Prince William

The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


BEDDER STONE PL., 9647-Jannetta Sparks and David E. Roberts to Jeffrey S. Noble, $186,000.

BEDDER STONE PL., 9688-Kevin Merrill to Jennifer L. and Glen K. White, $199,900.

DARNICK CT., 12868-NVR Inc. to Rebecca M. and Douglas E. Fremont, $454,345.

DEAL CT., 8508-Washington Homes Inc. to Tara N. and Brian P. Swenson, $330,606.

DRAGOON GUARDS CT., 10039-Robin and Jeffrey D. Steward to Lee Brewer and Daniel Anthony Nodes, $294,900.

GLEN MEADOW LANE, 9275-Christopher K. and Nicole A. Swartz to Laura A. Zeffe and Darryl E. Forsythe, $344,950.

HUNTING COVE PL., 12929-Thry M. Pham to Mi Kyung and Sang Il Pak, $339,900.

MORAY FIRTH WAY, 12567-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Maria L. and James A. Walsh, $310,000.

PENZANCE LANE, 12335-Justin H. Hamacher to Karen A. Mellon, $205,000.

PENZANCE LANE, 12351-Christine E. and Andrew J. Gorecki to Aizaz Khan, $208,000.

SHERBORNE ST., 12343-Valerie D. and David T. Thomas to Melissa K. and Donald R. Frew, $332,000.

YOUNGTREE CT., 12021-Kenneth R. Crosley and Mary L. Faber to Cheryl D. and Olen E. Naylor III, $354,990.


AFTON CT., 15005-Sandra L. and Daniel C. O'Brien to Joanne and James F. Healy, $280,000.

ANTRIM CIR., 3049-Michele D. and Michael R. Eickhoff to Kalefonda Swain, $166,000.

BENSON CT., 3804-Darlene D. and Michael L. Chaney to Kirsten I. and Michael J. Negard, $314,000.

BUELL CT., 2918-Roy E. McDougal to Rosa Gomez, $90,000.

CUSACK LANE, 17391-Judy L. and H. Wayne Basluke to Benjamin Martinez Rosado, $175,497.

DARTMOOR DR., 16209-Eugene E. and Sybil S. Kissner to Carole L. Phillips, $250,000.

HOLLEYSIDE DR., 15214-Nadia H. and Ibrahim S. Elzeni to Mercedes P. and Arnulfo C. Turbulencia, $300,000.

JASPER LOOP, 4059-Dena L. and James M. Boyd to Rana W. Shtayyeh and Salah Awad, $182,000.

LA MAURICIE LOOP, 4160-Diana and Calvin Hudsonpillar to Dorie J. and Mark R. Schroedl, $204,000.

MONMOUTH CT., 16943-Elphanso G. Washington to Timothy M. Eyler, $150,100.

PORT WASHINGTON CT., 15533-Iva A.A. and Preston J. Lanier to Donna Lee Scott, $195,900.

WINDING CREEK DR., 15554-Michele M. and Daniel M. Mirro to Michele and Brian Rendell, $190,950.

YELLOW STONE LOOP, 4111-Catherine G. and Ronald N. Bassi to Robin L. Lee, $189,870.


ACCORD CT., 13514-Vonnie M. and Michael T. Rhodes to Angela D. and James M. Robinson, $399,900.

ALLAIRE DR., 15525-Richmond American Homes to Rebecca L. and Michael H. Zentmayer, $347,045.

ANGUS DR., 4709-Frances W. and Joseph O. Hutchison Jr. to Mae E. Simpson and David J. Earman, $354,000.

CERROMAR WAY, 8117-Wanda Wood to B. Weaton Porter, $232,000.

HEREDITY LANE, 5488-NVR Inc. to Cynthia A. and Kenneth I. Spencer, $448,774.

HERITAGE FARMS DR., 13580-Mid-Atlantic Builders of Oak Valley Inc. to Julie Y. and Kevin R. Davis, $500,887.

KAMEHAMEHA PL., 8006-Quaker Lake Manassas Corp. to Maryann and Frank Pallante, $379,900.

KIMBERWICK CT., 6722-Gloria and Anthony F. Deangelis, trustees, to Irmgard R. and Gordon H. Dyson, $303,000.

LICK RIVER LANE, 5635-NVR Inc. to Christine and Wayne T. Starrs, $505,715.

PRICES COVE PL., 7258-NVR Inc. to Denise and Hassan Massihi, $437,195.

RED ROCK CT., 14111-Shawn A. Thomas to Shaian Seyedan, $195,500.

RODERICK LOOP, 6683-Richmond American Homes to Tae Im and Terence R. Brasel, $205,815.

SETTLERS TRAIL PL., 6230-Barbara B. Clark to Sarah A. and C.M. Wright, $310,000.

SHIRE PL., 13639-Cari L. and Eugene R. Johnston Jr. to Leslie R. Parn, $197,000.

SHIRE PL., 13662-Edward Decarlo to Rebekah E. Gray, $200,000.

SHIRE PL., 13669-Natasha A. Sikorsky and Mark D. Miller to Michelle Purcell Gilpin and Pablo Pezzimenti, $200,000.

SILVER MOON LANE, 13892-Lou Ann Brown to Thomas J. Schafer and Cynthia D. Perry, $260,000.

SPRINGFIELD CT., 14306-Veronica I. Petrossian to Richard Scott, $184,900.

TACKHOUSE CT., 13543-Kevin W. Steeprow to Kristen L. and Robert J. Davis, $218,000.

TOWN COMMONS WAY, 14276-Richmond American Homes to Leesa M. and Karlton E. Cooper II, $263,340.

TRAPHILL WAY, 7205-NVR Inc. to Rosemary and Fred K. Kramer Sr., $204,390.

TRAPHILL WAY, 7209-NVR Inc. to Gina M. and William Gavin, $219,290.

VIRGINIA OAKS DR., 7839-Mary M. Wehner and Sandra L. Jones, trustees, to Janice M. and John H. Ablard, $439,000.


BRAVE CT., 6613-Teresa M. Donlon to Munchin and Mark A. Scott, $155,000.

CHEROKEE RUN CT., 5677-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Clarence E. Meyer, $382,207.

CONKLIN WAY, 6228-Beazer Homes Corp. to Cynthia Kirk, $236,775.

DAN CT., 14001-Karen and McMillen Kenton to Yen Touch and Daniel G. Poore, $275,000.

GUILFORD RIDGE RD., 14530-Beazer Homes Corp. to Marla Rose, $288,700.

MICHENER DR., 6164-Beazer Homes Corp. to Julie L. and M. Sean Bedinger, $421,165.

SHOAL CREEK DR., 5684-Dominion Country Club Partnership to David K. and Rutledge Abby, $482,886.

SMOOTH STONE PL., 6004-Pulte Home Corp. to Kathryn S. and Timothy W. Stone, $305,000.

TUMBLE CREEK CT., 5939-Pulte Home Corp. to Malgorzata M. and Radoslaw M. Radzikowski, $410,620.


BLUE GRAY CIR., 7931-Kimberll L. and Roger N. Kammerdeiner II to Juan C. Sargeant, $194,900.

BOTSFORD RD., 10095-John R. Carlson to Fahaw M. and Talaat A. Syan, $240,000.

BRUCE CT., 9657-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Juan Francisco Zavala, $230,000.

DOUBLEDAY LANE, 11100-Douglas E. Stender to Rhonda L. and Lloyd R. Campbell, $234,000.

EMERALD DR., 7459-Kristie L. and Gregory K. Crider to Cheryl and Robert Calvillo, $178,000.

FALLING CREEK DR., 11952-Aristeo Chavez to Antonino and Claudia C. Trejo, $295,000.

HAWTHORN HILL CT., 9901-Mary and John Michael Eybers to Sandra S. and Martin R. Beaulieu, $350,000.

HILLIARD DR., 8028-Jane C. and Bren W. Letson to Barry D. Minnig and Sharyn A. Berg, $207,000.

LANGHOLM WAY, 7411-Comstock Campbell's Trace Corp. to Yvonne Wade, $220,245.

LISLE DR., 8058, No. 246-G.L. Morton and Glenna G. Williamson to Scottie E. Long, $135,000.

LUXBERRY CT., 11101-Prudential Residential Services to Jason R. Martin, $212,000.

MARTINIQUE CT., 7484-Cynthia D. Simms to William J. Williams Jr., $149,000.

PURDUE CT., 7535-Kristen N. and Robert C. Yost to Diana S. Schipper, $105,000.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7645-Debra L. and Donald P. Schroeder to Javier Rosiles and Armando Aboytes, $148,900.

ROXBURY AVE., 7385-Michele D. and John Robertson Cole to Theresa C. and Jason D. Brown, $270,000.

STONEWALL BRIGADE CT., 8064, No. 202-Erica Ann Wood to Linda S. Decker, $129,900.

TANGIER WAY, 7484-Susan P. and Keith E. Brown to Jean M. Philben, $130,500.

TRENTON CHAPEL WAY, 8676-U S Home Corp. to Paul L. Cathcart III, $380,315.

WYCLIFFE CT., 8243-Department of Veterans Affairs to Deborah F. and Maurice J. Breton Jr., $126,100.


ARRINGTON FARM CT., 9224-Michele C. and Bryant S. Hampton to Cynthia and Timothy Goldfish, $325,000.

HYNSON DR., 9901-Leslie D. and Albert A. Geoffroy to Catherine A. and Michael W. Norberg, $309,000.

LAKE JACKSON DR., 10421-Dona L. Downes to Kristi D. and Thomas J. Gibbons Jr., $157,500.

STEEPLECHASE LANE, 6418-Donna C. Barker to Laurie H. McQuillan, $470,000.

VERMONT PL., 8272-Hisako Rogerson to Jennifer J. and Thomas B. Finn, $143,000.


BURWELL RD., 9805-Jo Ann and George E. Simpson Jr. to Heather L. and James P. Lay IV, $280,000.

CEDAR RUN DR., 10232-Thelma J. and Kenneth M. Ductor to Karen A. and Paul K. Siletzky, $447,400.

SMITHWOOD CT., 13600-Nancy M. and Robert J. Tschida to James M. and Britt A. Kittelberger, $250,000.


FORTRESS WAY, 471-Nancy L. Burgess to Kyun and Chi Hun Kim, $224,000.

JENNY LANE, 3000-Julie and Elissa Richards to Katherine Y. and Paul F. Chamberlin, $395,000.


FOURTH AVE., 325-Lisa M. and Angelo E. Logan to M.T. Donohoe and Roger D. Hart, $75,000.


CABIN RD., 18306-Andrew P. and Helen D. Fahey to Donna M. Angel, $240,000.

CABIN RD., 18604-Patricia M. and Gustaf E. Brown Jr. to Elda and Diezel M. Miller, $412,000.


AIDEN DR., 1411-Tracy M. and Leonard E. Hawkins to Sylvia L. and Lorgio De Jesus Larin, $175,000.

ALABAMA AVE., 14816-Teri Anne and Carl B. Valentine to Ana Lopez and Noel Rosales, $182,000.

ALABAMA AVE., 15009-Susan Steele to Paul O. Okuadido, $155,000.

ALDRIN ST., 13215-Deborah S. and John A. Lyles to Roger A. Mencl, $183,000.

ARUM PL., 15105-Iris V. and Lee M. Batts to Jessie K. White, $139,900.

AVIARY WAY, 3434-Helen E. and Charles E. Reid Jr. to Margaret Kamara and Bangalie Sesay, $174,000.

AVIARY WAY, 3491-Marla D. and Kelley W. Crooks to Hilda M. Huamani and Luis A. Aparicio, $180,000.

BALSAM ST., 14683-A.L. Pricenor and James Gannon Jr. to Humberto R. Guzman Vasquez, $113,000.

BIRCHDALE AVE., 14614-Lois M. and James A. Wilson to Edwin Macias Segovia, $155,000.

BLYSDALE LANE, 3970-Virginia B. and Antwahn B. Clark to Karen Anne Hailey, $219,900.

BRAZIL CIR., 15171-Kaye B. and Regan E. Sturge to John R. Henley, $191,500.

BRIER POND CIR., 2780-Angela R. and Rodney C. Clark to Marrianne and Michael Rowan, $185,000.

BRITTANY CT., 4245-Deena J. and Gary L. Powell to Melissa W. and Walter I. Sasser, $470,000.

BURROUGH HILL LANE, 2813-Beazer Homes Corp. to Frances P. and Robert E. Purvis, $329,330.

BURROUGH HILL LANE, 2821-Beazer Homes Corp. to Hamza I. Abduselam, $371,725.

CALEXICO LANE, 15200-Gay Nell and John Henry Collier to Emily C. and Kevin J. Bailey, $192,000.

CAPON TREE LANE, 16761-Steve G. Stanfield to Monica M. Marin and Raymond D. Miller, $184,990.

CARTER LANE, 1709-Jonathan C. Sovich to Edin G. Sommer and Hugo R. Barrientos, $178,000.

CASS BROOK LANE, 16991-Edna C. and Jerry W. Scott to Angela and Jeffrey Bachman, $280,000.

CASTLE HILL DR., 3431-Mary Ann and James A. Cetto to Yoselin A. Martinez and Carlos A. Amaya, $149,000.

CATALPA CT., 15005-Ceda A. and Jeff Dane Putiyon to Karen M. Hanscome, $132,900.

CHOCTAW RIDGE CT., 3050-Linda J. and Gilbert B. Diaz to Amy J. and Barry J. Blom, $190,000.

CHOIR ST., 13609-Eufracina D. and Thomas M. Griffiths to Sherri L. and Steven D. Markle, $250,000.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15130-Linda R. and Thomas E. Light to Hossein and Omolbanin Haririnia, $189,500.

COLONIAL DR., 1543, No. T2-Roger Nelson to Patricia J. and Wayne E. Winchester, $78,000.

CONGRESS ST., 1316-Jean M. and Edward Francis Mahoney to Lisa J. Caron, $167,500.

CORSAIR DR., 5009-Beazer Homes Corp. to Donna S. and Julian E. Jones, $288,500.

CRESCENT ST., 15205-Carolyn J. and Donald L. Shipe to Felipe S. Prado, $197,000.

CROMWELL CT., 11382-Pamela F. Hall to Thuan N. Moystner, $185,000.

CUDDY LOOP, 14154-Frank G. and Annajean K. Jost to David and Raymond J. Moonan, $125,500.

CUMMINGS CT., 14934-Young W.R. to Miseon Kim and Kevin O. Davis, $215,000.

DAPPLE GRAY CT., 12271-Karen M. Bowles to Ceci A. and Marco P. Tramontana, $135,000.

DEERFIELD LANE, 1401-John Vollmer to Pamela G. and Thomas A. Gaines, $179,900.

DELANEY RD., 13842-Jacqueline A. and Michael S. Hardesty to Calvin T.F. Mooers and Virginia Paris, $255,000.

DEVILS REACH RD., 1932-NVR Inc. to Thorman Jerry Jr. and Helen Hadley, $398,990.

EDGEMOOR CT., 11240-Sonia V. Pruna to Pamela Lamanti, $147,500.

EILEEN CT., 4324-David C. McCool to Cecilia Y. and Josue N. Guzman, $135,000.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14710-Martha L. Tabares to Gloria M. Chicas and Luis Rivera, $137,000.

ESTATE DR., 14630-Theresa and Michael Paul Breithaupt to Lillian G. and Richard C. Hagerty, $275,000.

EVEREST PEAK LANE, 12428-K. Hovnanian at Lakeridge Crossing Corp. to Rachael M. Madden, $288,000.

EVEREST PEAK LANE, 12457-K. Hovnanian at Lakeridge Crossing Corp. to Stacey R. Burrell and William P. Nelson, $284,116.

FALLBROOK LANE, 14218-Rose K. and Mark A. Lefebvre to Jose T. Rivera, $173,298.

FERNDALE RD., 14307-Mary M. and Donald R. Johnson to Rachael L. Zimmerman and Thomas Gryder, $190,000.

FLINT HILL PL., 3440-Kristbjorg B. and Daniel P. French to Maria Elena Ramirez, $260,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3576-Max C. Bunner to Dayna and Eric Burnworth, $124,900.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3811-Laura C. and Joel M. Higgins to Joann and Shad Miller, $176,100.

GATEHOUSE TER., 15350-Angela Z. and Michael Collier to Jennifer Black and Carmelo Rivera Jr., $133,000.

GIBSON CT., 4223-Monica A. Clarke to Earl P. Henderson, $130,000.

GUNSMITH TER., 15400-Catherine D. Veniskey and Warren R. Finkelman to Patricia M. Callaghan, $130,000.

HACKWOOD ST., 14725-Roy D. and John A. Miller to Hershey A. Showalter, $111,500.

HARTLAKE ST., 3941-Sandra and Corey Mason to Vanessa A. Steadman, $200,000.

HARTLAKE ST., 3953-Nola O. and Bradley L. Shere to Renee Chapman, $236,900.

HYLTON AVE., 1641-Maria O. and Jose L. Juarez to Adania Lopez, $189,900.

INGLEBROOK DR., 1925-Genora Jean Dass, trustee, to Mesfin M. Abebe, $179,900.

JOUSTERS WAY, 3404-Denese C. Jones to Juan Ramon Payz and Suyapa L. Ucles Reyes, $132,000.

JOUSTERS WAY, 3406-Trevor and Adam Thrall to Perry D. White, $119,000.

KEMPAIR DR., 4814-Cher R. and Stuart D. Anderson to Lester and Barbara Williams, $214,000.

KINGSWELL DR., 12909-Marie Y. and Anthony P. Malone to Monique and Vincent Hill, $189,000.

LADINO CT., 3308-Michael S. Kitchen to Diane E. Kibler, $130,900.

LOCK LOOP, 13478-Duane L. and Lindalon R. Wright to Phillip E. Lynah Sr., $179,900.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12808-B.J. Kingsley and Robert E. Crawford to Angela S. and John S. Deforest, $201,000.

LYNWOOD DR., 5043-Rex Jay and Ileene B. Berfield to Lula Mae Sowells, $179,900.

MANSFIELD CT., 5368-Janice E. Clemons and Kenneth A. Ward to Jennifer L. Harris and Michael R. Lohse, $293,000.

MARR CT., 14593-Paulette G. and Elwood L. Ierley Jr. to Maureen A. and John J. O'Neill III, $290,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 1513-Gerald D. Cooper to I. Iliboneye and Suguru J. Hategekimana, $172,000.

MELLOWDEW CT., 13732-Jennifer L. and James M. Liptak to Lorie J. Elliott and Dale R. Laroe, $179,000.

MICHIGAN RD., 15418-Mary S. Johnson to Lesley D. and William K. Johnson, $138,000.

NADIA LOOP, 3385-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Abdul Salam and Bilgis Ferogh, $231,000.

NEWBERRY CT., 5598-Cora M. and Mitchell J. Thomas to Mark T. and Francine A. Valente, $219,900.

NORTH PARK CT., 14342-Joanne Levario Reid to Sandra C. Moreno, $135,000.

PALISADES ST., 13863-Sheridan H. and Michael T. Shea to Margarita M. and Timothy G. Shea, $315,000.

PALOMINO PL., 12484-Tessa B. and Dennis O. Dorsey to Kathleen S. and Roy L. Gilbert, $288,500.

PAULS CT., 3249-Anne and Othello Castro to Steven W. Noah, $235,000.

PHOTO DR., 13478-Patricia A. and Joseph B. Henderson to Melvin Blanco, $236,000.

PLYMOUTH CT., 12591-Bernard Reviere to F.M. Tekie and Tedros T. Gebretadyous, $139,000.

POWDER HORN TER., 1773-Florence A. and James E. Collins to Candelaria and Celerino Ayala, $135,000.

QUALEY PL., 5304-Karol J. and Roger G. Phillips to Anika T. Haley, $130,000.

QUALEY PL., 5312-Maria R.N. and Salehuddin M. Zarzis to Donald Johnson, $133,900.

QUEEN CHAPEL RD., 12979-Mary E. and Juan M. Maurtua to Victoria C. and Robert E. Marmelstein, $349,900.

ROCKINGHORSE DR., 14171-Jaana A. and Richard Hernandez to Frehiwet A. Mirache and Biniam Ghirmai, $237,500.

ROUNDTREE DR., 5582-Deborah D. and Michael B. Pommier to Jennifer P. and Michael A. Nealey, $185,000.

ROYAL CT., 16580-Jean M. Smith to Rebecca A. and John R. Coughlin, $85,000.

SATTERFIELD DR., 5353-Diane A. and Paul G. Wade to Jill L. and John F. Zeto, $275,000.

SHANNON CT., 5608-Lisa M. and Raymond S. Gould to Jose Barahona Vasquez and Ovidio Perez, $192,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4707-Ingrid P. Franco to Lauris R. Trimble, $129,000.

STARLING CT., 4437-Joshua N. Blair to William Raymond Linkow Jr., $140,000.

STEVENSON CT., 12262-Dawne Irene Stevens to Danny J. Moore, $60,000.

STOCKHOLM WAY, 3013-D.R. Horton Inc. to Russell A. Gaines, $214,110.

SURRYDALE DR., 14385-Jeffrey V. Ferlazzo to Sheku G. Kamara, $200,000.

TILLETSON PL., 1787-Marvin Alsip and John Bryan Schweitzer to Hasina Begum and Salim Reza Chowdhury, $124,900.

TINA LANE, 15381-George Crouse to Viengkeo and Steven Phouminh, $306,000.

TREE HOUSE DR., 2574-Sherry and Eugene F. Miller to Sara P. and Rawn M. James Sr., $250,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12932-Leslie K. and Stanley S. Glassman to Linda L. and Brian L. Bohnsack, $260,000.

WADSWORTH WAY, 12225-Cornelia B. Alkire to Hassan M. Al Sharaawi, $105,000.

WESTPORT LANE, 12703-John B. Alumbaugh Jr. to Augusto Daniel Garcia, $209,999.

WINSTON CT., 2748-Jean W. and Jeffrey W. Allen to Nana O. Sekyere, $200,000.