The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington metropolitan area, visit The Post's Internet site at


JUPITER HILLS CIR., 6607-Kimberly A. Rabe to Jill M. and Mark S. Mumford, $165,000.

MEDINAH LANE, 6575-Scott G. Ledwitz to George T. Cody and Rose L.H. Ulm, $270,500.

PINE STAND LANE, 6320-Thuy T. Chu to Glenn C. Bailey Jr. and Michael T. Wiiliams, $375,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3709, No. 111-Mahmoud S. Osman to Joel R. Rhoades, $154,950.

EIGHTH CIR., 6364-Carlos and Eva C. Sorto to Maria G. and Gisela M. Rios and Sergio D. Kehl, $239,900.


FORDHAM DR., 2204-Bonnie L. and Carl E. Jensen to S. John Byington, $449,000.

VILLAMAY BLVD., 1210-Dorothy H. Gilchrist to J. Christopher and Emily S. Naftzger, $645,000.

WINDMILL LANE, 2003-Daniel J. McCarron to Mary J. Galvin, $492,500.


ASHBY LANE, 7503-Helen S. Watson Obiechina and Philip I. Obiechina to Kenneth J. Campbell, $194,950.

BALLYCASTLE CIR., 5185-Kevin F. Marshall and Haejoo Song to Jason D. and Michele A. Green, $342,000.

CALEB CT., 6416-Lewis O. and Marina Spivey to Bernard M. and Lisa P. Grant, $525,000.

CLIFTON KNOLL CT., 7000-Lisa M. and Thomas C. Dion to Holly K. and Ronald D. Reagan, $555,000.

COLLINS MEADE WAY, 7455-Robert and Nieves G. Killefer to Harry A. and Mary L. Layne, $339,900.

CRAWFORD CT., 7611-Ivan Lopez and Raquel Rosario to David M. and Dawn M. Schmidt, $332,750.

DEVEREUX CT., 7230-Carol B. Lutyk to David A. and Heather D. Johnson, $490,000.

DIGBY GREEN, 7461-Richard A. Cheski and Sandra J. Shaw Cheski to Wilmon W. and Laura S. Hartman, $280,000.

DUNSMORE RD., 5503-Deborah and John C. Sanville to Scott P. and Elizabeth A. Deal, $321,100.

ELLINGHAM CIR., 6930, No. 111-Christine E. Leis to Heather D. Davis, $135,000.

FOUNDERS CROSSING CT., 5928, No. 204-Erica M. Mosely to Michael C. and Beatrice J. Mines, $160,000.

GENTELE CT., 6302-James V. Rizzo to Larry G. Young, $245,000.

GILDAR ST., 6511-Lisa C. Alleman to Nga T. Nguyen and Vinh H. Phan, $212,000.

GREYLEDGE CT., 6526-Kirk W. Kinder to Terry E. and Leticia M. Kirkpatrick, $213,000.

JOUST LANE, 6075-Marie W. and Simon S. Goldenberg to Claudia L. and Donna Bernier, $291,000.

KELSEY POINT CIR., 6553-Teodros Belay and Misrak Million to Kyle G. and Melanie A. Manikas, $296,000.

KINGSBURY RD., 7635-Marcus R. and Tina K. Pluntke to Graceann E. and Michael T. Rascati, $393,500.

LA VISTA DR., 5820-Robert and Stephanie A. Tierno to Phuong N. Huynh, $267,950.

LAMOYNE CT., 7523-Paul F. and Kathleen Nelepovitz to Amy B. and Gregory B. Wallis, $333,500.

LAWSONS HILL CT., 5735-Mary V. Cramer to Edwin and Wendy Lucio, $270,000.

LITTLE POTTER LANE, 6415-Elbridge W. and Jerry A. Palmer to Ferdinando P. and Debbie F. Cavese, $363,900.

NICE PL., 6407-Meric Homes Corp. to Anil K. and Madhurima S. Khare, $345,500.

ORDSALL ST., 6712-Lori A. Lefcourt and David B. McCue to Paul M. Tryon and Jodi A. Benkarski, $361,500.

RENEE ST., 7406-Naseem Akhtar to Sajid Baig, $300,000.

SANDRA MARIE CIR., 6909, No. B-Venetta H. Veres to Lizzeth P. Brown, $173,300.

SKY BLUE DR., 8060-Vincent J. Curcio and Mary E. Gallagher to David Navarro, $234,900.

SUTCLIFFE DR., 6425-Joseph J. and Penny L. Caudle to Michael A. and Catherine W. Schuler, $376,000.

TELEGRAPH RD., 5934-Aubrey A. and Margaret I. Vaughn to Dennis R. Slattery, $228,000.

TERRAPIN PL., 5981-Glennette D. Holsey to Nichelle N. Ryder and F. Elicia Lee, $220,000.

THACKWELL WAY, 6603, No. C-Mi S. Kim to Lalima Sahni, $185,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6906-Ernesto Garcia to Judith Austin, $160,000.

WILLOWOOD LANE, 6203-Paul R. Dutton to Jo A. Ponce, $230,000.


AMERICANA DR., 4319, No. 4319H-David F. Giarrusso to Efrain Hernandez, $113,000.

ANCIENT OAK CT., 4008-Daphne C. and Richard S. Kessler to Steve Y. Yun and Jina H. Kim, $625,000.

BOGART CT., 4554-Nam S. and Jae H. Ku to Edgar and Juan Montano, $245,000.

CONWELL DR., 4662-Herman J. and Pauline M. Hohauser to Anh T. Nguyen and Stephane Truong, $130,000.

DASSETT CT., 7802-Iffat R. Khan to Riffat Khawaja, $140,000.

ELAN PL., 4431-Michael H. Trujillo and Gretchen C. Shaw to Randy B. Newman, $170,000.

HILLBROOK DR., 4613-James W. and Valeri M. MacIntyre to Allan W. and Alexa V. Gow, $437,500.

KALORAMA RD., 7808-Antonio S. Socarras to Rolando Torrico and Ninoska Benitez, $320,000.

LITTLE RIVER DR., 4519-Van V. Vu to Sinae Choi, $275,000.

LITTLE RIVER TNPK., 7475, No. 202-Melissa P. Resnick to Seung M. Kim, $118,000.

MAXFIELD DR., 4545-Paul A. Jones and Lisa A. Kahn to Marion C. Warwick, $265,000.

PATRIOT DR., 7753, No. 13-William L. Sikes to Anh M. Tran, $76,000.

PENNYS TOWN CT., 7160-Park Nick to Ando Shin, $485,000.

SULKY LANE, 6545-John J. and Laura H. Mahoney to Sharon L. and Brian Reid, $469,000.

TOBIN RD., 8300, No. 33-Barbara S. Hunt and Darlene Rainey to Larry Kouch, $152,000.

TOBIN RD., 8308, No. 23-Robin M. and Linda Pettit to Hyon B. Ko, $132,000.

TOLL HOUSE RD., 8210-Charles M. and Vicki V. Truxton to Harold E. and Deborah J. Saxton, $469,900.

WAKEFIELD CHAPEL RD., 4811-Gilliam E. and Weijia Z. Duvall to Victor P. and Suzanne R. Winnard, $350,000.

WALTON LANE, 7516-Linda A. and Patrick B. McGill to Mai L. and Thomas Nguyen, $410,000.

WAYNE DR., 7109-Matthew Burke and Stacy Clark to Shannon A. Donnelly, $330,000.


LAKEVIEW DR., 6388-Teri F. Richman to Otto Kroeger, $799,500.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6143, No. 501-Linda C. Pacifici and Beverly J. Wann and Robert L. Wann to Tahir Majeed, $110,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 2006-Stuart B. Rettie to Merafe Woldekirkos, $106,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5565, No. 215-Marcus A. Taylor to Stella Gressis, $135,000.

WASHINGTON DR., 3415-Barbara and James S. Benedict to Kausar Naseem, $360,000.


ANDROMEDA DR., 9068-Enayetur and Joyce L. Rahim to James M. and Corrine Ling, $333,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5932, No. 303-William S. Watson to Alfonso Lopez Suarez and Ruby Lopez, $142,000.

GUILDHALL CT., 6091-Nigel L. Wilkinson to Rich and Yvonne Gaffin, $265,000.

HERITAGE SQUARE DR., 5938-Jerry N. and Sheila A. Naman to Ide A. and Linda A. Glasman, $210,000.

KARA PL., 5919-Paul E. Honeycutt, trustee, and Dean C. Honeycutt, trustee, and Honeycutt Revocable Family Trust to Carin M. Schwalb and Joshua A. Hickey, $214,950.

LAKE MEADOW DR., 6485-Haidee H. and Jeffrey G. Calore to Carol C. and James W. Morehouse, $810,000.

LEATHERSMITH CT., 9507-Christopher R. and Sophia L. Euripides to Phung T. Lam and Andrew J. Filer, $449,000.

MARTINS LANDING CT., 6125-Danita S. and Mark C. Grundvig to Marilyn A. and Robert V. Lanzaro and Andrew R. Lanzaro, $241,000.

POND SPICE TER., 10322-Sandra L. Markby to Mulu Alemu and Ayenew Shiferaw, $226,000.

POND SPICE TER., 10330-Larry D. and Shoshana J. Edwards to Miriam C. and Christopher A. Winkler, $233,500.

QUIET POND TER., 10206-Eric and Chang S. Steinhauer to Eun S. and Hyun S. Chung, $215,000.

RAPID RUN CT., 5641-Jeanne L. and Stephen M. Tkacik to Carolyn A. and Edward Anderson, $220,000.

ROUND TOP LANE, 5724-Brian and Ellen Spargo to Francisco H. and Narda R. Rodriguez, $231,000.

STILLWATER CT., 5603-Ja H. and Byung T. Min to Denis and Gordana Kitanov, $222,000.

WALNUT WOOD CT., 10145-Jeffrey W. and Katherine K. Harte to Leigh A. Wise, $250,000.

WOOD DUCK CT., 5710-Deborah T. and Wayne D. Gray to Michael F. and Teresa A. Bosch, $435,000.

WYE OAK COMMONS CIR., 12270-Lincoln E. Casey to Samuel T. and Elizabeth D. Nicholson, $226,000.


CIDER BARREL CIR., 6333-Arie M. Picot to Judith L. Fauls, $293,500.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14316, No. 202-Barbara A. Kennedy to Jason J. Elam, $151,400.

CLUBSIDE LANE, 5425-David B. and Michelle L. Howlett to John and Polly A. Street, $295,000.

COLEMAN CT., 13867-Alma M. Brooks to Joon Y. Kim, $237,400.

DOYLE LANE, 5104-David H. and Patricia L. Hiergesell to Brian R. and Diane E. Guthrie, $500,000.

FLOURCASTLE CT., 14384-Carol P. and Paul J. Larose to Peter A. and Deborah N. Bendorf, $385,000.

GLEN MEADOW DR., 5204-Michael A. Verdu to Scott and Ann Marie Hohein, $240,000.

MALABAR CT., 6857-Keith C. Fisher to David G. Jelin, $274,900.

NETHERTON ST., 6087-Prai Clark to Souheil Habati, $142,000.

OLDE KENT RD., 14638-Younes Habati to Danuta Drabovskaya and Nasir B. Abbassi, $190,000.

PALISADES DR., 6535-Marwan I. and Maysoun I. Bannourah to George A. and Jody L. Davis, $260,000.

RED RIVER DR., 14163-Rebecca L. and Roger A. Michalski to Brian and Donna O'Connor, $230,000.

ROCK FOREST CT., 5836-Heike Pridgen to James H. and Nancy B. Hall, $165,000.

ROCKY WAY CT., 6123-Cielo and Gilberto Carranza to Keith D. and Stephanie N. Reichlen, $190,000.

SAGUARO PL., 14352-John C. Brand to Maria Garcia, Cleotilde Molina, Salvador Molina and Angel Bonilla, $130,500.

SHARPS DR., 6342-Carolyn A. Coleman to Balwinder and Harwinder Singh, $270,000.

STONE RANGE DR., 14648-Steven P. and Lella A.E. Pape to Craig L. James and Kacey C. Kirkland, $214,900.

WESTWATER CT., 5834-Alan J. Wood and Janet A. Shearer to Martin Brillantine and Jennifer C. Allen, $227,000.

WHITE POST RD., 6509-Sharon H. Hickok to Julia C. and Herbert E. Hunter, $300,000.

WILLOUGHBY DR. NE, 5632, No. 34-Karen J. Riley to Harnet Meresie, $165,000.


CABELLS MILL DR., 13758-Peter D. and Katherine Hyland to Alexander Tabarrok and Monique V. Hoek, $400,000.

CARMEL LANE, 13519-David L. and Pamela J. Martin to Patricia J. Ellis, $279,900.

CLARET CT., 4225-C. Wendell Alfred and R. Michael Clemmer to Sheridan K. Walt, $159,900.

CONSTITUTION CT., 13841-Christine W. and Robert A. McNerney to Justin D. and Karen Wolf, $145,000.

CUB RUN RD., 4365-Sharon R. Brill and Robert L. Thompson to Elaine L. Wilber, $289,950.

ELK RUN RD., 15230-Maroon H. Ohanian to Amie Lloyd, $275,000.

LEES CORNER RD., 4128-Gregg E. and Maria E. Eclar to Lam T. and Van T. Tran, $262,000.

LEES CORNER RD., 4232-Jose O. and Maria A. Cruz and Ana C. Maravilla and Pablo Maravilla to Jose Diaz and Olga I. Camacho, $270,000.

LINDENDALE LANE, 13919-Kirk M. and Brenda Robinson to Charu and Rishi Sabharwal, $325,000.

MEADOWLAND CT., 4169, No. 27-Nelly Perez and Roberto Alonzo to Thomas S. Patterson, $115,000.

NOVAR DR., 4146-Muazzam A. and Rabia A. Shah to Maria, Rosa M. and Jose O. Cruz, $210,000.

SUMMER HOLLOW CT., 4021-Norman L. and Tillie D. Barrows to Patricia L. Estrada and Cristian E. Reyes Lopez, $126,900.


BECKWITH LANE, 7417-Daniel D. and Jean M. Baron to Angela K. and Jeffrey S. Marciano, $674,900.

MARLEIGH LANE, 14017-N.K. and S. Gogia to Mahmoud T. and Taghi T. Arani, $417,000.

ORCHARD DR., 13549-Suzette Mitchell to Krista L. Robinson, $148,690.

SOUTH SPRINGS DR., 13900-Antonio F. and Carol B. Perez to Jeffery P. and Carolyn M. McLane, $462,000.

STONEFIELD DR., 13942-Deborah A. and James M. Waurishuk to Tauqir K. and Mohammad Meerzaman, $419,900.

WILDFLOWER LANE, 13628-Bruce B. York to Bonnie Vannort, $217,500.


BRIARGATE CT., 3456-Bernard A. and Patricia A. Gattozzi to Diana M. and Carlos Cabassi, $415,000.

BUCKEYE CT., 3621-Adriane V. Jacobsen to James D. and Dianne Nicholson, $242,000.

BURKE STATION RD., 4510-David V., Joy F. and Vernon O'Roark to Taurus Enterprises Inc., $250,000.

CARONIA WAY, 4708-Yoon H. and E.J. Candace Cho to Diane E. Samuels, $319,900.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4903-Lonnie S. and Vicki L. Southern to David and Kathleen B. Vanesselstyn, $275,000.

COVINGTON ST., 3034-Chong J. and Jae S. Oh to Kwang W. and Marystella Park, $265,000.

EAKIN PARK CT., 3139-Claudia R. Day to James W. and Megan D. Dewitt, $275,000.

EVERLEIGH WAY, 2913-Jose M. Cruz to Martha L. Ferrufino, $250,000.

FAIR CREST CT., 12641, No. 301-Latonya R. Oliver to Hee J. Lee and Jae H. Shim, $214,000.

FAIR CREST CT., 12775, No. 1-Heather R. White to Sung H. Choi and Yun S. Yun, $214,000.

FAIRCREST CT., 12665, No. 304-Ethan T. and Laetitia D. Loufield to Allen and Kristen McCullough, $217,000.

FAIRHILL RD., 2923-William E. Vetter to Creative Alternatives Corp., $222,000.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4108-Wayne L. Bonomo to Aditi and Amitabh Bansal, $301,000.

GALSWORTH CT., 9704-Debra L. Frushour to Robert J. and Effie C. Kee, $347,500.

GRAYS POINTE CT., 4050, No. A-Claudia P. Daly to Joan M. Mirabella, $125,000.

HILLYER ST., 4412-James S. and Marcia W. Thomason to Jin S. and Hye Kim, $381,600.

HONEY LOCUST CT., 3506-James M. and Lola C. Shaud to Marcia J. and John J. Cipriani, $422,900.

KATHRYN JEAN CT., 3905-George C. and Mary Y. Stathopoulos to Cynthia T., Michael K. and Christopher R. Zook, $316,900.

KATHRYN JEAN CT., 3938-Hilai H. and Steven A. Reeder to Neeta and Praduman Jain, $306,000.

KENTMERE SQ., 4146-Cynthia Bradford to George K. and Nancy W. Eliades, $346,000.

LIMOGES DR., 9823-Robert and Eileen Stein to Michael J. and Yoshiko H. Marut, $390,000.

MCFARLAND DR., 4917-Jack and Myriam Goldin to John L. House and Christiane W. Ingeman, $225,000.

MONUMENT CT., 4130, No. 301-Kenneth A. Blount and Richard Dallesandro to David M. Hawam, $207,900.

NELLIE WHITE LANE, 10412-Beverly M. and Larry R. Cooper to Basira and Noor M. Seddiq, $355,000.

NORTH LAKE CT., 12523-Brian R. and Rhonda C. Dedrickson to Rose and Lily F. Cha, $284,000.

OAK IVY LANE, 13500-Christopher S. and Melody M. Metts to Jyothi M. Satishbabu and Madesha Basvaraju, $390,000.

OAKCREST DR., 5002-Clarence J. and Margaret C. Sohaney to Jeffrey G. and Stacy D. Roux, $489,000.

PARK GREEN DR., 11638-Yili Zhang to Carol A. Cassella, $339,900.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13155-Denise C. and Winfield P. Werntz to Julia F. McCullough, $248,000.

ROBERTS RD., 4509-Atul and Pawan Gupta to Jaqueline L. and Kevin B. Kenney, $675,000.

SHIRLEY GATE CT., 11412-Meiling, Waylon and Wosi L. Wang to Mary E. Greene and William A. Solt, $539,000.

STRINGFELLOW CT., 3507-Bruce E. and Robin H. Lane to Lawrence A. and Theresa L. Liberty, $395,000.

SWEETHORN CT., 3625-Patricia A. Hill to Matthew A. and Rebecca R. Jackson, $220,000.

TAPESTRY DR., 4613-Jeffrey A. and Kathy L. Fedorchak to Thomas G. and Joy A. Calhoun, $494,395.

TARTAN VIEW DR., 9379-Kathleen E. and Michael J. Danbury to Lesley Weiss, $325,000.

THOMAS BRIGADE LANE, 4315-Kermit J. and Lisa L. Zerr to Haiming Bai and Zheng Wu, $286,000.

TYDFIL CT., 4900-Mark and Debra Charland to Patricia S. and Thomas E. Hansen, $522,900.

WATCHWOOD LANE, 13110-Dan C. and Jieum S. Pak to Kelly A. Carter and Enrich L. Hoffman, $259,900.

WEST OX RD., 3654-David W. Young Jr. to Fariba Chabok and Hadi A. Rad, $250,000.

WILSON VALLEY DR., 4351, No. 302-Stacey A. Schwalb to Linda C. Chang, $231,500.

WOODHILL PL., 3609-Jenny E. Roche to Judith A. Wonus, $629,000.

WROUGHT IRON CT., 9407-Kathleen P. and R. Richard Fry to Zhangqian Li, $345,000.


CATHEDRAL FORGE DR., 8334-John W. and Linda J. Williams to Michael K. and Shelley S. Murphy, $629,900.

HIGHRIDGE ST., 11007-David J. and Donna W. Lewis to Peter L. and Dena D. Hays, $453,000.

OAK BRIDGE PL., 9709-Diane S. and Thomas W. Mann to Jason R. and Bethany K. Whiteley, $439,950.


BOLLING RD., 2824-Scott V. and Laura K. Glaze to Tracy A. Benson, $307,000.

BRIDGEHAMPTON CT., 2946-Luay Z. Murad to Shobha Sahgal, $365,900.

BRUSH DR., 3150-Betty D. Hart and Marion F. Hutchisson to James W. and Lisbeth Y. Fletcher, $250,000.

CAVALIER TRAIL, 6940-Anne M. Hvid and Tuan Vo to Julio F. Montano, $255,000.

CHEPSTOW LANE, 3122-Anastasios J. Venetsanos to Brian Hamilton, $230,000.

CHRISLAND COVE, 7539-Robert W. Hauprich to Joseph Bordonaro and Mila Kopaeva, $339,900.

GALLOWS RD., 3357-Sharif Shafik to Edwin and Wilder Soto, $253,820.

GREENWAY BLVD., 2837-George C. Campbell and Martin A. Felker to Sergey P. Vlassov, $265,000.

HAYCOCK RD., 7027-Helen T. Bradley to Firoz Verjee, $325,000.

HEMLOCK DR., 3322-Lori C. Lesage to Kyung O. Park and Robert W. Lebourdais, $344,150.

KINGS CHAPEL RD., 2900, No. 12-Abdul R. Khan to Mujahid R. and Tariq R. Khan, $115,000.

KINGS CHAPEL RD., 2906, No. 3-Marian L. Bouk to Celia T. Monzon and Pilar R. Buenaventura, $117,500.

MARSHALL ST., 2814-Douglas E. Bond to Debra L. Glass, $289,000.

PINE SPRING RD., 3003-Igor and Motrya Mac to Tomoko Imanishi and Allen G. Tripp Jr., $309,900.

SUMMERFIELD RD., 2838-Grasty and Pauline H. Crews to Sean C. Powers, $231,150.

32ND ST., 6521-Jeffrey S. Dubro to Robyn T. Horna and Michael T. Teates, $430,000.

WESTWOOD PARK LANE, 7430-Richard Carter and Cynthia D. Rotruck to Andrew N. Bartlett, $444,900.


BENT OAK CT., 7606-Mary B. Konz and Peter J. Schwind to John S. and Michelle K. Pak, $628,000.

HILEMAN RD., 1912-James and Martha Boyle to Jennifer C. Duke and Peggy E. Claiborne, $265,000.

HILLSIDE DR., 2031-Shelley S. Mastran and R. Kenneth Nelson to Nancy O. Studds, $454,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2311, No. 512-Donald S. Cooper to Azadeh Izadi, $512,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2311, No. 712-Mohsen Mehrani to Ami M. Aparicio, $137,000.


FIRCREST PL., 8811-Mary E. and Richard Ketchum to Brian S. and Lorene S. Chilton, $608,300.

LINTON LANE, 8700-Creg D. and Rhonda D. Paulk to David N. and Susan J.M. Fleischman, $339,000.

RAMPART DR., 2121-Patricia J. and Richard G. Vaught to Terrence R. and Mary C. Till, $489,900.


CHALLEDON RD., 1016-Carol A. and Thomas G. Gibson to David K. and Patricia P. Lemons, $534,000.


ALTON SQ., 12919, No. 216-Justin R. Main to Karla M. Perez, $156,000.

APPLE BARREL CT., 13506-Ming Shan Pan and Mei Chih Wei to Zhao X. Li, $256,990.

ASHBURN ST., 904-Dayna A. and Sean W. Muir to Mahadeva and Meredith B. Mani, $291,000.

CENTER ST., 623-Betty B. and Fred F. Thomas to Julian J. and Claudia G. Porter, $116,500.

DAKOTA DR., 517-Mei Wen Wang to Yara Dasilva, $229,000.

EMERALD CHASE DR., 2949-Berniece M. and Sherman L. Lewis to Hetal J. and Mausami D. Doshi, $360,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 515-Bruce E. Thompson to Thomas R. Handler, $113,000.

HERITAGE FARM LANE, 12611-Julie C. and Michael A. Ganske to Jami S. and Philip J. Lucas, $460,000.

HIGHCOURT LANE, 2102, No. 301-Gregory J. and Dina L. Matranga to Lucille Cepeda, $175,000.

HUNT WAY LANE, 505-Fernando and Nancy Astorga to Sreekanth Rajan and Vasanthi Srinivasan, $350,000.

KNIGHT LANE, 1019-Denise Strother to Lloyd and Tanaia Parker, $150,000.

LANDERSET DR., 1124-David H. Hu and Ashley Q. Liu to Daniel Molina and Melinda C. Csaky, $441,000.

LAZY GLEN CT., 13139, No. A-Judith A. and Michael R. O'Brien to James F. and Debra J. Providakes, $420,000.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2594-Gopalsamy Kandasamy to Michael S. Yatsko, $329,900.

MALEADY DR., 2034-Anne T. Nguyen to Daniel Aldana, $285,000.

METHVEN CT., 1059-Fred C. McLaughlin II to David B. and Suzanne F. Sweat, $665,000.

NEW PARKLAND DR., 13103-Jerry and Vonzetta M. Thomas to Rohina Rauf, $440,000.

OLD DAIRY CT., 13495-John R. Martel and Sandra L. Ramos to Josephine A. and Robert D. Harbert, $214,000.

PENNYMOOR CT., 2551-Edita Nazaraite and Jan Migala to Phillip A. Bartlett, $256,100.

PHILMONT DR., 12509-Relocation Resources International to Pamela D. and Ricky M. Reynolds, $485,000.

POLLY JEFFERS WAY, 2502-Brian H. and Teresa C. Dunbar to Mary J. Hoever, $288,000.

ROLLING PLAIN DR., 2450-Ann P. and Jerome O. Volland to Dasari S. Rao and Aparna T. Dasari, $273,000.

SADLERS WELLS DR., 1521-Danielle I. Bordeaux to Brian A. and Hyun J. Martin, $275,000.

SANDBOURNE LANE, 2541-Sung W. Baik and Yoon W. Lee to Allen J. Pan, $249,900.

VAN BUREN ST., 419-Ray J. Schlott to Debra Tibbals, $345,000.

VIKING DR., 2590-Gail E. and Walter C. McGraw to Richard and Nancy Fisher, $325,000.


LAKOTA RD., 3804-Hung V. and Yvonne L. Nguyen to My T.T. Nguyen, $250,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5904, No. 1602-Ida Braida and Dorothy V. Ess to Michael B. Amowitz, $187,000.


BEDROCK RD., 7039-John L. and Cindy L. Walker to Philip J. Hirschkop and Elizabeth A. Richelieu, $395,000.

COOL BROOKE WAY, 4023-Jamie C. and Philip H. Leventhal to Anne L. and Michael A. Chick, $346,400.

HOLLINDALE DR., 1600-Allen J. and Jean A. Kessel to John M. Walsh and Anne Bresnahan, $399,900.

VANTAGE DR., 6824-Robert C. and Donna E. Berger to Holly M. Stone and William B. Campomanes, $315,000.


ARDGLASS DR., 7316-Abdul Waheed and Shazia I. Khan to Juan J. Garcia Jimenez, $215,000.

BLACKFOOT CT., 8563-Joe T. and Matilda A. Fowler to Michael K. and Simone J. Dugger, $143,000.

CATBIRD CIR., 8202, No. 202-Mary H. Lowry to Ricardo J. Martinez, $165,000.

CATBIRD CIR., 8210, No. 101-Sherris L. Clark to Dennis Samuel, $144,500.

ENOCHS DR., 8518-Gertraud M., William C. and Sylvia J. Alexander to Mary Quiroz, $245,000.

GUNSTON RD., 10513-James C. and Sherry A. Leigh to Adam Mandes and Jennifer Blank, $425,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9609, No. A-Louisa Scott to Muhammad Aziz, $88,500.

HAGEL CIR., 9659, No. A-Beverly L. Petchel to Jose G. Claros, $91,500.

JANDELL RD., 8902-Samuel M. Blackbird and Gini C. Farmer to Marie T. and William E. Rudy, $170,000.

SEAFARER WAY, 7843-Richard A. and Helena Attipoe to Ogubie N. Ihezue, $260,000.

SYLVANIA ST., 8813-Lillie L. and Harry R. Reed to Daniel J. and Susan M. Piskor, $260,000.


BROOKEWOOD CT., 8406-James I. and Linda L. Alcock to Elizabeth J. Harper, $1,600,000.

FLEETWOOD RD., 6800, No. 714-Pickett D. Randolph to Cecilia M. Duran, $102,000.

HEIDI CT., 6613-Janet A. Murphy to Paul G. and Teresa G. Martino, $1,050,000.

HITT AVE., 6539-J. Robert and Suzanne R. Brown to Eileen M. and Christopher Wood, $485,000.

HUNTING RIDGE CT., 1653-Howard J. and Lee L. Forman to Karen R. and Harry Clark, $824,000.

KENNEDY DR., 1963-Abdul A. Safi to Sara K. Turnauer, $207,000.

KIRBY RD., 2068-David O. Crump and Cindy A. Laughlin Crump to Jiarui and Yihong Zhou, $613,000.

MARION AVE., 1131-Nancy K. Brandell to Randall T. Odeneal, $550,200.

MONTCALM DR., 7373-M. Lynn Fitzpatrick and Joseph T. Begley to John R. and Maria C. Schwab, $290,000.

NELWAY DR., 6205-Emma J. and Harold Henriquez to Mary C. Malin and Leonard W. Mayor, $755,000.

OLD CHESTERBROOK RD., 6717-Quentin L. Gehle to Jeffrey A. Lutton and Saundra J. Scearce, $400,000.

TREMAYNE PL., 7680-Mark Pace to Olga Ocampo Laporte and Bruce Laporte, $196,000.

WAGGAMAN CIR., 1469-Frank H. and Alice G. Laubinger to George and Barbara Laplante, $499,999.


BUCKMAN RD., 4215-Muhammad and Rubina Shafiq to Martin Mensah and Adwoa Abrafi, $229,900.

GROOMBRIDGE WAY, 4410-James M. Alexander and Margaret Alexander Clarke to Robert T. Ferguson, $81,000.

MOUNT VERNON HWY., 8309-Maureen Lynch and Peter E. Dunn to Maria L. and Josef N. Henderson, $319,900.

NEEDLES PL., 3816, No. D-Wallace W. McKay to Lucia Delcid, $94,000.

PEMBROOK VILLAGE DR., 4410, No. 119-Sue A. Nelson, James W. Rock, John D. Zweig and Wilma J. Zweig to Kevin Lett, $124,900.

RIVERWOOD RD., 3604-Margret Hahne to Andree M. Johnson, $510,000.

ROXBURY LANE, 3755-Parminder Sahni to Daniel Bustamante, Vilma Posadas and Cruz Canales, $239,900.

SHADWELL CT., 5700, No. 73-Jeanette A. Banning to Francis B. Carey, $118,000.

SHADWELL DR., 8608, No. 47-Michael P. Reese to Linda A. White, $111,000.

VILLAGE WAY, 8605, No. E-Deborah Gorham and Joseph Blanks to Phillip M. Aboagye, $100,000.

WOODHUE PL., 3904, No. 5-Martha A. Perreault to Joseph M. and Susan Stearman, $73,000.

WYRES ST., 4409-Daniel W. and Saifon Jacobowitz to Sinat and Nanphueng Kokphae, $206,000.


ATLEE PL., 5309-Douglas P. and Nancy H. McGovern to Chung Duong and Nga T. Nguyen, $350,000.

CROMWELL DR., 8607-David L. and Veronica H. Atha to Anthony J. Davies, $311,130.

LEESVILLE BLVD., 7324-Toni J. Pierson to Gurvinder Kaur, $280,000.

LONG PINE DR., 7627-Marsha B. and John C. Barton to Sung S. Oo, $330,000.

YORKSHIRE ST., 5408-Chris W. and Wendy T. Matschke to Parichehr Najmabadi and Farhad Rafat, $335,000.


BLAKE LANE, 10221-Antonia R. and John D. Faibisy to Shakaib S. and Maria C. Syed, $270,000.

FOX MILL RD., 3009-Charles L. Cook to Linda E. and Joseph Serafin, $650,000.

OAKLEIGH LANE, 2950-Kimberly A. and Patrick W. Boyden to Daniel and Christine Lowrey, $260,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10003-Anton and Eugenia Ryabinky to Jerry P. Lanier, $177,000.

SADDLESTONE CT., 3319-Charles A. Buikema Jr. and Denise R. McCourt Buikema to William C. and Christina L. Ostendorff, $569,500.

WILLOW CREEK LANE, 10904-Diane M. and Ernest E. Thompson to Arthur P. Dupuis, $1,300,000.

WILLOW MIST CT., 10206, No. A-Gloria H.H. and John D. Hwang and Sylvia W. Hwang to Kuei F. Chang and Wen Lin D. Prak, $172,600.


ABINGTON HALL PL., 12165, No. 203-Juana M. Diaz to Marybeth H. Lenkevich, $280,000.

BARTON HILL CT., 11027-Erin E. Florence to Benjamin V. Hill and Christina M. King, $205,000.

GLADE BANK WAY, 2365-Stephanie A. Rast and James E. Weekes to Tracy K. Griggs, $314,900.

GOLF COURSE DR., 2025-Jennifer J. Whaley to Sheila J. Shelton, $272,500.

GREEN RUN LANE, 1414-Bernard F. Ying to Esther L. Veid Norstern, $264,500.

HUNTERS GREEN CT., 11606-Werner F. and Elizabeth Itzel to Helene S. Shore, $299,000.

HUNTERS RUN DR., 2247-Yen V. Nguyen and Oanh N.T. Tran to Joseph L. Corbin, $137,000.

IVYSTONE CT., 11632-Brian C. and Nancy M. Deely to Derek L. Hodson, $140,000.

LEDURA CT., 11737, No. 101-James E. Gibbons III to Walter Maldonado, $130,000.

LOFTY HEIGHTS PL., 2227-Jose A. Bonilla to Sofia and Abel Cruz and Carlos Garay, $197,000.

PAVILION CLUB WAY, 1300-Jenny Y. and Jin K. Kim to Michael J. and Rita N. Evans, $495,000.

PINE CONE CT., 11516-Irene C. Trenholm to Dana D. and James F. Metzger, $290,000.

REDTREE WAY, 11919-Colleen B. and Kenneth M. Stanley to Brentin V. Evitt and Colette C. Knowles, $227,000.

ROYAL FERN CT., 2036-Richard O. Reese to Stephen Stevens, $94,000.

ROYAL FERN CT., 2045-Mohammad Y. and Rokhshana Safi to Pamela A. Totta and Philip G. Sipka, $154,900.

RUNNING CEDAR RD., 11513-Kent J. and Jennifer Francois to John and Lisa Flavin, $475,000.

SARAZEN PL., 2003-Rex T. and Julie A. Robinson to Dorothy M. Hanson and Mary T. Parisi, $259,000.

SOAPSTONE DR., 2714-Don C. and Jennifer L. Eddington to Bruce D. and Lori L. Becker, $450,300.

THRUSH RIDGE RD., 10998-Leokadia K. Borlick to Frank C. and Nahid Bouche, $463,000.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1910, No. A-Lucia A. Quinn to Keith Tapscott, $83,200.

WASHINGTON PLAZA, 11400, No. 403-Edward M. and Irmgard J. Nolan to David S. King, $200,000.


ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 722-Vanida J. Benjamart to Peter K. and Patrice S. Shibuya, $130,000.

CAVALIER CORRIDOR, 6319-Otto Kroeger and Janet M. Thuesen to Albert J. and Elizabeth F. Pfister, $2,250,000.

MEETING ST., 3033-Brian A. and Joan T. Day to Jaydeep and Reena Borwankar, $332,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3101, No. 415-Mark J. Hetfield to Yohn and Pavinee Yantarakitkosol, $125,000.

SARGENT DR., 3215-Uneita R. and Carl E. Westergren to Beatriz H. and Bonifacio Jimenez, $360,000.

WILLSTON PL., 2915, No. 134-Stacy L. Dunham to Shirley A. Thomas, $75,000.


ATTEENTEE RD., 5908-Springfield Methodist Church, trustee, to Rafael Gonzalez, $280,000.

BRIARCLIFF DR., 7209-Gary W. and Linda V. Stahlberg to Stephen A. and Jaimie S. Williams, $321,500.

BRISTOL SQUARE CT., 7735-Melissa T. Miller to Deborah D. Harden, $242,000.

CREEK CREST WAY, 6844-Roland and Sherri L. Bowler to Marc F. and Sigrid J. Beeckman, $695,000.

CURVING CREEK CT., 8192-Department of Veterans Affairs to Lewis Fitzgerald, $218,000.

DAYSPRING CT., 8007-David A. Joseph to Stephen M. and Diana J. Laurenson, $140,000.

EVANGEL DR., 8714-Dari L. and Norman K. Davis to Boris and Elda G. Milef, $437,500.

EXMORE ST., 7312-Nazir B. and Ruth R. Barkat to Tarik T. and Fazli Celik, $249,900.

FOREST PATH WAY, 7940-Richard J. and Tracy L. Cyr to Marlene K. Thompson, $225,000.

FORSYTHIA ST., 6578-Banjonglak and Thumrong Duangrat to Robert J. and Kathleen M. Rizza, $427,000.

GRALNICK PL., 7706-Gary B. and Roberta E. Seavey to Andrea M. and Mark A. Smith, $460,000.

GRANDVIEW CT., 8068-Wanda M. Leap to Kristen L. Lampkin, $172,000.

GROVELAND DR., 8612-Diane J. Scott and Curtis L. Quarles to Anourack and Nina Chinyavong, $360,000.

HAVELOCK ST., 7519-Keith A. Moreau and Vanessa M. Relli Moreau to Mark E. Mahoney, $279,900.

HIGHLAND ST., 7103-Nelson M. Hernandez, Olegario H. Machuca and Jose A. Machuca to Oscar E. Lobo Villeda and Gloria M. Pacheco, $280,000.

HUBBARDTON WAY, 6508-Elizabeth A. and Mordecai F. Miller to James E. and Sharon K. McLaughlin and McLaughlin Revocable Living Trust, $290,000.

HUNDSFORD LANE, 7116-Margaret R. and Thomas J. Nicastro to Hong Yan and Xiang Q. Wu, $397,500.

JOFFA PL., 5964-Springfield Methodist Church to Carolynne L. Reynolds and Pamela L. Suter, $305,000.

JOURNEY LANE, 7901-Chong C. and Jeesoek Choe to Kycong S. Lee, $290,000.

LUCE CT., 8353-Lori A. Whitley to Robert S. and Melissa Howley, $206,000.

MARITIME CT., 9012-Michael and Karen Curran to Lois R. Kotlowski, $341,000.

MIDDLEFORD DR., 8718-Laurie L. and Steven L. McShane to Kathleen L. and William B. Todd, $555,500.

RIDGE OAK CT., 7435-Vivek Kumar to Jancie Y. Lin, $255,000.

SKYRON PL., 8802-Irene S. and Robert G. Wasalaski to An S. and Song M. Kang, $293,000.

WESTCREEK CT., 7461-William L. Sikes to Nestor Erostegui and Marcela Henriquez, $275,000.


BELLFOREST CT., 2701, No. 305-Charles F. and Catherine J. Crowe to Jeffrey Hsiao, $284,900.

BROADLEAF DR, 317-Jack F. and Kathy K. Price to Anthony R. Giovanniello and Nancy L. Vickers Giovanniello, $400,000.

CASMAR ST., 2449-Norma Larkin to Graham D. Vink, $455,000.

CEDAR POND DR., 10209-Arlo D. and Mary R. Janssen to Barry J. and Elizabeth L. Halloran, $649,000.

DEED CT., 2145-Alice M. and John B. Holland to David F. and Marla S. Melcher, $389,000.

DRAKE ST. SW, 1202-Leo and Christalle Wong and Norric Wong to Michael Majarov, $287,500.

GLENGYLE DR., 2586, No. 134-Gary W. Callsen to Cesar J. and Maria F. Cantos, $143,000.

HILLCREST DR., 1106-Hamidreza and Darya Shahbazy to Ali M. Tafreshi, $389,900.

HILLCREST DR., 712-Linda D. and Richard T. Arens to Aziz and Afsaneh Talebnejad, $190,000.

JUMPER CT., 1707-Malcolm A. Schoner and Grace L. Schoner to Alan J. and Rachel L. Dickson, $455,000.

LEEDS CASTLE DR., 1591, No. 102-Carolann Doherty Brown to Deborah A. and William L. Angel, $269,000.

LOCUST ST. SE, 200, No. 203-Julian Bautista and Ana L. Quinteros to Carmen M. Suarez, $128,000.

MADRILLON CT., 8104-Michael P. Wolski to Caroline Chung and Edward W. Devinney II, $430,000.

MOORE AVE. SW, 119-Kevin G. Sexton to Gizelle J. Daniel, $288,000.

PINE NEEDLES CT., 8711-Kristina E. and Michael E. Tascher to Blaine E. McCants and Janice A. Sebring, $420,600.

REHOBOTH CT., 8506-Ai H. Chen to Jennifer R. and J. Graham Joscelyne, $455,000.

ROESH WAY, 2807-Linda S. Matthews to James P. Muldoon and Linda J. Kessler, $364,900.

SCOTCH HAVEN DR., 9610-Margaret D. and Steven T. Galles to Stuart J. Rubin, $341,000.

SPICE CT., 3011-James M. and Dana B. Lees to Gary E. Ehrlich and Michele J. Letourneur, $265,000.

TYSON OAKS CIR., 7893-Afarin Ghadi to Margaret A. Jezek, Philip M. Murawski and Mary J. Murawski, $275,000.

TYSONS CT., 8521-Marilyn K. and Harvey I. Leberman to Jewel P. and Francis P. Buckland, $407,500.

VANCE PL., 1803-Gerald F. Aldridge to Pec S. and Iok P. Chan, $469,000.

WOODLAND CT. N., 505-David G. Wilson, Melanie L. Wilson and Natalie R. Wilson to Joanne M. and Joseph M. Kelly,


WOOSTER CT., 2627-Lou W. Gochenour to Paul J. and Jessica L. Glace, $361,500.


ASTERELLA CT., 7775-Barbara L. Treharne and Warren M. Mann to Michael J. Finger, $275,000.

BAUER CIR., 8566-Bauer Drive Associates Corp. to Shiva Iman, $447,265.

BELLAMY AVE., 6704-Hazel M. and Valentine J. Dadamio and Dadamio Family Trust to Kelly R. and Jaime E. Lizarraga, $349,000.

BIRMINGHAM LANE, 8110-Kenneth C. Harju and Lisa Digiosia Harju to Michael J. and Beth A. Everett, $316,000.

BURLING WOOD DR., 8635-Edward S. and Elizabeth C. Mangan to Bryan H. and Laurel D. Eldridge, $264,000.

CARRLEIGH PKWY., 7924-Eileen L. and William D. Foster to James A. and Kimberly A. Reistrup, $455,000.

DOANE CT., 7841-John T. and Sara L. Singsank to Kenneth P. Rodgers and Janine A. McMurray Rodgers, $395,000.

GLENISTER DR., 7805-Lemiel A. Pierre and Oddalys Serpa Pierre to Roy C. Pettis Jr. and Beverly L. Nicholas, $340,000.

OLDE LANTERN WAY, 7286-Michael W. Swindle to Ronald C. Moore and Kristyn T. Brown, $220,000.

ROXBURY AVE., 6128-Boontun Namsawat and Pavana Prayoonto to John R. Fitzpatrick and Donna Lucas Fitzpatrick, $378,000.

SURREY HILL PL., 5902, No. A-Lisa M. Butman to Robert E. Kniffen, $91,000.

TIMBER HOLLOW LANE, 6012-Todd A. Long and Aroostine A. McDowell Long to Michael S. and Carol A. Lovan, $236,000.

VIOLA ST., 8102-Carl E. and Lorraine F. Elieff to Raquel Rubini, $375,000.

WESTBURY OAKS CT., 6613-Yon S. and Hea Y. Chung to Heawon Chung, $265,000.

WHITLERS CREEK CT., 8072-Margaret W. and Nils Ericson to Herberto and Lorenza Ogando and Vielka Ogando, $260,000.

WHITLERS CREEK DR., 7257-Hyun J. and Soo K. Kwak to Williams Marble, $255,000.

Falls Church

The following were among home sales recorded recently in Falls Church and supplied to The Washington Post by the City of Falls Church.

ANNANDALE RD. W., 108, No. 302-Joelle M. Johnson Wood to Denise N. Delhotal, $205,000.

GOVERNOR'S CT., 208-Joseph J. and Judith D. Kalish to John M. and Janelle F. Feeney, $525,000.

GRESHAM PL., 124-Steven R. and Geri-Ellen Baer to Joseph J. and Judith D. Kalish, $688,000.

GROVE AVE., 331-Eric C. Johnson to Daniel P.L. and Amy J. Chong, $312,500.

GUNDRY DR., 203-Hugh M. and Kathleen A. Denny to Reginald F. and Sharon R. Massie, $305,000.

HAMPTON CT., 451, No. 127-Audren and Rachel Spence to Cheryl L. Adams, $235,000.

HAYCOCK RD., 7031, No. B-Anna S. Lee to Elizabeth Hughes, $315,000.

JAMES CT., 402-Daniel G. and Maria R. Gueriera to R. Conley Ricker Jr., $305,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 508-Meredith W. Morrison to Kent P. and Catherine M. Taylor, $1,150,000.

LITTLE FALLS ST., 200-Noramco International Inc. to Ann E. O'Neil Inc., $294,750.

MAPLE AVE., 200, No. 306-Janet M. Vincent to Edith, L. Winfrey and Margaret Gore, $114,000.

MAPLE AVE. N., 200, No. 305-Nancy B. Basham to John G. Hutson, $97,500.

PARK AVE., 311, No. 1B-Michael E. and Anne Davidov to Park Avenue Acquisition Corp., $295,000.

REES PL., 160-Libarite V. and Rosalie Yergatian to Daniel R. and Barbara Lee McCarthy, $499,000.

ROOSEVELT BLVD., 600, No. 414-Mary Jane Wisniewski to Madison L. and Anne R. Hodges, $116,900.

ROSEMARY LANE W., 300-Richard A. Hove to William Beaman and Sarah S. Bayldon, $477,500.

VIRGINIA AVE., 140, No. 29-Nancy E. Massignotti to Peter J. Yuska, $200,000.

VIRGINIA AVE. S., 215-Elma S. Dowdy to Kevin and Ingrid P. Kelly, $299,500.