The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


CLAVEL ST., 14904-A.S. and Donald R. Hauprich to Darin E. Ayers, $329,900.

TRAILWAY DR., 5137-Farahangiz Vahhab Aghai to H. Blair and Karen W. Kincer, $362,500.


ARROWOOD TER., 5-G.A. and George A. Haag to Thomas W. Morrison, $600,000.

BEAM CT., 5604-Timothy J. Kirlin to Joshua M. Epstein, $825,000.

BURDETTE RD., 8905-Darrell T. Liu, trustee, to Leslie W. and Barry J. Rosenthal, $925,000.

EAGLE RIDGE DR., 9612-Joseph C. and H.A. Cohen to Jennifer and David Plotnek, $1.6 million.

EDGEFIELD RD., 4620-Betty J. Sauer to Thomas Powers, $399,000.

FRESNO RD., 9403-Hugh B. III and M.C. Vickery to Sylvie and Raju Singh, $420,000.

GLENBROOK RD., 8011-Joseph W. Wall to Elizabeth Martin, $426,000.

HIGHLAND AVE., 4614-Lee J. and S.R. Miller to Maria Gabriela Gonzalez and Alberto Rodriguez, $780,000.

JENSEN PL., 7923-Hung Q. Vu to Dorothee M. Berendes and Martin C. Dean, $370,000.

KENILWORTH AVE., 10619-Ellen Wormser, trustee, to Matthew A. Tenney, $170,000.

LOWELL ST., 8809-S.R. and William W. Fletcher to Magdelena Thurin, $427,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 5616-H.M. and Rodney S. Notomi to Huiping Tang, $372,000.

PARKSTON RD., 5507-J. Patrick Baskette to Laura R. and Brent J. Gurney, $934,000.

SPRINGFIELD DR., 6005-B.J. and Melvin E. Engelhardt to Fourth Presbyterian Church, $660,000.


BROOKEPARK TER., 3505-J.C. and Joseph E. Peters to Cathy Ernst, $283,000.

HAWLINGS RD., 1001-Vero R. Corso to Brian McGinness, $450,000.


CROSSWOOD DR., 4200-Lucille M. Souder to Jean Yves M. Dalle, $190,000.

REGALWOOD TER., 4482-Susan M. Christie to Gaye M. and James A. Reid, $198,000.


81ST ST., 6604-Gary M. and D.W. Welsh to Brandon C. McDonald and Tracey J. Norberg, $609,000.


LAURIE DR., 12601-P.M. and William E. Beavers Jr. to Charmaine Howson, $314,900.

RUXTON RD., 12902-Winston L. and C.E. Wright to Lynn F. Bufka and Conrad Cernandes, $379,900.

SMITH VILLAGE RD., 1323-Harold E. Jackson to Terry A. and Tony Jackson, $125,000.


BEECHWOOD DR., 7104-Joseph M. and E.H. Burns to Anne E. Applebaum and Radoslaw T. Sikorski, $899,000.

CHEVY CHASE BLVD., 4821-David Y. and N.L. Jameson to Sandra M. Jensen Taubman and Andrew E. Taubman, $1.02 million.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 7400-John J. III and P.K. Hickey to Ursula A. Wagner and Robert D. Kramer, $519,000.

DRUMMOND AVE., 4501-N.A. and Robert E. Wilson to Deborah R. Miller, $2.9 million.

STRATFORD RD., 6301-Robert L. and J.G. Abrams to Melissa A. Kambouris and Demetrius G. Kambouris, $765,000.

UNDERWOOD ST., 3702-Peter H. Bresnan to Kenneth M. Connolly and Elizabeth M. Mullin, $841,000.

45TH ST., 7106-John B. and R.M. Reardon to Laraine and Arthur G. House, $665,000.


BURNT HILL RD., 24811-Michael P. Machen to Bernard J. Keller, $203,000.

SPIRE ST., 23411-Patricia A. Shrift to Matthew Vance, $239,000.


DURANT ST., 15321-Albert J. and C.A. Francis to Mary and Geoffrey Joyce, $337,500.

FAIRDALE TER., 2735-Hazel L. Leftwich to Roger L. John, $140,000.

PIPING ROCK DR., 628-Steven A. and A.R. Willsey to Betty J. and Moses Johnson Jr., $300,000.

TWIG TER., 1328-Joseph M. Heiss to Andreas Papaioannou, $117,000.


MOUNT VERNON AVE., 26115-Deborah A. Gilson to Stephen K. and Karen F. Van Kirk, $295,000.


GRANBY RD., 5804-John G. Myers to Vivian J. and Paul K. Benson, $200,000.

MUNCASTER RD., 17912-O.L. and James S. Regel to Nancy J. Kassner, $334,750.


BOOKHAM LANE, 222-Geok K. and Y.S. Kuah to Carolyn L. and Zachary M. Reid, $329,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9835-Eleanor E. Wolfred to Helen K. and Charles E. Knies, $120,000.

CASTLEBURY TER., 8204-Gregory G. McLeod to Mark P. Wanat, $235,251.

CHERRY LAUREL LANE, 18530-James A. Elkins to S. and Manish Mehta, $200,000.

COVE LEDGE CT., 10202-Shoyab and T. Hussain to Vini and Sham Mittal, $94,768.

CRABAPPLE LANE, 8131-Tsan Heng Wung to C. Beatriz Contreras, $204,000.

DOCENA CT., 8-Godofredo Fayffer to Valerie A. Palmer, $135,500.

FENCE POST CT., 18016-Yolanda Wells to Romulo J. Frias, $218,000.

FERNSHIRE RD., 11909-Lisa A. Ansaldo to Diana R. and John J. Stevens, $287,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9998-Andrea M. Williams to Weimin Liu and Bao Chun Ge, $125,000.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY DR., 8616-Ricardo E. and J.R. Quiroga to Gloria I. Fagua Diaz and Jimmy A. Diaz, $212,000.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY DR., 8654-Marc N. Knudson to Amy C. and Drew H. Pasek, $205,000.

HAWK RUN CT., 7-Hope M. Darrin to Heather L. Nirote and Seann P. Pelkey, $149,900.

HERITAGE FARM DR., 7713-Devendra and S. Kapoor to Regina and Louis Lyons, $270,000.

IVORYTON PL., 19901-William E. and M.P. Langston to Colleen E. and Scott P. Nichols, $262,500.

MIDLINE CT., 31-Philip J. Derby to Barbara E. and Mysore N. Nagaraj, $191,000.

MIDSUMMER DR., 428-Anthony J. and D.D. Mazzagatti to Kathleen and James C. McCann, $550,000.

PALMSPRING DR., 526-Hossein Tarlan to Xiaoming Jiang and Hongying Wang, $225,800.

PALMSPRING DR., 534-Elizabeth E. Quijano to Jose A. Reyes, $188,000.

RAMBLING RD., 11341-Sharon A. Bailor to Mary E. and Oscar O. Goode, $254,900.

RELDA CT., 4-Ding Liu to Surajit Ganguly and Sudeshna Kar, $239,900.

SAILFISH TER., 9849-Victor Ifeobodo Emeli to Stephan C. Goldner, $175,000.

TSCHIFFELY SQUARE RD., 454-E.P. and Leo M. Dimond to Eric Ruggiero, $420,000.

TURKEY FOOT CT., 15-Robert O. and P.L. Stone to Therese P. and Keith R. McAllister, $605,000.

WHITE ROCK RD., 15908-Wilson F. and E.G. Francis to Amy S. and Leonard M. Gross, $417,251.

WILD FOREST DR., 929-Senayte Bezabih to Natalia and Mark S. Hilliard, $229,900.

WINDBROOKE DR., 882-S.Q. and Donald J. Goletz Jr. to Makda G. Araia, $114,900.

WINESAP CT., 1-Victor Shklyar to Shideh Shahnamood and Farhad Golchin, $371,500.


BAILIWICK TER., 13907-Angela Sharma to Craig N. Ameson, $320,000.

BERLAND PL., 11421-Kim Son H. Tran to Joseph B. Lougher, $185,000.

BRUNDIDGE TER., 11470-L. and Eric Gonzalez to Huy Nguyen, $181,000.

COACHMANS RD., 18006-J. Andrew McGovern to Niyada I. and Bryan S. Elie, $465,000.

CROSS RIDGE CT., 25-Mijoro C. Ger to Rosemary L. Aguila, $147,000.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12221-M-Charlene Cochran to Wendy Warren, $128,000.

FETLOCK DR., 19531-Maryline M. Jarvis to Cordelia A. and Riad A. Gaffar, $180,000.

FURLONG WAY, 14155-J.W. and Thomas J. Kiely Jr. to Mary A. Lanigan, $235,000.

GATESHEAD CIR., 20040-Randy Trivers to Diane M. Devlin, $167,000.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 19063-Samuel A. Morrison to Virginia L. Butler, $239,900.

LARENTIA DR., 19829-K.L. and Thomas W. Harman to Denise Douglas, $130,000.

LARK SONG DR., 13776-Barry L. Luersen to Tyri S. Lovelace, $102,928.

POPPYSEED LANE, 18845-Michael T. Strubel to Pepito Quizon, $125,000.

QUAIL WOODS DR., 12416-M.V. and Dennis R. Woode to Joann Smith, $175,000.

RED ROBIN TER., 18935-A.I. and Richard J. Newcombe to Joyce M. Kiser, $180,000.

SKIP JACK DR., 12107-Ronald A. Marx to Chad Freeman, $184,900.

STEEPLE CT., 52-Jing Qian to Nadine O. Maxwell Henry and Wayne M. Henry, $259,999.

STONEY BOTTOM RD., 12325-William J. and N.A. Sweeney to Linda R. and Russell C. Isler, $294,900.

VALLEY BEND CT., 1-K.R.A. and Raymond J. Moran III to Rebekkah L. Assion, $209,900.

WALNUTWOOD LANE, 13441-Paul E. and J.M. Campbell to Jenny K. and Thomas L. Fegley, $299,500.

WINDING CREEK WAY, 12039-Anthony F. Leigh to Antonia G. and Tony S. McRoy, $203,940.


BRYN MAWR AVE., 6108-Ann K. Ford to Kelly and James Bohi, $540,000.


MOUNT PISGAH RD., 9503-Clarita G. Frazier to Lester B. Langford, $365,000.

TAHONA DR., 8214-Adaly Flores to Marie Mendez, $175,000.

11TH AVE., 8534-H.M. and Maximo J. Corona to Joaquin L. Melendez, $134,100.

11TH AVE., 8551-Sung V. Pham to Priti R. Desai, $140,000.


ASHWOOD DR., 10120-Michael J. Weaver to Thomas R. Cox, $347,500.

DRESDEN ST., 4112-Leslie C.S. Hogeboom to Nancy M. and Mark E. Altemus, $672,500.

PARKWOOD DR., 10245-A.K. and Jeffrey V. Kelly to Geoffrey G. Hengerer, $399,000.

RAYMOOR RD., 3506-James R. and T.W. Nugent Jr. to Madhavi A. Naik and Sudhir Shetty, $875,000.

WHITE FLINT DR., 5104-Donald H. Forsht to Julie Philips and Fredrick J. Kunkle, $452,000.

WOODSON AVE., 11220-B.H. and Raymond A. Turetsky to Victor C. Cestone, $282,000.


DELTA DR., 20721-Scott J. and K. Tompkins to Ann G. and Terrance K. Egland, $600,000.

EXODUS DR., 8101-Mark D. Armstrong to Ramola H. and Thomas R. Carter, $475,000.

LOCHAVEN CT., 20911-Richard J. Lerz, trustee, to Dorothy C. and Mark S. Medvitz, $459,000.


GRAZING WAY, 20300-Jose R. Areas to Rafael H. Parada and Estela N. Argueta, $167,500.

HARRON VALLEY CT., 8405-Anthony J. and B.E. Melaro to D.J. and Thomas M. Willerton, $365,000.

SPUR HILL DR., 20011-Kirk A. Greenlun to Martin P. O'Brien Schipper and and Pamela J. O'Brien Schipper, $185,000.

WORSHAM CT., 19506-Stephen B. Vanzutphen to Santos A. Aguirre, $184,900.


BLUE KNOB TER., 2112-Peter J. Michela to Philip G. Sardelis, $249,900.

BRIGGS RD., 2001-George W.K. Wong to Kimberly M. and David P. Hahn, $290,000.

COLD MEADOW WAY, 2209-Michael T. and M.D. O'Brien to Julie Boynton and Michael Rubinstein, $352,000.

HAVARD ST., 4315-Avelino and J. Abreu to Mojtaba and Aida Lowlavar, $249,900.

HOLDRIDGE RD., 12822-D.M. and Harold E. Conner III to Shawn Laing, $230,000.

ISBELL ST., 4225-Karen L. Dubilier to Angela and Carlos Osinaga, $260,000.

LIVINGSTON ST., 12500-M.K. and David L. Yankanich to Katherine Bailey, $220,000.

LYDIA ST., 13404-Carlos Jimenez to Mekides Getachew and Worku A. Alene, $264,000.

MASSANUTTEN DR., 2304-Erika Sebastian to Janet and Patrick J. Donohue Sr., $239,750.

MIDDLEBRIDGE DR., 1981-M. and Jean Jacques Raoul to Desmond J. Lizotte, $370,000.

REGINA DR., 2911-John D. and P.A.T. Hanyo to Sonia and Brett Schneider, $375,000.

SELFRIDGE RD., 12313-Mark W. Ludwig to Glenda M. and Sergio M. Flores, $190,000.


ABBEY MANOR DR., 18911-M. Maragaret and G.W. Melvin to Joseph P. and Maureen L. Dymond, $445,000.

BISHOPS CASTLE DR., 2112-Dorothy C. Onyewu to Robertha M. and Cleveland O. Clarke, $415,000.

PALADIN TER., 3110-Michael S. Kay to Rhonda C. and Barry L. Hale, $230,000.

ST. FLORENCE TER., 3214-Jeffrey Klinkel to Michele Lambert, $180,000.

WILLOW GROVE RD., 19137-Alfred L. and D.A. Donaldson to Sandra and Joel R. Hoskins, $320,000.


SPATES HILL RD., 17205-Bruce G. Ensign to Charlene B. and Armand R. Dacanay, $356,400.

SPATES HILL RD., 17250-S.M. and Horace J. Savage to Donna C. Dolan, $416,075.


GAINSBOROUGH RD., 10305-Allen H. and H.G. Auslander to Alison C. and Michael R. Becker, $500,000.

GLASTONBERRY RD., 1715-Leonard S. and J.A. Haynes to Susan P. Brenna and David J. Firestone, $510,000.

KENTSDALE DR., 9510-Marianne I. Oweiss to Christine C. and Glenn P. Dyer, $800,000.

POSTOAK RD., 8309-P.P. and Charles C. Bohrer to Changqing Sun, $480,000.

STABLE HOUSE CT. S., 12509-Thomas N. Williams to A.C. and Roger E. Wagner, $625,000.

WOODSEND PL., 7-Stanley and R. Hurwitz to Alka and Krishan Gupta, $355,800.


FARM HAVEN DR., 907-Victor and L.A. Tebeka to Debra P. and Jeffrey N. Fredman, $524,900.

HARDWICKE PL., 15-Robert C. and N.K. Hughitt to Saikat S. and Vinita S. Joardar, $400,000.

LAKESTONE PL., 10111-Ta Yu P. Lung to Debra and Eyal Halevy, $838,000.

PORTREE DR., 12100-Alvaro D'Ottavi to Kenneth and Carolina P. Griffiths, $299,900.

STONESTREET AVE. N., 807-Conrad M. and V. Sellman to Evelyne and John Damani, $176,000.

TALBOTT ST., 151-Robert W. Leembruggen to Richard Siarey, $110,000.

TREASURE OAK CT., 1202-Leslie Rosenberg to Tracy Silverman Mednik and Greg S. Mednik, $480,000.


COLSTON DR., 2410-Matthew T. Cimino to Barbara A. Ryan, $135,000.

DALLAS AVE., 10014-Joyce A. Robinson to John B. Werth, $375,000.

EVERGREEN ST., 9626-J.B. and James J. Wetzel to Robert W. Wood, $339,500.

FRANKLIN AVE., 8-Carol L. Petrov to Elizabeth S. and Gregory L. Boison, $322,000.

GENEVA AVE., 200-Bela J. Demeter to Neil R. Lobron, $189,900.

GLEN ROSS RD., 2025-Jean H. Peacock to Matthew E. and Emily H. Menashes, $290,350.

GLENVILLE RD., 9025-Paul E. Nugent to Jeremy C. Warren, $179,900.

GRANVILLE DR., 10-Glenf Garth to Barry Denis and Deborah Lea, $385,000.

GREENBRIER DR., 411-Isaac and V. Kunnirickal to Karen B. and Stephen S. Tantama, $310,000.

GUILFORD ST., 706-Richard R. and C.M.J. Lithgow to Megan H. and Theophil Stokes, $290,000.

LANIER DR., 8827-Carol Elliott to Elizabeth A. and Daniel R. Amundson, $355,000.

LORAIN AVE., 10517-Douglas P. and B.J. McLendon to Michele S. and James M. Kettering, $400,000.

OSBORN DR., 2019-Mildred H. Williams to Holli R. and Brian Madden, $320,000.

PICKWICK VILLAGE TER., 9074-Faithea Flowers to Michael P. Cavanagh and Robin N. Meier, $168,000.

STIRLING RD., 510-John F. and M.C. Shopland to Claudia Covert and Matthew Lebowitz, $242,600.

WHITMOOR TER., 115-Bridget K. Russell to Amy and Stephen Wakefield, $245,500.

WHITNEY ST., 9219-Gary P. Grinstead to David T. and Karen E. Blonder, $353,000.


CARROLL AVE., 7509-Todd J. Collins to Patrick S.M. Higgins, $185,000.

CIRCLE AVE., 410-Lynda M. Folwick to Patricia K. Curran, $282,000.

ELM AVE., 501-E.J. and Kenneth Mitchell to Margaret Morehouse, $312,500.

GLENVIEW AVE., 8507-Martin C. and Dean to Laura Hessburg and Richard Ody, $230,000.

LANCASTER RD., 1113-Alfred Pach III to Helen S. Shepherd, $264,000.

PHILADELPHIA AVE., 40-Nicholas R. Schaffzin to Margot Bohan and Edward C. Cyr, $325,200.


ARDENNES AVE., 13003-Debra D. and J.W. Thurston to Georgia N. and John T. Cheakalos, $236,500.

GRANDIN AVE., 1106-Sarah K. and L.C. Andriani to Bethany L. and Erich F. Klein, $247,000.


CENTER ST., 415-William W. Bush IV to Cynthia and Michael Elliott, $359,500.


BRISBANE ST., 1907-Richard A. Sellen to Josephine M. and John J. Egan, $315,000.

CREST RD., 1514-Elaine M. Ferro to Steven B. Suing, $200,000.

EVEREST ST., 1806-Stacy E. and R.D. Murphy to Thomas and Shannon D. Faltens, $305,000.

FLOWERING TREE TER., 1918-W.K. and Thomas A. Mead to Christopher B. Roberts, $251,500.

GRIDLEY LANE, 1410-Stephen J. Padgett to Marcia A. Snyder, $172,000.

KINGTREE ST., 3110-T.J. and Patricia D. Duck to Nelly Cuellar Viscarra, $200,000.

LINDELL CT., 2910-P.J. and James L. Cross to Stephen C. Whitney, $193,000.