These are the announced births for Civista Medical Center from Nov. 19 to Dec. 17.

Nov. 19

A daughter, Amber Irene Chaney, was born to Crystal Chaney and Jimmy Jenkins of Newburg.

A daughter, Kelly Ann, was born to Lori and Steve Walker Jr. of Mechanicsville.

A son, Daniel James Auth, was born to Amy Johnson and Jason Auth of Waldorf.

Nov. 20

A daughter, Alexandra Nicole, was born to Lourdes and Raul Sagun of Waldorf.

Nov. 22

A daughter, Callie Brooke, was born to Shelley and David Culhane of Port Tobacco.

Nov. 23

A daughter, Kate Victoria, was born to Paula and Jared Cox of Mechanicsville.

Nov. 24

A son, Robert Thomas Channing, was born to Laura and David Polk of Waldorf.

A son, John Morris Glassman, was born to Melissa Kubick and Kenneth Glassman of LaPlata.

Nov. 25

A daughter, Jordan Elizabeth, was born to Lauren and Jimmy Ball of LaPlata.

A son, Wyatt Shane, was born to Deidre and Harold Cunningham Jr. of LaPlata.

A son, Kevin Frank, was born to Heather and Christopher Messick of Waldorf.

Nov. 26

A daughter, Lea McKenzie, was born to Laurie and John Plum of Chaptico.

Dec. 1

A daughter, Alyssa Paige, was born to Susan and Donald Matlock of Mechanicsville.

Dec. 2

A daughter, Faith Catherine, was born to Heidi and Larry Spencer of Waldorf.

A son, Jaydon Michael Roberts-Queen, was born to Dartysha Queen and Hugh Roberts of Indian Head.

A son, Jaden Ananias Mitchell, was born to Sherrie High and Gary Mitchell of Waldorf.

Dec. 3

A daughter, Allayna Grace, was born to Ronda and William W. Smith Jr. of Mechanicsville.

A son, Jefferey Antoine Jr., was born to Tracey and Jefferey Hood of White Plains.

A son, Benjamin Evan, was born to Karen and Dan Merchant of White Plains.

Dec. 4

A daughter, Kacy Mae, was born to Jessica and Dwayne Peters of Mechanicsville.

A son, Scott Ryan, was born to Jodi and Christopher Hennen of Waldorf.

Dec. 5

A son, Richard Noah, was born to Theresa and Curtis Burriss of Waldorf.

Dec. 7

A daughter, Jacquelyn Ann, was born to Patti and Jack Shugarts III of Waldorf.

A daughter, Julia Reese, was born to Beth and Evan Sine of Faulkner.

Dec. 8

A daughter, Leann Allison, was born to Judy and Benjamin A. Asher Jr. of Mechanicsville.

Dec. 9

A son, Hunter Thomas, was born to Susan and Stephen Simonds Jr. of Mechanicsville.

Dec. 10

A son, Caleb Burrell, was born to Kenya and Tony Wiggins of White Plains.

Dec. 11

A son, Spence Ridge, was born to Sarah and Robert Wallace of Waldorf.

A daughter, Madison Lauren, was born to Brenda and Allen Riffee of Waldorf.

Dec. 13

A son, Jason Ryan, was born to Patricia and Rick Eastburn of LaPlata.

A daughter, Emerson Noelle, was born to Tiffany and Kevin Cicala of Waldorf.

Dec. 17

A daughter, Camden Kareen, was born to Bree and Jason Lewis of Waldorf.

A daughter, Mackenzie Aliese, was born to Sherri and Dirk Thorne of Sunderland.

These are the announced births for St. Mary's Hospital from Aug. 27 to Dec. 11.

Aug. 27

A daughter, Mackenzie Catherine, was born to Kimberly and Michael Roche of Great Mills.

Nov. 16

A daughter, Katherine Grace, was born to Susan and Michael Zickel of St. Mary's City.

Nov. 19

A son, Hudson Glenn, was born to Bree and Ricky Buckler Jr. of California.

A son, William Arthur Jr., was born to Kelly and William A. Loveless Sr. of Loveville.

Nov. 20

A son, Zachary Tylor Watts, was born to Shannon Rest and John Watts of Tall Timbers.

A daughter, Alexius Jaquana Stewart, was born to Crystal Duckett and James Stewart of Lexington Park.

Nov. 22

A son, Brady William, was born to Julie and Steven Correll of California.

Nov. 24

A daughter, Dominique Alyssa, was born to Sarah Quade of Hollywood.

A son, Tobey Lee Friess, was born to Theresa Gibson and Gary Friess of Leonardtown.

A son, Brendan Joseph, was born to Michelle and Jason Hayes of Piney Point.

A daughter, Giovanna Danielle, was born to Maria and Daniel Snyder of Mechanicsville.

A daughter, Kaelyn Alexia Young, was born to Erin Young and William Tolbert of Mechanicsville.

Nov. 25

A son, Jordan McKinley, was born to Jayme and Jody Reed of Lexington Park.

Nov. 26

A son, Hunter James Guy, was born to Heather Hephner and Kenneth C. Guy Jr. of Leonardtown.

Nov. 27

A son, Ian Henson, was born to Nancy and Ernie Spence of Park Hall.

Nov. 28

A son, Barley Michael Helmick, was born to Amanda Tippett and Joshua Helmick of Chaptico.

Nov. 29

A son, Zackary David, was born to Christina and David Rickett of Prince Frederick.

Nov. 30

A son, Justin Andrew Burt Juron, was born to Tanya Burt and Michael Juron of Piney Point.

Dec. 2

A son, DaVonte QuaVone Morgan, was born to Kimberly Danford and Aaron Morgan of Lexington.

Dec. 3

A son, Augustine Paul, was born to Erin and Aaron Rouland of Lexington.

A son, Kevin Lee, was born to Martha and Steve Bonnie of Hollywood.

Dec. 4

A son, Sean Patrick Davis, was born to Kelly Bahr and Daniel Davis of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Blake Mary-Ashton, was born to Stacey and Matthew Bahr of California.

Dec. 6

A daughter, Alexis Cheyanne Shaffier, was born to Shirley Herbert and Steven Shaffier of Mechanicsville.

Dec. 8

A daughter, Amelia Kimiko, was born to Michelle and David Thorn of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Olivia Paige, was born to Lisa and Michael Mesmer of Lexington Park.

A son, Matthew Paul, was born to Janet and Stephen Katulich of Leonardtown.

Dec. 10

A daughter, Britany, was born to Wendy and George Burch of Lexington Park.

A son, Trevor Connor, was born to Kristina and J.W. Russell of Leonardtown.

Dec. 11

A twin daughter and son, Anneliese Katherine and Kurt Alexander, were born to Leslie and Ronald Hess of Lexington Park.

This is the announced birth for Sibley Memorial Hospital from Dec. 6.

Dec. 6

A daughter, Melissa Nicole, was born to Kim and Tom Patterson of Huntingtown.

These are the announced births for Southern Maryland Hospital from Aug. 2 to Dec. 12.

Aug. 2

A daughter, Mollie Marie Elaine, was born to Cindy and Timothy Moore of Waldorf.

Nov. 2

A daughter, Cashmere Qiani Longshore, was born to Montez Winters and Reginald Longshore of Waldorf.

Dec. 3

A son, Daniel Joseph Kitley, was born to Sonia Knapp and Carl Kitley of Waldorf.

Dec. 4

A son, Nicholas James, was born to Ginger and Dennis O'Brien of Mechanicsville.

Dec. 7

A son, Lincoln Tyler, was born to Annette and Mark LeHew of Owings.

Dec. 10

A daughter, Hana, was born to Stacy and Abdel Akli of LaPlata.

A son, Joshua Elijah Zekiah, was born to Wilmetta and Michael Sauls of Waldorf.

Dec. 12

A son, Brandon Gregory-Charles Proctor, was born to Shenequa Fountain and Charles Proctor of Waldorf.

A son, Gabriel William Hulvey, was born to Ariel Butner and Richard Hulvey of Waldorf.

A son, Brandon James, was born to Kristen and James Thomas Jr. of Waldorf.

A daughter, Briana Vaunce Bevans, was born to Crystal Windsor and Baran Bevans of Indian Head.

Compiled by Timothy Wilson. For more information, call 202-334-7251.