The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


ALDERLEAF PL., 5789-Donald J. Bezek Jr. to Jennifer A. Miller, $155,000.

APRIL JOURNEY, 5538-Steven P. Larzelere to Ihor Y. Gawdiak and Natalie Gawdiak, $232,000.

BARNWOOD PL., 5810-Anozie C. Onyemaechi to Dacia Hastings Wells, $143,900.

BRANCH BEECH N., 6266-Patrick Lamont Clark to Michael J. and Krista N. McCormick, $285,000.

BRIGHT PASSAGE, 11736-John C. Gaughan to Stephen E. Alpern and Linda Lee Kelley, $450,000.

BROKEN STAFF, 7524-Patrick H. Dougherty to Jay O. Casey and Rachell D. Lowell, $154,500.

CEDAR LANE W., 5490-Deirdre G. Taylor to Gregory J. and Adele G. Russell, $77,000.

CEDAR WOOD DR. N., 6008-David A. Eber to Matthew C. and Billie R. Barnett, $190,000.

CROSS FOX LANE, 10576-Nancy A. Hulsman to Leruc Scott Wood, $75,000.

DASHER CT. N., 6664-Audrey R. Davis to Adrian and Lataynia Westney, $360,000.

DAYSTAR CT., 10299-Howard County Housing Commission to Preston Padmore, $114,900.

EARLY RED CT., 6351-James B. Messina to Eugene S. Thompson and Tracy L. Barrett, $175,000.

EAST WIND WAY, 10525-Justin Neal Kusterer to Connie Dent, $160,000.

ENDYMION LANE, 5176-Stephanie Evancho to Ayodele M. McClenney, $285,000.

FAULKNER RIDGE CIR., 10650-Daniel Brocklebank to Christopher Rogers and Sheryl Gunther, $260,000.

GOLD NEEDLE WAY, 11910-Frederick R. Cooper Jr. to Sarah L. and Paul S. Cannavo, $285,000.

GOOD HUNTERS RIDE W., 6140-Alice P. Frazier to Stephen K. Johnson and Kristen J. Ferguson, $209,000.

GOOSE LANDING CIR., 8853-Thomas R. Turner to Laurel M. and Aland Santamaria, $160,200.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5111-Barbara H. Maynes to Martin H. and Susan F. Book, $407,000.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5669-Charles D. Rhodehamel to Carole A. Taylor, $113,000.

HELAINE HAMLET WAY NW, 9133-Jason G. Moyer to Christopher C. Bloom and Ellen L. Kuhn, $201,500.

HIDDEN COVE S., 7324-Mark T. Papagno to Anna M. Fuller, $156,000.

HIGH BEAM CT., 10692-Abdul Rashid Qureshi to Usha Jain, $180,000.

INDIAN CAMP RD., 9427-Ahmed S. Siddiqui to Jessica Brause, $132,000.

KILIMANJARO RD., 9508-Sheldon Arpad to Tashia Tillet, $132,000.

LAUREL WREATH WAY W., 6024-Tad Johnston to Beth H. Davis, $190,000.

LONE TREE CT., 11710-Mohamed Y. Abdelbadie to A. Abdelmoneim and Sawsan Akasha, $191,000.

LORING DR. N., 6422-Robin L. Nestor to Saritha Sunder and Sureet Sandhu, $190,000.

MORNINGBIRD LANE, 5803-Clark H. Burns to Jeremy T. Cushman and Susan E. Flanders, $150,000.

QUARRY BRIDGE CT., 9623-Rebecca S. Oates to Dino Y. Carozza, $148,000.

RAIN FLOWER WAY, 7549-Bryan William Kleinhen to James Griffin, $180,000.

READER LANE, 9353-Shawn M. Nason to Gary S. and Arlene M. Baskin, $122,500.

ROAN STALLION LANE, 6302-David T. Kwiatkowski to Charles V. and E. Ann Benton, $289,000.

RUNNING BROOK RD., 5237-Nancy N. Pietri to Barbara A. McGrath, $86,000.

RUNNING BROOK RD. W., 5239-William E. Cain to Jacqueline W. Mann, $119,900.

SANDROPE CT., 8829-Patricia M. Czajkowski to Michael Andrew and Christy L. Rudziensky, $236,500.

SEA SHADOW, 9559-Toby B. Siegel to Ann C. and Lauren A. Palardy, $155,000.

SEWELLS ORCHARD DR. SW, 6456-Jacob Eisenstein to Kara Y. Speights, $187,500.

SUMMER BLOSSOM LANE, 7541-Robert G. Bracknell to Thomas E. Chesno, $169,000.

SYMPHONY WAY NE, 10798-Janice M. Siebert to Kevin P. Whorton, $205,000.

TUFTED MOSS, 6282-Richard Lee Potterton to Mark G. Dogoli, $250,000.

TWILIGHT CT., 9548-Michael Keith Wynn to John R. and Christina D. Harvey, $279,900.

SECOND MORNING CT., 6723-Robert Michael Dobrusin to R.L. Henz and Jessica J. Henz, $130,000.

SECOND MORNING CT., 6736-David Lee Frost to Nora C. Howell, $147,500.


BRIAR CT. N., 6210-Thomas D. Kim to Lynda H. Schwartz, $229,900.

CAMBRIA TER. S., 6608-Stephen A. Colucci to Lisa H. Shim, $198,000.

CEDAR AVE., 7045-Frank H. Dorsch Jr. to Gary William and Susan Gale Magno, $185,000.

MARIOAK DR., 7817-Lucille Ridlon to Nora C. Howell, $140,000.

TROY CT., 6323-Mark A. Moran to William G. and Karen S. Irby, $409,900.


BENSON ESTATES CT., 13161-Francis H. Frande to Alan W. Gronlund and Thu Phuong Nguyen, $511,000.

BETHANY LANE, 2951-Michele L. Ressler to John D. and Tania H. Bandy, $334,900.

BURLEIGH COTTAGE LANE NE, 10285-Donald Culbreth to Avindra and Nancy M. Nath, $489,900.

CHATFIELD LANE, 7745-Kristin Hart Murphy to Michael P. Kratochwill Jr., $206,000.

CRABAPPLE LANE, 2909-David J. Johnson to David and Diettra Allen, $445,000.

ELKO DR. S., 8317-Maxwell E. Harden to In Sook and Jong Yeul Kim, $279,000.

FEAGA FARM CT. NE, 10226-David S. Frutko to Agneta M.E. Mitchell, $325,000.

HALLOWED STREAM, 4706-Alan T. Sherman to Tomoko Shimakawa, $135,000.

LASALLE CT. N., 8721-Joseph T. Matthews to Ma Liqun, $240,000.

LOMBARDI DR., 10374-Dolores Dungca to Sung Sook Yi, $299,900.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. E., 8355-Virginia L. Nebel to Cristina M. and Robert Amaro, $123,500.

OLD FREDERICK RD., 9569-Ronald E. Beam to Paul A. and Dawn M. Smith, $219,900.

RAMBLEWOOD RD., 3122-Randy C. Winemiller to Matthew J. and Jacqueline Walch, $305,000.

ROSEMAR DR., 2933-Jean Tannous Alam to Robert B. and Lois A. Haman, $299,900.

SANDSTONE CT. NE, 7770-Kent B. Rochford to Mark E. and Lori H. Wilkins, $412,000.

SMOKEY WREATH WAY E., 4610-Choong Kang to Gabriel A. Helicke and Melissa S. Feld, $297,000.

TRIADELPHIA RD., 13360-Shannon Hoffman to Mabel A. Quinto and William H. Hildebrandt, $375,000.

WHEATFIELD WAY SE, 8519-Tae Shik Shin to Kyu Hyung and Joy W. Kim, $298,000.

WOODSHIRE GARTH, 4801-Samuel J. Lancelotta to Peter and Judi Rennert Ariev, $400,000.


GWENLEE CIR., 3259-Brian S. Ocheltree to William H. and Eileen H. Leffler, $430,000.

MUSTANG PATH, 14684-Jack E. Richardson to Robert S. and Deborah Lebair, $415,000.


HANOVER RD., 6478-Glenn R. Bergmann to Susan Azeka Kalasunas, $218,000.

HANOVER CROSSING WAY W., 6402-Laura C. Topper Keiler to Daniel C. Matthews and Margaret M. Albright, $275,000.


GREEN HILL CT. NW, 13409-Michael R. Grever to Dennis J. and Jeremy J. Andrucyk, $544,900.


OAKWOOD WAY, 8907-David S. Diehl Jr. to William R. Weeks and Heather J. Young, $175,000.

WILLOWWOOD WAY, 8804-Barbara A. King to Michael W. Maultsby, $174,000.


MARRIOTTSVILLE RD., 754-Charles M. Goedeke to Amy Poff, $230,000.

RAMSBURG RD., 11834-Donald Gill to Lloyd T. Butts and Cecelia A. Helms, $515,000.

SHADY CREEK RD., 1208-Richard A. Smith to Peter J. Hauser, $499,900.


BELGARO RD., 7822-William C. Johnson to Bryan and Donald Kleinhen, $245,900.

BREAMORE CT., 9364-Pamela Jo Tittsworth to Gary L. and Jennifer J. Filmore, $207,000.

BRIDLE PATH LANE, 9220-Earl J. Taylor Jr. to Dion E. Pittman, $90,900.

FENS HOLLOW, 9433-James D. Dottellis to Bradley and Elizabeth Trellis, $170,000.

ROYAL PATH COVE, 9409-Denise Solomon to Sylvia S. Koranteng, $154,000.

STEEPLE CT., 9326-Michael R. Gross to Frederick H. Detmers, $193,000.


FREDERICK RD., 12480-J. Gordon Warfield to Leonard E. McClement and Jane Armhold, $90,000.


FOLKESTONE WAY, 10797-Matthew D. Smeltzer to Jamie L. Dunn and Jenise E. Dunn, $349,900.