The following home sales were recently recorded in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office.


ALTAVISTA WAY, 20404-Mary E. and David T. Gorczynski to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $399,000.

BEECHWOOD TER., 20290, No. 302-Leslie J. Walczak to Karen L. Kneib, $140,000.

BRUCETON MILLS CIR., 44001-Kim A. and David R. Duncan to Peggy A. Torian, $307,500.

CATHER CT., 43645-Farmwell Hunt Partnership to Ming Shan Pan and Mei Chih Wei, $446,558.

CEDARPOST SQ., 20931, No. 303-Gary Bullard to Marita Elf, $175,000.

CONKLIN RIDGE CT., 22600-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to 900 Leeland Road Corp., $456,124.

COOL FERN SQ., 20403-Cynthia M. and Franklin A. Trotta to Kimberly C. Ingram, $222,000.

CORNERPOST SQ., 21082-Margaret E. Hafey to Sharon C. and Timothy F. Bowe, $197,100.

FELICITY PL., 43877-Euda H. and Howard F. Chambers to Cathy W. and Michael G. Spencer, $480,000.

FELICITY PL., 43909-Rajani and Sudhakar V. Manam to Eileen and Thomas W. Harrington, $385,000.

FLORENCE TER., 44078-Paul L. and Karen S. Vickers to Songhee L. and Stefan Jenczewski, $289,100.

FOREST EDGE SQ., 43127-Engle Homes Virginia to Shobha Singh and Ranoj Ranjan, $265,842.

FOREST MANOR DR., 22558-Winchester Homes to Milagros Takaho and Hugh Maney, $598,275.

HARTWELL ST., 20356-Francis J. Ambrose to Jacquelyn R. and Gerald F. Link, $289,900.

HAZELTINE PL., 20008-Y. Lan and Gregory T. Schiller to Amneris A. and Herman Velasquez, $590,000.

HIDDEN POND PL., 21320-Connie Jo and Bryan T. Boyd to Kristie W. and Jeremy L. Cunningham, $479,900.

HIGH HAVEN TER., 22698-Pulte Home Corp. to Wing Hong Chu, $247,790.

HUNTERS GREEN SQ., 43062-Miller and Smith at Broadlands Corp. to Jerelyn B. and John D. Walters, $315,300.

HUNTERS GREEN SQ., 43118-Miller and Smith at Broadlands Corp. to Suresh Sitharaman, $332,040.

HUNTSMAN SQ., 43151-Julie Crowley and Mark Desrochers to John P. Ragan, $270,000.

LABURNUM SQ., 43826-Lezlye C. and Robert G. Parker to Lalsia Luai, $196,000.

LAUREL RIDGE DR., 43820-Robert Schmidt to Richard B. Thetga, $446,000.

MENGES MILL CT., 20918-Petra Wallem and Michael Brazawski to James L. Brice III, $365,000.

MISTY CREEK PL., 44275-Jennifer A. Laroche to Colleen and Walter Serniak, $419,900.

MITCHELL CT., 21657-Michelle L. and Gary L. Austin to R.S. Geddada and Lakshmi S. Pandi, $450,000.

MUIRFIELD VILLAGE CT., 20027-Belmont Land Partnership to Denise and Benjamin Henning, $440,089.

NEEDLELEAF WAY, 20440-Carl Edward Schultz to Suha C. and Walid K. Halabi, $412,000.

NOTTINGHAM SQ., 43386-Kathy M. Trzaskoma to Rohail Yonus, $245,000.

RIBBONCREST TER., 43207-Kapri Kupper and Douglas L. Balok to Jeremy E. Brown, $227,000.

RISING SUN TER., 44063-Colleen N. Brown to Jeanne M. and Richard A. Delisi, $321,000.

SAWYER SQ., 21344-Abdul and Sigrun Abdul Hafiz to Diane P. and Calvin J. Higgins Jr., $319,000.

SECRETARIAT CT., 42904-Susan A. and Gary J. Brennan to Sally and Sean Fuller, $345,000.

SHELLHORN RD., 21532-David Roach to M. and J. Briel and Timothy Gamble, $512,500.

SILKWORTH TER., 44336-Washington Homes to Lori C. and Jason S. Erdman, $374,332.

SPRING MORNING CT., 42891-Amy A. and Robert K. Emery to Christine McGrail and Michael Foley, $398,000.

SPYGLASS HILL CT., 19770-Belmont Land Partnership to Robin M. and Alfred S. McCusker, $541,130.

SPYGLASS HILL CT., 19779-Belmont Land Partnership to Geremi W. and Dal P. Clayton, $554,595.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 21029, No. 301-Gary A. Nobles to Brenda G. and Donald R. Jessup, $149,000.

TROWBRIDGE SQ., 21506-Jayoung and Jungyill Choi to A. Sundaresan and Arun Anandhan, $290,000.

VERMEER ST., 20341-Miller and Smith at Belmont Greene to Denise M. Ryan, $273,080.

VERMEER ST., 20343-Miller and Smith at Belmont Greene to Karen M. Wagner and James M. Varga, $271,880.

VERMEER ST., 20345-Belmont Greene Land Corp. to Pamela B. and James L. Timbers Jr., $291,420.

VICTORIAS CROSS TER., 21310-Judy F. and Shelton F. Lankford to Kristine J. and Jeffrey L. Quann, $330,000.

VIRGINIA MANOR TER., 43783-Tillies R. Faison to Amanda L. and Michael D. Kondratick, $245,000.

WHETSTONE CT., 43461-Robyn D. and James R. Grandahl to Tracy T. and Patrick R. Michelitch, $459,900.


MADISON AVE., 17762-Janeen R. and James G. Palacios to Donna and Thomas J. Sammarco, $334,900.


ADAMS DR., 40-Karla Gay Cabaniss to Margaret and Anand Barnes, $90,100.

ADAMS DR., 66-Diane M. Baker to Kamna Chawla and Gurpreet Kaur, $90,000.

ANDROMEDA TER., 431-Marsha and Patrick M. Circkirillo to Nestor D. Flores, $200,000.

ANDROMEDA TER., 451-Warren D. Potter to Gerardo Valle and Ana Rivas, $197,500.

ANDROMEDA TER., 469-Stella Kelly Tees and Kevin A. Kelly to Elizabeth A. Carroll, $190,000.

BARNFIELD SQ., 345-Mark A. Preischel to James W. Butcher Jr., $205,000.

BEAR CREEK TER., 18554-Michael Harris Homes Corp. to James Thomas Kelly, $407,500.

CASTLEGUARD CT., 19001-Danielle R. and Kevin T. Paschuck to Susan B. and Dan A. Schneider, $555,000.

CATTAIL SPRING DR., 18486-M/I Schottenstein Homes to Michael Beggs and Debra Bergin, $594,500.

COLTSRIDGE TER., 343-Raviprakash C. Krishnegowda to Alma and Mujo Mrkonjic, $197,000.

CONNERY TER., 132-Stephanie and Mark E. Winn to Deanna and Steven C. Almond, $202,750.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19385, No. 815-Aloyise F. Tees and Dale E. Hart to Patricia E. and Paul E. Teselle, $255,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19385, No. 818-G.M.T. Brown to Elynor A. Kerr, $225,000.

DEERPATH AVE., 301-Elaine K. Barry to Cherrie and James King, $239,000.

DODD DR., 403-Laura E. and Robert G. Hayworth to Deborah and John Wilson, $283,000.

DRY MILL RD., 17313-L. Barta and Thaddeus Jastrzebski to Tracey and John E. Atkinson, $850,000.

ELLERSLIE CT., 815-Washington Homes to Helen E. and Julian Alec Foxhall, $350,367.

ELLERSLIE CT., 817-Washington Homes to Elvira and Henry O. Majano, $385,842.

FEATHERSTONE LANE, 1219-Sandee R. and Craig R. Everett to Scott McHugh, $368,500.

HOWITZER TER., 613-Anna and Matthew Hales to Amy S. and Sean C. Wirt, $269,772.

KIMBERLEY CT., 43099-Sue and Daniel Lazich to Kathleen A. and John J. Nigriny, $520,000.

LIBERTY ST., 13-N. O'Brien and Matthew J. Chambers to Jane B. Ashbaugh, $275,000.

MILL RIDGE TER., 18302-Suzanne and Richard J. Gilbert to Cendant Mobility Financial Services, $349,900.

MILL RIDGE TER., 18302-Cendant Mobility Financial Services to Charles H. Seaboch Sr., $349,900.

MOUNT HOLLY PL., 702-Washington Homes to Andrea L. and Linden L. Webber, $342,497.

NEEDLES CT., 17140-M/I Schottenstein Homes to Ana Maria A. and Daniel D. Hess, $853,140.

PERDIDO BAY TER., 18534-NVR Inc. to Robert M. Paul, $510,165.

POTOMAC STATION DR., 18672-Lisa A. and Willard A. Lawson to Catherine and Anthony Myers Burton, $400,000.

RADFORD TER., 531-Marvin W. Lee to Linda L. and Bernard R. Mullins, $214,900.

RADFORD TER., 610-Robin L. and Scott E. Hopeck to Lisa A. and Jonathan C. Booth, $204,900.

REVELSTORE TER., 810-Engle Homes Virginia to Julie L. and Mark A. Bateman, $293,975.

ROCK SPRING DR., 305-Roger Payne to Marjorie and Whitney T. Jackson, $120,000.

ROCKBRIDGE DR., 595-John J. Reinhard to M. Cruz Mejia and Isaias Gomez, $191,900.

SADDLEBROOK PL., 42021-Shawnna M. and Randy L. Thompson to Bonnie G. and Dennis W. Mazaris, $905,000.

SHADOW TER., 43126-Engle Homes Virginia to Danita B. and John K. Robinson Jr., $284,935.

SHADOW TER., 43130-Engle Homes Virginia to J. Easby Smith and James Reid III, $265,530.

SHADOW TER., 43132-Engle Homes Virginia to Melissa Hamlett and Brian Vandell, $261,915.

SHADOW TER., 43134-Engle Homes Virginia to Carol J. and Edward A. Joseph, $263,149.

SHENANDOAH ST., 331-Mildred P. and Charles R. Timbers Jr. to MacLobia and Luis Perez, $184,000.

SHIELDS TER., 1502-U S Home Corp. to Eleanor P. Luu, $289,917.

SQUIRREL RIDGE PL., 43470-W.L. Homes Corp. to Susan L. and Douglas D. Leo, $625,861.

STRIBLING CT., 602-Relocation Resources International to P.H. and Patrick C. Clancy, $427,000.

VALEMOUNT TER., 844-Miles R. Woolever Jr. to Dannielle M. Phillips, $290,000.

VANDERBILT TER., 871-Celina M. and Patrick M. McPhail to M. Brooks and Christopher Derecola, $214,900.

WATERS OVERLOOK CT., 43046-Brookfield Washington Inc. to Caroline H. and Timothy J. Loomis, $536,140.


QUARTER BRANCH RD., 39894-Karen A. and Donald L. Powell Jr. to Ann E. and Frederick J. Psimas, $369,000.

STEVENS RD., 38413-Martha P. and Kevin L. McMahill to Roxann S. and Thomas E. Ayers, $340,000.

TOLLHOUSE RD., 39320-Dan Ryan Builders to Jacqueline and Harold A. Albert, $413,540.


ST. LOUIS RD., 22249-Ethel Foster to R. Badawy and Don E. Mattingly Jr., $150,000.


EDWARDS FARM LANE, 11194-Deborah W. and Roger D. Davis to Mary B. and Mark L. Weshinskey, $720,000.

ELLIOT DR., 649-Donna P. and David J. Watson to Michele and Michael K. Boisjolie, $345,000.

KIRKBRIDGE CT., 105-Deanna H. and James A. Yoxthimer to Thomas M. Adair, $172,000.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 305-Washington Homes to Michelle B. and T. Michael Hutton, $383,070.

LOCUST GROVE DR., 321-Washington Homes to Amy W. and Christian R. Thunell, $329,006.

MAIN ST. W., 221-Sandra D. and David D. Gersten to S. Chapman and Calvin Coleman, $300,000.

MAPLE AVE. S., 621-Patowmack Associates to Tina A. and Christopher A. Leach, $350,623.

N ST. W., 511-V. Mongeau and Richard E. Minor II to Deanna H. and James A. Yoxthimer, $270,000.

WORDSWORTH CIR., 489-Britt Development Ltd. to Meadows Development Corp., $40,000.

WORDSWORTH CIR., 513-Meadows Development Corp. to Barbara J. Shawen, $231,875.


CEDAR ST., 5-Kerrie and Patrick Cardine to Kathleen L. Richmond, $212,000.

CHAPEL HILL CT., 35783-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Todd M. Prouty, $331,129.

CLOVER TER., 35932-Jennifer and Mark Beverage to Carol A. and Peter R. Hughes, $182,000.

LEGACY TER., 17338-Acme Atlantic Leasing Corp. to Gary S. Ostler, $200,000.


CHILMARK DR., 25522-N.P. Dodge Jr., trustee, to Stefani R. and Joseph B. Cardone, $414,999.

CROSSFIELD DR., 25494-Robert F. Singer to Homaira T. Miskinyar, $285,000.

DABNER DR., 25487-Kristie W. and Jeremy L. Cunningham to Merle and Martin Alexander Kourie, $469,900.

FRETTON SQ., 25537-S. Sowards and Christopher Brundick to Laura C. and Alexander L. Szczybor, $280,000.

GIDEON LANE, 42768-South Riding Partnership to Vida R. and Mahmoud A. Megahed, $682,445.

GIMBEL DR., 25475-South Riding Partnership to Nabha and Sandeep Ardhapurkar, $413,381.

GOLF VIEW DR., 43031-Jung Wook Chae to Jacqueline R. and Josh C. Harwood, $245,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 43104-Sanghmitra and Suresh Narasimhan to Lori Johnson, $262,000.

HARRIS ST., 42610-South Riding Partnership to Christine and Rostislav Kamenetsky, $330,862.

KATAMA SQ., 43174-Paul J. Buzzelli to Mary K. and Paul H. Feeney Jr., $216,000.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25348-South Riding Partnership to William Russell Wygal, $262,116.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25352-South Riding Partnership to R. Convey Sr. and Robert Convey Jr., $311,066.

NEWCASTLE DR., 25475-South Riding Partnership to Chan A. Tran and Neng Lei Zhang, $353,755.

ROSE LANE, 25990-Kate S. and Spencer A. Jones to Joy and Michael Granetz, $455,000.

STADLER LANE, 42743-Miller and Smith at South Riding to Gregory J. Sohn, $266,200.

TALAMORE DR., 26005-Eliot Malamud to Marjorie P. and Nevin M. Weaver, $395,000.


AMELIA ST. N., 1601-A.R. Kase Tees and James S. Williams to Aris Balian, $185,000.

ANCHORAGE CIR., 47569-D. Stackhouse and Catherine Jones to Joan L. Lyons, $415,000.

BLOCKHOUSE POINT PL., 47739-Fran L. and Michael Roberts to Kevin A. Wiles, $555,000.

BRANCHWOOD WAY, 21087-Pamela R. and James R. Odell Jr. to Elizabeth and Thomas O. Dumproff, $365,000.

BRETHOUR CT., 1212-Miguel Gutierrez to V. Rosso and E. Rozo and Jaime Nunez, $170,000.

BROWNWOOD SQ., 46642-Kimberly A. and Mark E. Longworth to Ann M. Crocker, $220,900.

BUTTERWOOD FALLS TER., 20878-Adriana Mera and Bryan S. Curry to Louise M. and Keith E. Hancock, $270,000.

CAMERON CT. N., 237-Cynthia R. and Donald J. Hay to Jessica R. and Patrick J. Morocco, $225,000.

CARRIAGE CT., 46597-S. Salama and Cristina Henriquez to Orawan Tutor, $229,900.

CHARLOTTE ST. E., 505-Leigh Ann Earley to Kristy M. Triplett, $239,900.

CHEROKEE TER., 20935-Doris J. and John Del Cecato to Yeon K.C. Lee and Jae Myung Choi, $309,900.

DARKHOLLOW FALLS TER., 47363-Ruth E. Frazier to Carolyn A. Doescher, $273,500.

DOMAIN TER., 21132-Hamid R. Hosseinian to Kiran D. Chava, $184,000.

DOMAIN TER., 21160-Pamela K. Handy to Ruth J. Everly, $201,000.

EASTLAKE CT., 20765-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Christine A. and John David Bloom, $549,900.

EATON TER., 46895, No. 303-Antoinette Diaz to Amer M. Al Hamouri, $167,500.

ERVING PL. W., 100-Mary Futrix Sellers, trustee, to Berta A. Rivas and Jorge Cerritos, $254,000.

ETHAN CT., 21067-Melissa and Peter Luedemann to Anwar Farooqui, $275,000.

GLADSTONE DR., 21068-Michael S. Nagao to Lynette S. Wagner, $262,500.

GOLDSTONE TER., 21859-James W. Richardson Jr. to Isabel T. and Robert J. Douglas, $188,485.

GRAHAM COVE SQ., 46853-Rochelle R. and Scott B. Courtney to Jennifer Mackert and Mahendra Bist, $279,900.

GREENCASTLE RD., 9-Maxine B. Harman to Cynthia and Keith B. Satterfield, $215,000.

HAMPSHIRE STATION DR., 46430-Sheila M. and Kevin Simpson to Stephanie L. and Bradley D. Grimes, $310,000.

HOWARD PL., 20-Gayle and Paul Ropp to Judy S. Kim, $162,000.

IMAGE CT., 407-Martha J. Light to Kathryn M. and Richard W. Stone, $249,900.

JUNIPER AVE. E., 207-Jennifer A. and John P. Milotte to C. Diane and T. Wayne Smith, $226,351.

LEAGUE CT., 47708-Isabel S. and Michael E. Maples to Brenda A. and Dennis M. Lauder, $430,000.

LEATHERLEAF CIR., 21714-Marsha A. and Eugene M. Guz to James Cameron Brooks, $233,000.

LINCOLN AVE. N., 122-Dean Edward Lansing to Diana and Jose A. Meraz, $230,000.

MAPLE AVE. E., 100-Dinh Kim and Thanh Van Pham to Tony Thien Ngo, $140,000.

MAPLE AVE. E., 512-Victor R. Vasquez Sanchez to Rodolfo Monge, $129,000.

MARGATE CT., 1037C-Jose S. Flores and Olga Q. Flores to Natalie Bush and Ernest J. Porter, $150,000.

MARGATE CT., 1039A-Vicki R. Evans to Debra M. Rogers, $112,900.

MCCARTHYS ISLAND CT., 47371-Gracemarie V. and Andrew P. Welter to Ady and Abraham Friedman, $546,000.

MCPHERSON CIR., 21-Theresa A. Berry and Gregory A. Berry to Robert B. Garofalo, $285,000.

MEADOWLAND LANE E., 102-John J. Reinhard III to Donald W. Fisher, $214,900.

MEADOWLAND LANE E., 129-Karen E.D. and William T. Lyons Jr. to Efrain Castillo, $229,999.

MIRANDA FALLS SQ., 20836-Cindy L. Aquino and Chris Jimenez to James C. Moore, $300,000.

MYRTLEWOOD SQ., 21935-Brenda L. McFaul to Tommy Lee Powers, $230,000.

OAKHURST CT., 46630-Elizabeth and Patrick Fitzgerald to Deborah C. and Brad D. Corrigan, $400,000.

PARKSIDE CIR., 20709-Carole Marianne Eisele to Marilyn D. and Kevin G. Hayes, $344,000.

PEYTON RD., 163-Linda D. Miller to J. Stefanie and Paul D. Behrends, $429,000.

PINE TREE CT., 100-Claudette F. and Scott A. Mutchler to Khosro Ghassemi, $236,000.

PROMONTORY SQ., 20966-Veronica H. and John T. Eastabrooks to Kimberly and Michael Brox, $258,000.

RIVERBEND SQ., 20419, No. 202-Danielle A. Boudville to Culai and Daniela Silitra, $172,000.

RUPERT ISLAND PL., 20406-Michelle and J. Todd Wolfenbarger to Tanya R. Johnson and Brian Holden, $619,000.

SANDSTONE SQ., 20835-Pushkar Natu to Michael J. Emmart, $213,500.

SHERWOOD CT., 906-Matthew D. Ahart to Muriel Davis, $154,927.

STABLEHOUSE DR., 22380-John P. Shealy to Ha Chang, $167,000.

STONEY CREEK CT., 507-Karen J. and Harry A. Watson to Eva and Rui M. Guterres, $335,000.

SUGARLAND SQUARE CT., 50-Tahira Yasmin and Amjad Mahmood to Richard Pinto, $162,000.

SUMMERHILL PL., 46338-Jae S. Nielsen and John J. Nielsen to Jilla and Gholamhossein Lameijavan, $450,000.

SWECKER FARM PL., 20475-Sherrie P. and David F. Williams Jr. to Sarah B. and Kevin D. Mims, $465,000.

TAMARACK CT., 112-Nicole L. and John K. Huggett to Oliva J. and Justin A. Tate, $283,000.

THORNWOOD CT., 46424-Tina Marie and William J. Fetterly to Judy A. Givan and Richard S. Bailey, $435,000.

TOTTENHAM CT., 1000-George Jefferson Freeman to James P. Boyd Jr., $142,000.

TOTTENHAM CT., 997-Eunice A. Baker to Juan Carlos Lizano, $173,000.

TRINITY SQ., 20862-Brenda C. and Stephen B. Shapbell to Kathleen R. and Sudhir T. Nayak, $349,900.

WARBURTON BAY SQ., 20559-Judy L.G. and Greg D. Richardson to Robin E. Walker, $216,000.

WATERBEACH PL., 20808-Gail L. and Gary M. Burris to Alison V. and Craig Stevens, $422,000.

WHIRLPOOL SQ., 47692-Maureen L. and Aaron R. Wilkie to Shriti Sinha and Vivek Bhandari, $328,000.

WHISTLE STOP SQ., 45455-Melissa R. Ralph to Mark C. and Melissa D. Rudden, $250,000.

WILTSHIRE CT. W., 109-Mary M. and Henry R. May Jr. to Stuart Corp., $125,000.

WOODGATE CT., 106-Raymond L. Salzman to Michelle Labbe, $155,000.