The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


BEECHDALE CT., 112-Alvin C. Harper to H.J. Hightower, $636,000.

LITTON LANE, 15904-Frankie R. and Douglas E. Snell to Grover Glass, $147,900.

WHITE HALL AVE., 14909-Karyn R. and Wesley D. Lightfoot to Angela Murphy Walters, $143,900.


AMHERST RD., 2107-Minessia Z. Shirley Smith to Zoila Bautista and Pablo Araniva, $220,000.

FLANDERS DR., 6510-Nettie P. Berlin, trustee, to Ana E. and Jaime F. Revelo, $180,000.

LA VERNE DR., 8511-Jack A. and Leda A. Wilson to Magdalena and Salvador Fuentes, $232,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1804, No. A-2-Raquel M. Mellon and Floyd E. Werle to Martine Tchuembue, $62,500.

METZEROTT RD., 1822, No. 203-Roscoe S. and Shirley Robertson to Cynthia A. Tapscott, $58,400.

RED TOP RD., 6506-Carol R. Baker to Yenly Phan and Chi N. Chu, $191,000.


BELTSVILLE DR., 12085-John R. McAdams to Linette D. Smith, $145,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11348, No. 103, II-B-Medora B. Fahnestock to Gemma J. Phillip, $70,000.

CHERRYVALE DR., 3605-Don Kirk and Vinette M. Lewis to Donna D. and Joseph E. Bowe, $315,000.

DUNNINGTON RD., 3619-Dolores J. and Philip I. Mantua to Eduardo J. Gutierrerz, $245,000.

ELLINGTON DR., 11815-Cynthia and Richard Fajardo to Keith F. Meadows, $229,900.

GREENWOOD RD., 4416-William and Alison G. Miller to Brad Whitman, $149,900.

HARBOUR TOWN DR., 4405-Raymond R. and Karen A.P. King to Romy M. Mondesir, $433,700.

MARIE ST., 4705-Elma R. and Arthur M. Heimpel to James Thomas Jr., $228,000.

NARROW TRAIL TER., 11305-Robert C. II and Melinda R. Linton to Nana J. Enstua and Nicholas Ncur Osei, $164,500.

TANEY DR., 13207-William R. and Rachelle B. Chaney to Jaimol R. and Buddy N. Inapanuri, $225,000.

35TH PL., 11622-Evelyn A. and Murray G. Paradis to Peter L. McGettrick, $185,000.


EMERSON ST., 6011, No. 216-Shaheed Haroon to Savannah M. Devo and Jean A. Gilchrist, $13,500.


CHERRYWOOD LANE, 12706-Carla M. and Timothy E. Liff to Nancy A. Morrissey, $190,400.

CHURCH LANE, 8501-Danielle S. Griffith to Venus S. Mason, $206,500.

CHURCH LANE, 8505-Kevin R. and Diane S. Blue Brown to Crystal and Cedric A. Benjamin, $215,100.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15679-Louis C. and Maria M. Alleva to Sarah and Said Saab, $87,500.

EIDER ST., 16302-Neomi R. and Deirdre M. Miller to Veronica Acha Ngwodo, $189,900.

ELYSIAN LANE, 16403-Angela D. Wanamaker to Gregory A. Bell, $200,000.

EVERETTE DR., 3413-Brian D. Bobyak to John L. Beamon, $180,000.

EVERGLADE LANE, 15610-Demetrius T. Lewis to Angel and Thomas McDonald, $139,000.

FLAMINGO LANE, 12319-Thomas D. and Virginia H. Scott to Janet H. and Johnny Robbins, $180,000.

FLEMING LANE, 12217-Erika and Benjamin Dillingham to Lyle Schmidt trust, $194,000.

FRUITWOOD DR., 11113-Peter and Natalie J. Campbell to Juana and Nicholas Luna, $180,000.

GRENFELL PL., 13907-Marlene M. Walker to Frank Satterwhite, $215,000.

IDOLSTONE LANE, 3708-Cathy L. Lanier to Lisa L. and Kenneth P. Knudsen, $219,900.

KAVANAUGH LANE, 12516-Suzanne E. Decarre to Kimberly M. Plumb, $127,500.

KELSEY LANE, 2402-Deborah L. and Kevin R. Shultz to Shelley Brickey, $186,000.

KEYBERRY LANE, 2404-Gregory D. and Christine T. George to H. Mark Pomerantz and David Pomerantz, $193,500.

KNOWLEDGE LANE, 12521-Ralph L. and Robyn M. Dingess to Linda M. and James E. Jarrels Jr., $180,000.

LONDON LANE, 14763-Arnzell R. and Charles M. Outlaw to Dionne M. Soares, $152,000.

LONDON LANE, 14838-Beverly C. and Stephen J. Buckley to Lorraine P. Favors, $154,900.

MADONNA LANE, 3527-Brent V. and Christine A. Stiles to Karen P. and James D. Burrow III, $219,900.

NEMO CT. N., 15501-Coleman Brown to Maria J. and Matthew W. Brown, $121,400.

NORWALK CT., 15412-John P. Collins to Timothy N. Hodge, $156,000.

NORWEGIAN CT., 15530-Si Fine and Lynne C. Huddelson to Rebecca S. Weaver, $152,500.

PEACHWOOD LANE, 1406-Audrey E. and Richard A. Saus to Calvin K. Jones, $178,900.

PLEASANT HILL LANE, 845-Walter S. Brown to Coy J. Taffe, $164,000.

QUARUM PL., 12021-Robert T. Bradford to Alyssa and Daniel Krieger, $345,500.

QUICK FOX LANE, 12209-Georgia A. Johnson to Darin K. Harris, $321,000.

SUNFLOWER CIR., 3833-Martine Askew to Stella U. and Charles A. Odidika, $271,000.

WALDORF WAY, 3801-George C. Comer to Heather K. and Bodie K. Shaw, $222,500.

WESTPORT DR., 11223-William A. Cole to Carmelita V. Jones, $137,000.

WILLOW CREEK RD., 6711-Trilok C. and Sulakshana Garg to Anita and Charles W. Washington Jr., $210,000.


BADEN NAYLOR RD., 16201-Rebecca F. and David F. Hauser to Daniel Zabetakis, $169,000.

BRANDYWINE HEIGHTS RD., 14107-Nancy L. Smith to Robert C. Swartzwelder, $153,500.

SPRINGFIELD RD. S., 14004-Carl L. and Cathy S. Kinzie Siefring to Kevin R. and Peggy J. Beck, $166,000.


41ST AVE., 3423-Carolyn M. and Jerry L. Blankenship to Percell Edwards, $128,000.


ADDISON RD., 5942-Irene S. and Judith A. Heine to Mark Awantang, $103,500.

COOLIDGE ST., 5606-Jerry W. Boyd to Joy S. Harris, $132,500.

DILLON CT., 1222-Audrey A. and Andrew R. Luckey to Ronnie Davis, $135,000.

HASTINGS DR., 7203-Johnny and Mary M. Winchester to Annie V.J. and Johnny Winchester, $30,000.

INGLEBORO CT., 5410-Waymond S. Elliott to Osaetin M. Evbuoma, $118,000.

LOGWOOD RD., 902-Mary L. and Greene O. Williams to Elizabeth Charles, $170,000.

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. HWY., 6310-Alice R. Scipio to Ramon L. Davis, $105,000.


ARBOR ST., 6113-Cheryl A. and Jack C. Thompson to Antony D. Barsi and Janel L. Edwards, $125,000.

BELLEVIEW AVE., 3127-Joseph L. and Gwendolyn W. Davis to Ilona B. and John G. Young, $229,900.

CHEVERLY AVE., 2208-Leon N. and Francis V. Jones to Joyce and Robert Palmer, $118,000.

FOREST RD. E., 7206-Martin Van Kirk to Timothy F. Geppert, $70,000.

GREENLEAF RD., 5621-Helen E. and Ero J. Keskinen to Denise Woods, $190,000.

HAWTHORNE ST., 6804-Edward A. Harris to Dyeya L. Foster, $125,990.

VIRGINIA AVE., 2110-Mary L. McKinnon to Marvin E. Vides, $140,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 2200-Leon N. and Frances V. Jones to Joyce and Robert Palmer, $103,000.

WILSON PL. E., 2010-Sarah A. Higginbotham to Shirley M. Darnaby, $110,000.


ANNA DR., 9001-Lee U. and Lynn R. Martin to Mary H. and Kenneth R. Gill, $162,500.

BELLEFONTE LANE, 8207-Jeannette A. Langley trust to Faustino V. Mendoza, $130,000.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5794-Oaklawn Builders to Arlene McMichael, $158,450.

CLINTON MANOR DR., 6604-Donald R. Huar to Suzanne C. and Brian M. Caldwell, $167,000.

DEBORAH ST., 8605-Brooke Property Developers Corp. to Ruth C. and Oscar A. Cabrera, $241,815.

GREENFIELD LANE, 9111-Johnnie M. and Gay L. Oliver to Mercy and Marvin H. Miller, $158,000.

INEZ PL., 10400-Derrick A. Smith to Dennis Dodson, $187,550.


RUATAN ST., 5809-Howard W.C. Michelsen to Suja and Babu Kottakuzhiyil, $204,900.

SWARTHMORE DR., 5820-Cornelius J. and Dolores A. McCarthy to Tomika W. and Thomas J. Kanditi, $245,000.

51ST AVE., 9516-Eric Elmore to Joyce and Robert Green, $180,000.

53RD AVE., 9726-Amy S.W. and Don C.A. Parker to Halley Roberson, $130,000.


BARKLEY PL., 2339-Angela M. and Michael R. Robinson Sr. to Carolyn Anderson, $155,000.

GATEWAY BLVD., 6706-Regina A. Smith to Natasha Parker, $112,000.

KIPLING PKWY., 7110-Fredrick and Laverne Day Holt to Latonya and Melvin Streeter, $138,535.

LAKEHURST AVE., 2406-Elizabeth R. Reamy to SRE Properties, $52,000.

MARLBORO PIKE, 6604-Ali M. Majadi to Alice W. Aslam, $122,000.


BEECH ST., 311-Delores B. and William W. Valentine to Pamela C. Norris, $185,000.

BRICKER DR., 609-Mary C. and Vernon W. Akers to Jacqueline Mitchell, $180,000.

EAGLE HEAD DR., 226-Margaret S. Parker to Zodsai Dardhirun, $153,500.

JACQUELINE DR., 9801-Lorena M. Ford to Gary L. Clifton, $166,000.

KLOVSTAD DR., 7712-Candie E. Schwartz to Sharon and Tony Oby, $55,000.

MECCA CT., 303-John W. Huckert to Darren Waak, $131,000.

SERO ESTATES DR., 806-Sonja Adams Quow to Iris B. Adams, $265,000.

TARTAN LANE, 12610-Barbara A. and Dudley L. Peters to Ambaw Bezabeh, $310,000.

WOODGREEN CIR., 203-Christian P. and Tammy Heath to Luffon and Viola E. Berry, $290,000.


GUINEVERE PL., 12100-Jerome L. Taylor to Edgar E. Malker, $400,000.


CANNING TER., 8260-Geraldine and Richard P. Gareau to K. Sheree Hawkins, $165,200.

HANOVER PKWY., 6970, No. 201-Annmarie Graham to Teresa N. Leffson, $85,000.

MORRISON DR., 7232-Kiesha James to Joan M. Weizmann, $175,000.

VANITY FAIR DR., 7823-Gurdeep S. Sayal to Thomas C. Wilson, $200,000.


BUCHANAN ST., 5302-Ramon Soto to Jose L. Cavero, $120,000.

EDMONSTON RD., 5025-Robert F. Sweeney Sr. to Benjamin Basileo, $108,000.

HAMILTON ST., 3839, No. 303-Constance M. Brown to Celia Calhoun, $60,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7732, No. T2-Christopher J. Spangler to Mickelli Dawodu, $85,500.

42ND AVE., 4914-Beth Greenfeld and Richard A. Ifft to Mark A. Malone, $264,000.

43RD AVE., 5316-Dorothy J. and Donald L. Frykman to Joseph J. Miller III, $139,900.


APPLETON TER., 15802-Douglas A. Carr to Patricia A. and David P. Smock, $238,000.

QUEBEC ST., 1116-Ann C. and Samuel Sukhu to Gilberto Alvarado, $155,000.


CIPRIANO SPRINGS CT., 8625-Kim M. Davis to Erica S. Peck, $125,000.

DARTMOOR CT., 5202-Sandra M. Nolan to Sidiki Traore, $175,000.

GLENARDEN PKWY., 8806-Johnny D. and Ernestine C. Berry to Vallerie L. Codrington, $127,000.

MARGIE CT., 4603-Milton E. Allen to Zainab Musa and Sahid Jah, $270,000.

STORCH CT., 6808-Kathryn M. Orhelein to Carol Wilson, $166,000.

WOOD STREAM DR., 6509-Jau S. and Lin Fen Chiou Jin to Marie Giron and Julio A. Ramirez, $230,000.

75TH AVE., 5404-Patricia A. and Charles D. Myers to Elizabeth P. Mewborn, $153,000.


CAMPUS WAY S., 10124, No. 104-Jon L. Thume Jr. to Doris C. Butler, $54,900.

MANDERES PL., 3401-Rebecca A. Griffin to Olufemi A. and Tokunbo A. Paul, $239,900.


ARBORY WAY N., 7528-Delores B. Saunders to Dominique S. Better, $105,000.

BOND MILL RD., 15703-Bethany G. and Douglas S. Smith to Richard A. Glassbrook, $216,000.

BONNETT CT., 6703-Robert J. and Nancy L. Yeroshefsky to Heidy and Enrique Hurtado, $160,000.

BRADFORD CT., 6906-Kenneth O. and Monica M. Pittman to Michael and Denise L. Williams, $252,000.

BRISTON ST., 14007-Christine L. Lanier to Richard Onyeuba, $115,900.

CAMBRIDGE CIR., 14519-Mary C. Benedetto and Richard O. Mills to Peter L. McGettrick, $150,000.

CHERRYWOOD DR., 14914-Gale D. and Anthony E. Stewart to Sheila M. Gray, $123,900.

LAUREL OAKS LANE, 15046-Lucille G. Geary to Ruth Schwartz, $159,900.

LAUREL RIDGE DR., 16116-Michael E. and Deborah G. Bailey to Mary M. and Daniel E. Kusnierz, $230,000.

MAYFAIR TER., 6956-Peter Su to Derek S. Harshbarger, $159,900.

MCCAHILL DR., 6614-Walter R. and Amy T. Derieux to Brenda and John Churchwell, $219,390.

WHITEWAY AVE., 904-Daniel S. and Tina M. Todd to Ana J. Dayar and Jose P. Bonilla, $140,000.


BOVELDER DR., 8800-Edith M. and Joel H. Vincent to Maximilian Psolka, $297,000.

DUCKETTOWN RD., 12101-Thomas J. III and Rosemarie Balent to Suvia A.S. and John D. Evans, $350,000.

IMPERIAL DR., 8202, No. IV-B-Clarissa L. and Michael S. Mitchell to Gwendolyn Maddox, $138,000.

MONTPELIER DR., 8317-Kwang K. and Boo R. Jeun to Myung S. and Dong L. Kim, $160,000.

MONTPELIER DR., 8413-Kristine M. and Charles B. Brewer Jr. to Janet W. and Paul T. Russillo Jr., $229,000.

ORWOOD LANE, 8906-Somjai Blanton to Elizabeth A. and Edward J. Pettit, $237,000.

PALMER PL., 9313-Stephanie A. and Alan T. Johns to Wanda W. Collins, $146,000.


HARMON AVE., 3714-Wallin D. and Ellen H. Holtgren to Dania Banega and Erwin O. Quintanilla, $122,000.

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5503, No. 1130-Ronald W. Wohrman to Gregory Wright, $63,000.

TAYLOR ST., 7422-Betty M. and Frank R. Kessel to Rainbow Properties, $70,000.

VERONA DR., 8332-Albert I. and Virginia W. Pioso to Sonia E. and Rudy Urbina, $215,000.

85TH AVE., 5412, No. 1-Jerome S. Murray, trustee, to Warren C. Cole Sr., $55,000.

89TH AVE., 5811-Robert J. Skurat to Tammy R. Wood and Bruce C. Hill Jr., $146,500.


LIVINGSTON RD., 6019-Robert L. Hughes and Shirley T. Taylor to Diana S. Brown, $119,750.


CRESTWOOD PL., 5732-Charles L. Fell to Honielou T. and David Howarth, $175,000.

LONGFELLOW ST., 6208-Viola and Millard E. Battle to Beverly E. Clough, $129,000.

RAVENSWOOD RD., 4802-Theresa P. and William W. Saunders to Robert Micheli, $155,000.

62ND AVE., 5603-Ricardo Beckford to Julie J. Huggins, $115,000.


SHADYSIDE AVE., 2100-Joyce H. Duckett to David L. Proctor, $50,000.

SILVER PARK TER., 4127-Patricia A. Neale to Levana Nash, $135,500.

SUNSET LANE, 3085-Roy E. Jenkins Sr. to Alfreda D. Vinson, $119,750.

WALNUT LANE, 3701-Ihor and Natalka Mouchyn to Lee and Francine Salvador, $157,500.


BERKSHIRE DR., 6716-Janet K. and Irving H. Mansfield to Benjamin Alston, $150,000.

DALLAS DR., 3200-Earl Genous to Lataunya D. Matthews, $115,000.

DAWN LANE, 2251-George F. and Sharon P. Young to Andrea and Malcolm Brown, $136,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3107, No. N-413-Mildred C. and Thomas O. Douglas to Sharon Bonds, $13,200.

HOLTON LANE, 5705-Jane E. Heller to Jennifer M. and Michael J. Thalmann, $160,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3310, No. T-1-Francis A. Peters to Janie B. Wran, $82,500.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3335, No. C-2-Ann I. Merchant to Bernice H. and Lena T. Lane, $80,500.

LIME ST., 2801-Willie T. Davis to Reginald Cross, $75,000.

RIVIERA ST., 3503-Marsha J. and Bernard O. Woodward to Andrea Sharples, $145,000.

SIMMONS LANE, 4412-Doris E. and Sylvester J. Deiter to Jacqueline M. Fisher, $192,500.



JAMESTOWN RD., 5810-Geraldine A. and Robert J. Lynch to Angela C. Scriber, $125,000.

OLIVER ST., 3802-Craig E. Collard to Flavia Moskaitis, $219,000.

32ND AVE., 5824-Zara D. and Marshall W. Boone to Lishan M. Abegaz, $165,000.

41ST AVE., 6009-Virginia C. and Allie Bowers to Segun and Leonilde Arciniegas, $186,000.


BLAZ CT., 2102-Jeannette F. and James C. Williams to Alfreda J. Wright, $181,000.

BROCK HALL DR., 14501-Leo and Eleanor S. Maksymchock to Melissa C. and James W. Cloud Jr., $275,000.

DUNBARTON DR., 14634-Edward and Dawn Williams to Densbury B. Alfred, $287,000.

FLORIN WAY, 9046-Melanie D. Taylor to Bela Tayal, $114,950.

GOVERNORS GROVE RD., 14471-Patrick G. Langley to Patricia A. and Elliott E. Bellinger, $164,900.

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 8508-Philip A. Vivaldi to Jacqueline Jones, $168,000.

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 8531-Laura M. and Larry J. Clark to Milton Meadows, $148,950.

HAMPSHIRE HALL CT., 14212, No. G-307-Keith A.O. Neal to Dannette L. Thomas, $135,000.

KING GEORGE WAY, 13906-Ursula Colwell and Carl Williams to Lisa Gilmore, $139,000.

KING PATRICK WAY, 4921, No. 405-39-Donna L. and Paul Edwards to Olugbenga L. Akiyode, $134,000.

LORD BALTIMORE PL., 13531-Davea T. and Brandon K. Bagby to Angelo Bunch, $162,900.

LORD FAIRFAX PL., 13937-Wayne F. Batson to Thomas E. Graves, $184,500.

NATALIE DR., 9720-Carol L.R. and Robert Myrick to Dionna S. Martin, $249,900.

NORTH GROVE, 2907-Kathy L. Ballard to Denise Hargrove, $145,000.

OLD CRAIN HWY., 4200-Steven S. and Lina Bravo Baumann to Jennie and Robert E. Sweo, $339,000.

PENZANCE PL., 4623-Karen M. Zibrat to Hilton, Almaz and Daniel Ferebee, $157,000.

RHEIMS CT., 8506-Harry R.J. and Deborah M. Wiltrout to Brandy D. Scott and Douglas L. Sims Jr., $173,900.

ROSE VIEW CT., 9608-Lissa A. and Lawrence E. Bosanko Jr. to Mariama Dura Wurie, $249,900.

SWANSON RD., 16200-James O. and Elizabeth C. Young to Wendy J. and John W. Bunting Jr., $158,000.


BEECHAM CT., 1909-Valerie P. and Edgar L. Davis to Priscilla A. Poindexter, $206,000.

GOLF COURSE TER., 10917-Andrew D. Lewis to Christopher A. Richardson, $299,000.

JERIMIAH LANE, 15107-Olivia A. and Dale A. Dicks to Lagrand Diggs, $300,000.

MANORFIELD CT., 1811-Kimberly R. Boyd to Scott L. Giorgi, $221,000.

MEADOWRIDGE LANE, 10400-Vaughn P. McDowell to Lillie M. and Kenneth R. Kennedy, $223,500.

ST. MICHAELS DR., 761-Doris J. Smith to Edith Lamptey, $123,000.

SOUTHLAKES DR., 11318-Bonnie A. and Richard F.B. Williams to Deborah Garrick, $176,000.