A subcommittee of the House Counties, Cities and Towns Committee yesterday recommended against passage of measures that would have given local governments more power to control growth and development. The action effectively killed the bills.

House Bill 2039, sponsored by Del. Robert G. Marshall (R-Prince William)

This bill would allow governments to match development to the availability of services, such as schools, roads, public safety, and sewer or water facilities. It also would allow developers to pay fees to help provide those services.

HB 2041, sponsored by Marshall

This bill focuses on the traffic impact of large, free-standing stores known as big boxes. Local governments could assess fees so that developers or store owners would share the cost of providing road improvements to offset traffic congestion the stores might cause.

HB 1397, sponsored by Del. Robert D. Hull (D-Fairfax)

This bill would grant counties the same taxing authority that cities and towns now have. Leaders of counties, knowing they are unlikely to get much more help from the financially strapped state government to provide relief from crowded schools and roads, are seeking more money to do the jobs themselves. A similar bill in the Senate was sent to a tax study commission for review.