The following were among animal cases received recently by the Montgomery County Animal Services Division. For more information, call 240-773-5054. This number contains recorded information on such topics as hours of operation and adoption.

More Than 25 Try to Save Mare

Silver Spring, Layhill Road, 16400 block, Jan. 12. A mare's owner, concerned because the horse had been missing since Jan. 10, found the horse in a muddy ditch. It had been suffering from hypothermia and all four legs were stuck in the mud. An animal services officer assisted a veterinarian and 25 fire and rescue workers from Sandy Spring and Kensington stations in the rescue. A sling was fashioned out of fire hoses and, with the aid of a forklift, the workers extricated the 20-year-old horse from the mire in 20 minutes. The horse was taken to Marion duPont Scott Equine Center in Leesburg, Va., but as of Jan. 14 the horse was still unable to support its own weight. The horse was euthanized Jan. 15 upon advice from veterinarians at the equine center.

2 Pit Bulls Attack Flock of Sheep Silver Spring, Ednor Road, 1600 block, Jan. 8. Two white pit bulls attacked a flock of sheep in a pasture. Animal services and police officers arrived and both dogs had been secured in the dog owner's truck. The dogs had blood on their faces and legs. Eight of the 17 sheep in the pasture were injured so severely that they had to be euthanized by the shepherd. The dogs were impounded and an Animal Matters Hearing Board hearing was pending.

Dog Bites Child, Takes Lunch

Rockville, George Washington Street, 16900 block, Jan. 8. A dog ran up to a boy walking to school, grabbed the boy's lunch out of his hand and bit his hand. The black Airedale terrier reportedly bit another boy on his pants leg earlier in the day as the child walked in the same area. The dog was found to be current on its vaccinations and was placed under a 10-day, in-home quarantine. No citations were issued because it was not confirmed that the Airedale was the biting dog.

Pets Available for Adoption

Dogs, cats and other pets will be available for adoption through the Montgomery County Humane Society Mobile Adoption Unit, which is scheduled to visit the following location. To confirm the schedules, call 240-773-5966 or visit


1-4 p.m. Saturday


20924 Frederick Rd.

-- Christine Swerda