Here are some of your new year's resolutions for local transportation officials, and for other drivers:

I resolve (and hope all other drivers do, too) that if two cars pass me on the right, I will move over at least one lane to the right. Also, it would be nice if officials would post signs along major roadways saying, "Slow Traffic Should Stay Right."

Janet Braverman


What a wonderful resolution! If everyone would resolve to move right, gridlock would be eased.

Have D.C. police direct traffic at busy intersections. In cities like New York and Chicago, rush hour traffic does well because police are guiding pedestrians, letting buses move from the curb into the traffic flow, etc. Why does D.C. refuse to do this?

Fred Abramson


Perhaps the mayor does not care enough to spend the resources. Too bad.

1. Increase the fine for eating, drinking and smoking in the Metro system and enforce the rules.

2. Install new, LARGE signs at every entrance listing the rules. Erect them in a conspicuous location, and make them user-friendly (international symbols) so out-of-town visitors will understand them.

Bob Krupinski


1. Coordinate traffic lights. On the Fairfax County Parkway, traffic gets stopped at every light.

2. Make talking on a cell phone while driving illegal.

3. Make reading and speaking English a requirement for getting a driver's license.

Pat Julien


Be it resolved, that motorists will use their turn signals before they hit their brakes and slow for the turn.

Ira A. Friedrich


Resolved, that Metro officials will post signs on escalators saying, "Stand to the Right, Walk on the Left" to help customer foot traffic move more smoothly in and around Metro stations.

And be it resolved that Metro officials will post bus schedules at all bus shelters, and as many bus stops as possible.

Janet Wamsley


Traffic officials resolve to paint and maintain dotted lines in all signalized intersections with multiple turn lanes, to guide left-turners through the turns by clearly demarcating the lanes.

Motorists resolve not to cross these lines.

Craig Hinners

Baltimore County

This is not a high-cost item, and it would help so many motorists.

Resolved, that when relining roads, every jurisdiction will use reflective paint or some other means of ensuring that motorists are able to see the lines on the road in foul weather.

Eileen Gernhard

Fairfax City

Resolved, that District officials will quickly repair and reopen Klingle Road NW to help ease traffic congestion.

Paul McKenzie


Resolved, that the new leadership of VDOT install vending machines at the Virginia Welcome Center on westbound Interstate 66.

John Rupp


VDOT should resolve to restore the I-395 HOV-3 lanes from north of the Pentagon to the 14th Street Bridge. The lanes were closed during bridge renovation and never reopened.

Brian Manwiller


Resolved, that officers in Arlington police cruisers will stop for pedestrians in marked crosswalks, thereby showing that if the police cannot be bothered to enforce that particular law, they can at least go to the trouble of obeying it.

Jennifer Clark


Resolved, that Northern Virginia voters vote out all elected officials (local, state and federal) who supported the sales tax referendum.

Nancy Brown


Thanks for so many useful resolutions. Now if we could just get some of them implemented . . .

If you have any more resolutions for officials and other drivers, kindly submit them in the next couple of days. Happy New Year!

Transportation researcher Diane Mattingly contributed to this column.

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