Dec. 26 A daughter, Jane Elizabeth, was born to Hope and Richard Pampillonia of Bethesda.

Dec. 27 A daughter, Emily Jo, was born to Cynthia and Joseph Aumiller of Bethesda.

A son, Matthew Alex, was born to Sharon and Michael Plotnick of Bethesda.

Dec. 29 A son, Clark Arman, was born to Diane and Arman Tanman of Chevy Chase.

Dec. 31 A daughter, Sophie Ilana, was born to Tracy and Stefan Krantz of Rockville.

A daughter, Cecilia Pauline Skinner-Grant, was born to Jodi Grant and Thomas Skinner of Bethesda.

Jan. 1 A daughter, Ariel Isabella, was born to Catalina and Alex Banderas of Silver Spring.

A daughter, Malia Simone Nelson, was born to Lisa Roberts and Kirk Nelson of Bethesda.

A son, Stelios Nikolaos, was born to Angelina and Nikolaos Marmaras of Rockville.

Jan. 2 A daughter, Lindsay Eliza, was born to Alisa and Lewis Wiener of Potomac.

A son, Maxwell Albert, was born to Valerie and Christopher Simon of Bethesda.

Jan. 3 A son, Adam Harper, was born to Monica and Benjamin Feit of Silver Spring.

Jan. 4 A son, Gavin Ian, was born to Sheila and Michael Evans of Bethesda.

Jan. 8 A son, Nicholas Bussiki Silva, was born to Ludmila and James Clifton of Potomac.

A son, Eitan Rahm Glickman Alvord, was born to Joan Glickman and Dennis Alvord of Chevy Chase.

Jan. 10 A son, Connor Sias, was born to Elva and Gregory Berry of North Potomac.

Jan. 11 A son, Connor Seth, was born to Hilari and Timothy Dunn of Bethesda.

A son, Ethan Samuel, was born to Marnie and Alan Kaplan of Rockville.

A daughter, Bridget Leigh, was born to Sheila and Peter Flanagan of Bethesda.

Jan. 14 A daughter, Hope Elizabeth, was born to Carrie and Michael Hillegass of Chevy Chase.


Dec. 30 A daughter, Zari'a Michelle Walker, was born to Lynda Manley and Nathaniel Walker of Gaithersburg.

Compiled by Timothy Wilson. For more information, call 202-334-7251.