in the newspaper these days regarding hospitals in the area. On Nov. 12, I had total knee replacement at Loudoun Hospital Center. My experience in their Short Stay Unit was truly exemplary.

During my four-day stay, I was cared for by registered nurses who are a tribute to their profession. The technicians were also of the highest caliber.

This was my second positive experience in Loudoun Hospital and I am happy to tell my friends of the wonderful care I received.

B.D. McKenzie