The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


BRUNSWICK ST., 622-Magie M. and Arthur L. Hilderbrand to Janet L. Remsburg, $129,900.


BALDRIDGE CIR., 6121-Michael A. Bauer to Joanne F. and Joseph S. Lyon, $168,700.

BALDRIDGE TER., 6125-Barbara Jo and Quention McFadden Jr. to Sarah A. Vincent and Richard J. O'Brien, $178,000.

BEACON CIR., 8764-Christopher C. and Melissa L. Ricci to Sandra L. and Douglas A. Shoemaker, $114,000.

BEAR CREEK CT., 2107-Li Steven and Shen Li Yijia to Mi Ja and Joo Sub Song, $280,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2527-Wirt M. and Mary Anne Chaney to Dana M. and Michael S. Rogers, $319,900.

BEAR DEN RD., 2603-Ronald W. and Dorothy M. Ross to Darlene N. and Robert N. Griffin, $267,900.

BEEBE CT., 532-Michael Gerald Schmitt to Gesenia S. and Teofilo Garces, $102,000.

BELLS LANE, 5816-Herman L. Jr. and Bessie B. Reed to Heather D. and Tommy L. Reed, $190,000.

BEVERLY CT., 1501-Alice Wachter to Sheila Kinty, $137,400.

BIRCHWOOD CT. W., 9411-Eric and Catherine Tauscher to Lynne V. and Scott L. Pattison, $178,000.

BISHOPS GLEN DR., 265-Keith G. and Louisa A. Johnson to Sandra L. and Mark A. Fogle, $190,000.

BLUELEAF CT., 901, No. 10-1D-Thelma Y. Daugherty to Robyn Benedict, $107,500.

BLUELEAF CT., 901, No. 10-3A-Kevin M. Bantz to Jennifer A. Meisner, $114,750.

BROOKHAVEN CT., 9051-Darrin H. and Michele G. Mikk to Virginia K. and Tom M. Louie Jr., $329,000.

CANVAS BACK CT., 5033-Charles R. Thompson III to Kathryn A. Harvill, $145,000.

CARROLLTON DR., 437-Jerry G. and Patricia H. Carey to Dana M. and Donald L. Wiles, $119,900.

CHALLENGER CT., 44-William Scott and Barbara C. McCay to William E. and Lynn M. Miller, $99,000.

DERBY DR., 6215-Ricky L. and Rebecca A. Hilderbrand to Margarita C. and Donald S. Kersey Jr., $235,000.

DRIFTWOOD CT., 2501, No. 3B-Patricia A. McHenry to Abby L. Green, $138,500.

DUKE CT., 5404-Paula Stephanie and Martha A. Cohen to Nelmarie Miranda and Victor Ayala, $177,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 6-Ralph C. Sr. and Chanletta Ketchum to Cynthia F. Kleppinger and Laurence S. Greenspoon, $265,000.

GLENMEADOW CT., 7186-John H. Grantham to Taunya and Steven A. Thomas, $107,000.

HORSESHOE DR., 10991-Ann M. and Shane A. Leckliter to Susan D. Wittstadt, $209,900.

LAKESIDE DR., 2434-Terra M. Schaden Ireland to Dodie J. Hall, $205,000.

MOUNTAIN VIEW DR., 2195-Edward Thomas and Linda M. Stolba to Beth A. and Jeffrey M. Sutterman, $273,000.

NEW HAVEN CT., 6341-Emerson O. and Tammy S. Peery to Marla H. and Kevin H. Bennett, $140,000.

NORWICK CT., 105-Linda M. Lee to Emmanuel Osei Bonsu, $185,000.

REGAL CT., 5358-Dale A. and Deanna E. Driscoll to Pauline and David Buete, $143,900.

RIVER RUN CT., 7825-Francoise and Thomas Miller, trustees, to Michelle Crowell Vogelsang and Kenneth Vogelsang, $138,000.

SPOKE SHAVE CT., 6631-Laurie Lynn Layman to Keli Rousseau Ambush and Bobby Ambush, $117,000.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6501, No. 8303-Lori A. Keiffer to Ann Patricia Sheridan, $128,000.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6508, No. 3304-Samuel Peter and Anna M. Eng to Diana and C. Mark Hannan, $116,000.

SWEET BAY CT., 5749-Vani K. and Mahesh K. Sastry to Ghazala Qadir, $120,000.

TEAL LOOP, 6613-Jennifer M. Nearhoff to Chontelle Gray, $240,000.

THORNHILL PL. W., 365-John B. and Darlene A. Heamstead to Maria D. Estrada and Armando D. Pena, $112,750.

VALLEYSIDE DR., 1790-Kiet A. and Mary C. Huynh to Amy E. and Kenneth D. Wells, $155,000.

VICEROY CT., 5415-Eric J. and Carolyn M. Johnson to May Luong and Tin Tu Luu, $186,000.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2260-Robert B. and Lynn D. Chreste to Tara S. and Joseph J. Egresits, $193,000.

WINPENNY DR., 6364-John James Fitzgerald III to Pichen Lu and Michael Lishing Lu, $510,000.

WORSHAM CT., 6509-Robert R. Markus to Carminda M. and Kevin M. Lloyd, $196,000.

14TH ST. W., 20-John C. Renninger to Gail Mann, $237,500.


CHAMPLAINE DR., 4823-James L. and Mona R. Key to Carolyn M. and Eric J. Johnson, $260,000.


LIBERTY RD., 11920, No. 103A-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Regina M. Howell, $62,000.

LIBERTY RD., 11920, No. 203B-Nancy Heinberg to Mary Ellen Burton and Patrick J. Ellis, $74,000.


FERN LANE, 7091-John Scott and Tiffanie A. Campbell to Kimberly L. and Steven C. Wagner, $164,500.

MANDA CT., 14-Raymond D. Jr. and Sara J. Dirienzo to Marta L. Rose Cariola and Joseph J. Cariola Jr., $294,900.

PETE WILES RD., 8719-Ronald S. Laneve trust to Theresa O'Brien, $210,000.


KEMPTOWN CT., 4560-Stephen J. Wenthold to Kaye F. and George M. Probeyahn, $465,000.

KILLEN CT., 5005-Karen L. and John P. Carrier to James Ford, $335,000.

LINGANORE WOODS LANE, 12406-John F. and Joanne A. Zielke to Melissa S. and Darren B. Ash, $285,000.


COMMODORE CT., 6618-Dawn M. Ford to Holly T. and Patrick L. Sault, $172,500.

CROWN ST., 1007-Crystal C. Alexander to Kathryn V. and Kevin M. Bantz, $179,500.

FOX CHASE RD., 7011-Kathleen J. and Jeffrey J. Kuebler to Victor A. Soltero Jr., $245,000.

FOX CHASE RD., 7014-Brenda J. and Larry E. Smith to Kristie A. Diehl, $239,500.

HARBOR LIGHT WAY, 6636-Renee D. and David C. Weaver to Meghan M. Bittner, $210,000.

HURON TER., 10294-Francis J. and Jill C. Coleman to Tracy and Matthew Stupp, $309,000.

SAMHILL CT., 4263-Annette Y. and Irving G. Roth to Mark Schwaiger, $410,000.

VILLAGE OAK CT., 1424-Emily E. Pearre to Lani I. and Michael Hrones, $127,500.

WHITETAIL CT., 1309-Bradley R. and Michele A. Kuhn to Laura A. and Michael S. Moore, $333,000.


MOUNTAIN TER., 201-Andrea N. Hoffman to Brandy R. Logsdon and Robert W. Shafer Jr., $135,000.



MAIN ST. W., 161-Mari L. Baggett to Jacquelyn Partridge, $183,000.


CATOCTIN HIGHLANDS CIR., 25-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Julie A. Warfield, $110,000.


COLONY CT., 100-Darcy C. and Salvatore Potestivo Jr. to Ann E. Cline, $107,000.

COLONY CT., 109-Sherry L. Heflin to Vikki J. and Paul E. Ropp, $145,000.

DISCOVERY BLVD., 8514-Daniel A. and Hedwig J. Rivers to Susan C. and Ryan E. Funk, $103,000.

GEORGE ST., 7-Sharon K. Phillips to Debra S. and Paul D. McConnell Sr., $175,000.

MOON MAIDEN CT., 1-Margaret H. Shaw to Sheila E. Angelo Caffrey and Edward J. Caffrey Jr., $122,400.