The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


CEDAR RIDGE CT., 1027-Mark E. Haynes to Randall H. and Kari A. Bounds, $133,900.

CLINTON CT., 7014, No. 23A-Christie C. Herron to Hugh F. Doherty and Susan M. Libby, $359,900.

DAMSEL LANE, 1405-Timothy C. Wright to American Pie Invesments Corp., $210,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 798, No. 798F-Gordon D. Mayers Jr. to Anne Fitzgerald, $155,000.

JANWALL CT., 10-J. Erik Schaeffer to Susan S. Helbert, $113,000.

QUAY VILLAGE CT., 2024, No. 2024-201-R. Alistair Johnson Clague to Stephen P. and Nancy Lebarron, $580,000.

QUIET WATERS PL., 118-Craig D. Dingwall to Paul M. Abel, $200,000.

TYLER AVE., 1137-David Belisle to Timothy L. Ritchie, $112,500.

SECOND ST., 527-Mark A. Hillman to Ricardo and Vivian Bellucci, $399,000.



BAY FRONT TER., 2101-Joseph Stern to Irina Orlov and Douglas R. Abbott, $399,000.

BON HAVEN LANE, 2750-Roy L. Clagg to Kayvan S. and Susannah Malek, $1,495,000.

CEDAR PARK RD., 1204, No. 6-Timothy Fitzgerald to Stephanie D. Brandquist, $205,000.

CHESTER TOWN CIR., 1520, No. 41-Matthew P. Tengwall to Jeffrey D. Paxson and Mary R. Muller Thym, $215,000.

DUNSTABLE GREEN, 1696-Steven M. Lucas to John F. Zapf, $575,000.

DURMONT CT., 2813-Ramon F. Baez to Ermis and Leslie F. Sfakiyanudis, $515,000.

FOREST BEACH RD., 333-Kenneth F. Anderson to James A. and Tara L. Guido, $175,000.

HILL ST., 12-Dorothy Bergamaschi to Gene A. and Tonya M. Nevin, $359,900.

MARCONI CIR., 1939-Jennie L. Brogdon, trustee, to Robert J. and Linda C. Foley, $179,900.

PRINCE GEORGE ST., 187-Lee A. Aube to Katherine J. Page, $417,000.

SEAN DR., 650-Primacy Closing Corp. to Daniel J. and Cynthia O'Neill, $525,000.


EDGEHILL RD., 121-James A. Grube to Judith A. O'Brien, $575,000.


BAY GREEN DR., 518-Herman M. Atkins to Kevin V. and Diane E. Begley, $329,000.

BRIGHTLEAF DR., 1070-Prudential Residential Services to Beth Madsen, $140,000.

BROADWATER RD., 464-Harold G. Greinke to Steven Howison and Letha Mae G. Hale, $185,000.

DIVIDING CREEK CT., 64-Cecil R. Kuhn to Tamara E. and Scott N. Saxon, $220,000.

DOUBLEDAY DR., 1248-Carole J. Garcia to Adolfo and Maria E. Cano, $270,000.

DRIFTWOOD CT., 1205, No. 42-Richard L. Koplin to Laura Kay Metcalf, $162,500.

FALCON NEST CT., 1420, No. 29-James P. Fisher to Joan C. Livingston, $219,990.

JONES STATION RD., 1226-Russell R. Pulley to Marjorie and Andre Jones, $242,285.

MAGO VISTA RD., 813-David E.M. Metrinko to Dominick and Elizabeth Binetti, $234,000.

MELISSA CT., 557, No. U27-Norman E. Beckett to David and Joy Newton, $147,000.

OAKMONT CT., 505, No. 78-Lynn W. Duleh to Michelle Klassen, $145,000.

QUAKER RIDGE CT., 579, No. 141-Barry W. Bowman to Russell S. and Milhaela C. Boyd, $170,500.

TALON CT., 606, No. 4-James E. Davidson Jr. to Mary Bargteil, $204,900.


ARDEN RD. W., 208-Edward C. O'Connor to Kevin Curran, $75,000.

EDISON ST., 307-Raymond Serio to Edward M. Pockey, $70,000.

SEVENTH AVE., 4-William E. Wedemeyer Jr. to David S. Maloney, $144,900.


AMBLING CIR., 2516, No. 17-Matthew W. Watson to R. James and Martha Barrett, $210,000.

ASHBURNHAM CT., 1508, No. 88-Carolyn J. Norris to Brian T. and Merriam S. Norris, $205,000.

BANCROFT LANE, 1717, No. 270-Debra G. McConnell to Mark N. Tantalo, $122,900.

CROFTON PKWY., 1834-William A. Kurtz to Janet Kirkpatrick and Lawrence G. Herbert, $302,500.

DARTMOUTH LANE, 2310-William F. Phillips III to Michael A. and Nicole R. Blanche, $210,000.

ENGLISH PL., 1626-Edward J. Wilson Jr. to Stephen L. and Suzanne L. Proctor, $285,000.

FLATWOOD CT., 1446, No. 14467-William E. Burton to Shawn and Renee Smith, $148,600.

HIGHTEE CT., 2419-John D. Forzato to Andrew and Janice M. Langer, $340,000.

HIGHTEE CT., 2428-Raul O. Roldan to Joseph J. and Susan E. Legan, $400,000.

LAKE GROVE CT., 2049, No. 5-Paul White to Catherine A. Ferguson, $159,900.

LONG DRIVE CT., 1526-Craig K. Tan to Leah C. O'Hara and Kevin W. Conway, $218,000.

MARA VISTA CT., 1436, No. 122XC-Mary A. Publicover to Addy B. Caulker, $112,000.

NESTLEWOOD CT., 1439, No. 14394-Samuel W. Stiles to James E. Erwin III and Christopher C. Newman, $121,000.

PILGRIM CT., 1102-Richard S. Quigg Jr. to James J. and Amy C. Hegarty, $375,000.

PLEASANT MEADOW RD., 1328-Robert F. Corbin to Matthew and Tabatha Chesnick, $429,900.

REGENTS PARK RD. E., 1804-Judith A. Frank to Robert E. and Mary C. Leizear, $260,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2414, No. 41F-Meghan Keating to Michael Gardiner, $130,000.

YARMOUTH LANE, 2400-Adam Terry to Nicole G. and Robert K. Pedersen, $180,000.


CROWNSVILLE RD., 1584-Michael L. Motta to Jerri L. Kamicker and Edgar L. Brooks III, $213,000.

GENERALS HWY., 1222-Barbara G. Gehring to Gloria Spence and Fred Jackson, $163,000.

HINE TRAIL, 907-Alan G. Halle to Linda Benson, $169,900.


EAGLE PASSAGES CT., 1004-David F. Wherley Jr. to Frederick J. and Vivian L. Stefany, $545,000.

WOODS EDGE DR., 3962-Barry N. Cover to David and Lisa Marcus, $560,025.


MAIN ST., 908-Genevieve L. Johnson to Karen L. Johnson, $100,000.


FAIRLEA DR., 424-Brian C. Pierman to Frank E. Baginski, $585,000.

HAVRE DE GRACE DR., 1738-Elesta L. Ours to Dana A. Snoots, $175,000.

HOLLY DR., 3875-Matthew J. Perkins to Edward D. and Katherine M. Grimley, $223,500.

STEELE RIDGE DR., 1274-Joseph Garzone, trustee, to Sandra K. Wing, $677,400.

TARRAGON LANE, 96-Anthony J. Kopacz to Tarragon Family Trust and R. Raimond, trustee, $353,000.


KIRCHNER LANE, 1500-Prudential Relocation Inc. to David D. and Linda B. Ross, $668,500.

MAYTIME DR., 2309-Howard L. Robinson Jr. to Lee M. and Kellie M. Robinson, $165,000.


BALEEN CT., 7530, No. 274-Andre Stephens to Craig A. Queeen, $132,900.

BEND CIRCLE RD., 512, No. 95R-Bartley P. Connors to Michael Morris, $114,800.

FOXFARM LANE, 7819-Anthony G. Gorski to John E. and Kelly T. Skovron, $164,000.

FOXWELL BEND RD., 96-Henry A. Barton to Greg Cincinnati, $270,000.

GLEN CT., 548, No. 32L-Joan M. Voir to Cheryl L. Hamrick, $87,000.

INGRAM CT., 425-Steven A. Dennison to Julious and Tuwana Lindsay, $120,000.

JUNEBERRY WAY, 202, No. 202-3D-Lee T. Bokman to Amber R. Davis and Todd A. Himes, $94,000.

MANNING RD., 1703-Paul C. Durrant to Charles M. Schurman and Michael C. Draper, $104,900.

SHORT CURVE RD., 525, No. 81-Brooke D. Strehlen to David K. Sanner, $101,000.

SPRITE WAY, 648-Robert K. Daly to Steven G. and Janette R. Chandler, $137,000.

WEST CT., 424, No. 6B-Matthew L. Boening to Patrick Song, $84,000.


ANDREWS RD., 929-Alan B. Hoffmaster to Tammy A. Turner, $137,600.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1117, No. 1D-Nick A. Mastorakis to Leslie B. Offutt, $75,000.

HAMMARLEE RD., 262-Barbara J. Greene to Lisa Marie Eble and Ronald W. Lowman Jr., $127,901.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6601, No. 203-James B. Webster to Charles M. Barbour, $79,999.

ST. AGNES RD., 19-Raymond L. Wright to 19 St. Agnes Road Corp., $105,000.

STIEMLY AVE., 306-Halwin K. Smith to Clifford Brandenurg III, $185,000.

THOMAS RD., 26-June K. Sherbondy to Scott Noyes, $139,900.

WYNBROOK RD., 1130-Homer A. Sigman to Michelle and Steven R. Crone, $125,000.


GESNA DR., 1412-Rita L. Kelly to Gregory A. and Sharon R. Johnson, $164,000.


ACCOKEEK ST., 8614-Michael L. Johnston to John Dillard, $187,500.

BEAVER CREEK RD., 3020-Betty J. Scott to Pamela Lyons, $227,500.

BROCK BRIDGE RD., 231-Adrian B. Hubbard to Robert Marshall and Estelle Roberts, $149,900.

BROCK BRIDGE RD., 8257-Stuart H. Mortimer to Dale T. Clark, $130,000.

LINDENWOOD DR., 3443-Edward J. Pettit to Moses S. Hart, $165,000.

SPICE BUSH RD., 3018-Todd S. Lieb to Antonio Bocanegra and Diana Padilla, $205,000.


GENERALS HWY., 778-Edward A. Holmes Jr. to Judith K. Schneider, $530,000.

MILLFIELD CT., 8209-George V. Taliaferro to Samuel R. and Rebecca D. Fradsham, $189,000.

ROCK RIDGE RD., 214-Timothy R. Clements to Thomas F. and Jill E. Grupski, $674,900.


BEECHNUT PL., 2423-Gregory M. Smell to Nelson S. Brockenborough, $185,000.

CADBURY DR., 659-Frank E. Burnett to Nathaniel and Maggie L. Merritt, $111,500.

CANTEEN CIR., 2235, No. 144-Larry G. Reese Jr. to Paul D. and Veronica Pugh, $170,000.

GREENCREST LANE, 512, No. 7-512-Rose T. Renesca to Donovan L. Mitchell, $164,900.

ICY RUN TER., 528, No. 3-528-Model Homes Partnership to Daryl B. Smith, $161,500.

ODENTON RD., 1119-Harold L. Stemple to Ronald Boliek, $146,000.

PASSAGE DR., 1337-Rafael Pagan Jr. to Ryan M. and Rebecca A. Spence, $140,000.

RITA DR., 482-Frank Libbon to Henry J. Powell IX, $220,000.

SUMMERTIME DR., 720-Robert L. Moore Jr. to Sean P. and Dorothy A. McDevitt, $242,500.

SUNNY CHAPEL RD., 823-Mohammed A. Rum to Terry and Deborah Wilson, $299,900.

WARM SPRING WAY, 2433-John V. Wise to Alfred J. Corkran, $182,150.


BAR HARBOR RD., 358-W.S. Johnston to Kenneth L. Selby, $189,000.

BULMAN HARBOUR, 1061-Bryan J. Craig to Kevin R. Necessary, $125,000.

CAPE SPLITT HARBOUR, 1018-George B. White to Michael C. and Kathleen C. Bye, $117,000.

EDGEWATER RD., 193-Ernest Erdossy to Stanford and Li Lan Carson, $84,000.

FOREST GLEN DR., 8030-Graham W. Van Note to Charles E. Blake Contracting Inc., $160,000.

FRIENDLY RD., 1528-Todd V. Presti to Robert W. and Christi L. Lucas, $269,900.

KURTZ AVE., 2058-Mary Darlack to Todd Slacum, $329,000.

MOONFALL CT., 7718-Daniel E. Kusnierz to Natalie M. and Jesse Shelton, $132,000.

MOONFALL CT., 7780-Toni L. Kellner to Steven D. Williams, $123,000.

REDGATE CT., 968-Jose A. Melendez to Martin R. and Tina L. Blanchet, $170,000.

SUNSET KNOLL RD., 502-Walter W. Watkins to Jeffrey S. and Maureen R. Weiss, $202,600.

SUTHERLAND CT., 7921-Thomas F. Stomps to Michele R. Blaustein, $135,900.

WESTWOOD MANOR WAY, 3821-William E. Atwell Jr. to David S. and Tammy R. Arra, $188,000.

227TH ST., 2213-Orhan K. Omer to Anne and Jose L. Perez, $199,000.


RIVA RD., 3158-Thomas R. Bettis to Diane J. Quattrone, $195,000.


CEDAR DR., 1854-James E. McLean to Jason and Dinah Hurley, $211,000.

CITADEL CT., 7826-Northwest Bank to Donna R. Adams, $169,950.

FLAGSTONE CT., 1408-Renee T. Liang to Teresa H. and Bruce A. Chaffin, $311,200.

JASONS LANDING WAY, 7971-James Vincent Peele to Prudential Relocation Inc., $328,000.

MAPLE TREE RD., 883-William Cooper to Daniel J. Derosa, $184,000.

STATESMAN ST., 7846-Larry A. Jones to Robert W. and Christine M. Spaulding, $183,000.

WINTERBROOK CT., 7901-David Tsang to Miguel D. and Erica C. Howe, $330,000.


AMBLESIDE DR., 214-Darleen Bauer Allwein to Michelle Hayward, $449,000.

BARBARA RD., 166-Donald W. Smith Jr. to Richard A. Pumplin, $234,000.

BELLEVIEW DR., 5-Gary L. Dadisman to Howard J. and Tina M. Morris, $582,000.

CINDY CT., 12-Philip J. Nehring to Peter J. and Lucinda A. Trozze, $276,000.

CLARENCE AVE., 137-Thomas A. Lieb to Cynthia A. Pease, $245,000.

DUN ROBBIN DR., 352-James H. Adams to Patrick M. and Carolyn E. Schaefer, $402,000.

GIDDINGS AVE., 207-Donna Mast to Frits Degoede and Bethany Silver Degoede, $263,000.

IDLEOAK CT., 402-Mark S. McKewin to Jacqeline W. and Eugene J. Kozireski, $345,000.

LIKESTON CT., 505-Evoline Coppedge to Kenneth A. Davis Jr. and Shannon Wilmore Davis, $232,250.

LOWER MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 232-William L. Hendrix to Jeffery A. and Milena H. Smith, $347,232.

MARNEL CT., 40-Gregg P. Steinhilpert to Jack W. and Heidi S. Beall, $265,000.

MARNEL CT., 45-Kenneth G. Pyle to Robert and Rosemary Butler, $299,900.

MARNEL DR., 60-William B. Durig to Michael F. and Lisa J. Redmond, $300,000.

NORTH DR., 353-John B. Porter Jr. to Chad and Erin Keefer, $283,000.

PIN OAK RD., 703-Herbert E. Petersen to Randolph H. and Elizabeth H. Massie, $338,000.

WATERS RD., 15-John C. Poulton to James and Nadine Acri, $378,000.

WOODBENT DR., 17-William J. Edwards Sr. to Emidio Pasqualucci and Patricia Greco, $405,000.


DENNIS RD., 1552-Evelyn I. Johnson to Bay Cove Properties Corp., $90,000.

SPRING AVE., 5191-Frederick Thornberg to David H. and Christina C. Jun, $218,000.