The following home sales were recently recorded in Stafford County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

ABBY LANE, 104-Michael S. Buswell to Monic L. Schafer, $130,000.

AUSTIN CT., 115-Wanda B. and Luis E. Maceira to David E. Curtis Jr., $90,000.

BATLEY CT., 504-Edward R. and Suzanne L. Stepien to Lasonia P. Brown, $135,000.

BELLOWS AVE., 912-B. and J. Financial Group Corp. to Angela Tibbs, $48,500.

BEN NEUIS PL., 403-Leslie Anne Topp to Laura S. and John A. Bass, $141,085.

BENTLEY CT., 207-Geraldine I. Meyers to Gina and Jeffrey Procopio, $164,900.

BLACKBEARD DR., 1008-Harold W. and Frances B. Taylor Jr. to Brenda S. and Ricky L. Maxwell, $279,200.

BREEZY HILL DR., 5-Kimberly A. and Gabriel B. Sylvia to Pamela S. Vaughn, $183,000.

BROOKSTONE DR., 21-Charles and Susan M. Caple to Michelle L. and Peter J. Stalteri, $319,900.

CATHERINE LANE, 15-Lionel and Tawana Bethea to Cynthia L. and Nathan E. Coulter, $224,000.

CONFEDERATE WAY, 64-Richard L. and Marcie L. Mullins to Jackie L. and Henry James Commers, $242,000.

COVENTRY CT., 18-Central Virginia Housing Coalition to John L. Mills and April K. Spence Mills, $75,900.

CROSS RIDGE CT., 106-Mark Austin and Karen Mae Furman to Veronica L. and Preston A. Youngblood II, $142,000.

DEACON RD., 263-Gerald F. Daltan to James M. Bako, $81,836.

DEBRA DR., 126-Angelika Bigelow to Angela J. Manthey, $189,900.

EVERGREEN LANE, 21-Franklin A. Franco, trustee, to Simona M. Franklin, $78,000.

FLEET RD., 87-Barbara S. Lewis to Soon Ok and Young Moon Ji, $282,500.

GARFIELD ST., 27-Agnes Richardson to Joaquin J. Rosario, $184,900.

HARTWOOD RD., 1436-Teressa L. Casteel to Patricia A. and Larry D. Clavette, $206,500.

KENDALLWOOD DR., 109-Edward D. and August M. Bizet to Susan M. Behney and Eric O. Doyle, $204,000.

KINGS CREST DR., 312-Stella Routh to Rose E. Pratt, $147,900.

KIRBY LANE, 65-Michael F. and Melanie Z. Rabs to Melissa L. Griego and Kurt A. Remus, $470,000.

KNOLLSIDE CT., 3-Henry F. and Rhonda L. Marcinowski III to Charissa and Patrick W. Hollyfield, $224,000.

LAPIS DR., 18-Matthew W. and Felicia R. Underwood to Melinda D. and Todd D. Ford, $245,000.

LONDON WAY, 37-Patrick A. and Carolyn J. McCall to Patricia A. and David W. Brown, $249,950.

MADISON CT., 511-Hong C. and Tyan H.T. Nguyen to Keith Karlstromer, $83,000.

MATTHEW CT., 124-Merle T. and William N. Gerke to Deborah A. Loop, $102,300.

MEWS CT., 508-Jimmy C. Cook to Emmanuel O. Sarfo, $145,000.

MUNDY LANE, 19-Kirsten E. and Robert Michael Murphy Jr. to Joseph W. Black III, $189,900.

OAKBROOK CT., 10-Leo G. and Maryann E. Schweer to Virginia B. and Mark S. Harrington, $273,000.

PINNACLE DR., 1002-Kim E. and Joseph Harris Jenifer Jr. to Queenie Jennings, $158,000.

PROVIDENCE ST., 203-Kristen N. Pinckard to Biserka and Kenneth J. Richter, $124,480.

ROSEPETAL ST., 15-Dale J. and Janice L. McCleese to Faith A. and David S. Breeden Jr., $288,500.

SASSAFRAS LANE, 31-Valerie J. Moss to Lisa and Steven W. Batchelor, $296,000.

TWIN BROOK LANE, 104-Shankarnarayanan Ramaswamy to Edward W. Lyle, $143,000.

VICTORIA DR., 2002-Shawn A. and Cynthia L. Buskirk to Emanuelina C. and Timothy J. Klapak, $176,000.

VISTA WOODS RD., 54-Carmen Marie and Richard D. Augustosky to Ana E. and Mauricio Cisneros, $195,000.

WASHINGTON AND LEE BLVD., 10-Kenneth E. and Deane P. Cecil to Courtney S. and Christopher J. Fensterle, $215,000.

WEST PARK DR., 106-Pioneer Enterprises Corp. to Neil Ryerson, $132,900.

WESTHAMPTON CT., 19-Ren L. and Carrie C. Chang Yan to Deborah J. and Michael W. Perry, $289,900.

WILLOW BRANCH PL., 56-Michael E. Smoot to Luke B. Greene, $164,900.

WIND RIDGE DR., 110-Susan S. and Blane O. Colie to Emily I. Feezell, $122,000.

WOODMONT CT., 13-Rickey B. and Linda K. Harris to Deborah L. and Michael L. Foltz, $229,000.