The following home sales were recently recorded in Stafford County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

ANTIETAM LOOP, 28-Peter Blizniak to Emmanuel Abbey, $185,000.

AQUIA DR., 2248-Sandra K. and David L. Horton to Richard Marion Sean Dillon, $289,900.

AUSTIN CT., 104-International Business Associates to Tracy Lee Holloway, $97,000.

BARNSWALLOW LANE, 140-Gregg A. and Toni C. Girtin to Mary K. Johnson and Marla D. Dean, $259,900.

BATLEY CT., 100-Sean P. and Susan H. Halsey to Lynda C. and Donald D. Reddick, $130,300.

BEN NEUIS PL., 306-Velta M. Thompson to Gary D. Nembhard, $116,000.

BRIDGECREEK CT., 2-Russell R. and Sheila M. Rowe to Vicki Z. and Robert O. Shannon Jr., $376,000.

BROWN CIR., 56-Doreen M. and Linda M. Ramer Phillips to Michael L. and Barbara Blackburn, $188,600.

BRUSH EVERARD CT., 74-Pamela J. and Anthony M. Labosco to Michael Wallach, $339,900.

BRYANT BLVD., 54-Ray Eugene and Pearlita B. Line to Gloria and James Brandt, $199,999.

CARY PL., 3-Linda S. and Kevin E. McHugh to Rhonda L. Melstrom, $205,000.

CATHERINE LANE, 2-Eugene R.I. Douglas to Donovan P. Coffey, $235,900.

CHESHIRE DR., 21-Daniel W. and Kristine M. Hooks to Jocelyn and Bruce J. Thomsen, $262,000.

COVENTRY CT., 8-Priscilla M. Lucas to Isabell A. and Marshall E. Howard, $84,000.

DEBRA DR., 102-Jean D. and William Ellsworth Williams to Cathy S. Love, $145,000.

DONELSON LOOP, 309-Stephen P. Crisp to Linda Juggins, $167,000.

EAST CHATHAM ST., 103-Myrtle L. and Clifton A. Synan to Angelo D. Logan, $165,000.

EVANS LANE, 37-Michael W. Wiczalkowski to Katherine and Keith Hebert, $105,000.

GREENBANK RD., 128-Paula C. and Cuyler L. Thomas to Jung Woung Han, $225,000.

HARTWOOD RD., 1426-Howard S. and Lynda R. Maynard to Laura L. and Timothy W. Foltz, $191,500.

JOLIE CT., 15-Wayne D. Anderson to Angelynn and Christopher Cerwonka, $258,700.

KINGS CREST DR., 210-Hollie R. and William L. Hardison to Leslie Edwards, $139,900.

LAKEVIEW DR., 1061-Barbara E. Kiniry to Regina F. and Troy A. Rose, $152,000.

MADISON CT., 103-Patricia A. and David Robertson to Suzanne Garza, $78,500.

MATTHEW CT., 118-Elizabeth J. and Clayton J. Baker to John F. Butler, $139,900.

MEADOWS RD., 133-Peter J. and B. Janette Baranishyn to Kristina M. and Alfred R. Kennard, $204,900.

NORTHAMPTON BLVD., 20-K. Hovnanian at Hampton Oaks Inc. to Shirley and James W. Kimble Sr., $385,000.

NORTHEDGE CT., 7-Thomas D. and Lori J. Malone Parr to Luz D. and Carlos R. Rodriguez Jr., $269,900.

OWEN ST., 6-Chong To and Carson Ray Dayley to Denise L. Paton, $218,000.

PEGS LANE, 12-Kristina M. Hansen to Richard Carney, $147,500.

PEPPER TREE LANE, 216-Roger D. and Virginia L. Williams to Ivy Z. and Susan C. Ward, $150,000.

PINNACLE DR., 1000-Reginald R. Jones Jr. to Fred D. Sampson, $169,000.

RUMFORD RD., 305-Jorita L. Connors to Cathie J. and Timothy M. Carter, $121,225.

RYAN WAY, 15-Michelle H. Keller to Benjamin Avelar and Isaias Valderrama, $166,000.

STRAWBERRY LANE, 8-Barbara Newton and Bernard Seal Wise to Donald Wayne Dudley, $50,000.

TWIN BROOK LANE, 102-John D.D. Hider Jr. to Richard Letellier, $142,000.

VISTA WOODS RD., 59-Raymond Elwood Lam to Annette K. Landers, $175,500.

WASHINGTON DR., 1225-Barbara L. and Bruce Robert Moody Jr. to Hugo Camacho, $176,000.

WEST PARK DR., 108-Audrey A. and Lester E. Schatz to Mark McCain, $129,000.

WESTMORELAND PL., 2-James Lester and Barbara Mason Haley to Wesley W. and Scott W. Montrief, $185,000.

WILLOW BRANCH PL., 23-Carryn Bellomo to Luther Dwayne Campbell, $159,900.

WOOD LANDING RD., 340-Danny Steven Bagwell Sr. to Wendall Suthard, $193,900.