The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


ASHTON OAKS CT., 120-John A. Bennett to Sandra J. Welte, $745,000.

HIDDEN GARDEN LANE, 17809-Thomas P. Lipscomb to John M. Kuchinski, $400,000.


BALTIMORE RD., 2501, No. 6-Alfreda J. Hill to Irma S. Campos, $120,000.

BARTLETT ST., 13400-Gerard M. and A.A. La Forgia to Sarah J. and Burt B. Cairns, $346,000.

HEATHFIELD RD., 4107-K.C. and Arthur E. Lizear to Jose Leal, $268,000.

TURKEY BRANCH PKWY., 13119-George B. Martin to Esta and Kenneth Franklin, $250,000.

WOODCREST DR., 14528-Robert J. and J.J. McCarthy to Diane B. Hirsch and Daniel J. Goldstein, $260,000.


ARMAT DR., 7116-B.B. and John M. Richardson to Lisa Gunty, $1,120,000.

HAMILTON SPRING RD., 7613-Daryl A. South to Amita D. Jha, $625,000.

HIGHBORO DR., 6109-Jennifer S. and C.A. Concepcion to Rebekah C. Liu and Paul K. Martin, $750,000.


LONE OAK DR., 5904-Roger S. and B.C. Powell to David B. and Sharon M. Jacobin, $399,900.

MARBURY RD., 7515-Jefferson H. and B.V. McCrory Jr. to Ramin D. and Maryam K. Azimi, $595,000.

MOHICAN RD., 5421-Elaine G. Bernstein to Susan Silverstein and A. Patrick Gates, $810,000.

RIVERCREST CT., 6605-James L. Pettee, trustee, to Lynda E. and Gary Slayen, $650,000.

ROBINWOOD RD., 6209-L.A. and Robert L. Shipp to Belle Peterson, $90,000.

SANGAMORE RD., 4903-Donald L. and P.D. MacKeen to Edward C. Rall and Sue Larowe Rall, $780,000.

SOUTHWICK ST., 5618-Ronald V. and L.A. Wilson to Chuen Shoei Wang and Oliver Roche, $453,000.

SURREYWOOD LANE, 6713-Brian M. and E.E. Lynn to Mary D. and Christopher B. Darby, $411,100.

TOURNAY RD., 4602-Alexander W. and C.M. Whitaker to Lori and David Siegel, $850,000.

WILSON LANE, 5703-Alejandro J. Bravo to Matthew E. and Kelli A. Forbes, $432,000.


PERRYWOOD DR., 14923-Donald W. and B.A. Blankenship to Sylvia Perez Boualam and Ahmed Boualam, $447,750.

SERBIAN LANE, 15108-Alan B. Glass to Angela D. and Thomas W. Burnford, $281,900.


BADIAN DR., 2101-William M. and J.M. Deyhle to Dana L. and James A. MacMillan, $460,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TER., 1625-Nancy L. Palmer to David P. Vicenty, $79,900.

LOCKSLEY LANE, 13304-David B. Esch to Consuela A. Pinto and Jay S. Brown, $380,000.

SANDSTONE CT., 2013-Patricia S. Bradshaw to Anna and Carlos E. Iraheta, $344,000.

SIR THOMAS WAY, 13605, No. 2A-Dorene Weaver to Elizabeth G. Caldwell, $130,000.

STRAVINSKY TER., 13225-Mari Wallace to Dorothy E. Lowey, $215,000.

TANLEY RD., 718-Gregory Savage to Bryan Bowles, $282,000.


DELAWARE ST., 6821-Elaine A. Draper to Robin and Karmi Leiman, $745,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4242, No. 502-Delia I. Soto to Patricia Eluani, $150,000.

PARK AVE. N., 4601, No. 12C-Robert C. Jacob to Susan P. and William J. Rodgers, $90,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5610, No. 501-Shirley K. Ratner, trustee, to Melida T. and Hamid Tajbakhsh, $700,000.


ELM GROVE CIR., 1234-D.W. and Danielle Deane to Patrick M. Mulwanda, $180,000.

SHOREHAM DR., 14308-C.A. and Joseph M. Ashcraft to Minhthu Nguyen, $440,000.


BAEDERWOOD CT., 3-M.K. and Jack L. Harmon to Robert F. Weisberg, $365,000.

REDLAND RD., 16512-Nicholas G. and P.A. Sappe to Yu Wen Zhang and Mu Zhen Li, $268,000.


ANNA CT., 32, No. 281-Carol M. McLaughlin to Darryl W. and Carol M. Rose, $840,000.

BOOKHAM CT., 4-L.M. and William M. McVeigh to Rajan Mahajan, $364,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 401, No. 7-Richard J. Wathen to Hiroki Fuijyama, $105,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 429, No. 68-John L. Willey to Katherine and Vladimir Novikov, $119,500.

CLOVER MEADOW PL., 19100-Donald J. Giovenco to Deanna and George Oyedile, $189,900.

GOLDEN MEADOW DR., 19224-Richard A. and L.A. Kendall to Homeyra Khojini and Farhad Zoulfagharian, $354,000.

GRACELAND ST., 2-Jinzhi Liu to Yun Chi, $360,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 10066, No. 266-Shahrokh Sari to Amanda L. Abell, $82,500.

HELLINGLY PL., 9858, No. 123-Matthew T. Neuman to Michael J. Skiba Family Trust, $85,000.

HOLDCROFT LANE, 122-Michael A. Okoye to Amit Berger, $207,000.

HOWARD LANDING DR., 16104-Haiyong Wang to Farrokh Hashemi, $416,000.

MARSTON LANE, 9637-Michael E. and N.M. Kunkel to Sandra and Alfred Ranno, $114,000.

MAYHILL TER., 19811-Gregory S. and K.L. McNabb to Moliene B. and Alan B. Fisher, $249,900.

MIRRASOU LANE, 27-Jessie J. James to Wei Zhang and Zhifeng Zhou, $203,000.

MOUNTAIN ASH WAY, 8324-P.J. and Surinder Paul to Julio C. Ramirez, $179,900.

PEBBLEWOOD DR., 14524-Martin L. and R.L. Butin to Reena Philip and Viju C. Ipe, $567,000.

PIER POINT PL., 18736-Jeffrey A. Hill to Maria P. and Oscar R. Garcia, $178,000.

PONTIAC WAY, 30-John H. Judge to Matthew L. Gannon, $222,000.

PONTIAC WAY, 5-Renee L. Gaskin to Nancy K. Hughitt, $216,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 794-Virginia R. Rosvold to Fiedra and Maxwell H. Hernandez, $84,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD RD., 1012-Sue A. Marcum to Jesse L. March, $260,000.

RIDEOUT CT., 2-Patti Rhodes Cornell to Anmer A. Fuentes, $354,900.

RIDGELINE DR., 10129-Michael E. Johnson to Monica Vilanoba, $115,000.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 403-Eric J. Ruggiero to Joann E. Cangelosi, $300,000.

ROYAL BONNET CIR., 18029-Stacy J. Vonsik to Natalya and Boris Mirlas, $189,500.

SPARKLING WATER DR., 18715, No. 9-M. and Lalchan Ramcharan to Gregory M. Teal, $158,000.

STANDARD CT., 2, No. 1-Amilcar Sanchez to Miguel A. Hernandez, $88,000.

STORY DR., 11-S. and John Colantoni to Diane L. Halvorsen, $230,000.

SUMMIT HALL RD., 307-Dorothy Casas to Andrew K. and Kimberly J. Tom, $303,000.

SYLVAN GLADE DR., 14436-Andrew M. and P. Baker to Jian Ding and Zhengyu Wang, $586,000.

TUNSTALL DR., 18151-Susan E. Molster to Alain L. Pacheco, $123,000.

WOODLAND RD., 112-Stephen T. Harris to Jose Rivera, $210,000.


ROKEBY AVE., 11312-Mary A. Fitzpatrick, trustee, to Frederika C. Moser and Richard J. Murnane, $490,000.


ANSEL TER., 13400, No. 6-H-S.H. and Adrian A. Gomez to Christine E. Lee, $142,000.

BRITTANIA CIR., 12206-Frederick S. and V.H. Robinson to Elizabeth and Sean Keaney, $211,000.

CHOCTAW CT., 19909-Sheldon and M. Feuer to Eric Smith and Catherine R. Sturdivant, $155,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13418-Julia Smucker to Kimberly A. Norman, $158,000.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12204, No. A-Barbara J. Demambro to Charles B. Russell, $128,000.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12216, No. B-Shawnnah K. Shipe to Stephen P. Plitt, $110,000.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12220, No. M-Dawn M. Koehler to E. Peter Johnsen, $127,394.

KITCHEN HOUSE WAY, 12838-J.B. and Steven C. Woodnick to Roque Hernandez, $168,750.

LAKE SPRAY TER., 21205, No. 78-Elizabeth H. Fenner to Yun Zhang and Yi Zhou, $250,000.

LIBERTY HEIGHTS CT., 23-Craig Cohen to Sandra Pilier, $190,000.

MAYCREST WAY, 19815-Mark and D. Chilnick to Silvia and Victor Herrada, $385,000.

MCFARLIN DR., 18864-Gabriel A. Inwood to Elizabeth S. Marshall, $177,000.

RISING SUN LANE, 13300-Soon H. and Yeon Tae Kim to Sang Y. Lee, $255,000.

ROSEBAY PL., 20911, No. 1303-Paul B. Goodall to Yumei Xiong and Congde Zou, $229,900.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20501-Julie D. Morauer to Rose V. Diaz, $121,000.

TATTERSHALL DR., 19209-K.W. and Stephen B. Irish to Eveling Queirolo, $395,000.

VILLAGE FOUNTAIN DR., 18625-J. and Adam Bernat to Ashok K. Saxena, $218,000.

WANEGARDEN DR., 13801-John C. Chernaukas to Karen Worthy and Isaac T. Adu, $280,000.

WARRIOR BROOK DR., 19105-Ruth M. Bonchick to Nuzaira Azam and Zafar Iqbal, $286,500.


BLOSSOM LANE, 10809-Jay Scott Thompson to Jeanine E. and Robert C. Grain, $274,250.

DILSTON RD., 9608-Edward Koenig to Charlotte Mirembe and Jose Ssemwogerere, $239,500.

HEDIN DR., 9709-R.H. and Leopold Goldberg to Ayelech Belew, $259,000.


CONNECTICUT AVE., 9811-Thomas W. Doerr to Susan W. and Taylor B. Seybolt, $435,000.

FLANDERS AVE., 4809-Helen H. Phillips to Audrey G. Walen, $325,000.

HOMEWOOD PKWY., 3014-Thomas J. and B.T. Curran to Faina S. Berezovskaya and Georgiy P. Karev, $300,000.


BUSH HILL RD., 24005-Michael T. and K. Merritt to Lilliam and James Pennypacker, $249,900.

STABLEVIEW CT., 8624-Albert F. Beatty to Clifford W. Herman and Melonie M. Sviatla, $499,000.

WARFIELD RD., 9210-Raymond S. and N.D. Ward to Sevy Germain and James Boutiette, $329,750.


BRASSIE PL., 19404-Sean P. McEvoy to Maria E. and Elihor D. Valenzuela, $109,900.

LOCUST POINT CT., 18518-Kien Lee to Joanne R. Aarons, $173,000.

TINDAL SPRINGS CT., 28-Michael L. and D.D. Hershberger to Margaret M. and Greg D. Swanberg, $285,000.


ATWOOD RD., 1354-Lawrence P. and D.G. Halprin to Alicia M. and Daniel E. Simpson, $455,000.

CARRIAGE SQUARE DR., 14901-Tracey K. Lutz to Adrienne D. Jehle, $245,000.

CASINO CIR., 1461-Richard H. Levine to David E. Cabrera, $249,000.

EPPING RD., 12609-Edwin E. Mejia to Carlos H. Henriquez, $302,500.

GARRETT PARK RD., 4221-Edwin G. Suarez to Juan P. Rodriguez, $194,000.

GRIDLEY RD., 4505-James C. and T.L. Nix to Gladys J. and Pedro J. Quintana, $227,400.

HERITAGE LANE, 14101-Joan E. Berger, trustee, to Danielle Ring and Justin Curry, $405,000.

HUGO CIR., 1621-Christine A. Lalonde to Timothy D. Dietz, $279,000.

ISBELL ST., 4104-Alan and J.A. Antonacci to Carmela Barrionuevo and Jorge O. Argoti, $275,000.

JOSEPH MILL RD., 11512-Gloria J. Walker to Messan A. Atisso, $158,000.

LAYHILL RD., 12829-S. and Charlee Karukoh to Vijitha Eyango, $330,000.

MASSANUTTEN DR., 2324-Eu K. Hong to Mi S. Jang, $228,000.

MENTONE RD., 11707-James A. Straw, trustee, to Ralph Michael Gately, $271,000.

MIDDLE RD., 12315-Raymond C. Kull, trustee, to Patricia A. and Eugene L. Poe, $90,000.

PONDSIDE TER., 2319-Marie A. McKillop to Julia and Carlos Jimenez, $336,000.

ROUND TREE CT., 13501-Gene Grabowski to Jeniffer S. and Anthony G. Marinucci, $405,000.

SAMPSON RD., 4112-Doris A. Jenkins to Guadalupe and Jose Zelaya, $193,000.


CARRISA LANE, 3743-Cory E. and L.M. Easton to Karla and Patrick McGary, $402,000.

LLEWELLYN FIELD RD., 3309-Robert R. and P.A. Woodruff to Janet A. and John C. Swindler, $185,600.

MEADOWLAND CT., 2700-Anthony E. and C. Calkins to Irene and Michael D. Christian, $418,000.

MEADOWLAND TER., 18513-James A. Calder to Thomas J. Rowe, $393,000.

MORNINGWOOD DR., 4608-Chang B. Kim to Ye Sook and Keong D. Moon, $313,000.


CHISWELL RD., 17301-Richard M. and L.L. Carnahan to Nora L. and David J. Marshall, $266,000.

SHANNON WAY, 19001-M.A. Szymkowiak to Maria and Hector Angueira, $210,000.


BARN WOOD LANE, 10615-Charles S.Y. and H.C.L. Chin to Erin P. and Paris A. Bandak, $1 million.

CAMBRIDGE MANOR CT., 9209-Sandra K. Sherman to Adriana and Brian Seligman, $1. 025 million.

CHAREN LANE, 11807-Sylvia B. Frager to Ovrang R. Sohrabi, $362,000.

COLDSTREAM DR., 11711-Dino A. and M.B. Costas to Asha A. and Aravind Gore, $531,000.

GLEN MILL RD., 12817-Donald F. and E.E. Summers to Jennifer and Kenneth R. Possenriede, $725,000.

HORNFAIR CT., 11516-Chul and S.O. Lee to Esther S. and Andy Suh, $650,000.

INVERNESS RIDGE RD., 8162-Janet Oak to Leah W. Tedla, $340,000.

KENDALE RD., 9704-William E. and C.S. Danielson to Grace E. and John K. Park, $1.5 million.

LUVIE CT., 11509-Bridgit C. Blumberg to Cristina V. and Brian D. Weaver, $970,000.

POWDER HORN DR., 11120-Gregory J. MacChio to Jamie L. and Jeffrey M. Borns, $699,880.

SCOTLAND DR., 7703-P. and Morris Cohen to William A. Milam, $95,000.

SNOWPINE WAY, 10304-Lionel and S.M. Chaiken to Laurie A. and Ofer Gamliel, $725,000.

STAPLEFORD HALL DR., 10609-Ali H. and W.N. Gendi to Barbara and David Parish, $1.9 million.

WOODSEND CT., 15-Masoud and S. Deljoubar to Swati C. and Maheshkumar P. Joshi, $400,000.


ASHLEY DR., 11808-Ann B. Wions to Richardo A. Gamez, $255,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12307, No. 416-Naomi Richman to Tara McWilson Karr, $92,500.

FOXBOROUGH CIR., 9936-V. and Benjamin R. Castro to Mark S. Steinitz, $400,000.

LINCOLN ST., 611-M. and Guido Maldonado to Maria D.C. Alba, $192,000.

MCCORMICK RD., 2409-Kari L. Schnyer to William B. Armbruster, $306,500.

MONROE ST., 118, No. 808-Richard E. Peterson to Kelly Yong Park, $132,000.

TUDOR LANE, 5812-J.J. and Robert E. Oidtman to Weiqun Zhou, $474,600.

VALLEY OAK CIR., 13620-Michael A. and M.A. Logsdon to Lei Zhu and Feng Dong, $360,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10140-Sirous Monsef to Hartej S. Sood, $345,000.


MARDEN LANE, 18001-Sean M. and L.R. Salmon to Lynn and John Hines, $623,200.


BRUNETT AVE., 9617-M.D. and Elise M. Breen to Nancy J. McDermott, $325,000.

COLUMBIA BLVD., 9403-Hal J. and I.A. Singer to Jorge F. and Elizabeth S. Walker, $365,000.

GRUBB RD., 8333, No. G201-Kenneth E. Conklin to Lyn Tortoriello, $151,000.

LAREDO RD., 910-K.W. and Robert Brown to C. Ingrid Stahlman, $225,000.

LYTTONSVILLE RD., 2019-Charles R. Williams to Yvonne Hinkson, $265,000.

MEADOWHILL RD., 10809-Martin H. and R. Himmel to Meredith C. and Matthew Daly, $365,000.

MOSS AVE., 9920-K.B. and William R. Ward Jr. to Shane Greenstreet, $268,000.

OAK LEAF DR., 11100, No. 77-Jean E. Alcide to Erenia Acosta, $169,900.

STIRLING RD., 1022-Lloyd L. and M.L. Keicher to Christine E. and Gregory S. Virgin, $271,900.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 318-Clair L. and L.H. Lemmon to Peggy W. and Fred W. Kay, $120,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2209, No. W301-Ruth B. Futrovsky to Walter L. Miller, $172,000.

WOODLAND DR., 9415-Claudia A. Blair to Rose Safir, $399,000.


FLOWER AVE., 8407-Lester Polchlopek to Patricia and Jeffrey P. Zahn, $235,000.

MANOR CIR., 221-Harry C. and M.E. Ambush to Eric M. Growney and Hemi D. Tewarson, $379,000.

MAPLE AVE., 7611, No. 603-Clara A. Corea to John C. Conger, $150,000.

POPLAR AVE., 6727-Lisa G. and D.A. Dawes to Susanna C. Kemp and Daniel Calingaert, $374,000.


GROVE AVE., 103-R. Peter Kollasch to Braden E. Vinroe, $360,000.


DUBLIN DR., 1721-Mark J. Petrlik to Diane C. Thompson, $300,250.

EASECREST DR., 11003-Robert M. Claffy to Valeriana and Nestor Arze, $269,900.

GAIL PL., 11607-Shu Chin Yang, trustee, to Gary Coody, $246,000.