The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


A ST. E., 17-Garree R. Lancaster to Michelle L. and Steve Collings, $104,900.


ADAM RD., 307-Donna J. and Ricky A. Fuss to Juan Pablo Patino, $138,300.

BAMBURG CT., 5251-Edward John and Jane E. Burke III to Michelle Suzanne Nagy and Timothy Patrick Sullivan, $174,900.

BARBERRY CT., 5684-Winfield H. and Jacqueline I. Smith to Eric Lundberg and Cecilia D. Defries, $149,900.

CASTLE ROCK RD., 1763-Brian D. and Debra L. Fry to Tracy T. and Charles M. Matthews, $339,900.

CENTER ST., 229-Anna M. and Richard P.H. Ambush to Valerie Jo Devolld, $84,900.

CENTER ST., 229-Valerie Jo Devolld to Sandra L. Brentzel and William C. Pechnik Jr., $338,469.

CHARSTONE CT., 5733-Frank D. Smith to Denis Zahn, $121,000.

COOPERS WAY, 1649-Lori A. Cavanaugh to Stacy Brink Weedon and Troy M. Weedon, $196,000.

COPPER CT., 7987-Shirley A. Barger to Janet Moser, $158,500.

CROSSBILL WAY, 102-Jesica and Roger D. Hanstine Jr. to Hari Om Dhawan, $125,400.

DUKE CT., 5176-Melinda Aiello to Linda Matusek, $131,000.

GERONIMO DR., 834-Timothy C. and Kimberly D. Calimer to Renee L. and Thomas L. Shaffer, $192,000.

HAWKINS SOUTH CT., 6296-Charles E. and Vicki L. Harrison to Tracy R. and Sean P. Tracy, $317,500.

HAYDOWN CT., 6613-Brian Stephen Sullivan to Brenda L. Kasten Binder, $131,000.

HILLSBOROUGH DR., 9321-James W. and Rebecca E. Sample to Christine and Daniel R. Matthews, $360,000.

HIMES AVE., 603, No. 111-Miguel R. Racines to Peggy A. Wade, $90,000.

HIMES AVE., 619, No. V-110-Mark Dillon to Sharon Lee Haines, $95,000.

HUNTWOOD CT., 2402-Ingrid Christine Hause to Mia B. and Vernell Cherry, $134,000.

INDEPENDENCE ST., 2217-Michael E. Bannister to Bridget K. Carr, $325,000.

JUBAL WAY, 818-Victoria Simone Garrett to Joseph N. Garner, $193,000.

MCLENDON DR., 908-William Roger Roberts to Linda R. Lookadoo, $149,000.

NORTHRIDGE LANE, 1746-Terry W. and Gertrude M. Shaw to Barbara S. and Gerald E. Howard, $113,900.

OLD ANNAPOLIS RD., 10331-Teresa L. Huzzy to Katherine L. Penick and Kenneth R. Grim, $219,900.

PENWICK CIR., 156-Maureen L. and Michael C. Smith to Xiaojin Wu, $177,900.

REGAL CT., 5340-Robert B. Stoll to James Michael Cherry, $174,900.

STRATFORD DR., 806, No. H-Donna R. Marsh to Felicitas C. Ganotisi, $89,550.

TOWNCREST CT., 6305-Arnold H. Zea to Brenda J. Vaughn and Myron F. Hoffman, $145,000.

WESTCOTT CIR., 5511-Lee R. and Kelley M. Churchill II to Carrie E. and Darrin M. Goodall, $186,500.

WHITEHALL RD., 2102, No. B-John Shuster to Christopher Ahern, $91,000.

WINTERSPICE DR., 595-Richard C. and Joy A. Spencer to Elena Del Carmen Yanez and Aldo R. Mazariego, $275,000.


PLEASANT VALLEY RD., 14330-Edgar J. and Audrey Willard to Ellen P. and J.L. Rodriquez, $189,900.


ST. GEORGES PL., 7700-Thomas A. and Mary Ellen Wezowicz to Frances M. and James S. Albertoli, $483,500.

SUNFLOWER DR., 3010-Michael L. and Barbara J. Hillard to Anita L. and Ronald L. Coleman, $279,900.


GENE KEMP RD., 4436-Charles E. and Frances M. Parris to Kelli A. and Buddy L. Puryear, $304,500.

SHADYWOOD DR., 3860, No. 3-Ann P. Schreiber to Kelly Oranczak, $97,000.


SOUTH MOUNTAIN RD., 3819-Troy L. and Heather E. Miller to Sherie L. and Michael H. Koob, $210,000.


ANNAPOLIS CT. W., 13998-Kent E. and Diane E. Gittings Jr. to Patricia A. Kennedy and Leslie R. Lewis III, $175,000.

DOUGLAS AVE., 6078-Bradley R. and Elizabeth W. Hayek to Heather L. and Brian S. Atwill, $261,900.

LILAC PL., 11705-Anthony S. and Sara N. Dilima to Jennifer A. and Hans G. Mykytyn, $309,000.

WESTRIDGE DR., 403-Andrew P. and Susan M. Cibula to Mario Alfonso and Rosa L. Ruiz, $250,000.

WHITE PELICAN WAY, 10241, No. 104F-Bonnie Lee Brewer to Paula M. Miller, $79,500.


FLINTRIDGE DR., 2759-David Matthew Holbert to Deborah S. and Richard M. Bremer, $233,000.



MAIN ST. W., 181-Vaughn and Gina Guido Bridenstine to Brian D. Peyser and Rachel M. Wander, $225,000.


OAK HILL RD., 10360-Oliver F. and Shirley V. Hoffman to Terri J. and Daryl A. Sensenig, $195,000.



COPPERMINE RD., 12934-Wayne R. and Peggy Y. Rice to Erin M. and Arthur V. Maselli, $270,000.